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War Tracker: March 23, 2003

• U.S. Apache attack helicopters attacked Iraq's elite Republican Guard units early Monday in an intense firefight that lasted about three hours, CNN's Karl Penhaul reported. Penhaul said the helicopters encountered a "heavy, heavy barrage" of anti-aircraft fire about 60 miles south of Baghdad. Full story
• New explosions jolted the Iraqi capital early Monday. One of the buildings struck was an Iraqi Air Force building. Other targets hit appeared to be buildings struck in previous days. Air raid sirens also sounded in the northern city of Mosul late Sunday. Full story
• Two U.S. cruise missiles fell in unpopulated areas of Turkey Monday, the Pentagon said. No one was hurt.
• Turkey granted U.S. forces permission to use its airspace. Gen. Richard Myers said U.S. planes flew over Turkey to insert forces into Iraq Sunday. Full story
• Twelve U.S. soldiers are believed captured or killed by Iraqi guerrilla forces outside the southern city of An Nasiriya, an Army spokesman said Sunday. Full story
• The U.S. military secured an Iraqi facility that may have been used to produce chemical weapons, Pentagon officials told CNN Sunday. Officials cautioned it was not clear what materials are in the plant about 90 miles south of Baghdad. Full story
• An Iraqi lieutenant colonel surrendered to U.S. Marines in front of his six children and his wife, who tearfully kissed him goodbye, CNN Correspondent Art Harris reported early Monday. Marines described the officer as "quite a catch."
• The Al-Jazeera TV network broadcast pictures of what appear to be five U.S. soldiers killed or captured in Iraq. The video also showed what was said to be bodies of at least four soldiers. Full story
• Two British soldiers were missing after an attack on British vehicles in southern Iraq, the British Ministry of Defense said Monday.
• Iraqi troops inflicted heavy casualties on U.S. Marines Sunday in an ambush in the southeastern city of Nasiriya, peppering U.S. forces with bullets and artillery. Full story
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• The pilot and copilot aboard the Tornado GR4 aircraft shot down Sunday by a Patriot missile are dead, London's Ministry of Defense said. Full story
• One U.S. soldier was killed and another injured in a vehicle accident Sunday in southern Iraq.
• ITN correspondent Terry Lloyd is presumed dead and two members of his team missing in southern Iraq, the news agency said.
• At least 16 U.K. and 9 U.S. military personnel have died in the conflict, coalition military sources said.
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* Numbers reported as of 5 p.m. EST Sunday.
Source: Pentagon; British Ministry of Defense; CNN
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EDITOR'S NOTE: CNN's policy is to not report information that puts operational security at risk.
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