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Forces: U.S. & Coalition
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U.S. and coalition forces used massive firepower to uproot Iraqi forces and topple Saddam Hussein while the hunt for Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction continues
Full weapons list
The U.S. and coalition leaders who set the strategy used to break Iraq's military will now oversee peacekeeping operations
U.S. |  British | Australian

From fighter jets to heavy bombers to support aircraft, U.S. and coalition forces dominated the air war over Iraq
List of units involved
The largest branch of the U.S. military has deployed tens of thousands of soldiers and weaponry to Iraq
List of units involved
In Iraq, the U.S. Marine Corps, the nation's amphibious assault specialists, pushed further inland than ever before
List of units involved
Five carrier groups, thousands of sailors and carrier-based aviators were within striking distance of Iraq
List of units involved
Elite U.S., British and allied commandos have been assigned some of the war's most challenging missions
List of units involved
British, Australian and Polish military forces helped topple Saddam Hussein's regime
British: Air Force | Army | Navy | Marines
Australian: Air, ground and naval forces
Polish: Army and naval forces
CNN, U.S. Defense Department,, Periscope

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