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Deployments in the Persian Gulf

Soldiers from the 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (Commando) use night-vision equipment conduct a night patrol on a remote range in the Persian Gulf region to prepare for military action against Iraq.  
Australian Army

Deployed to: Persian Gulf region

Units: An advance party for the Special Forces Task Group, including a Special Air Service squadron, left Perth, Australia, on January 24, 2003. CH-47 transport helicopters and personnel from 5th Aviation Regiment deployed from Townsville on February 11. On April 17, Australian Defense Minister Robert Hill said most of Australia's forces, including the Special Air Service squadron and some of the Combat Service Support Group that provides logistic support for the Special Forces Task Group, would return home in May.

Other Special Forces support elements deployed on February 14, including troops from the newly established Incident Response Regiment (IRR) based at Holsworthy, New South Wales, and a quick reaction support force drawn from the Holsworthy, Sydney-based 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (Commando) unit.

Duties: The Special Air Service squadron is capable of providing long-range, small-group reconnaissance capability, and can also conduct limited direct-action offensive operations.

The IRR is a specialized unit for response to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive incidents. It includes intelligence, signals, medical, nursing, ordnance, transport, electrical and mechanical engineers, scientists and catering officers. It has no offensive capability.

The 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (Commando) is trained to operate in air, ground and maritime environments, and also has counterterrorism training. Commando details »

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