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The Candidates:
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• John Kerry
• Ralph Nader
• Third Parties
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President Bush voted in Crawford, Texas, and thanked campaign workers at a Columbus, Ohio, rally before flying to the White House to await election returns.

• Voted, Crawford, Texas
• Rally, Columbus, Ohio
• White House, Washington, D.C.

November 1
• Rally, Wilmington, Ohio
• Rally, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
• Rally, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• Rally, Des Moines, Iowa
• Rally, Sioux City, Iowa
• Rally, Albuquerque, New Mexico
• Rally, Dallas, Texas

Vice President Cheney voted in his home state of Wyoming before flying to greet campaign workers in Wisconsin and then heading to the White House.

November 1
• Rally, Colorado Springs, Colorado
• Rally, Henderson, Nevada
• Rally, Sparks, Nevada
• Rally, Jackson, Wyoming

Sen. John Kerry began his day with a rally in Wisconsin before heading home to Boston, Massachusetts, to vote and await election returns.

November 2
• Rally, La Crosse, Wisconsin
• Voted, Boston, Massachusetts
• Rally, Boston, Massachusetts

November 1
• Rally, Orlando, Florida
• Rally, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• Rally, Detroit, Michigan
• Rally, Cleveland, Ohio
• La Crosse, Wisconsin

Sen. John Edwards greeted voters in Florida before heading to Boston, Massachusetts.

November 2
Greeted voters, Tampa, Florida
Boston, Massachusetts
November 1
• Rally, St. Paul, Minnesota
• Event, Des Moines, Iowa
• Event, Cincinnati, Ohio
• Rally, Pensacola, Florida

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October 4 - 10

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