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Bush: 'Stand with me'
Greeted by a rousing reception, President Bush told Republican delegates and the nation watching on television that voters this fall face a key moment in U.S. history. "The freedom of many, and the future security of our nation, now depend on us. And tonight, my fellow Americans, I ask you to stand with me."

Carlos Watson: Bush lays out agenda, energizes base
Gallery: Day 4 wrap
Pataki heralds Bush as leader with "supreme guts"
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Which of the following people did not attend Yale University?

George W. Bush
John Kerry
Dick Cheney
John Edwards
Bill Clinton
A Day in the Life goes behind the scenes to chronicle the day in the life of those covering the events of the Republican National Convention in New York.

CNN roundup
Bill Schneider
Tucker Carlson
Kelly Wallace

Bush promises prosperity, security
President Bush outlined his vision for a second term, promising a nation bountiful at home and secure in the world.

Bush: U.S. will win war on terror
GOP candidates look beyond convention
Pataki invokes 9/11 in Bush introduction
New York Gov. George Pataki introduced President Bush at the Republican National Convention Thursday night by invoking images of September 11, 2001.

Gallery: Thursday night speakers
Cheney hits Kerry's 'habit of indecision' | Key points
Dancing delegates
Conventioneers kick out the jams as the cameras catch delegates cutting a rug. CNN's Anderson Cooper looks at the phenomenon.
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The odd couple: NYC and the GOP
Gallery: Hat party
Pundits Scorecard: Rating Bush's speech
CNN pundits rate Bush's speech, which culminated four days of GOP convention activities in Madison Square Garden.

Pundit Scorecard: Cheney's speech
Gallery: The CNN Diner
Five questions with Rick Santorum
Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania spoke to the Republican National Convention about the importance of traditional families, faith and welfare reform.

Gay Republicans look for place in party
A little bit country: Name that party
Kerry: Bush 'unfit to lead this nation'
Striking back less than an hour after the completion of the Republican National Convention, where he was the subject of countless GOP barbs, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry re-entered the fray, calling President Bush "unfit to lead this nation."

NYC fined for holding detainees
DNC holds 'Mission Not Accomplished' bash
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