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Vowing to change the direction of the country and "write the next great chapter of America's history," Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts accepted the Democratic presidential nomination before cheering delegates at Boston's FleetCenter. "America can do better, and help is on the way," he said repeatedly.

Key points from Kerry's speech | Transcript | Gallery
Carlos Watson: Kerry comes through in the clutch
Convention one step along the campaign trail
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John Kerry met President John Kennedy in 1962 at the estate of what prominent Northeastern family?

A Day in the Life chronicles a day with two CNN anchors, one correspondent and one pundit at the Democratic National Convention.

James Carville
Anderson Cooper
Candy Crowley
Judy Woodruff
A reinvigorated Kerry looks ahead
Kerry's big night was a resurrection of sorts for a man who came close to seeing his White House dreams evaporate last year.

Weld: Kerry prone to 'analysis paralysis'
Gay support for Kerry on display at convention
Obama: Time to reclaim America's promise
Rising Democratic Party star Barack Obama, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, used his own story in a call for America to "reclaim its promise" as a place of opportunity and "the audacity of hope."

Pundits Scorecard: Rating Clinton's speech
Gallery: Day four speakers
Delegate diaries
Convention delegates relish their roles in the American political process. For a closer look, we gave four convention delegates video cameras to take to their hotels, go to the parties, and sit in the best seats in the house.

Stars come out for the convention
Delegates' hats brimming with politics | Gallery
Stewart: Democratic 'product launch'
Among the thousands of media members covering the DNC were "reporters" from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," who take a little more liberty than most journalists at the event. Host Jon Stewart offered a humorous look at the convention.

Pundit Scorecard: Rating the DNC
Cartoonists' view of campaigns, conventions
Five questions with Madeleine Albright
Madeleine Albright became the first woman to hold the post of U.S. secretary of state, serving in the second Clinton administration. Albright answered five questions for at the Democratic National Convention.

Quiz: Name that party
CNN/MONEY: This convention brought to you by...
Bush unveils new theme
After keeping a low profile during the Democratic National Convention, President Bush returned to the campaign trail early this month to unveil broad themes of his agenda for the next four years at stops in three crucial battleground states.

Protesters, police skirmish outside convention
GOP hammers on wartime security
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