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KERRY: I'm John Kerry and I approved this message.

ANNOUNCER: George Bush is up to his old tricks.

MCCAIN: Let me tell you what really went over the line. Governor Bush had an event, and he paid for it, and standing, and stood next to the spokesman for a fringe veterans group. That fringe veteran said that John McCain had abandoned the veterans. Now I don't know how if you can understand this George, but that really hurts.

BUSH: Yeah.

MCCAIN: That really hurts. And so five United State senators, Vietnam veterans, heroes. Some of them really incredible heroes, wrote George a letter and said, "apologize." You should, you should be ashamed.

ANNOUNCER: Four years ago it was John McCain. This year, they're smearing John Kerry. George Bush, denounce the smear. Get back to the issues.

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