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ANNOUNCER: He was born in an army hospital in Colorado. His father was an Army Air Corps pilot. His mother, a community leader. He went to college at Yale and volunteered to serve in Vietnam.

DEL SANDUSKY (U.S. Navy, Kerry crewmate, Vietnam): The decisions that he made saved our lives.

JIM RASSMANN (U.S. Army Special Forces, Vietnam): When he pulled me out of the river, he risked his life to save mine.

ANNOUNCER: In combat, he earned the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts. Then he came home determined to end that war.

For more than 30 years, John Kerry has served America. As a tough prosecutor, he fought for victims' rights. In the Senate, he was a leader in the fight for health care for children.

He joined with John McCain to find the truth about POWs and MIAs in Vietnam. He broke with his own party to support a balanced budget. Then in the 1990s, cast the decisive vote that created 20 million new jobs.

A lifetime of service and strength, John Kerry for president

KERRY: I'm John Kerry, and I approve this message.

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