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BUSH: One of the things that must never change is the entrepreneurial of America. This country needs a president who clearly sees that.

LAURA: The strength, the focus, the characteristics that these times demand.

BUSH: And as the economy grows, the job base grows, and somebody who's looking for work will be more likely to find a job.

I know exactly where I want to lead this country. I know what we need to do to make the world more free and more peaceful.

I know what we need to do to make sure every person has a chance at realizing the American dream. I know what we need to do to continue economic growth so people can find work. To raise the standards at schools so children can learn. To fulfill the promise to America's seniors.

Americans are hard working, decent, generous people. I'm optimistic about America because I believe in the people of America.

BUSH VOICEOVER: I'm President Bush, and I approve this message.

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