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BUSH: I'm George W. Bush, and I approve this message.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: John Kerry says, "A lot of people don't really know who I am."

Well, actually, a lot of people do.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Kerry's hometown paper says, "In his continuing effort to be all things to all voters John Kerry is engaging in a level of doublespeak that makes most voters wince."

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: The Wall Street Journal said Kerry's tax plan "would mean increasing the tax burden again, which would likely kill the recovery."

MALE ANNOUNCER: On Iraq, The Washington Post said "Kerry's attempts to weave a thread connecting and justifying [his] positions are unconvincing."

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: The Union Leader says Kerry has "waffled" on historic education reforms he supported in 2001, but now opposes.

MALE ANNOUNCER: And the non-partisan National Journal magazine ranks Kerry the most liberal member of the Senate -- more liberal than Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: John Kerry's problem is not that people don't know him.

It's that people do.

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