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Balance of Power
Ballot Measures
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Going into the 2002 elections, President Bush campaigned hard for voters to elect a Republican Congress and he got his wish. Republicans expanded their majority in the House and regained control of the Senate. While Democrats were reeling from their congressional losses, they did win governor's races in the key presidential battleground states of Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Full Story
Complete balance of power breakdown
A full list of Senate, House and gubernatorial races in which party control changed.
51 needed for majority. 34 races at stake, 2 undecided
PartyTotal ControlGain/Loss
Archived November 14, 2002
218 needed for majority. 435 races at stake, 4 undecided
PartyTotal ControlGain/Loss
Archived November 14, 2002
36 races at stake, 5 undecided
Archived November 14, 2002

SpatiaLogic provides a national breakdown by congressional districts and more.

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