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Race Summary

Governor    (24069 of 24070 precincts reporting)
Davis (D) * 59%     Lungren (R) 39%    
Proposition 5    (24069 of 24070 precincts reporting)
Yes (I) * 63%     No (I) 37%    
Senate    (24069 of 24070 precincts reporting)
Boxer (D) * 54%     Fong (R) 43%     Others (I) 1%    
House 01    (575 of 575 precincts reporting)
Thompson (D) * 62%     Luce (R) 33%    
House 02    (749 of 749 precincts reporting)
Braden (D) 35%     Herger (R) * 63%    
House 03    (558 of 559 precincts reporting)
Dunn (D) 45%     Ose (R) * 53%    
House 04    (809 of 809 precincts reporting)
Shapiro (D) 35%     Doolittle (R) * 63%    
House 05    (515 of 515 precincts reporting)
Matsui (D) * 72%     Dinsmore (R) 27%    
House 06    (573 of 573 precincts reporting)
Woolsey (D) * 68%     McAuliffe (R) 30%    
House 07    (520 of 520 precincts reporting)
Miller (D) * 77%     Reece (R) 23%    
House 08    (501 of 501 precincts reporting)
Pelosi (D) * 87%     Martz (R) 12%    
House 09    (357 of 357 precincts reporting)
Lee (D) * 83%     Sanders, C (R) 14%    
House 10    (711 of 711 precincts reporting)
Tauscher (D) * 54%     Ball (R) 44%    
House 11    (662 of 662 precincts reporting)
Figueroa (D) 37%     Pombo (R) * 62%    
House 12    (469 of 469 precincts reporting)
Lantos (D) * 75%     Evans (R) 21%    
House 13    (391 of 391 precincts reporting)
Stark (D) * 72%     Goetz (R) 27%    
House 14    (524 of 524 precincts reporting)
Eshoo (D) * 69%     Haugen (R) 29%    
House 15    (592 of 592 precincts reporting)
Lane (D) 39%     Campbell (R) * 61%    
House 16    (446 of 446 precincts reporting)
Lofgren (D) * 73%     Thayn (R) 24%    
House 17    (411 of 411 precincts reporting)
Farr (D) * 65%     McCampbell (R) 33%    
House 18    (435 of 435 precincts reporting)
Condit (D) * 87%     Rep Place Holder (I) 1%    
House 19    (554 of 554 precincts reporting)
Radanovich (R) * 80%     Richter (I) 20%    
House 20    (638 of 638 precincts reporting)
Dooley (D) * 61%     Unruh (R) 39%    
House 21    (505 of 505 precincts reporting)
Thomas (R) * 79%     Evans (I) 21%    
House 22    (528 of 528 precincts reporting)
Capps (D) * 55%     Bordonaro (R) 44%    
House 23    (539 of 539 precincts reporting)
Gonzalez (D) 40%     Gallegly (R) * 60%    
House 24    (415 of 415 precincts reporting)
Sherman (D) * 58%     Hoffman (R) 38%    
House 25    (390 of 390 precincts reporting)
McKeon (R) * 75%     Acker (I) 25%    
House 26    (230 of 230 precincts reporting)
Berman (D) * 83%    
House 27    (357 of 357 precincts reporting)
Gordon (D) 47%     Rogan (R) * 51%    
House 28    (381 of 381 precincts reporting)
Nelson (D) 40%     Dreier (R) * 58%    
House 29    (432 of 432 precincts reporting)
Waxman (D) * 75%     Gottlieb (R) 23%    
House 30    (180 of 180 precincts reporting)
Becerra (D) * 82%     Parker (R) 18%    
House 31    (248 of 248 precincts reporting)
Martinez (D) * 71%     Moreno (R) 23%    
House 32    (337 of 337 precincts reporting)
Dixon (D) * 87%     Ardito (R) 12%    
House 33    (151 of 151 precincts reporting)
Roybal-alard (D) * 87%     Miller (R) 13%    
House 34    (307 of 307 precincts reporting)
Napolitano (D) * 68%     Perez (R) 29%    
House 35    (263 of 263 precincts reporting)
Waters (D) * 90%    
House 36    (432 of 432 precincts reporting)
Hahn (D) 47%     Kuykendall (R) * 49%    
House 37    (274 of 274 precincts reporting)
Millender-mcdonald (D) * 85%     Lankster (R) 15%    
House 38    (360 of 360 precincts reporting)
Mathews (D) 45%     Horn (R) * 53%    
House 39    (421 of 421 precincts reporting)
Groom (D) 35%     Royce (R) * 63%    
House 40    (350 of 350 precincts reporting)
Conaway (D) 32%     Lewis (R) * 65%    
House 41    (317 of 317 precincts reporting)
Ansari (D) 41%     Miller (R) * 54%    
House 42    (263 of 263 precincts reporting)
Brown (D) * 56%     Pirozzi (R) 41%    
House 43    (535 of 535 precincts reporting)
Rayburn (D) 39%     Calvert (R) * 56%    
House 44    (576 of 576 precincts reporting)
Bono (R) * 60%    
House 45    (476 of 476 precincts reporting)
Neal (D) 38%     Rohrabacher (R) * 59%    
House 46    (265 of 265 precincts reporting)
Sanchez (D) * 57%     Dornan (R) 40%    
House 47    (645 of 645 precincts reporting)
Avalos (D) 30%     Cox (R) * 68%    
House 48    (697 of 697 precincts reporting)
Packard (R) * 77%    
House 49    (434 of 434 precincts reporting)
Kehoe (D) 47%     Bilbray (R) * 49%    
House 50    (0 of 0 precincts reporting)
Filner (D) * 0%    
House 51    (726 of 726 precincts reporting)
Kripke (D) 35%     Cunningham (R) * 61%    
House 52    (654 of 654 precincts reporting)
Hunter (R) * 76%    
Updated November 04, 1998 03:39 P.M. EST


GOVERNOR: (OPEN) Gov. Pete Wilson (R), first elected in 1990, is ineligible for a third term. Lt. Gov. Gray Davis (D) will face off against State Attorney General Dan Lungren (R) and Dan Hamburg (I) in the governor's race.
Stuart Rothenberg's Race at a Glance

SENATE: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D), first elected in 1992, is seeking a second term; State Treasurer Matt Fong (R), onetime Democrat, is the challenger.
Stuart Rothenberg's Race at a Glance

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1998 POLLS

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10 a.m. ET (7 a.m. PT) to 11 p.m. ET (8 p.m. PT)

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D); first elected 1992; next election in 2000.


1998 vacancies list

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  • CD1 (Northern coast; Eureka):
    Mike Thompson (D); Mark Luce (R)
  • CD2 (Northeast; Chico; Redding):
    Roberts "Rob" Braden (D); Wally Herger (inc.) (R)
  • CD3 (North central Valley):
    Sandie Dunn (D); Doug Ose (R)
  • CD4 (Northeast central):
    David Shapiro (D); John Doolittle (inc.) (R)
  • CD5 (Sacramento):
    Robert Matsui (inc.) (D); Robert Dinsmore (R)
  • CD6 (Northern Bay Area; Sonoma, Marin Counties):
    Lynn Woolsey (inc.) (D); Ken McAuliffe (R)
  • CD7 (Northeastern Bay Area):
    George Miller (inc.) (D); Norman H. Reece (R)
  • CD8 (San Francisco):
    Nancy Pelosi (inc.) (D); David Martz (R)
  • CD9 (Alameda County; Oakland; Berkeley):
    Barbara Lee (inc.) (D); Claiborne "Clay" Sanders (R)
  • CD10 (Eastern Contra Costa; Alameda counties):
    Ellen O. Tauscher (inc.) (D); Charles Ball (R)
  • CD11 (Parts of San Joaquin, Sacramento counties; Stockton; Lodi):
    Robert L. Figueroa (D); Richard Pombo (inc.) (R)
  • CD12 (Most of San Mateo County; southwest San Francisco):
    Tom Lantos (inc.) (D); Robert H. Evans Jr. (R)
  • CD13 (East Bay; Oakland; Hayward, Fremont):
    Pete Stark (inc.) (D); James R. Goetz (R)
  • CD14 (Southern San Mateo, northern Santa Clara counties):
    Anna G. Eshoo (inc.) (D); John C. "Chris" Haugen (R)
  • CD15 (Santa Clara County; San Jose):
    Dick Lane (D); Tom Campbell (inc.) (R)
  • CD16 (Santa Clara County):
    Zoe Lofgren (inc.) (D); Horace Eugene Thayn (R)
  • CD17 (Monterey, San Benito counties):
    Sam Farr (inc.) (D); Bill McCampbell (R)
  • CD18 (Central Valley; Modesto; Merced):
    Gary A. Condit (inc.) (D); no Republican candidate
  • CD19 (Central Valley; Fresno; Madera):
    No Democratic candidate; George Radanovich (inc.) (R); Jonathan Richter (Libert)
  • CD20 (Parts of Kern, Kings and Fresno counties):
    Cal Dooley (inc.) (D); Cliff Unruh (R)
  • CD21 (Kern, Tulare counties; Bakersfield):
    No Democratic candidate; Bill Thomas (inc.) (R)
  • CD22 (Santa Barbara; Santa Maria; San Luis Obispo):
    Lois Capps (inc.) (D); Tom Bordonaro (R)
  • CD23 (Most of Ventura County; Oxnard; Ventura; Simi Valley):
    Daniel Gonzalez (D); Elton W. Gallegly (inc.) (R)
  • CD24 (Northwest Los Angeles County suburbs):
    Brad Sherman (inc.) (D); Randy Hoffman (R)
  • CD25 (Northern Los Angeles County; Lancaster; Palmdale):
    No Democratic candidate; Howard "Buck" McKeon (inc.) (R)
  • CD26 (San Fernando Valley):
    Howard Berman (inc.) (D); No Republican candidate
  • CD27 (Northeastern Los Angeles County; Pasadena; Burbank):
    Barry Gordon (D); James Rogan (inc.) (R)
  • CD28 (Northeastern Los Angeles suburbs):
    Janice Nelson (D); David Dreier (inc.) (R)
  • CD29 (West Los Angeles County; Santa Monica; West Hollywood):
    Henry Waxman (inc.) (D); Mike Gottlieb (R)
  • CD30 (Central, east, southeast Los Angeles):
    Xavier Becerra (inc.) (D); Patricia Jean Parker (R)
  • CD31 (Eastern Los Angeles County; El Monte; Alhambra; Azusa):
    Matthew Martinez (inc.) (D); Frank Moreno (R)
  • CD32 (West Los Angeles; Culver City):
    Julian Dixon (inc.) (D); Laurence Ardito (R)
  • CD33 (East-central Los Angeles):
    Lucille Roybal-Allard (inc.) (D); Wayne Miller (R)
  • CD34 (East Los Angeles County suburbs; West Covina):
    Grace Napolitano (D); Ed Perez (R)
  • CD35 (South-central Los Angeles):
    Maxine Waters (inc.) (D); no Republican candidate
  • CD36 (West Los Angeles County; Manhattan Beach; Torrance):
    Janice Hahn (D); Steven Kuykendall (R)
  • CD37 (Southern Los Angeles County; Compton; Carson):
    Juanita Millender-McDonald (inc.) (D); Saul E. Lankster (R)
  • CD38 (Long Beach; Downey; Lakewood):
    Peter Mathews (D); Steve Horn (inc.) (R)
  • CD39 (Parts of Orange, Los Angeles counties; Fullerton):
    A.R. Groom (D); Ed Royce (inc.) (R)
  • CD40 (San Bernardino County; Redlands):
    Robert Conaway (D); Jerry Lewis (inc.) (R)
  • CD41 (Parts of Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino counties):
    Eileen Ansari (D); Gary Miller (R)
  • CD42 (San Bernardino County; San Bernardino):
    George Brown (inc.) (D); Elia Pirozzi (R)
  • CD43 (Riverside and its suburbs):
    Mike Rayburn (D); Ken Calvert (inc.) (R)
  • CD44 (Eastern Riverside County):
    No Democratic candidate; Mary Bono (inc.) (R)
  • CD45 (Coastal Orange County):
    Patricia Neal (D); Dana Rohrabacher (inc.) (R)
  • CD46 (Part of Orange County; Santa Ana; Garden Grove):
    Loretta Sanchez (inc.) (D); Robert Dornan (R)
  • CD47 (Coastal, central Orange County; Newport Beach; Irvine):
    Christina Avalos (D); Christopher Cox (inc.) (R)
  • CD48 (Part of Orange, San Diego, Riverside counties):
    No Democratic candidate; Ron Packard (inc.) (R)
  • CD49 (North San Diego; Coronado; Imperial Beach):
    Christine Kehoe (D), Brian Bilbray (inc.) (R)
  • CD50 (Central, south; south San Diego; Chula Vista; National City):
    Bob Filner (inc.)(D); no Republican candidate
  • CD51 (San Diego; northern San Diego County; Escondido):
    Dan Kripke (D); Randy "Duke" Cunningham (inc.)(R)
  • CD52 (Inland San Diego, Imperial counties):
    No Democratic candidate; Duncan Hunter (inc.) (R)

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    June 2

    Primary results

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    February 19

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    Total Number: 12

    To Watch:
    Proposition 3: Elections
    Allows for partisan presidential primary elections.

    Proposition 5: Indian Gambling/Casinos
    Would specify terms and conditions between the state and Indian tribes pertaining to gambling on tribal land. Would amend California law to allow slot machines and bankcard games, as well as permitting lotteries at tribal casinos.

    Proposition 9: Nuclear Power Costs
    Would prohibit utility companies from continuing the practice of imposing surcharges to cover the costs of nuclear power plants and would limit their recovery of costs associated with non-nuclear power plants. It also would prohibit utilities from issuing bonds to finance rate reductions.

    Proposition 10: Children/Smoking
    Would create state commission to provide information and materials and to formulate guidelines for establishment of comprehensive early childhood development and smoking prevention programs.

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    Governor: Republican
    U.S. Senate: 2 Democrats
    U.S. House of Representatives: 29 Democrats, 23 Republicans
    State Senate: 23 Democrats, 16 Republicans, 1 Independent
    State House of Representatives: 43 Democrats, 37 Republicans

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    Senate: 20 seats up
    House: All 80 seats up

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    State Projected Voting Age Population: 22,826,000 (1996)
    Registered Voters: (10/5/98) 14,969,185

    Democrats: 6,989,006 46.69%
    Republicans: 5,314,912 35.51%
    American Independent: 291,678 1.95%
    Green Party: 98,443 0.66%
    Libertarian Party: 81,780 0.55%
    Natural Law Party: 65,433 0.44%
    Peace & Freedom Party: 72,969 0.49%
    Reform Party: 88,724 0.59%
    Miscellaneous/Non-Qualified Parties:59,3060.41%
    Declined to affiliate: 1,903,697 12.72%

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    Clinton won in 1996; Clinton in 1992; Bush in 1988; Reagan in 1984; Reagan in 1980; Ford in 1976; Nixon in 1972; Nixon in 1968; Johnson in 1964; Nixon in 1960.



    Clinton: 51%
    Dole: 38%
    Perot: 7%
    Other: 4%


    Clinton 46%
    Bush 33%
    Perot 21%


    Bush 51%
    Dukakis 48%


    Reagan 58%
    Mondale 41%


    Reagan 53%
    Carter 36%
    Anderson 9%

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    Historical voter turnout as a percentage of the voting age population 1996-1960

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    Population: 31,878,000 (1996)
    (% of voting age population)

    White: 71.7%
    African American: 7.0%
    Asian: 9.2%
    Native American: 0.8%
    Other/Undeclared: 11.3%

    Persons of Hispanic origin account for 22.5% of the voting population (from the 1990 Census)

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    State Capital: Sacramento
    State Nickname: Golden State

    California is a monster state, in geography, population and political influence. Though it may have a reputation for being liberal and laid-back, the state remains a battleground on issues such as affirmative action, welfare and immigration. If one were to divide California into four major political regions, each with about one quarter of the voters, each would itself be one of the 10 largest states in the nation. ("Almanac of American Politics," 1998) Partisan division in California runs along cultural rather than economic lines, and there are sharp divisions between coastal and inland California and between the state's northern and southern regions. Orange County, just outside Los Angeles County, was once a bastion of Republicanism. The most populous region in the state is no longer a sure thing for Republicans and has become more libertarian than culturally conservative. Orange County voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 209, allowing for racial quotas and preferences, but it also voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. The Hispanic vote, once considered a sure thing for the Democrats, is now up for grabs. The importance of California's 54 electoral votes in the presidential race in 2000 are not missed on candidates in this election cycle. California has the most electoral votes, followed by New York's 33 votes and Texas' 32. Retiring Gov. Pete Wilson (R) is on the list of possible 2000 presidential contenders. He ran in 1996. Sen. Barbara Boxer is one of three women senators seeking reelection in 1996, after first being elected in the 1992 "year of the woman" (Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun (Ill.-D) and Sen. Patty Murray (Wa.-D) are the other two.) Sen. Barbara Mikulski (Md.-D) is the other woman incumbent senator who is up for reelection in 1996.

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    NOTE: External sites will open in a new browser window.


    California Secretary of State Home Page
    California Elections Division Web Page
    California Gov. Pete Wilson's Home Page
    California State Senate
    California State House of Representatives

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    Updated: October 27, 1998

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