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Kate O'Beirne

Kate O'Beirne is a panelist on CNN's The Capital Gang. Each week she discusses the important issues of the day with Robert Novak, Mark Shields, Al Hunt and Margaret Carlson. O'Beirne also serves as a political analyst on Inside Politics. She is the Washington editor of National Review, writing primarily about Congress, politics and domestic policy.

Before joining National Review, O'Beirne was vice president of government relations at the Heritage Foundation, responsible for keeping Washington policy-makers abreast of Heritage proposals and research findings in all areas of the foundation's study, while serving as a contributing editor for the magazine.

O'Beirne previously served as Heritage's deputy director of domestic policy studies, where she supervised studies in the areas of health care, welfare, education and housing. From 1986-1988, she was deputy assistant secretary for legislation at the Department of Health and Human Services.

A native of New York, O'Beirne began her political career working on James Buckley's successful U.S. Senate campaign in 1970 and later served as his staff assistant. She also worked for the New York Senate.

O'Beirne earned a juris doctorate degree from St. John's University and has practiced law in New York.


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