Friday, November 02, 2007
Cafferty: Wounded Clinton?
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How much damage has Senator Hillary Clinton done to herself this week?
I don't think she did any damage to herself this week. It was all inflicted by the media and the boys playing in the presidential sandbox. I doubt it will make any difference as she has wisely cried foul. -Ray, Lubbock, Texas

Hi Jack, I will not give Hillary Clinton one more second in my thoughts. She couldn't be more clear in her support of Gov. Spitzer's plan to give illegal aliens drivers' licenses that she has no regard for the law or middle-class Americans. If she were elected, it would be a continuation of the Bush administration's policies ignoring the law and the interests of American citizens.
-Sandy, Thousand Oaks, California

Senator Clinton has not done as much damage as George Bush has done this week. I can guarantee that, but Obama should still win the Democratic nomination. -Ted, Rochelle, Illinois

Hopefully, enough damage to give the nomination to Edwards next year. He really is the better candidate. -Stan, St. Joseph, Illinois

Do you see a problem with the heads of the Consumer Product Safety Commission taking dozens of trips paid for by the industries they regulate?
Of course this ISN'T a problem! Industry and big business only pay for gifts out of the bottom of their good hearts. They would never dare to influence federal inspectors through such trips and federal inspectors would never be so crooked as to be influenced. Right? -Mark, Arlington, Virginia

This government is corrupt. It is no longer functional and can't see its way out of a paper bag. It truly is the best government that money has bought. Our leaders don't care about the American people anymore; they just care about how much money they can put into their own pockets.
-Michael, Shreveport, Louisiana

Jack, Surprise, surprise! As the old saying goes, "we all get the government we deserve."
-Tim, Wisconsin

I would only be for it if they flew Fisher Price airlines with a 3-day layover in Iraq. -Barbara, Marlboro, New York
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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Cafferty: "Unhappy States of America"?
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What effect will the nation's downbeat and anxious mood have on next year's election?
Of course people are disturbed with our present administration. This should result in a massive win for the Democrats in 2008 and a strong mandate to end the war, fix the economy, and restore honesty to our government. -Joan, Avon, Connecticut

What effect will the nation's downbeat and anxious mood have on next year's election? I have a concern the effect of fear-mongering may influence the election and you may have record low turnouts. It's scary. -Mark, Lake Zurich, Illinois

Jack, I hope it brings every qualified voter out but I doubt that will happen. That being the case, those who sit this one out should not complain if they are unhappy with the results. To vote is not a privilege; it is an obligation if one wishes to be considered serious in the debate.
-Kay, Naples, Florida

Looks like a lot of us will stay home and not vote, even though it is against our principles. Not a single candidate gives us hope for resolution of the real issues of the American people. Never thought I would even consider not voting. -Claire

Senator Chuck Hagel is calling on President Bush to pursue "direct, unconditional, and comprehensive" talks with Iran. Is that a good idea?
Is talking bad? How can talking be bad? Isn't it when there is no communication that problems arise? Has mankind yet to learn from their mistakes down through history? -JP, Marietta, Georgia

Senator Hagel is right. America's standing in the world is at an all-time low, and saber-rattling against Iran will only make it worse. As JFK said, "we should never negotiate out of fear, but we should never fear to negotiate." -Roger, Madison, Wisconsin

Of course Senator Hagel's suggestion to forgo saber rattling in favor of diplomacy is obviously in the best interest of the country. But since when has George W. Bush done anything that was in the best interest of this country? He appears bent on doing his best to destroy everything fine and good this country has ever stood for. -Michael, The Woodlands, Texas

Yes, it's what diplomats and governments should do first, talk! Will this administration try? Never. They are too set on war to let a real conversation distract their preconceived ideas and goals. -Kathleen, Ventura, California
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Cafferty: Getting a straight answer from Clinton?
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Why won't Hillary Clinton give a straight answer to the questions she's being asked?
Jack, Hillary will never answer a straight-forward question because she is committed to nothing - except herself. She cannot be trusted and should never be put in charge of anything! Past performance speaks louder than words. -Gary, Coral Gables, Florida

Dear Jack, I'm a native Arkansasan . She never told us the truth THEN (when her "husband" was Governor), why should anyone think that she'll tell us the truth now? -Albion

C'mon, Jack, this question is ridiculous. We all know the answer to this one, could it be, oh yes, you guessed it, that Hillary Clinton is a "politician"! The definition of a politician: someone who tells YOU what YOU want to hear, and then does not live up to their pie-in-the-sky promises.
-Constance, Newport, North Carolina

I'll tell you exactly why. She's a coward and as phony as a three-dollar bill. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. I think the Democrats are making a huge mistake in putting this lady up on their pedestal. -Linda, Sarasota, Florida

What should be done about the rising number of uninsured veterans?
They should be taken care of. It really makes my blood boil when I see the President of the United States visiting the wounded veterans in the hospital patting them on the back and telling them how proud their country is of them. And then turning around and cutting the number of veterans eligible for benefits. But they keep coming up with the money to keep them in Iraq.
-Bill, Quarryville, Pennsylvania

Jack, We need the VA medical system to be mandatory instead of discretionary. Our veterans should be covered fully medically. They have put their lives on the line for all of us. Why aren't they covered fully? Bush should be ashamed. -John, Douglas, Georgia

Jack, Health coverage for veterans could be solved easily. Give them the same "socialized medicine" afforded to the Congress, the administration, and other government workers, and pay for it out of the Pentagon budget. -Ken, Mandan, North Dakota

Stop creating veterans. -EJ, Granville, Ohio
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Cafferty: Immunity for Blackwater?
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What message does it send if the State Department offered immunity to Blackwater guards?
Immunity for trigger happy mercenaries who have killed innocent people would send a horrific message. It would give Iraqis and the rest of the world yet another reason to hate us. -Griffin, Mechanisburg, Pennsylvania

The message it sends is that the law doesn't mean anything in this country anymore. If you are well-connected, you can get away with anything. -Ken, Shelton, Washington

Immunity is just the latest evidence that in case anybody is paying any attention; torture, and now murder, are now part of the American standard operating procedure. Civil rights are disappearing, the suspension of habeas corpus, rendition, etc. The Constitution has no defenders. -John, Gilbert, Arizona

Jack, I guess its just Bush's version of "different strokes for different folks." If he likes you, you get immunity. If he doesn't, you get kidnapped, hauled of to a secret prison and tortured.
-Dave, Arizona

The message is simple. The Bush administration hasn't found a law they can't break. Why should they stop now? It's simply one more example of them thumbing their noses at the American, and now the Iraqi, people. -John, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Is putting more police on the streets of U.S. cities the answer to rising violent crime?
Yes, more cops means shorter response times, more police visibility, more cops to investigate crimes, and a greater chance if you are a "perp" to get caught. -Mark

Cameras? National ID card? Homeland Security? Private military in Iraq? Now we want to increase the FBI and police throughout the country? I think we should just announce that we should be a police state and get it over with. We can even consult with Putin on how to get it done. -Jeff, Rhode Island

Bravo Biden! We've all heard about how violent crime has risen over the last couple of years and how Bush has cut funding for cops on the streets. Our States and locals are strapped for resources. Senator Biden, unlike the President, doesn't just talk about keeping us safe. He works to make it happen. -Nancy, Arlington, Virginia
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Monday, October 29, 2007
Cafferty: Congress' shorter workweek?
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Is it a good idea for the Democratic-led Congress to revert to a shorter workweek?
All federal elected offices should be limited to one term. Then, and only then, might we, the people, actually get what we're paying for. -Mike, Chicago, Illinois

Is it a good idea for the Democratic-led Congress to go to a shorter workweek? No, there's important work that needs to be accomplished for the country. Real people with real jobs work harder when there's important work to be accomplished. Congress should work more hours not fewer. -David

Jack, I say let them have their shortened workweek in 2008. Then when the election comes around, we can shorten their workweek for 2009 even more to no days a week! -Randolph, Lexington, Kentucky

For all the good they've done since the elections they should have stayed home all session. Things can't get much worse without them. -Jerry, Sugar Land, Texas

Well, That's one way to give yourself a raise, isn't it? -Ann, Florida

What does it say about the conflict in Iraq when troops there are saying things like "I don't think this place is worth another soldier's life"?
It says it's time to get out of a place where the long-term harm we are doing outweighs any good that could ever come out of a U.S. presence in Iraq. Call it "Mission Accomplished II" or "End of the Road I", but get our troops out of there while some of them still maintain their sanity.

Jack, Let that cowboy in the White House go to Iraq and lead by example. He'd agree with that young soldier in no time flat! -Robert (U. S. Army, Retired)

Well Jack, I don't think it means anything. The Washington Post is just a mouthpiece for the Democratic party. Our soldiers have done a great job, however if we suddenly decide "that place isn't worth another soldier’s life" we will be opening the door to American civilian casualties when the terrorists follow our troops home and attack us here. -Thomas, Tacoma, Washington

Jack, It is telling us that our troops need to just come home. They have had enough. Young men and women are getting killed every week and our so-called "leader" and simpletons in Washington aren’t doing anything about it. -Jarrod, Red Bud, Illinois

Without a doubt, negative comments from the troops in Iraq will be discounted exactly like all of the comments from the majority in this country. It gives hope to those of us against the war who are labeled as "non-supportive" re: our troops. Keep it going, Jack. -Claire
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