Thursday, October 18, 2007
Cafferty: Iraq rewarding Iran & China?

How concerned should the U.S. be that Iraq is awarding more than $1 billion in contracts to Iran and China to build power plants?
I find it very troubling, considering all the money we have pumped into their country. -William, Rockford, Illinois

The nerve. Iraqis have the gall to think that Iraq is their country. Ingrates! Smart shoppers though. Halliburton and all the other no bid contractors have failed miserably on building or rebuilding any of the infrastructure they are sucking our money to do. I wouldn't award any contracts to an occupier who is systematically destroying my country. -Allan, San Jose, California

Jack, If that doesn't tell America it's time to pack up and come home, nothing else will. Are you listening, President Bush? -Chaston, Hampton, Virginia

Well, I'm sure glad we can afford it and don't tell me they are using their money. -Walt, Everett, Washington

How much does it matter if the Bush administration's appointee to head family planning programs has been critical of birth control?
Appointing Susan Orr goes along with the Bush power elite's plan to keep all poor and lower income women barefoot and pregnant. Sometimes I wonder which century these fools live in. -Kathleen, Ventura, California

How much does anything this bunch of overzealous blowhards has done matter? They have led us on a steady path to the form of government that they profess to be fighting all along. That is a government ruled by religious fundamentalists. And the sheeple just roll over and let them. -Alan

I do not see a problem with having someone with a Christian background being in charge of family planning. Does it always have to be someone who is pro-abortion in charge of family planning? -David

How much does it matter? Bush's pick is like putting Osama bin Laden in charge of the CIA anti-terrorism wing! -Matthew, Wooster, Ohio

Jack, It's huge! Birth control has proven to be quite effective when used properly, and the amount of money spent on preventive measures is much less than what it costs society to have children who are unwanted. -Matthew, Summit Lake, Wisconsin

It makes a former Republican weep. -EJ, Granville, Ohio
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Cafferty: Birth control for 11-year-olds?
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Should 11-year-olds be able to get prescriptions for birth control pills at school without parental permission?
No, Jack, the school system shouldn't be providing birth control. It isn't their job. Their job remains fixed: to educate our students. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide their health care, which includes birth control. Who is going to pay for this anyway, the taxpayers?
-Jerry, Okinawa, Japan

No way! The children have no idea the damage they can do to themselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually by taking birth control and having sex. -Kellen

Jack, You may not like it, but the children will pay the price if they become pregnant. -Jerry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are you crazy! I don't know if the law is nationwide, but in the state of Tennessee, it's against the law for children that age to engage in sexual intercourse. What's next, instructional how to courses in elementary and middle school? -H.

Yes, to stop them from having kids who would likely be as idiotic as they are. -Jack, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Should $150 million of NASA's budget be used instead for jailing illegal aliens?
Absolutely not, Jack, there is no higher goal for mankind than the exploration of the universe. Could we turn off the war for about 12 hours to fund this program? -Mike, Brandon, Florida
I don’t even get the question. Why "jail" an illegal? Why fill our jails with the illegals? If you jail them, you’ve got to feed them and provide health care. Oh, we do that anyway, don't we?
-James, Waynesboro, Virginia

If that is what it takes to get them off the streets and into detention centers, I am 100% for the transfer of funds. -Norman, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Cafferty: Military public schools?
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Should the military be running public high schools?
Sure the military should be in Chicago having their own high schools. What's so bad about getting a little military indoctrination with your reading, writing and arithmetic? Marines certainly would do no worse than the public high school system. -Steve, Ketchikan, Alaska

I can see it now, Jack! Brainwashed kids in every poor neighborhood! Would they dare open one in Beverly Hills? The Hamptons? This is nothing more than the institutionalization of juvenile brain-draft. Horrific! -Mike, Boston, Massachusetts

Mr. Cafferty, you ask if the military should be running our schools. I say "yes" and add: no more political correctness, it is killing us! -Leticia

Jack, As a graduate of a private Naval prep school, I have found the education and self discipline instilled in me to be invaluable. As we look around this country at the gangs and young people’s complete disregard for life and property it is obvious to me that some discipline is in order, no matter the source. -Al, Sequim, Washington

What does it say about the 2008 campaign when 17 Republican lawmakers have already announced they're not running for reelection?
It says what anyone with half a brain already knows: This election is a loser for Republicans. The smart ones are taking their retirement and getting out before they are involuntarily retired. This election is going to be a blow-out. -Jane, Georgetown, Texas

I don't care if they're Republicans or Democrats who are choosing not to run. I just want them OUT! We need people with fresh ideas, who care about the American people in Washington.
-Mimi, Atlanta, Georgia

It shows that the Republican Party, or most of it, finally has acknowledged, with actions not words mind you, that President Bush has put a wedge so deep in this country that it not only further separated the parties, but completely destroyed his own party. -Rob, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

Jack, I'd be happy if 435 representatives opted out of the '08 election. -Valatie, New York
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Monday, October 15, 2007
Cafferty: Ill-timed genocide debate?
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Is now the time for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives to be taking up the Armenian genocide resolution?
I support Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats on most things, but this Turkey genocide designation is wrong-headed and ill-timed. What happened was terrible, but it was so long ago, they (The Turks) need to sort it out, not us. We have other more pressing matters to deal with. -Bill

Sure, Jack. While she's at it, she can pass resolutions regretting the sack of Troy, the rape of the Sabines, the fall of Constantinople and the Black Plague. Wasting time on mere gestures about a 90-year-old atrocity is almost as bad a ticking off the one sort-of ally we have next door to Iraq. I expected better from the Democrats. -Ted, Rockaway, New Jersey

Jack, The timing could not be worse for this right-brained, left-winged resolution with a priority rating that doesn't even register on anyone's scale except hers. Do you think 60,000 Turkish troops massed on the northern border of Iraq might be an indicator that would cause her to re-think this idiocy? We think not. Somebody please tell her to weigh the consequences against the benefits, if any. –Mike, Mississippi

So at this rate, Congress should be slapping the wrists of Sudan in 2097 for the Darfur genocide. Way to go Congress. Why don't you all go back on recess! -John, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

I am no backer of George Bush and I can't wait for him to get out of office, but someone needs to tell them nutty Democrats to just look at a map of where Turkey is and tell them morons to shut up! Whose stupid idea was this anyway? -Russell, Wilson, Oklahoma

When it comes to updating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, what kind of powers should Congress give President Bush?
Jack, they shouldn't give him any more powers, and should impeach him. This will jack up the Congressional approval rating by 75%. -S.

Jack, So let's see if I have this right. Congress didn't have the guts to do anything about the problematic aspects of this question over the summer because they wanted to go on vacation instead. Then they put the question off until after the first round of primaries next year to help give the 2008 candidates cover. And now I'm supposed to trust them to carefully weigh which of our rights the president gets to abridge next? -Carl, Connecticut

That's an easy one. Start by repealing the Patriot Act. Then buy copies of the U S Constitution for those members of the Bush administration who can read and also for the members of Congress. When they can all pass a test on same, they might be ready to write a proper law.
-Tom, Gibsonville, North Carolina
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