Friday, October 12, 2007
Cafferty: Government lies?

If the government lies to us about the size of the deficit, what else do you suppose they lie to us about?
Hi Jack, The question really should be what has the government told the truth about? The only thing Bush has told the truth about is he will veto any bill sent to him that actually benefits the majority of American citizens. And Congress, well, I can't think of one thing they have told the truth about. -Sandy, Thousand Oaks, California

If the government lies to us about the budget, I would assume the government also lied when it said Clinton balanced the budget. -Steve, Julian, California

When has the federal government ever told us the truth? Each and every administration and each and every member of Congress will spin the truth in whatever direction makes them look like they are in the right and are working for the constituency, which we all know they are not. I constantly wonder why we haven't abolished the government and started over with something else that will actually work. -Jim, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Where have you been? They lie about everything. -Gretchen, Denver, Colorado

Is it the job of public schools to tell parents their children are fat?
No, it is not the job of a school to inform a parent that their child is overweight. That should be pretty obvious to any parent. If the parents don't care about the welfare of their child, no amount of prodding from the school system will help. -Richard, Sussex, New Jersey

Jack, Schools have phased out physical activities like recess and gym and phased in fast food type menus in the cafeteria. Schools are just as guilty of making kids fat as parents. Schools should not be allowed to address this issue. -Rob, Kentucky

Many parents of school children are clueless. Of course schools should tell parents if their kids are fat of if they are bullies or if they are dumb as posts, etc. Unfortunately, many parents are too busy working trying to support their families to know what is going on with their kids.
-Greg, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Children will let other children know that they are fat by teasing them. The school does not need to enforce this. -Jeffrey, Atlanta, Georgia
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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Cafferty: Recruits with records?
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What does it say about the state of the U.S. military if an increasing number of Army recruits have criminal records?
It tells me the U.S. military is so over-stretched, over-worked and over-deployed that they are having to lower standards to get people to join up. In the long run, it will only hurt our military.
-Jerry, Okinawa, Japan

When you can't get over the bar, lower the bar. In the short term, desired quantities are maintained but at the cost of quality. In the long term, both are sacrificed because the substandard soldiers will need to be discharged when their lack of quality begins to show up. It happened in the 1970s when recruitment goals were not being met after the phase-out of the draft. -Craig, Westminster, Maryland

It means they are finally on the right track, but they don't have it quite right yet. America has more prisons and prisoners than any country in the world. Rather than warehousing those convicted of violent crimes, who are nothing but a drain on society, put them in the front lines of the military, so they can serve a purpose. -Mary, Dover Plains, New York

What it says, is that the military should be a microcosm of our society, but instead represents the people who are having difficulty finding good jobs. If we are going to succeed as the top nation on the food chain, we need to find ways for our elite to desire military service. That should happen, when hell freezes over. -Carl, Atlanta, Georgia

Is it the place of a federal judge to stop the government from cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens?
It is a federal judge's responsibility to uphold the law and that is all. When a federal judge's actions assist those who wish to break our laws he or she should be removed from their position. In this case, the federal government is doing the right thing. -Michael, Carver, Minnesota

I was born here, have a legitimate Social Security number, but I don't trust the Bush Administration with something as important as my job. What is to stop them from using this to punish those on the administration's enemies list? After the "No Fly List", do you trust them with your job? I'll be ok with this resolution, when it isn't enforced by this administration, but not until then. -Ron, San Francisco, California

It's just another case of a judge legislating from the bench. A judge's place is to interpret the law as it is written, not decide whether or not to allow a law to be enforced. I'm really sick and tired of the appointed judges vetoing our elected legislators. This is not how our government is supposed to work. -Shane, Orlando, Florida
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Cafferty: Mistake-free Pelosi?
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Nancy Pelosi won't list any mistakes she's made so far as Speaker of the House. Can you think of any?
Pelosi's mistakes? Got an hour? Undoubtedly the biggest one was made even before she took office, declaring impeachment "off the table." Since then she's made so many she's proven not up to the task. -Mark, Palm Springs, California

Jack, Your criticism of Nancy Pelosi is off target. Do you really expect her to clean up Bush's mess and end the war in Iraq in 9 months? That's insane! It will take us at least 5 to 10 years to get out of Iraq and anyone who looks at the issue seriously knows that. Kudos to the Democrats for being realistic and keeping the pressure on. -Nick

Pelosi's biggest mistake is not turning her post over to someone who would do the job that we elected the Democrats to do. -Steve, Lancaster, Texas

Um, are we still in Iraq? This mistake makes the others look inconsequential. Pelosi and Bush have more in common than they think. Admitting mistakes is OK you two. -Nancy, Winchester, Virginia

What has the almost $750 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, whose opening has now been delayed indefinitely, come to represent?
Jack, The U.S. embassy in Baghdad represents American imperialism just as all the other US bases, embassies, and facilities throughout the world do. We'll never get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other country we meddle in so that the U.S. military can protect U.S. corporate interests.
-Janice, Vista, California

The Baghdad Embassy represents the Bush Republican administration, overblown, uncontrolled excessive costs, without fiscal or moral integrity, much less common sense. -George, Farmers Branch, Texas

The embassy debacle represents this broken government, not Iraq's, and the apathetic Americans who will never stand up to it. I can't stand it that Republicans make government look bad and then tell people "See, government is bad." -Alex, Atlanta, Georgia

Simple, it represents the birth of the 51st state... Why are we so hated again? -Nima, New York, New York
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Cafferty: Spoiling spy efforts?
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How can the U.S. win the war on terror if the Bush administration is ruining efforts to spy on al Qaeda?
Me thinks they would rather not catch them, just keep the war going so Halliburton and Blackwater and the likes can line their pockets off the taxpayers and blood of our soldiers.
-Sue, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Cafferty, Quit picking on President Bush. You have no proof that his administration is "ruining" anything. We will win the war on terror much faster if the liberal media would tell the truth.

It has been obvious to most, from the beginning, that this administration does not want to catch those responsible for 9/11. This incident only makes it obvious to the rest! -L.

Have you ever wondered if the Bush administration really wants to win the war on terror? It seems that Bush gains support and control, as long as he instills fear. -Jessica, Melbourne, Florida

Is it a good idea to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens?
I'm 24 years old. I just graduated college, starting my career, have student loan debt up to my eyeballs, and it seems like illegal immigrants have more rights then me. I'm really scared where our country is heading. -Gary, Woodbridge, Connecticut

Why are we giving "illegal" immigrants driver's licenses? Aren't they here illegally? Isn't that breaking the law? Now we want to reward them? We may as well just give them the key to the city while we're at it! -Bob, Houston, Texas

Of course it's a good idea. The illegals are driving anyway. I'd much rather be assured they're not going to get me killed. -Brandon, Fountain Valley, California

Jack, I do not understand what people aren't getting about the word "illegal". Why are we tolerating illegal aliens at all? Why is this even a question? Has the entire country gone mad?
-Chris, Good Thunder, Minnesota
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Monday, October 08, 2007
Cafferty: On the fence?
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Is the planned border fence between the U.S. and Mexico a good idea?
Jack, The border fence is not only a good idea, but it is imperative to US sovereignty and national security. 700 miles of fence will create "choke points" so the border patrol can concentrate resources where it will do the most good. It's a bit late for the question - since The Secure Fence Act is already the law of the land. Build the damn fence, the time for discussion is past! -Bill, Kirby, Texas

It disturbs me to think that a nation that celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall would ever propose building anything between our country and another. U.S. border fence= Berlin Wall!

Hi Jack. It is a big waste of taxpayer money. I live in San Diego. When you go east of the city, there is no fence. And there will never be a fence there. And anyone could walk across without being detected. The border states need to wise up and sour the milk so there isn't such a big attraction for undocumented individuals to come here. Stop giving them free medical care at any hospital they walk into. We pay BIG dollars for that. -Ron, San Diego, California

The only thing wrong with a 20-foot fence is a 21-foot ladder! Has a fence ever worked, Jack? Unless we want to become like the Soviet Union and erect an "iron curtain"? We've got to be smarter than that! -Leo, Beverly, Massachusetts

What does it mean if Afghanistan has become a long-term commitment for the U.S.?
Hi Jack, This administration has been such an utter failure it should surprise no one that our effort in Afghanistan has flopped. Maybe we could pay Afghan farmers not to grow poppies, like we pay farmers here not to grow stuff! -Dicky, Corpus Christi, Texas

Jack, Bush and Co.'s failure in Afghanistan is arguably even worse than the disaster in Iraq. This was the good war, the REAL war for 9/11, the one that had the support of the entire world, and they screwed it up just about as badly as they did in Iraq. The failure to gain any wisdom from the Soviets' experience is pathetic but not surprising... the sdministration can't even learn from its own failures -- how can we expect them to learn from someone else's? -Carl, Connecticut

I need to buy more stocks in military-related companies. -Sam, St. Paul, Minnesota
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