Friday, September 07, 2007
Cafferty: Blasting air cargo security?
WATCH "The Cafferty File": 'Kicking ass' in Iraq?

How safe do you feel flying six years after 9/11?
I flew from San Diego to my parents in Florida. I was so frightened going and coming back that I sat in my seat saying decade after decade of my rosary beads. When I got back to San Diego, I decided that the only time I would ever fly again is when I am in a casket in the cargo hold going home to be buried at Pine Grove cemetery in Salem N.H. -Michael, San Diego, California

I fly cross country every week with occasional international trips. I feel perfectly safe flying.
-Eric, Chicago, Illinois

Minnesota's airport is very extensive in their search before boarding a plane. I feel very safe. However, Atlanta’s airport has many holes. -Maria, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jack, All of my flying days to anywhere are over. I escaped the flight 103 explosion over Lockerbie by less than six months... My wife and I have done a cruise for our 20th anniversary, flew to Miami to catch the ship. Nothing can get me on another plane. Nothing. -Keith, Bentonville, Arkansas

Is it wrong for Democrats to dismiss General Petraeus' progress report on Iraq before he even delivers it?
If and when the Democrats want us to be successful in Iraq, maybe they will let the military do its job and not depend on reports from government people who don't get off the Beltway except to have a drink and to play golf. -Jimmie, Bedford, New Hampshire

Even if Petraeus is wrong, common decency demands the Democrats at least listen to it before attacking it. Of course, if common decency were in plentiful supply in Washington, or even in stock, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. -Carl, Connecticut

The Democrats haven’t done enough to bring troops home and the troops aren't going to come home until Congress and big business and corporations stop lining their pockets. So regardless if they decide to use Gen. Petraeus' decisions prematurely to gain political backing and publicity, they have still failed those they represent. -Trev

The general has let his report become a political football. No one really believes the objectivity of any report from the White House. He brought this on himself. -Lenny, Mendocino, California
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Thursday, September 06, 2007
Cafferty: Congress standing its ground?
WATCH "The Cafferty File": Resignation remorse?

John Edwards says it's time for Congress to attach a timetable for troop withdrawals to future funding for the war in Iraq. Is he right?
Edwards' solution would at least be some small action from these sad "Vichy" Democrats in Congress now. A better start would be to impeach Cheney-Bush et al, and then let the Hague sort it out. -John, Buffalo, New York

Yes, but it's very easy for him to say what Congress should do now that he's no longer a Senator. I don't remember him being nearly so outspoken while he was in the Senate. -Jenny, Nanuet, New York

Edwards is right but Congress does not have the courage to demand an examination of the facts in Iraq. It's all propaganda, all the time. We have no strategy, we have no dialogue, we have no true debate over plans that reflect any semblance of response to reality. Our government has totally forgotten OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people. It's every politician for himself.
-Judy, Morgantown, West Virginia

Why would President Bush tell the Australian deputy prime minister, "We're kicking ass" in Iraq?
We are kicking ass. We are kicking the ass out of women, children, people that thought we would bring peace and prosperity. Come on, Jack, if this isn't America kicking ass I don't know what is.
-Gage, Leonia, New Jersey

I think he really believes that. Who exactly evaluates the sanity of our president? Does anyone?

Jack, His generals have learned to tell him what he wants to hear. If we continue to kick ass in Iraq the way we are, the American public will soon be kicking elephant. -Ken, Lebanon, New Hampshire

What would you expect Bush to tell him, we are in a losing cause and I don't know what to do about it. How about asking the Australian Deputy PM to join up with us. -John, Pampa, Texas

Jack, Mr. Bush is clueless and it is scary that he is a leader of any country. I'm at a loss for further words. -Susan, The Sea Ranch, California
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Cafferty: Resignation remorse?

Should Senator Larry Craig reconsider his resignation?
This is no longer about Larry Craig's private life, but about his public behavior: first lying that he'd done nothing wrong, then intentionally misleading party officials about his resignation, and now going back on his word. That alone should be sufficient for an ethics investigation.
-Marcia, Columbia, New Jersey

Certainly Senator Craig should hang onto his Senate seat (and give up some bigoted attitudes). Since the Minneapolis police have nothing better to do with their time, they should have their staff substantially reduced. And since Republicans seem to spend their time on trivia, they should return the party to rational human beings. -Jim

Hey Jack. No, I think he has brought enough shame to the GOP. If I were him, I would find a hole and crawl in it. -Clarence, Brodhead, Kentucky

Jack, Sen. Craig should resign. This has gone on too long. When are the people in charge going to take charge and just worry about governing the U.S.? He said he was guilty. He must resign. Case closed. -Andrei, Winnipeg

How well do you think your local community would respond to a terrorist attack or natural disaster?
Not well at all. I see nothing on the news about what the city plans to do if an attack hits. The only thing I see about how to handle an attack is what's in the first few pages of the phone book.
-Tiffany, Orlando, Florida

Jack, Just another way for our government to take no responsibility for the citizens of the U.S. What a stupid, stupid idea to give more responsibility to the states in case of a disaster. What about the poorer states that do not have the extra money for such organizations?
-Michael, Huntsville, Alabama

Jack, I live in Charleston SC, a city that's seen a few storms in its time. Hugo, in 1989, perhaps the most notable. I believe that we have a pretty good number of systems, and the people to run them, as a result. We ALL learned then that FEMA, the SBA and everyone else who's supposed to help out were pathetically inept. -Tom

I'm from New York City, and I think we could handle a potential disaster. For one, we've had a little practice, and we respond by helping each other out. Second, we're not about to wait around for "heck of a job" FEMA to come save us. We'll do it ourselves. -Laurence, Queens, New York

Here in the California capital, Ahhhnold the Governator would leap from behind his desk and terminate the terrorists. -Karen, Sacramento, California
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Cafferty: Credit Crunch

Why are the credit card companies pursuing people with bad credit?

Jack, that's a stupid question. They can't make any money off of people who pay their bills. They make big profits loan sharking the poor slobs who work two or three low paying jobs and still can't pay for everything they need or want.--Cy, Arlington,Virginia

Jack, I suppose they just like hounding people for payments. It gets real exciting as the balance grows and the people can't pay. I guess you have to be a credit card company to understand.--Dave, Ocala, Florida

The credit card companies are like vultures. They don't stop eating until all of the meat is gone. --Michael, Moreno Valley, California

What does it mean for Iraq's future if the Shiites now dominate the capital of Baghdad?

Shiites, Sunnis, makes no difference who controls Baghdad. The Shiites will never get over decades of persecution when the Sunnis ruled, the Sunnis will never get over their loss of prestige and power, and the Kurds will never give up dreams of independence. Iraq is a phony piecemeal country patched together after World War II and will never survive intact. --Anthony, Cherry Hill, N.J.

The future of Iraq as it stands now is dismal. The Shiites are the majority and will dominate the minorities. It stands to reason that Iran, with its coming nuclear ability will play a big roll in keeping the Shiites in control, and to keep the other neighboring countries at bay. --Paul, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Iraq's "government" will be a secular Islamic government, regardless of what Bush says. --R.A., LaPorte, Texas

Should the government force people to go to the doctor?

If we can get universal health care for everyone in the U.S., we should all go to the doctor. The more healthy people stay, the cheaper the plan will be in the long run. --Kirk, Concord, North Carolina

I think that's a wonderful idea. Just think of the new jobs in the federal government and health care industry that would be created through mandatory health care. Of course taxes would have to go up to support all the bureaucracy required to support such a program. And the best part is these are jobs that couldn't be off-shored to other countries! --Steve, Charlotte, North Carolina

Only if John Edwards pays for my doctor visits, otherwise no! --Angie, Palmdale, California
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