Friday, August 24, 2007
Cafferty: Military matters?
WATCH "The Cafferty File": Missing White House e-mails??.

How much does it matter if the presidential candidates are war veterans?
Jack, I don't care if they are or not. The important thing is a smart, rational foreign policy with a president who is willing to listen to the military guys and the diplomatic guys - and who has the brains to figure out who's right. In other words, the opposite of what we've got now. -Josh, Akron, Ohio

Yes, if they know what it's like to be under fire. In Hillary's case, she is a mother and would understand about sending a child to war. War is not a first choice. -Charlene, Gulf Breeze, Florida

So few people have served in the military in the last 30 years, the voters don't understand the breadth of experience it can give you. Given the draft-dodgers in the present administration, I certainly, as a vet, see the value of having a president who understands the reality of war.
-Joseph, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As a person with a DD-214, I will not vote for anyone who does not have one. -Perry, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Is there any reason to believe Americans would be likely to buy products made in Iraq?
Mr. Cafferty, I don't think there is any reason that Americans would want to buy Iraqi products. With China making products for far cheaper, Iraq having little to no electricity, not to mention the fact that there is prejudice against Arabs in today's society, I'd say there is no way Americans would start buying Iraqi products. -Matthew, Wooster, Ohio

Jack, I am surprised that you question the basis of capitalism and a market economy. If Iraq can sew a cheaper dress, export a cheaper fig or supply cheaper oil, Americans will buy it. The question is, is this ever going to happen while we still occupy Iraq? -Jay, Sherman, New York
30 years out from Vietnam, would it have been possible to conceive we'd be buying products made there? -Tom
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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Cafferty: Missing White House e-mails?
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What do you suppose is in the millions of missing White House e-mails that President Bush doesn't want anyone to see?
Jack, it's pretty obvious, the truth. -Linda, Punta Gorda, Florida

Fodder for a decade of conspiracy investigations. -James, Sanford, Florida

Bush obviously has something serious to hide, including conspiracies that took advantage of the 9-11 attacks to launch the war on Iraq and seize their oil fields. -V.

There is no such thing as "missing e-mails." Any computer geek can tell you that e-mails are never missing. They can always be recreated. The only thing missing is some Congressional leadership that will stand up and hold this administration to task. -Barbara, Salt Lake City, Utah

That's easy, Jack. It's all of the answers to everything they "can't recall" when subpoenaed!
-Diane, Pennsylvania

How confident are you that China can clean up its act when it comes to its exports?
Why should they? They currently hold the monopoly on almost all manufactured goods that the world enjoys. We've effectively closed down thousands and thousands of factories in the U.S. alone. Who's left to make anything? We've scrapped our machinery, scattered our work force and reduced our once thriving manufacturing economy to a service economy. So will they clean up their act? Doubtful. -Susan, Encino, California

It is clear that neither China nor the U.S. cares about the exports coming into our country. Quality 'import posts' have to be established (at the importers expense) to randomly inspect and approve all import shipments whether it be toys, dog food, or Walmart daily specials.
-Beau, Canton, Ohio

Jack, China will clean up its act when pigs fly. Anything coming from China is raised or made in some of the nastiest conditions and we just let it all into the United States with no safety standards or inspections at all. It is time to bring our jobs back home. -Carol, Janesville, Wisconsin

I'm completely confident that China can clean up its act as soon as we stop buying all their crap. As soon as the American consumers stop pouring billions of U.S. dollars into their economy, China will do whatever it takes to get our business back. What I don't have confidence in is our regulatory agencies that should never have allowed all these products to enter our ports in the first place. -JT, Jackson, Tennessee

What should be done differently in the war on terror?
The only way to defeat ignorance, superstition, and rage is with education. The only way to make our enemies into our friends is to be kind to them and help them achieve decent lives. This means helping the people with food, medicine, and education, not helping the governments with weapons, mansions, and money. -Tom, Oakland, California

The first thing we need to do is get rid of the name. How can one feasibly conduct a war on an abstract noun? We need to change our policy to fight specific people, places, and regimes. By keeping the name of "war on terror" we leave the door open for further invasions into countries with terrorists without specific and narrow targets and objectives. -Andrew, Seattle, Washington

A war on terror is like a war on your frustrated, angry, lonely, maladjusted 14-year-old. You can't reason with them, but if you try to break their will, you'll both lose in the end. What to do? Just hunker down, be a better and more patient parent, set a better example, and wait for them to grow up. Do not wage a global war on them! -Jeannie, Kansas City, Kansas
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Cafferty: Liberals hit the books?
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Liberals read more books than conservatives. Why?
I would guess that liberals read more because they are more enlightened and progressive. If you are a conservative who doesn't believe in evolution, stem cell research, global warming or modern science in general, I guess you would be limited to church teachings from the Middle Ages (Ah, the good old days of the Inquisition) and memoirs from Ronald Reagan.
-Robert, Venice, Florida

Hey Jack, I would have to say liberals read more than conservatives because my Aunt Dorothy keeps two books in her bathroom. One is by Ann Coulter and the other by Rush Limbaugh. Those two books are the only books she has purchased in the last ten years and I doubt if she ever read either of them completely. She just keeps them in the bathroom to let all her guests know her Republican views. She thinks she is a conservative, but she is just a Republican who still drives around with her Bush/Cheney sticker in the back window of her car. -Chuck, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Jack, You know as well as I do that readers are nothing to write home about. A reader is not a good reader until he reads it out loud. I’m proud when I read out loud! -Duane, Minnesota

Conservatives have made up their minds and don't want to be confused by the facts. -Nonita, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

How far will a $15 million ad campaign go towards changing Americans’ opinions about the Iraq war?
This money would be better spent providing rehabilitation services for the wounded service people that the government has left behind. Come to think of it, one wonders if the United States could simply have "bought off" the Iraqi people instead of starting this insane war.
-Bill, Wisconsin

15 million for an ad campaign? OUTRAGEOUS! Use the money to pay down the debt of the war or for veterans' benefits! It is now blatantly apparent that Bush would rather tear apart the United States rather than admit he was wrong. Some might call that treason. -Ruth, Connecticut

Spending $15M to change our minds. Who or what have those people been smoking? They might as well dump the money down the toilet. Our minds are made up so bring the troops home, now! -Bob, Green Valley, Arizona

The 15 million dollars being spent by "Freedom's Watch" will go about as far as the 450 billion already spent in Iraq, not very. -Donna, Sugarland, Texas
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Cafferty: Arabic-themed public school?
WATCH "The Cafferty File": Vick punishment?.

Should New York City go ahead with plans to open an Arabic-themed public school?
It's bad enough we taught the terrorists that flew into the Twin Towers how to fly, so now we are going to open Arabic-themed schools in the United States? Maybe we should look at building better public schools for American students first. -Kenneth

As the saying goes "ignorance breeds contempt" and the less we know about them, the more contemptuous we get. We fear what we don't learn about. -Karin, Los Angeles, California

We seem to be caving in on all sides with radical groups. We should stand back with all our stupidity, throw the life raft overboard and watch our democracy sink into oblivion, as did the great democracies in past history. It is about time we accept slavery, we have been begging for it since 9/11. -Ron

No, No, No. What has this country come to? No. -P.

My first reaction was 'what a stupid idea'... but the more info you revealed, the more it actually makes some sense. There are other NY public schools with other cultural themes already? And they don't teach religion but instead teach language and culture? What a concept. Gee, how many American Marines and soldiers would still be alive today if someone in our administration knew something about Arabic language and culture? -John, Manhattan Beach, California

When it comes to the '08 presidential race, are the media paying too much attention too soon?
Under normal circumstances, yes... but not this time. The media gave superficial coverage to the last two elections and it brought us the worst, most catastrophic administration in history. We can't make that mistake again. Cover the candidates to the hilt. -Tony, Seattle, Washington

Naaaa! Why not just have people campaign 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, until everyone is sick to death of the candidates and no one ever votes again. -DJ, Jamaica Estates, New York

I am already bored with the whole damn lot. I may hibernate until voting day Nov. '08 and then wake up. I hate the media but I am glad we still live in a country that allows open coverage.

No, the news media is not being overzealous or indulgent in its early coverage of presidential campaigns. Cable news networks simply need to compete with other sources of news and campaign clips -- like YouTube, blogs, and comedic news shows -- which will be covering these issues early. You guys are just doing what you need to do. The face of the presidential selection process is changing. -Eric, Madison, Wisconsin

Yes. They are making an already unbearably boring race into a slow motion boring marathon. Who in their right minds would get up at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning in August '07 in Iowa to watch the Seven Dwarfs debate in 30 second sound bites about who is most presidential (yawn). It made me want to go screaming out the door to do anything else but watch. -Robert, Venice, Florida

Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd says it would be a mistake for Democrats to impeach President Bush. Is he right?
First, the obvious: the prospect of a President Cheney is far scarier than the prospect of a few months more with a dead-duck Bush. Second, we have serious issues to deal with in this country. Impeachment proceedings would be a counter-productive black hole at a time when Americans cannot afford to be sidetracked by a sideshow. -John, San Diego, California

Impeachment is long overdue. Do it now or I, for one, will vote Green. -Kathy, Tiverton, Rhode Island

Chris Dodd is wrong, but in his favor, he is the first politician to tell the truth about why they won't impeach a president who makes the Nixon years seem like the good old days. Dodd says if they impeach Bush, Democrats risk losing the next election. There you have it. Keeping their jobs is more important than the Constitution, the nation and the desires of their constituents. -Jayne, West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

The Democrats have nearly lost me already. They had better be able to focus on more than one issue. Start impeachment procedures now. Discontinue funds for the war. Bring our troops home. Let the millions of Iraqis protect their own county and provide security for their people. -
Donna, Seattle, Washington

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Monday, August 20, 2007
Cafferty: Vick's plea deal & punishment?
WATCH "The Cafferty File": Call God 'Allah'?.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick plans to plead guilty in a dogfighting case. What's the appropriate punishment?
Mr. Vick (and I use that term loosely) should receive 10 years in prison (which he won't get) and be stripped of all his assets to be used to increase the enforcement and public education of animal abuse laws. What he did is despicable and I'm sick and tired of hearing news anchors talk about how "unfortunate" this is for "Mr. Vick". -Ben, Boise, Idaho

Vick should spend 30 minutes in a pit with six pit bulls that hate people. He enjoys inflicting pain on helpless creatures so much that he should really enjoy experiencing it. -Franklin, Flowery Branch, Georgia

He should have to spend time in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail in Arizona in the summertime. What a pig! Thank you so much for your honest, heartfelt report. It's about time someone said what we are all thinking! -Monique, British Columbia

There is no punishment severe enough for what Michael Vick has done, nor is there a punishment severe enough for anyone who does things like this to these defenseless animals. None. -Melissa, Bernville, Pennsylvania

My dogs, bigger than most of the Falcons, demand that he be tossed from the world of pro sports... and while he is in prison, (probably for too short a time) he gets to feed the warden's dog. -Joe, Killingworth, Connecticut

The BBC dropped a suicide bomb plotline from one of its programs to avoid offending Muslims. Does that make sense?
It probably makes "sense" to the Brits, but in my opinion they are being intimidated by the so-called Muslim "mind control". I am actually surprised the BBC or whoever would allow such a thing. When truth bows to someone else's "feelings", it is regrettable. Bad idea. -Powell, Deckerville, Massachusetts

Seriously what more can happen in this world? Now I guess we need to cut whites out of 19th century movies because they depict slavery and it is offensive, or cut the Japanese out of World War 2 movies. -Cody

The BBC has long ago lost any semblance of objectivity, particularly as regards the fundamentalist Muslim community. A constant disparagement of Israel, coupled with an approach that usually extols the virtues of radical Muslims, has made the BBC a laughingstock of serious journalism. -Richard, Los Angeles, California

If they did not want to offend Muslims, they should never have invaded Iraq with us. -Scott, Washington
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