Thursday, December 14, 2006
The Situation Online: Princess Diana's death

A memorial to Diana and Dodi at Harrods department store in London.

"A Tragic Accident"
Nearly 10 years after the car crash that killed Princess Diana, her companion Dodi Al Fayed, and her chauffeur, an official British Police report concludes the crash was an accident. The 832-page report (PDF) counters the many conspiracy theories surrounding Diana's death. In response to the report, Dodi Al Fayed's father -- Mohammed Al Fayed -- posts on his Web site that he "will never accept this cover-up of what really happened."

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The Cafferty File: Saudi warning?

On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

What does it mean if Saudi Arabia ends up backing the Sunnis in Iraq?

Jack, It's really quite simple: if Saudi Arabia gets involved, so does Iran openly and then Syria and Israel and Turkey and Jordan. Then the U.S would really have an interest in the region - we would have been the catalyst for World War III. This is just like WW II, too many entangling alliances!
Wayne, Oakwood Hills, Illinois

It means that we now know who is really running this country: oil and the Saudis.
Lou, Sanford, Florida

It's amazing. Just when you think it can't get any worse, Pres. Bush says we should send in more troops and countries in the Middle East commit to escalating regional conflicts. Which will destroy the world first, this war or global warming?
Rudy, Columbus, Ohio

It means we had better get busy with our alternative fuels program and quit just talking about it.
Phil, Mesa, Arizona

You think they are not supporting them right now?
Taye, Lexington, Kentucky

How will history judge President Bush?

If somehow, unlikely as it looks, the Iraq war has some kind of positive ending, he will be remembered for being a good leader who helped pull us together after 9-11.
Dennis, Kokomo, Indiana

Unless future history books completely distort the facts, he will be viewed as the least popular, most devious president the U.S. ever had.
Patricia, Washington, Illinois

History is but a bag of tricks we play on the dead. In short, it really depends who is writing the history of our times some 25, or 30 years from now. It also will reflect what will ultimately happen in the Middle East, North Korea, and our nation. Presently, Bush is following the same pattern of dislike as such presidents as Truman and even Lincoln.
John, Poughkeepsie, New York

History will remember Bush as the president who set us back 50 years in diplomacy. Can't wait until the end of his term.
Michelle, Yakima, Washington

House Democrats are considering an independent ethics panel. Will it ever happen?

An independent ethics panel is an idea whose time has come. Republican and Democratic office holders, especially those in the U.S. Congress, are sorely in need of an ethical transfusion… Are they sincere, or only attempting to defuse public outrage regarding constant unethical behavior by members of the Congress?
Al, Fresno, California

Congress is generally bankrupt in ethics; how can a group of the same regulate anybody? I doubt the Democrats will regulate ethics. Some of their early appointments for committee chairpersons indicate poor decision-making capabilities, but strong politics.
Sammy, Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia

A congressional ethics oversight agency won't happen because it isn't constitutional. That's the job of the media. That's your job.

Let me put it this way, Jack. If they don't clean up Congress in the next year or so, then we need to launch a third party for 2008. That may be the only way we'll ever get these idiots in Washington of either party to sit up and pay attention to us.
David, Louisville, Kentucky
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
The Cafferty File: No more pork?

On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Should the 110th Congress make the moratorium on pork projects attached to spending bills permanent?

Absolutely. If the Democrats truly mean business and intend on cleaning up Congress, this is a step in the right direction.
Mitchell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jack, It won't happen, but it should...all earmarks, addendums, additions, riders, contingencies, second thoughts, sows' ears and "oopses" should be eliminated. A bill should be about the topic of that bill and nothing else.
Gregg, Buffalo, New York

Wouldn't that eliminate politicians' leverage for receiving bribes and under-the-table "gifts"? You must be joking, Jack.
Kristi, Kennesaw, Georgia

Each bill should be voted on one at a time. No other bills involved and no pork added. Why should anyone have to vote on something that has so many strings attached?
Dolores, Arkansas

How long should it take President Bush to figure out what to do in Iraq?

As long as he wants. He doesn't care how many people disapprove of the Iraq War, he doesn't care what the polls say. He's going to stay in Iraq come what may because if he pulls out the troops now, he'll leave Iraq in even more chaos than it is now.
Jean, Sun City, Arizona

Judging by his policy on Iraq, any more decisions on Iraq from President Bush are not exactly those I would be looking forward to; unless he finally pulls his head out of the sand and gets a dose of reality
Dayne, Groton, Connecticut

I don't know why he calls himself the "decider." He can't decide when he needs to, and decides erroneously when he does.
Linus, Oneonta, New York

What does Congress have to do to get higher marks for ethics and honesty than HMO managers and car salesmen?

Members of Congress need to start caring more about health care and auto emissions than they do about power, 'earmarks' and lining their own pockets.
Emily, Middletown, New York

I'm flexible, so how about they start by, oh I don't know...doing their job.
Nathan, Scottsdale, Arizona

Congress needs to institute stiff fines and penalties for misbehavior and misconduct. It works in every other workplace. Why should Congress be any different?
David, Louisville, Kentucky

To get higher marks than car salesmen, Congress has to stop selling their votes to the highest bidders.

What do they have to do? How about representing the middle and lower classes instead of selling their souls to big business and the absurdly wealthy?
Mark, Lees Summit, Missouri
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The Situation Online: Gore's parties, health emergencies, UCLA hack

Al Gore gives his talk in "An Inconvenient Truth."

House party: Gore-style
Former Vice President Al Gore uses the Internet to organize more than a thousand viewing parties nationwide for his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". Could this be a convenient opportunity to come clean on whether he'll run for president in '08?

Bioterrorism report card
According to an online report from Trust for America's Health, a non-partisan health advocacy group, only fifteen states are fully prepared to distribute emergency vaccines and medical supplies. Is your state prepared to handle a pandemic or bioterrorist attack? We investigate.

UCLA hacked
UCLA reacts to a major computer breach involving the names and personal information of 800,000 people, including faculty, staff, current and former students, and even some applicants. The school has launched a Web site with information, advice, and resources for those affected by the breach.

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Monday, December 11, 2006
The Cafferty File: Ruling out impeachment?

On "The Situation Room" today, we asked viewers the following questions, and here are some of our favorite responses that we didn't get to read on air:

Is it wrong for the incoming Congress to simply rule out the impeachment of President Bush?

If the president has broken the law, it is the constitutional duty of the Congress to investigate and bring charges if necessary.
Richard, Evanston, Illinois

I greatly dislike Bush, but I am much more outraged about the values bickering instead of issue solving in this do-nothing Congress. I think the new Congress should, at least for now, put their grudges aside and focus more on the issues their predecessors neglected.
Ivan, Lancaster, California

Impeachment should be a priority. Bush has got us into such a horrible, unacceptable position in the world and on so many levels it would take me hours to list them all. And to think we have two more years of him is outrageous. He is impeachable. I will help.
Lisa, Methuen, Massachusetts

Impeachment should not be ruled out because it may be the only way to reveal otherwise secret information regarding President Bush's actions during his presidency. The public does not deserve to be left in the dark.

What does Senator Barack Obama seem to have that the other potential presidential candidates don't?

Obama's widest appeal is that he is a fresh face, someone new. In general, Americans are tired of the same old faces appearing in D.C. Obama, being new to the national scene, has people curious about him and hopeful they will find something new. The test will be whether he can keep this quality over the next two years.
Colleen, Newark, New Jersey

Jack, it's almost what he doesn't have: a closet full of deal-making baggage. He has a fresh face. He really does inspire people to hope. And, Jack, after six years of this administration, we desperately need some hope.
Tim, Maui, Hawaii

He seems to have a good deal of common sense. He is religious without being a fanatic. He seems to be smart, thoughtful and wise beyond his years. I think he would unify this country and lead the way to solve health care, Medicare, Social Security, education and equality issues. Equality defined as fairness for the working man vs corporate interests.
Jim, Arkport, New York

What does it mean when the incoming Democratic House Intelligence chairman doesn't know the basics about al Qaeda and Hezbollah?

Why, pray tell, should he be any different than the rest of Congress when it comes to Intelligence?
Stew, Palm Beach, Florida

When the incoming Democratic House Intelligence chairman admits he knows little or nothing about al Qaeda and Hezbollah it means business as usual in Washington DC.
AJ, LaGrange, Illinois

It means Democrats are no better at vetting leaders than the Republicans. The ineptitude of our political parties ... staggering. After this last election I changed my voter registration to "no party affiliation." In the future, only qualified politicians get my vote. I might be staying home!
Russ, New York

That's the problem with democracy. You don't have to be qualified for the job to be given the job.
Rick, Toronto
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The Situation Online: Pinochet, Delay & Castro

Opponents celebrate the passing of the dictator who crushed dissent during his rule from 1973 to 1990.

The Chilean streets
Flickr images and YouTube video depict both celebration and sadness following Sunday's death of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

The Delay network
Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay is launching a new Web site aimed at rallying grassroots activism among conservatives. But can a Web site help Republicans take back Congress?

Kill Castro?
We investigate whether an online clip of Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen "welcom[ing] the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro" is authentic.

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