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John Gotti
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October 27, 1940 John Gotti is born in the Bronx, New York, into a large blue-collar family. When Gotti is 12, the family moves to a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, where he becomes involved with local gangs. He is suspended from school in eighth grade and never returns.

1959 Gotti meets Victoria DiGiorgio, the daughter of an Italian builder and a Russian-Jewish mother. The couple weds, and their first child, Angela, is born in 1961. Four more children follow: Victoria, John A., Frank and Peter.

1965 While working under reputed members of the Gambino crime family, Gotti is charged with attempted burglary. He spends a year in jail.

1968 Gotti establishes a reputation as a highflier. He works for Aniello Dellacroce, the underboss for the Gambino family.

1969 Gotti begins serving three years in jail for a hijacking from a warehouse.

1973 To endear himself to the Gambino family, Gotti takes part in the killing of James McBratney, a man who had supposedly slain a nephew of Carlo Gambino's. Gotti pleads guilty to manslaughter and begins a two-year prison sentence.
1976 Paul Castellano succeeds Carlo Gambino as the family boss, angering Gotti, who supported Dellacroce for the position.
1980 A neighbor accidentally kills Gotti's 12-year-old son, Frank, when the boy rides a motorbike in front of his car. The neighbor disappears a few months later, and police suspect he was killed.
1985 Dellacroce dies of natural causes. Gotti is in line to replace him as the underboss, but Castellano instead gives the position to his chauffeur- bodyguard, Thomas Bilotti. Three gunmen shoot Castellano and Bilotti to death in front of the Sparks Steak House in Manhattan, and afterward, Gotti takes power as head of the Gambino family.
1987 U.S. Attorney Michael Chertoff accuses members of the Genovese crime family of plotting to kill Gotti. The FBI warns Gotti about the planned hit, fearing it could create a retaliatory bloodbath.
1989 Police ambush Gotti in SoHo and arrest him on murder charges.
1992 Gotti is convicted of murder and racketeering. He is sentenced to life in prison.
2000 After pleading guilty to racketeering and extortion charges, Gotti's son, John A. Gotti, begins serving a six-year sentence.
2001 Gotti, suffering from terminal cancer, is transferred from the federal maximum-security prison in Marion, Illinois, to the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri.

Gotti dies of cancer at age 61.

1940 '59 '65 '68 '69 '73 '76 '80 '85 '87 '89 '92 '00 '01 '02

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