'Clark Howard'
'Clark Howard'

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As Americans face turbulent economic times, Money Expert Clark Howard gives you a roadmap to financial stability each weekend on HLN.

On the show, Clark takes phone calls from the audience of his popular radio show, helps HLN viewers in his Money Coach series, provides consumer advice and travel tips and answers your questions about your wallet.

Tune in Saturdays and Sundays at 6 a.m. and 12 p.m. ET on HLN.

Do you need a Money Coach?

Clark Howard helps you protect yourself against costly financial mistakes and potential scams. In addition to listener calls from his syndicated radio show, Clark helps HLN viewers in his "Money Coach" series and answers viewer e-mail. During these tough economic times, Clark wants to help you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. The show airs Saturday and Sunday at 6 a.m. and 12 p.m. ET on HLN.

Clark's New Book!
Clark's New Book!

"Living Large in Lean Times: 250+ Ways to Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter, and Save Money"

In stores NOW!

Clark's ultimate guide to saving money.
In his candid and friendly next-door-neighbor manner, Clark shares the small, manageable steps everyone can follow to build a path toward independence and wealth.

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Clark's Book Tour Video
Finding the best travel deals Video
Book tour behind the scenes Video
Clark's book party raises questions Video
Clark's book launch party Video
Clark answers viewers questions Video
Home phone savings Video
Deals on wheels Video
Saving on groceries Video

Operation Clark Smart
Operation Clark Smart

Clark Howard has served for ten years as a member of his state guard. And now, he wants to serve his fellow military personnel!

Clark visits Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida to help sailors and their families get financially fit.

Clark advises a Navy family trying to figure out how to pay for 28 years of college, and brings you the story of two wounded soldiers whose lives have been changed by the Wounded Warrior Project.

You'll get money-saving tips you can use whether you're in the military or not.

NEW: Wounded warriors given a second chance Video
NEW: Sending seven kids to college! Video

Keep up with Clark
Keep up with Clark

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Project Home

HLN Money Expert Clark Howard partners with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity to help hard-working families realize the dream of home ownership. For more information on how you can volunteer, visit atlantahabitat.org

Meet Kory, new homeowner Video
Day 1 Video
Changing the neighborhood Video
The Two Williams Video
Dedication Day Video
Home energy checkup Video
Impact Your World: Clark and Habitat Video

Joplin: The Road Back
Joplin: The Road Back

A Clark Howard Special Report

It's going to take Joplin, Missouri years to recover from the physical and emotional scars left by the deadly tornado that eviscerated the city.

Families, still cleaning up what's left of their homes, now face the daunting task of dealing with their financial losses and an uncertain future.

Determination to rebuild Video
Volunteers pour in to help Video
Life after destruction Video
Preparing for devastation Video
Long-time resident loses business Video
What should business owner do next? Video

How you can help:
Impact Your World: Joplin tornado

Best of 'Clark Howard'

Clark's Consumer Tips
Important Websites

Below are some websites Clark has mentioned on recent shows:

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DCWG - Check your computer for malware
CarsDirect.com - New car pricing
TrueCar.com - New car pricing
Overstock.com - New car pricing
Zag.com - New car price quote
NADAguides.com - Car value advice
Kelley Blue Book - New and used car values
Edmunds.com - Estimate a used car's value
SpatialMatch.com - Customize a real estate search
StudentBorrowerAssistance.org - Student loan resources
eHealthInsurance.com - Compare health insurance
SavingsBonds.gov - Check interest rates on bonds
IBRInfo.org - Income-based student loan repayment
TripAdvisor.com - Traveler reviews and advice
Napfa.org - Find a personal financial advisor
CruiseCompete.com - Find cruise deals
CruiseCritic.com - Cruise reviews
Lookout - Security app for smartphones and tablets
Prey - Tracking app for phones, laptops and tablets
Find My iPhone - Locates missing Apple devices
Where's My Droid - Locates missing Android phones
Plan B - App installed after phone is lost
Guestmob - Deals on hotel rooms
Timeshare Users Group - Sell your timeshare
Autoslash.com - Save money on rental cars
YoBucko - Personal finance guide
Insure My Trip - Compare travel insurance
Cuna.org - Find a credit union near you
Dollar Shave Club - Deals on razors
uShip.com - Put your move up for bid
FTC - Top consumer complaints for 2011
Iceland Air - Flights to Iceland and Europe
Nolo.com - Protecting a small business
ImmediateAnnuities.com - Get an annuity quote
AnnualCreditReport.com - Get a free copy of your credit report
CreditKarma.com - Get your credit score free
ParkatmyHouse.com - Rent your driveway
Mobissimo.com - Airfare search engine
PrivacyScore.com - See how websites use your data
Gripevine.com - Customer complaints and resolution
Safercar.gov - Car recall notices and information
CellPhonesForSoldiers.com - Donate a cell phone
Creditcardtuneup.com - Find the best reward card
CreditCards.com - Compare credit cards
EvaluateLifeInsurance.org - Life insurance analysis
HUD.gov - Get housing assistance
FinAid.org - Income-based student loan repayment
AMBest.com - Check insurers' ratings
AARP.org - Social Security calculator
SCORE.org- Guidance for entrepreneurs
OCC.gov- File a complaint against your bank
FTC.gov - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Landlord.com - Information for landlords
FTC.gov - Fair Credit Reporting Act

In Need of a Money Coach?
In Need of a Money Coach?

Are you or someone in your family having financial troubles?

Maybe you have no debt, are saving for retirement, but still can't get ahead?

Clark Howard wants to help you!
Send us a video and e-mail and let us know why we should choose you for this special feature.

Have other questions? Contact us.

Clark Howard Wants You!
Clark Howard Wants You!

Are you a couple who just can't seem to agree when it comes to money?

One is a saver, the other a spender? One wants to refinance, the other wants to renovate? Clark can help!

Send us an email and tell us your story. You could be profiled on HLN, with Clark's advice to restore your financial harmony.

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