Friday, January 04, 2008
Voice of 360
We have a finalist in our search for the Voice of 360. Ever since NBC hired Michael Douglas to introduce their nightly newscast, we have been auditioning people as well. It's been an epic search, spanning the world, utilizing the full global resources of CNN.

We've auditioned our first announcer: Ozzy Osbourne. If you think Ozzy should get the gig, tell us about it.

If there are other candidates that you think could best the Oz-man, let us know.
Posted By CNN: 10:20 PM ET
Ozzy would be good. But what about James Earl Jones - his voice really commands attention.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 10:36 PM ET

What fun! Ozzy Osborne!

Uh, no.
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 10:38 PM ET
Ozzy was o.k.
But I'd rather have Kermit the frog than him...
Or like others have said, how about Larry King?
Posted By Anonymous Grisel, Logan, UT : 10:40 PM ET
Ozzy would be an excellent choice!

There is only one voice that could beat him. Patrick Stewart
Posted By Anonymous Cameron, O'Fallon, MIssouri : 10:40 PM ET
That's it!! Ozzy has that quality that goes perfectly with the 360 show. Grab him while he's still available!! :)
Posted By Anonymous Abydos : 10:41 PM ET
Ozzy - What fun!!! He is good. Maybe Gene Simmons?! He has a pretty commanding voice as well and he is on the Apprentice. Why not give him a try out?
Posted By Anonymous Eburchgirl : 10:42 PM ET
Yes, I think Ozzy would make a fantastic Voice of 360. He will add some much needed credibility. Why wouldn’t you?
Posted By Blogger Jon : 10:42 PM ET
hell yeah, put the prince of darkness on
Posted By Anonymous Mark Morton from virginia : 10:45 PM ET
Ozzy for president!
Posted By Anonymous Mike : 10:45 PM ET

Ozzy is a great and timeless icon; he is the one. If you disagree, maybe consider Britney. Or if not Britney, Dr. Drew.
Posted By Blogger Todd : 10:48 PM ET
You're kidding...please.
Posted By OpenID cathrine-crane : 10:48 PM ET
I would watch 360 every day if Ozzy was the voice

Posted By Anonymous helen marietta fort mcmurray ab : 10:48 PM ET
Well, Anderson.
He is ok, but you need other person Casey Kasem to ac announcer or Larry King best one announcer.... nice try! Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Megan : 10:49 PM ET
Anderson please no Ozzy. He is to hard to understand. I think you should have Regis try out. That would be fun. Maybe even you'r mom. That would be an interesting twist.
Posted By Blogger nicole : 10:51 PM ET
I think Gene Simmons would be a great for the voice of AC360
Posted By Blogger Heath : 10:51 PM ET
Ozzy is a great singer but not an announcer! How about Ed McMahon or the guy that says "Let's get ready to rumble"...don't know his name!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 10:51 PM ET
ozzy is so awsome if he were on 360 man me an all ma bros would so watch it u dont even no it would b like POW 360 anderson cooper narations by ozzy osbourn man that would b awsomeso yea tell him hes got the job eh
Posted By Anonymous Puffy Roux fort mcmurray ab canada : 10:52 PM ET

Ozzy is freaking amazing. I'd love to have him for the voice of 360! This truly made my night.


Posted By Anonymous h. : 10:54 PM ET
Why not Kathy G? If you pay, she will show! If you're more interested in the voice, Steven Wright would be an awesome choice.
Posted By Blogger dana_w : 10:55 PM ET
Ozzy would be compelte genius! He just fits.
Posted By Blogger cecile : 10:55 PM ET
I don't know if you need an announcer, the music is good. The show rocks without an announcer and allows more time for news.

But Ozzy rocks!
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina in Los Angeles : 10:56 PM ET

Pick Ozzy. You never know what he might say or do. I would watch just to see the unexptected!


Minneapolis, Minnesota
Posted By Anonymous Mark : 10:56 PM ET



If you really want the absolute best, Best, BEST voice for the job? I mean next to Fran Dresher...

Seriously. Captain Jean Luc Picard. Patrick Stewart.

Get Patrick Stewart.

"Live from New York, it's Anderson Cooper on 360....engage."

Love it.
Posted By Blogger Brian : 10:56 PM ET
Ozzy is the man!
Posted By Anonymous Mikey, Erwin Tennessee : 10:57 PM ET
How about Alan Rickman? He has an amazing voice!
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer in Kansas City, KS : 10:57 PM ET
Ozzy is a perfect fit for 360, Anderson. Like your show, both are totally unique.
Posted By Blogger Ai Qing : 10:58 PM ET
God, Donald Duck has a better voice!
Posted By Anonymous Ulysses : 10:58 PM ET
Yes yes i love it! let Ozzy bring out your dark side Anderson. His voice is so distinctive it would add an interesting dimension to your show. Bring in extra fans and ratings too!

Posted By Anonymous CF : 10:59 PM ET
Ozzy would be great for the job!!!

Also, James Earl Jones or I would even like to see Blackie Lawless get the job.
Posted By Anonymous Mel : 10:59 PM ET
Ozzy's the winner, no more finalists! If you happen to lose viewers by chosing Ozzy as the voice of 360, we are all better off without them.
Posted By Anonymous tony : 10:59 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Ozzy? He actually didn't do too much harm with all those nouns, verbs and adjectives you gave him to emote with. A shining moment in theatrical history. Encore...

Lorie Ann
Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 11:00 PM ET
Ozzy sounded good, he gets my vote.
Posted By Blogger Loretta : 11:01 PM ET

Heck no!

Keep looking!
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 11:02 PM ET
Are you out of your mind?! Definitely not Ozzy.
Posted By Anonymous sj, mcallen, tx : 11:02 PM ET
Ozzie works for me. Ask him his opinions on things too.
Posted By Anonymous Flash Cordon : 11:03 PM ET
Please no Ozzy! my ears hurt! :/ lol
Posted By Anonymous Lindsay from Miami : 11:05 PM ET
Ozzy's nice, but why not have one of Anderson's favorite singers be the voice of 360 - Mary J. Blige.

Keisha R. - Kansas City, Mo.
Posted By Blogger quiche : 11:05 PM ET
Observing Ozzy's audition was like watching a trainwreck. yikes!

Ozzy gets a "no" from me.
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve, Scottsdale, AZ : 11:05 PM ET
Ozzy Osborne? You've got to be kidding! I won't be able to turn off the TV fast enough!
Posted By Blogger Flexible Flyer : 11:06 PM ET
Look no further Ozzy is the man.
Posted By Blogger Anthony : 11:06 PM ET
Yes yes I love it! Let Ozzy bring out your dark side Anderson heehee. His voice is so distinctive it would add an interesting dimension to your show Anderson. Bring in extra fans and ratings too! "All aboardddddd hahahahahah....."
Posted By Anonymous Craig,Long Beach, CA : 11:07 PM ET
I think Ozzy bring a sort of fun to the 360 home.

I wonder how Harrison Ford would sound on 360?
Posted By Blogger Kellie : 11:09 PM ET
With all that's happening in the world, Mr. Osborne (aka Prince of Darkness) is the obvious choice.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan C. : 11:10 PM ET
With all that's happening in the world Mr. Osborne (aka The Prince of Darkness) is the obvious choice.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan C. from New York : 11:12 PM ET
Please, just say NO to Ozzy!!!!!!

Terre Haute, IN
Posted By Anonymous Jana Terre Haute, IN : 11:13 PM ET
I'm going to have to vote for a tryout for Donald Sutherland. His voice crawls all over a good way. If not him, then at least Kiefer Sutherland. You might have to wait a couple of weeks for his tryout though. He's kinda busy right now.
Posted By Blogger Julie : 11:14 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Chiflada : 11:14 PM ET
I think Ozzy is good. It adds an interesting flavor to the show. It's so unexpected for him to be an announcer so I like the twist.

I've always thought AC 360˚ has a unique way of presenting the news which is why I like it so much. It's so much different than most other news programs so what better announcer than Ozzy!
Posted By Anonymous Tracie - Chicago, IL : 11:14 PM ET

You spanned the world and utilized the full global resources of CNN and came up with Ozzy Osbourne as a finalist!?! CNN's resources are not as state of the art as I thought. I suggest you try again.

I must admit, however, that you caught the Oz-man on a good day because he sounded almost coherent! If you insist on using him you better run captions underneath so those of us who aren't high will know what he is saying.

My vote still goes to Bart Simpson, or better yet why don't you do it using your Homer voice?

Have a good weekend,
Jo Ann
North Royalton, Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 11:15 PM ET
I think Neil Everrett from ESPN sportscenter should he has the best voice on TV.

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 11:17 PM ET
I think u should take multiple introductions and play a different one daily at random!
Posted By Blogger Tom R : 11:17 PM ET

Just say NO to Ozzy!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By Anonymous Jana Terre Haute, IN : 11:18 PM ET
No , NO and No......
Ozzy is nice and funny , but lets keep him for the circus,sleezy reality TV shows and away from AC 360.
Nice joke Anderson, you got me there!
Posted By Anonymous virge : 11:23 PM ET
Anderson - I thought you had good taste. I am totally disappointed. If you picked a random person off the street even they would do better than Ozzy.
Posted By Anonymous Chikoo, Texas. : 11:26 PM ET
Yes, the British accent always adds class to any announcement, so you're headed in the right direction with Mr. Osbourne!?

Ed McMahon is currently promoting a new book, so you should probably get him to do a: "Heeeeere's Andy!"
Posted By Anonymous Michele Jackson, Northridge, CA : 11:28 PM ET
I think Ozzy is an awesome choice! I love the scream he did too lol.
Posted By Anonymous Becky, PA : 11:28 PM ET
Ozzy doesn't stand for anything you represent!!!
Why not Kelly Ripa? She is great and is not sufferring from any 80's side effects:)
Posted By Anonymous Jeanine : 11:30 PM ET
Ozzy is alright with this Tennessee
girl!I just love his accent. My vote is for him and his sweet Family too!
Posted By OpenID catpa22 : 11:36 PM ET
Please don't pick ozzy!!!It's so hard to understand what the man is trying to say every time he speaks. My choices would be Kermit the frog, Regis,Jay Leno,or Stephen Colbert.
Posted By Anonymous Jen,Lake Tahoe,California : 11:38 PM ET
I vote yes for Ozzy,from this Tennessee girl.To him and his family also.I love his accent!
Posted By OpenID catpa22 : 11:40 PM ET
Ozzy is without a doubt the best candidate for the announcer gig, and it doesn't matter who auditions after him. The prospect of having him sing a different Ozzy tune as an announcement is something America will certainly cherish.
Posted By Anonymous Elving : 11:41 PM ET
Anderson, Ozzy is the man! He should be the the voice of 360. The only thing that would be better is having Zakk Wylde do your bumper music while Ozzy is announcing.

Florence, Al.
Posted By OpenID crimsontide2186 : 11:42 PM ET
Posted By Blogger shuda maorl : 11:42 PM ET
I believe Ozzy would be good as the voice of 360. His voice is recognizable and would bring in the younger viewers.
Posted By Anonymous Fran : 11:42 PM ET
I'm can do better than that...

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 11:45 PM ET
Ozzy on 360? Yes, yes, yes! Oh my God, yes.
Posted By Anonymous Elyse : 11:45 PM ET
Anderson to Ozzy: Can you try it again? This time with a little more clarity...

Hehe, that comment made my day! Ozzy takes the cake. I don't evenwant to hear any of the other voices. :)
Posted By OpenID mayjex : 11:46 PM ET
C' mon now!

I love Ozzy, but i don't think he is the right person for A360.

Why do we need an announcer for the show anyways? The show is perfect the way it is now, please do not change the format.
Posted By Anonymous alyssa : 11:47 PM ET
Oh Anderson...

I'm at a loss. I just knew Big Bird was going to be tonight's audition.

I beg you... PLEASE reconcider!!! Nothing says hard hitting journalism like a 8'2" yellow bird!

Surprise, AZ
Posted By Blogger Mindy : 11:47 PM ET
an announcer?
Did A360 turned into SNL and i did not know about it?
Posted By Anonymous alyssa : 11:52 PM ET
i think u should keep ozzy but add more and choose them randomly, or in ipod, shuffle
Posted By Anonymous tom wellington,fl : 11:53 PM ET
Ozzy was good, but the reason Michael Douglas' opening is a hit for NBC is because it's simple and serious. The news is not always fun and happy, especially most breaking news. Anderson, you're known for broadcasting that news and opening your show with Ozzy's eccentric style would not always be appropriate. Like another viewer has said, audition James Earl Jones. He's serious, he's noticeable, and he's simple.
Posted By Blogger Matt : 11:56 PM ET
Ozzy was great but he's no Larry King. Come on...Larry had a great audition!
Posted By Anonymous Sandi : 11:56 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

Everyone seems use male voices for ids and the like... how about your good friend Kathy Griffin?

Alberta, Canada
Posted By Blogger Ian S. : 11:57 PM ET
C'mon now!

i love Ozzy, but ...Ozzy as an announcer for A360?

Why do we need an announcer for the show anyways? The show is perfect the way it is. Please do not change the format.

An announcer will turn A360 into SNL.
Posted By Anonymous Alyssa, Fairfax , VA : 11:58 PM ET
Ozzy got me to this webpage for the first time.
I pledge to watch AC-360 every night if Ozzy's your guy. Maybe Rob Halford could fill in for him once in a while. (No Dio please)
Posted By Blogger Keith : 12:03 AM ET
Anderson, please hear me out! Even though Ozzy is wicked awesome, you and your wonderful team should NOT pick him! It will take away from the credibility of the program. YOU NEED A SERIOUS, COMMANDING VOICE such as Don LaFontaine. Have him do "In a world of questionable media (Fox News) one program stood its ground...etc" P.S. Please try to refrain from Britney makes me wanna switch the channel.
Posted By Anonymous Olya, NYC, NY : 12:13 AM ET
I vote for Joe Walsh. He has been around awhile and has a voice that everybody would recognize!
Posted By Anonymous Nickie, Anaheim,Ca : 12:15 AM ET
My guests left, winding down, checking email one last time, decided to check to see who the mystery announcer was... Ozzy? Bleh, I used to listen to Ozzy in a drunken stupor in high school with my friends who were also in a drunken stupor (because trust me, we couldn't handle the "musical" assault to our ears sober). Do you provide the bats? Do you provide his booze and drugs or is he sober this week? No offense, but this show has had some lows in the past. This is a new one. You may gain one sort of viewer, but I promise. You'll lose another. And if this is where this show is going, I'll catch you when you're with another network being an actual reporter again once you've rediscovered the sense of class I thought you had. Find someone like Donald Sutherland or Tony Bennett or Al Pacino or anybody but Ozzy.
Posted By Anonymous Tammy, Berwick, LA : 12:38 AM ET
Two words. Crazy Train...
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 1:30 AM ET
OZZY is the man! He is THE BEST voice for AC 360. Ozzy has a huge following and is the ONLY CHOICE for 360!!!
Posted By Anonymous CeCe, Denver, CO : 2:08 AM ET
Ozzy rocked you should go with ozzy and when he cant do it get pee wee herman to fill in! :) Hey how about Hal Sparks?
Posted By Anonymous GothicHippy : 3:52 AM ET

Somehow I cannot see how Ozzy fits into your show, which is great as it is. Why do you need the voice-over ? If you really want/need it, then I do not believe Ozzy is right for the show. Find someone with a bit more credibility, or as we Kiwis put it - someone with a bit more 'mana'...

new Zealand
Posted By Anonymous Robert, Hamilton, new Zealand : 4:35 AM ET
Ozzy rocks! But I cannot picture him as the announcer of AC360, but then it would be uber fun to see the man present your show.

It's like... AC360 Idol or something. :D

Have a great weekend!
Posted By Anonymous Myta Santiago : 5:09 AM ET
Anderson - I think Larry King would be a great announcer! He was great tonight when he went to you.
Posted By Blogger Jeffrey Miles : 5:43 AM ET

Ozzy is the right person for the job,there´s no doubt about it...

Posted By Anonymous Rach : 6:14 AM ET
BURT WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous JP, Long Island,NY : 6:39 AM ET
I just about fell over seeing Ozzy in the 360 studio...
He was alright, I suppose. Someone said Patrick Stewart--I'm all for that. Another distinctive (and frankly, very cool) voice is singer Regina Spektor. Plus, she lives in NYC!
Posted By Anonymous Christianna : 7:08 AM ET
Ozzy ia the best, no need to search further!!
Posted By Anonymous Basil : 7:50 AM ET
Ozzy would be cool as an announcer.. YES FOR OZZY!!
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Titusville, FL : 8:01 AM ET
I dunno.... I hate too see aging rock stars go main stream.... Next Alice Cooper will be promoting Pampers. :(

I was surprised at how lucid Ozzy seemed for this audition. He must want it.

Well, here's a way for you seem a little bit rock n' roll while still maintaining the sterile news environment. Woo don't you feel like a rebel now?
Posted By Anonymous pir8bunn3 : 8:16 AM ET
Ozzy was great but come on -
No voice has that much sought after quality of "omg, I'd better watch this, the world must be ending" than Gilbert Gottfried. Now that's gravitas.
Posted By Blogger eva from brooklyn : 8:17 AM ET
OZZY Period he represents your demo we're all a little
shot! those concerts take a lot out of you!
Posted By OpenID maryanng7424 : 8:22 AM ET
Please, Please, Please, don't use Ozzy. He represents everything one should do to get stoned, drunk, or whatever. Superstar? Give me a break, he can hardly talk because his brain is fried!

CNN broke ground using James Earl Jones. My daughters, when they were younger, used to say Darth Vader owned CNN.

Get someone with class, style, determination. Why not Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, or Julie Andrews?

Please don't settle with Ozzy!!!
Posted By Anonymous Bill in South Carolina : 8:28 AM ET
They don't get much better than the blizzard. If you are doing this, however, in an attempt to ridicule the Ozz, shame on you. This is the first time I've been on the site and or show much interest in 360, although I hear good things about Anderson Cooper and the show. If Ozz is involved with 360 in any way, you will have a whole new fan base. Ozzy deservs respect; he has paid his dues and has earned it.
Posted By Anonymous Jake : 8:32 AM ET
Ozzy wins!!! There's no need for other applicants. Ozzy represents all of middle-America's ideals and is a uniter, not a divider. The voice of 360 should croak from the diaphragm of Ozzy.
Posted By OpenID dannywinxxx2 : 8:45 AM ET
You get Ozzy, and I might just switch back from Fox
Posted By Anonymous The Other Ozz : 8:51 AM ET
Ozzy's the man for the job.
Posted By Anonymous Johnny : 8:57 AM ET
I love watching Anderson! I think Ozzy would be a fun addition. News isn't always fun to hear I think having fun while reporting it is a good thing... But whoever you pick I will be watching.

1 vote for the OZZMAN
Posted By Anonymous : 9:03 AM ET
I honestly think that the voice of Ozzy is perfect for this, 360 tends to be very real, and gritty, and down to earth in its reporting, and Ozzy's music inspires much the same lines of thinking when it comes to life and all that goes on around the individuals that walk the Earth.

Ozzy is an inspiration to musicians, artists, and people in all other walks of life. why wouldn't you want that as your announcing voice.
Posted By OpenID azurhan1 : 9:13 AM ET
AC 360 and The Prince of Darkness. Hmmm. Ozzy rocks but perhaps a more distiguished voice such as Patrick Stewart? Boldly go man!
Posted By Anonymous Jon G. Wilmington, NC : 9:18 AM ET
Ozzy is a great choice!
I'd prefer Eddie Vedder!
You would have me as a viewer.
Posted By Anonymous Donna : 9:26 AM ET
Ozzy good but Gibert Godfrey is much better!
Posted By OpenID LSCWXDROPOUT : 9:33 AM ET
No Ozzy! How 'bout John Madden? Lewis Black? Tom Hanks? No, no Ozzy.
Posted By OpenID jobrown231 : 9:37 AM ET
Ozzy - yes yes and again yes. He ROCKS and so do you! There's no better voice for 360!
Posted By Anonymous bwitt/king of Nip 'N Tang : 9:43 AM ET
Ozzy? Absolutely not. Get off sexist kick and go with real talent. Either Sharon Osborne or Catherine-Zetta-Jones-Douglas (Don't remember where hyphen goes).
Posted By Anonymous Michael Reilly, St. Louis, MO : 9:49 AM ET
You just can't get any better than Ozzy. I might actually watch the show if Ozzy was the announcer!
Posted By Anonymous Mike : 9:50 AM ET
Worm, classy, almost steady voice, with that fine british accent Ozzy gives AC360 an even wider globality (360) than before. Down goes Michael Douglas! One suggestion: forget the he-ha!
Posted By Anonymous Luigi, Dallas TX : 9:53 AM ET
Ozzy would be fun...for awhile.....but he's too hard to understand longterm, and someone like Morgan Freeman would be SOOO much voice in the world, hands down!
Posted By Anonymous Grandma : 9:54 AM ET
Be careful, I hear he bites the heads off of news anchors and if you play his voice backwards he sounds like Dan Rather.

Charles, Brooklyn
Posted By Anonymous Chaz : 9:58 AM ET
Ozzy is the perfect voice for 360. Hire him and I also pledge to watch AC360 every night.
Posted By Blogger Omer : 9:58 AM ET
Ozzy is the King not Prince. He would not only add a distinctive voice, but also personality. I would definately watch if you added him. I have loved him as long as I can remember
Posted By Blogger Laurie : 10:00 AM ET
The search is over!!! Hire him and don't look back.
Posted By Anonymous Kim : 10:02 AM ET
Im only on here because of Ozzy. PICK HIM!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous daniel5150 : 10:04 AM ET
Anderson, Ozzy isn't a good idea. It should be YOU! No kidding, you have an amazing voice. My second favourite voice from TV is Stephen Colbert. Pick Tek Jansen!
Posted By Anonymous kolbertyna : 10:16 AM ET
Give it to Ozzy! It works!
Posted By Anonymous nesman : 10:22 AM ET
OZZY Rocks! Grab him while you can!!!! It even made me come to this page for the first time, but ya know Ozzy may be better on the Morning Express with Robin!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous David : 10:24 AM ET
Who else would have Ozzy? It would definitely get the younger crowd watching the show, at least at first.
Posted By Anonymous Lee : 10:31 AM ET
Good Morning,

Ozzy would be a great attention grabber, especially if you alternated him with someone a bit more serious. I agree with the others that have said Patrick Stewart, I love his voice.

Have a great day,
Posted By Anonymous Mo : 10:33 AM ET
Hi Anderson,

Normally I watch another show in your time slot BUT when I watched your show last night and waited for the first audition...Ozzy Osbourne appeared!!

Wow, wow, wow...Ozzy has an excellent voice as an announcer!

Classy, rich and commanding!

Are you kidding-Go with Ozzy now.

He is a perfect combination to your show from what I can tell. I do watch you fairly often but would watch YOUR show every night if Ozzy was your announcer.

America truly has a soft spot for Ozzy-they LOVE him. The few people that don't you could afford to either drop as viewers OR they will also learn to love Ozzy , just give it a little time.

Ozzy is funny, entertaining, and a genius of an artist. Plus, his ADD and fumbling with words is no big deal! HE WILL be up to task for you !

Give Ozzy the gig. He will atract more viewers than you may realize, his MTV show was all about HIM.

Anderson, you got such a light hearted laugh out of him and so did my family!!


Edward M. Whitehall PA.
Posted By Anonymous eddy : 10:39 AM ET
Ozzy rules. He would be awesome as the voice of 360. He would add a much needed rock n roll edge to the show!!! Let's vote for ozzy!!
Posted By Anonymous Felix : 10:42 AM ET
Ozzy would be great!
Posted By Blogger Nicole : 10:44 AM ET
I say no to Ozzy!

If you want a Brit then you should get Sean Connery.

But really, what about a female voice?

Catherine, Switzerland
Posted By Anonymous Catherine : 10:48 AM ET
Hi Guys, i have to say that i dont think the Oz-man is the man for the job, how about Sean Connery??
Posted By Blogger Kate : 10:53 AM ET
In today's day and age of terrible, shocking news, who better to bring it to the world than the "Prince of Darkness" himself? If I know one thing, you would get an honest, no BS appraisal of each story in his straight-forward profane way! He gets my vote, you put Larry King on there and I'll disconnect my cable!!! OZZY all the way!!
Posted By OpenID lambeauleap07 : 10:56 AM ET
AC360 is about raw, real life topics and perspectives..... seasoned professional announcers are a dime a dozen - why not break the mold and complement this already great show with someone real, unpredictable and a true legend in his own right!
Posted By Anonymous Donna, ON Canada : 11:09 AM ET
Ozzy?! I thought CNN represented class and professionalism! If he wins, I was wrong! Why not try a crashing Presidential candidate such as Hillary Clinton? Her time would be better spent!
Posted By Anonymous David, Houston, TX : 11:33 AM ET
Dikembe Mutombo of the Houston Rockets is my suggestion. Involved in worldwide charity work so he has the gravitas needed for the job. His voice is so hilarious that it's just beyond belief. You need top get him to do an audition
Posted By OpenID gerwood : 11:36 AM ET
Ozzy has to get it! Everyone knows that voice and the guy is hilarious. Yeeee haaaawwww - Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Raleigh, NC : 11:38 AM ET
Ozzy was ok...but work with me here...

Television, the final frontier. These are the stories of Anderson Cooper. His continuing mission to seek out new stories, and new angles for them....

Shatner would be perfect for it!!!
Posted By Blogger Eric in Canada : 12:22 PM ET
Anderson, no no no. Ozzy is not a good choice. I am sure you can find someone better.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, Ga : 12:33 PM ET
Ozzy's sense of humor would be great for 360 - he'll mesh with you and add a new twist to the news! The only other person I'd recommend would be Alan Rickman - he's hysterical, interchangable and annunciates!
Posted By Anonymous nylynnie - Houston, TX : 12:51 PM ET
As a fellow Brit it has to be Ozzy :-)
Posted By Anonymous Wendy B, England : 12:57 PM ET
p.s. Is CNN looking for people who will work cheap? I remember the song contest that was aborted because the PTB didn't want to pay royalties. If that's the case my suggestion of Alan Rickman is way out of your league. But I remember his sinister, well-modulated deep voice in Excalibur and think he's outstanding for voiceovers.
Posted By Anonymous Anne Detroit, MI : 12:59 PM ET
Give Morgan Freeman an audition. His voice is commanding. He would be a good person to introduce the show.
Posted By Anonymous Madeliene; Atlanta, Georgia : 1:17 PM ET
i like ozzy but kiefer sutherland would do a way better job,once gets out of jail of course
Posted By Anonymous Brendan from the Pittsburgh : 1:27 PM ET
Please audition Celine Dion or Anjolina Jolie for the job. If you want someone that's down to earth, honesty, integrity, beauty and class, then either one of them can provide that on the 360 program.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne / Wentzville Missouri : 1:58 PM ET
I don't think Ozzy would be a good choice, he's kinda hard to understand. I believe the perfect person would be Sean Connery, his voice is so genuine, and he's a very good speaker. Look up Finding Forrester.
Posted By Anonymous Steve from Wisc : 2:03 PM ET
I saw that somebody suggested that James Earl Jones should try out. That's a great idea. It would be even better if James Earl Jones would announce the show in the voice of Darth Vader. "Anderson I am your father".
Posted By Anonymous Ugoogleit : 3:01 PM ET
Ozzy is the one! You will have the highest rated news show on the planet! Not only will I eagerly watch the show but I may even watch the commercials so I don't miss any Ozzy. Besides his spectacular voice he also will show his serious, gentle, and caring side during the show. For those of you that don't know this side of Ozzy, you too will not want to change the channel. What class CNN has to pick Ozzy! I will take the batteries out of my remote if you pick Ozzy!

Danville, Kentucky
Posted By Blogger Rich : 3:18 PM ET
Another actor with a very distinctive voice is that of Ian McKellen. I think his voice has a lot of versatility. Give him a call and see what he thinks.
Posted By Anonymous Caitlin : 3:44 PM ET
Anderson can announce at Ozzfest. Even trade. Contest over.
Posted By Anonymous Drew : 3:49 PM ET
How about Mitt Romney? He'll be looking for a job shortly.
Posted By Anonymous Steve : 3:58 PM ET
While Ozzy's voice is divine, I would like to place my bid for the next Voice of 360 candidate. If there ever was a time to bring Bobcat Goldthwait back into the lime light now would be the time. Please Anderson let Bobcat's harmonious voice shine once again!
Posted By Anonymous Violet : 4:00 PM ET
Ozzy is cool, but how about the CAVEMAN from Geico commercials?

I think he would be awesome!
Posted By Anonymous Tomas : 4:15 PM ET
even though im not a fan of CNN, i vow to watch '360 everyday if Ozzy is on!
bow to the prince of darkness!!!
Posted By Anonymous peter greene daytona : 4:17 PM ET
Ozzy as your announcer?!?

C'mon... let's have Anderson Cooper as the announcer and Ozzy as the host!
Posted By Anonymous JDFlyingV : 4:19 PM ET
get GILBERT GOTTFRIED... AFLAC's loss could be CNN's gain!

Another recommendation: what about those guys that make those movie trailer commercials? one night could be a 'dramatic' intro, the next night a 'horror' intro, then a 'comedic' intro, then perhaps a 'chick flick' intro, the possibilities are endless! Plus having a different intro every night of the week would make it more refreshing.
Posted By Blogger Alan : 4:21 PM ET
I agree that Morgan Freeman should audition for three reasons:

1. He has had at least 30 years of television experience.

2. Nearly every other person I see on Facebook likes him.

3. I guarantee he will NEVER mess-up while reading the telepromter... for he is the one and only "Easy Reader!"
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Dallas, Texas : 4:41 PM ET
I think Ozzy would do a great job. Life is too short to always take everything too seriously. I think Ozzy would add a different dimension to the show. My vote is for the Ozman!
Posted By Anonymous joemar4 : 4:47 PM ET
Ozzy would be the one ! What innovation CNN has shown. It is simply delightful in a twisted way.
And it's all good.
Posted By Anonymous fishhead : 4:52 PM ET
Please do hire Ozzy. With all the scary, sad, shocking news that needs to be delivered each night, the cheerful announcement given by Ozzy in addition to any appropriate comic relief would be refreshing. While he is the "Prince of Darkness", there's way more to him than that--he did the announcement very professionally, enthusiastically, and with a smile. He has plenty of experience in getting an audience fired up. What an endearing personality to add to such a great show!
Posted By Anonymous Laura : 4:57 PM ET
If you pick Ozzy Osbourne, I promise I will skip the first thirty seconds of every show.

Posted By Anonymous Bailie, Tulsa OK : 5:01 PM ET
at first, I thought this was real; then I saw the vid. and realized it's some kind of joke. Are you playing with viewers' intelligence? Is ac360 news or entertainment?
Posted By Anonymous lampier, dalton, ga. : 5:01 PM ET

Ozzy sounds as if he is drunk or high. Nice guy - but not announcer material. :) Are you looking only for celebrities, or is the floor open to folks such as me? If so, I have a voice similar to a James Earl Jones-Frank Sinatra cross, with an educational background in broadcasting. How can I send you an audition tape?

Posted By Anonymous Onlyme : 5:20 PM ET
Someone mentioned a "female voice". How about Britney Spears? She can do a pretty good job of multitasking announcing, trashing the set, knocking out the news crew, and adding some new words to our vocabularies. Our children are also watching, you know, and are eager to learn...
Posted By Anonymous Mr. Mister : 5:24 PM ET
Ozzy would be awesome for the job, it would really grab the viewers attention and bring a lighter side to the show.
Posted By Blogger Gonzalo : 5:28 PM ET
Ozzy is a good choice. Anderson's program gets a world famous announcer, Ozzy gets a job he can't slur his words on.
Posted By OpenID orwell2084 : 5:35 PM ET
Ozzy is the right choice. He represents every young and not so young person in this average young person, wants to be a sucsess, works hard, gets a break, does well, makes mistakes, overcomes them, becomes a good parent,haves fun with life, makes people think that hey...if he did it I can!!
Posted By Anonymous easyride90 : 5:52 PM ET
Anderson you can't be serious. If it's just ratings you're after, you may as well go with the number one "googled" person Britney Spears.

But Ozzy ? Who on your staff said "Ozzy mumbles -- let's get him"? Watch him as the camera pulls away. He looks as if he's going to tip over--- It looks like they had to wheel him out on the set in a hand cart !!
Posted By Anonymous hillie, westchester ny. : 6:35 PM ET
My number one choice is Ozzy-- It's worth watching just to see if he forgets he is announcing and breaks out into one of his songs....CNN is on the edge!!
Posted By Anonymous Laurie, Oyster Bay, New York : 7:52 PM ET
What about Ms. Gloria Vanderbilt. Being Anderson's Mom, she will certainly bring sincerity and authenticity when she introduces the show.
Posted By Anonymous Di, Manila, Philippines : 10:45 PM ET
OZZY Rules!!! CNN, it gets no better than the Prince of Darkness. You could rename 360 to 36660!

I vote OZZY for 360
Posted By Anonymous Carey, Austin Texas : 11:21 PM ET
Since Ozzie on Anderson Cooper 360 would equal :Planet In Peril(more viewers), Going Green(green seen faster), more educated voters-Ozfest Fans(less taxpayer dollar waste to Politicians), even generating more efforts that are to feed America's hungry & homeless (more food not thrown away) and more. What's wrong with it? Bring the music fans to 360! It's now the Information Age anyway! Besides he's great at marketing. Yep. Can you get Ozfest fans Cooper? No one can like #&$^$%# Ozzie can.
Besides NFL's been using rockers for years Ya know> If he's out sick you could try & audition any of the Rolling Stones I guess.
Posted By Anonymous MelindaJo - Sandy Springs GA : 12:01 AM ET
Ozzy is awesome. Anderson is awesome. The two of them together would be awesome.
Posted By Anonymous Sean, Lanoka Harbor, NJ : 1:25 AM ET
Yes, I vote for Ozzy.

Daily the news is so grim and depressing. With the addition of Ozzy, I could count on a smile and a laugh every day..............

We all know, "a day without laughter is a day wasted" according to Charlie Chaplin.

So I say, send in Ozzy. He would be very proud to be responsible for making the news, at little lighter to the American public.

Bring in Ozzy, fast !!!!!!!

Nashville, TN.
Posted By Anonymous Connie in Nashville, TN : 1:28 AM ET

What the heck are you thinking of having Ozzy be your announcer for ur show? Why would you have somebody who can't even sing the words to "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" at a Chicago CUBS game be your announcer? I am a CUBS fan and if I had my own show I wouldn't have somebody like that be on my show one bit. Hey why don't you think of somebody who is your idol be your announcer? Or somebody who won The Mole be your announcer? That's who my suggestions are. if you diagree with me on that then get James Earl Jone to do it?
Posted By Anonymous Rosemary Tyszka from California City, CA : 2:09 AM ET
Ozzy - No No No

For "gavitas and a great voice" my choice would be Tom Selleck
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Tustin, CA : 2:21 AM ET
I'm just worried that people will confuse Ozzy's "Yeehaw" with Howard Dean.
Posted By Anonymous Lord Sakana, Tokyo, Japan : 3:56 AM ET

Ozzie and AC360 ?? Whose brilliant idea is that ?? I promise my husband I would NEVER watch AC360 ever again if Ozzie's voice is used on AC360. I watch AC360 everyday when it is on but will switch to Fox news from now on. WHat sort of image and integrity will Ozzie cast on AC360 ?

New Zealand
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Christchurch, new Zealand : 4:21 AM ET
I watch FOX news, but if you got OZZY, I'm on board!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Mr. Crowley : 9:30 AM ET
Ozzy may go nuts and eat a live bat on the 360 set! Please get someone more respectable and with class, and retain the services of Angelina Jolie. Even Paris Hilton would be better than Ozzy!
Posted By Anonymous Alex / Maryland Heights, Missouri : 10:31 AM ET
I love Ozzy, but "Yeehaw"? What about Ray Davies or Dave Davies of the Kinks?
Posted By Anonymous David Tomlinson : 11:35 AM ET
NO way for Ozzy!!!

I can picture an Australian Gecko making a quaint introduction for 360
Posted By Anonymous Julia Zapadka Idaho falls Idaho : 6:11 PM ET
Ozzy is funny, but Pacino would be better. "Say hello to my little friend."
Posted By Anonymous stephanie, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic : 9:28 PM ET
No!No more celebrities!You have the greatest voice at CNN,The one and only Lou Dobbs.Listen to his voice, it's perfect....I'm sick of celebrities!!!!(Ozzy sounds like a mush mouth)
Posted By Blogger Shelly : 10:22 AM ET
Harry Shearer. Or, for the irony, Brian Williams.

But really, authentically, only one response came to mind when the question was: who will be The One?
Keanu Reeves, of course.
Posted By Anonymous Eliza Doolittle : 12:12 PM ET
Hmm... Ozzy? With the writer's strike still on, how about someone who doesn't need everything written down for them?
Posted By Anonymous Fleur - Auckland, New Zealand : 2:33 PM ET
I say Ozzy Osbourne all the way! This would be a regular show for me if you had the Ozz man on there.
Posted By Anonymous Matt : 2:34 PM ET
OZZY! OZZY! OZZY!!!! That's awesome!!!! I think he does it with gusto and really wants to do a good job and is VERY enthusistic about it....good pick Mr. Cooper!!!!
Posted By Anonymous mama2tyler : 8:37 PM ET
Ozzy? Ozzy??

I think not.

Others have already suggested the three voices I have in mind: James Earl Jones, Patrick Stewart, and Alan Rickman. Regarding Mr. Rickman: I would even be happy hearing him read the phone book; he is incredibly good!

Lyn F.
Durham, NC
Posted By Blogger Lyn F. : 8:03 AM ET
I don't think the Ozzy is the voice of AC 360. His speech is a bit slurred, which makes a bit difficult to understand. How about Kathy Griffith? I thought she and Andy did a great job ushering in 2008.
Posted By Blogger Karen T. : 6:35 PM ET
Would love to see Ozzy get the position! I think he would be a great addition to 360. Diverse, enteraining and a prince!.....The Prince of *#$%@*$% Darkness!! Woo Hoo!!!
Posted By Anonymous Ozzy Fan : 6:06 PM ET
Who's next? How about Trace Adkins? I love his voice!
Posted By Anonymous JANE OSBORN, MONROE LA : 9:27 PM ET
Aww Anderson. You don't need a fancy announcer to introduce your broadcast. You're above NBC!

though, maybe Tom Cruise's laugh will be good.
Posted By Anonymous Tommy Wong : 11:16 PM ET
Ozzy Rocks!!!
James Earl Jones is already the voice of CNN or he was. How about James Earl Jones with his Darth Vader voice!!!
Posted By Anonymous Mariano Garcia : 10:28 PM ET
Ozzy would be great for 2 reasons: 1.He has a Voice that would be a frsh new sound to the show and 2. There is a lot of old Metal heads out there and also a lot of new young following of the Ozman and it would bring a wide range of people to watch one of the better shows on TV.
Posted By Anonymous John in Baltimore : 1:08 AM ET
Ozzy Has been on the scene for decades... I can't think of any other person who has as much personality and character as him. He's always got a smile on his face and if anyone else was hired I would be highly dissapointed.
Posted By Anonymous Snickie D in Tennesssee : 11:50 AM ET
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