Thursday, January 24, 2008
Obama e-mail smear campaign
We've received many blog comments in the past few weeks mentioning an e-mail about Barack Obama being a Muslim, being anti-Christian, and being anti-American.

We heard you loud an clear.

Check out Candy Crowley's report on the e-mail smear campaign against presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama. We're Keeping Them Honest.

Posted By CNNBLOG: 2:21 PM ET
Once again, a great reminder that many things on the internet are false. The truth and internet idle talk are sometimes miles apart. Gossip is alive and well at the click of a mouse.

Lorie Ann
Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 2:58 PM ET
this email pisses me off to no end. we expect mud slinging, hell, i've even grown to expect bill clinton to hit below the belt and off the charts lately...but this email is absolutely INSANE. there has to be a way to stop it...thanks so much for reporting on it.
Posted By OpenID ribbitjen23 : 3:15 PM ET
This is why we shouldn't believe everything we see on the Internet, TV, radio, etc. I really hope the public is more savvy this time as far as knowing the difference between truth and lies. I have a good friend who once told me, "Don't believe anybody, including me. Find out the truth for yourself." I think it's good advice.

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 3:29 PM ET
I wonder why people who read this email are convinced an AMERICAN politician wouldn't say the pledge of alliegence. Wouldn't it be considered rather strange, too, for a senetor who has been in the Senate for a while now to turn his back on the flag and not have anyone point this out until he ran for president?
Actually, what I find particularly annoying is not just the false facts, but also that the person or people who distributed these emails are trying to not only smear Obama, but also Muslims. Islam is a perfectly acceptable religion that has unfortunately been plagued with radical extremists recently. But, as many Muslims will tell anyone who will listen, moderate Muslims in the United States are most often pacifists and patriots and completely disagree with the ideas of said radical extremists.
That said, I never once doubted the integrity of Obama, and think he's a pretty neat guy with a lot of potential.

--Mari, MI
Posted By Anonymous Marine H, MI : 3:40 PM ET
I was forwarded this email by a friend and I was very annoyed at this kind of political tactic. The email is a distortion of everything Barack Obama is and stands for.

I'm really not sure who I'm going to vote for in November, but I'm leaning towards Obama now. Between email letters like this and Hillary Clinton's personal attack dog named Bill, Obama is showing he can withstand a lot of abuse and still maintain some degree of dignity while defending himself from these tactics.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 3:46 PM ET
I don't know which is more sad - the email or the fact that many ignorant people will beleive it.

And the even bigger issue is so what if he was a Muslim? I thought it wasn't suppose to matter what religion our President is or isn't - just ask Mitt Romney.
Posted By Anonymous PA, Seattle, WA : 3:59 PM ET
It's a shame that society has deemed Muslims to be classified as bad people and even terrorists, further to go to an extreme as to attempt to tarnish the reputation of Senator Obama calling him a Muslim radicalist is insane. There is absolutley nothing wrong with being a Muslim, and the fact that someone is trying to outcast a presidential candidate because of religion irrespective of what he or she is, is completely out of line and disrespetful to the muslim religion. Ln
Unfortunately, we're still gullible, vulnerable and impressionable and they know that... hence the email exists.
Posted By Anonymous nerakami : 4:42 PM ET
I find these tactics distressing, although I'm sure it is nothing new in politics. I do find it interesting that the Clark County, Washington republican website had the same "muslim" information posted on their website for over a week before being caught. The person in charge of approving the information posted apparantly "forgot" to check for accuracy first. Hmmm...
Posted By Anonymous Dawn in Vancouver : 4:58 PM ET
What else is knew!? Now they are using the net to sling mud! When will it end!?

I received this email several times. From watching 360 I knew the things in it were not true. So I finally emailed them back and dispelled all of the rumors! Needless to say I haven't gotten any more of them!! LOL

Thanks for reporting on it and clearing it all up. Maybe this will keep some people fom actually believing it.

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 5:11 PM ET
I'm glad that CNN covered this story. I have not recieved this email, but I do know some who have, and unfortunately there are people out there who believe every email chain letter that they receive. It's a shame that this is becoming an issue in the campaign, and it is also a shame that there are people who still discriminate in this country against different religions, races, sexual orientations, and genders. Hopefully these backward thinkers don't show up to the polls on Election Day.
Posted By Anonymous Julia from Pitman, NJ : 5:53 PM ET
I saw Senator Barack Obama state on your show last night that he had been a member of the same church for twenty years, but he did not give the name or faith.

Also, most of the candidates wear the American Flag pin on their lapel, but Senator Obama does not. Why?
Posted By Anonymous Millie : 7:39 PM ET
I am still not sure who I will vote for. However, this smear campaign against yet another candidate is making me furious! I still have questions about Obama and his readiness to be president, but if I find out either of the other two candidates are involved in this, they will lose my vote for sure!
Posted By Blogger pamina : 7:41 PM ET
I'm glad that this story is getting out in the news.

I have never been called on an opinion poll, never been asked anything in an entrance/exit poll, .... nothing. But even I received this email about Sen Obama.

I was so aggravated when I got it because I knew it wasn't true, but I didn't know what I could do about it.

Thanks for making the public aware of these underhanded tactics.
Posted By Anonymous Carol, California : 11:30 PM ET
This comment might be outdated and out of context, but I really like to emphassis is that in my country, people have to have a religion. It is in every forms (relating to school, CV, job, etc) especially in your ID card; you must write down your religion.
So in that matter, Mr. Obama stepfather wrote down Islam as Barack Obama's religion.
Also, as playing near a mosque or something like that, heck, even I did that. Because sometimes when you were playing with your friends, suddenly they have to take a break to do a Koran recital or something, there are times you just tag along. Just sitting somewhere nearby, not doing what other are doing but patiently waiting.
Well, at least that was about 20 years ago.
And that does not make me a muslim, for I am a Christian.

Peppita Poerwowidagdo,
Posted By Anonymous Peppita Poerwowidagdo : 5:36 AM ET
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