Monday, January 07, 2008
Getting Personal with Hillary
Being in New Hampshire the day before the primary is a bit like visiting an alternate universe. It's unusually warm here today and everywhere you go, it seems, there are campaign events. While the rest of the country may just be starting to pay attention to politics, here it's been a preoccupation for many for months.

I'm sitting in a McDonald's in Salem. Thankfully in this alternate universe McDonald's still tastes exactly the same. I've been going around to various campaign events today, talking to candidates and their supporters.

I ran into Fox News' Sean Hannity about an hour ago. He was on a street corner being hounded by Ron Paul supporters. We chatted amiably as the demonstrators chanted, it was kind of surreal.

Remember the other night, David Gergen said he thought Hillary Clinton should get personal, show herself to be a real person. Well, today at a campaign event she seemed to be trying to do just that. The dynamics of the race have changed so much since Iowa, it's doubtful it will make much of a difference tomorrow, but perhaps it's something we will be seeing and hearing more of as we head to South Carolina.

I'm heading to a Romney event right now. See you tonight live from Manchester.

-- Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 2:53 PM ET
McDonald's and inescapable politics, I'm not sure if that's Heaven or Hell... maybe it's Purgatory.

Claire Colvin, Abbotsford, BC
Posted By Blogger <b>Claire Colvin</b> : 3:09 PM ET

Hillary seems cold and cocky and I don't think there is anything she really can do to come across as likeable and as someone the entire country will want to vote for. Especially in the 5 days since Iowa. My personal opinion anyways and if I could vote in the States I am positive I would NOT vote for Hillary.

Nice to see the pundits are playing nice, especially after the O'Reilly incident this weekend.

McDonald's are you a Big Mac guy or is a Quarter Pounder more for you. Either way, you got to love the fries.
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 3:10 PM ET
What's surreal to me is to think of Anderson Cooper sitting in a McDonald's!

Take Hillary along next time, she'll truely come across as a real person then!
Posted By Blogger Catherine : 3:11 PM ET
I knew you would have to go and be in the middle of the fray in New Hampshire after everything that happened in Iowa! I'm glad do your best work in the field!

I hope that you can show us some of the speeches from each candidate. I am sure that after Iowa they all have changed their tune a bit. And on the Hillary thing I knew she'd try to be more "open" so to speak...please show us some of that! Since that is something I'm sure hardly any of us have ever seen!!

Thanks for getting out there and treading the pavement to give us the scoop! Looking forward to tonight's show!! Just eat more than McD's OK!? You're looking a but thin there!! LOL

C-Ya Tonight!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 3:12 PM ET
Since I became old enough to vote, I've found myself swept up in campaign politics. The fevered pitch that accompanies the rally, the speeches, caucuses and primaries is a particularly powerful drug unto it's own - easily addictive and sometimes accompanying a powerful type of euphoria.

I feel it's a shame that the politicians of Michigan have screwed things up so badly that likely none of the candidates will come in or around our Jan. 15 Primary. I can't blame them - the Democrats aren't even going to be blessed with Michigan representation at the Convention. I blame Levin entirely - ruined it for all of us. [Luckily, I'm a Republican.]

As a result, however, I'm already feeling the withdrawal - which is a darn shame because Michigan sure could have used a little addressing - along with a good dose of enthusiasm and a few stirring speeches. Not to mention: hope.

So - we're left riding the emotional coat-tails of all the other states and second-hand broadcasts of speeches edited for time.

Still, it's good to see the amount of people turning out, becoming immersed in the voting process, and building momentum. It's bound to be an interesting year indeed. Have fun!
Posted By Blogger IMGINGER : 3:13 PM ET
I wasn't surprised to find that "McDonald's still tastes exactly the same" in the alternate universe called New Hampshire. I was surprised (and amused) to see the word "thankfully" before that statement!
Posted By Anonymous Diana in Kentucky : 3:23 PM ET
And just think... Iowa is desolate.
I have a friend who met Hillary, and he said she was "incredibly adorable" and "fierce to boot." I have a hard time believing otherwise, no matter how often it's said she is "cold." That's all the pundits have to say, and goodness knows they're dead inside already.
Have... uh, fun? at the Romney event.
Posted By Anonymous Max, Dallas, TX : 3:27 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Yes, some say it's do or die for Hillary. I don't think that's the case because we still have a long way to go; however, she needs to be concerned about the Obama fever that's been spreading since his Iowa win. A lot of people have made the switch from Hillary to Obama; I just hope they did it for the right reasons, and not because they all just want to jump in the Obama bandwagon.

It was nice that CNN replayed the ABC debates last night. As of last night, the polls showed Obama, Clinton, and Edwards in that order. Do you think that will hold? I think so. Did you see the handshake between the Republican and Democratic candidates after the debate? Talk about surreal. I think that's even more surreal than your running into Sean Hannity.

So Anderson, first you had pizza, now McDonald's. Which reminds me I have to go get some lunch...I've been working hard all morning, so I'm starving!

I'll be tuning in tonight!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 3:27 PM ET
It's a shame the the key success factor in a campaign is fund-raising. Let's see who will be able to "buy" the Presidency. . .
Posted By Anonymous Steve - Peoria, IL : 3:29 PM ET
I hope you make 360 good tonight, Anderson. I just cannot find politics interesting. It's too boring for me.

I hope you enjoyed your McDonalds.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, GA : 3:33 PM ET
McDonald's? Hehe, what'd ya have?

I think I'm finally getting into this election. Im leaning toward a candidate that I really am starting to like.

Hillary Clinton is an obnoxious, arrogant, and seemingly cold-hearted. To me, there is no way she can improve on that image.

Birmingham, AL
Posted By Anonymous Claire - Birmingham, AL : 3:34 PM ET
It's very simple to me. If people just look at a politician's past, they won't have to waste time with all the drama surrounding the campaign. Has the candidate already DONE similar things to what they say they want to do as President? If you read what these people have already accomplished as Governor or Senator, etc. then it's easy to answer the question, "is this person just promising things to us, or have they actually done these things in past offices they've held"?
Posted By Anonymous xtina chicago IL : 3:37 PM ET
When McDonald's is the only constant in the world, well, that's pretty sad.

But on the election; I don't enjoy the back-and-forth attacks of Hillary and Obama. They've gotten to the point where it's a grudge match both are determined to win--- but what happened to working for the people ?!
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Providence, RI : 3:41 PM ET
It's definitely going to be "Us vs.Them" "red vs. blue" in this election. I don't see any of these candidates uniting us together.

Hey, Anderson: you want fries with that?
Posted By Anonymous Riley R. Exeter, Ma. : 3:45 PM ET
Hillary Clinton needs to act more personal. Obama is a nice guy. Huckabee is funny. What are we electing here? Homecoming court?

I wish the electorate (and the news media) would focus on the issues and not how a candidate relates to a room full of strangers. Running for office just doesn't require the same skills as being in office.

And here's another of life's great imponderables. How come the two earliest elections take place in the coldest part of the country?
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 3:45 PM ET
Hi Anderson!
McDonalds and Fox News? Both would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

The 3-Ring media circus in New Hampshire with the candidates must be quite a tapeze act.

But from the seats of American television viewers, I see a distinctive pattern of passion from America SCREAMING for change.

Ok, all the candidates are promising change like so many other past campaigns. But with the "recession" word thrown around in workplaces, outsourcing becoming mainstream in Fortune 500 companies, and tax payers' money being squandered by earmarks, Americans is fed up. Iraq...well that is another nightmare.

I truly hope this is not just an anomaly in the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary. It is not just that we are voting in a candidate for president, we are voting in someone who is elect ABLE for each party. Isn't that what the primaries are all about?
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 3:57 PM ET
You know, I'm getting the impression that Hillary can't catch a break with you guys. First she's too cold and calculating, causing David Gergen to advise her to get all warm and cuddly. Then should she show a human side, suddenly she's a hysterical female.

Guys, make up your minds. Talk about flip-floppers...
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 4:43 PM ET
Try to stayed grounded!! McDonald's works :)

I do think the candiates need to be likable.

Hillary may be extremely competent but it is hard to really like her and see her as a "normal" sentient person.

There are comments that we need more than candidates having ideas and giving inspiration- we need results.

I for one could use some inspiration right about now regarding the political scene...

I wonder how people's perspectives on the candidates relate to their personality profile and in particular the Myers Briggs. Some of us need to like a person others just need to know they are competent?

Smiles from the West
Posted By Anonymous Julia Idaho Falls, Idaho : 4:51 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

McDonalds, that always sounds deceptively delicious, but never really is, right?

The things that are unfolding in NH sound deceptively exciting, let's just hope that atleast they don't leave us with a bad feeling in our stomach!!

Pepto-Bismol anyone?

Kristien, Antwerp, Belgium
Posted By Blogger Kristien : 4:54 PM ET

It does seem as though everyone just woke up to realize there is an election coming up.

Unfortunately, it may be too little too late for Hillary Clinton. She probably should have tried to appear more personable earlier in the campaign. No matter how unfair it may seem, crying is seen as an attribute for men running for office, but it is often seen as a weakness in women. I am not a Clinton supporter, but I don't see her as being anymore arrogant than any other candidate.

So you had lunch at McDonald's? How sad for you.

Have fun,
Jo Ann
North Royalton, Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 4:55 PM ET
I am so disheartened about this race. Hillary is the best change and has done it and will continue to do it. Please tell me what others have done for this country. It feels like a feel good story. I wonder do the people really know what is going on in this country and around the world. If they did they would not be voting for a feel good story but for a President who will be able on day one to take care of the problems that face us today. What happened in Iowa with Gulliani rigging the votes by having her republican followers voting for Barack. We have the officals name, number who reported this.
Lori Laurene McMaster
Posted By Blogger Lori McMaster : 5:01 PM ET
McDonalds .........

Anderson, too healthy for words :)

Anyway...... regarding Hillary, I still would vote for her. I appreciate her experience, and that is worth alot! I live in California, and I think our Governor (the terminator) got a huge reality pill when he entered office. He realized there is alot more involved to actually GETTING THINGS DONE! He is doing very awesome now, but it was a rough road!

Finally, I would like to say that I don't recall every being this involved in the "Political Process" thank YOU for that!

Ok I lied this is my final note: When will we find out who the VP would be for these candidates? I think that would make the process more clear, at least for me. When I voted for Mr. Bush back in the day, it was because he had alot of VERY EXPERIENCED people coming into the white house with him. Perhaps Hillary with someone more GORE-like as VP would be a good mix!

Take care of yourself and eat something healthy!

Liz, Chino Hills, CA
Posted By OpenID beachlzrd : 5:02 PM ET
I am curious to see how Hillary has changed since last week. Personality overhaul in a few days? Doubtful. I guess I can say the same about Mitt Romney.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 5:02 PM ET
I bet it is a frenzy but glad AC360 is there for some live coverage. Nothing beats that. The momemtum from Iowa will be tough to stop in such a short time. Looking forward to hear first hand at how the candidates are tweaking their campaigning... Should be interesting..
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 5:19 PM ET
Thank you for your dead on analyis of New Hampshire. The primary season is truly a fantastic time. The energy here is unbeatable. I actually believe it is better than Christmas. I am happy to see New Hampshire get the coverage it deserves.
Posted By Anonymous Liz from NH : 5:19 PM ET
Hey Cooper,
Talk about your surreal alternate universe stuff....I was just reading your post about Hill getting "personal" and on my t.v. in background I heard the weary voice of Hillary say that it's personal for her. These days I think about the politics of the past. I remember reading that if there had been t.v. during FDR's time then a man in a wheelchair would have never been elected President. I wonder if we didn't have t.v. now, would someone being "personal" matter so much? Or would the voters look more at experience? I just don't know. Too many thoughts for my blonde head on a Monday. Anderson, ya better stop by a Burger King and get a bite there, too, or you might look partisan.

Julie in Shreveport
Posted By Blogger Julie : 5:22 PM ET
Well I prefer our President to be accomplished and ready to handle the hardest job in the Country, maybe the World. This isn't American Idol Once they get in Office, it is how they perform that counts. I don't care how nice any of them are, World Leaders aren't going to listen to our President because he or she is nice. They are going to listen because they take them seriously. however nice he sounds, he hasn't done very much. How much time did Obama actually serve before he hit the campaign trail? Most jobs actually look at a resume or experience before hiring. What is going on here?

Charlotte, NC
Posted By Blogger FAMLAW : 5:41 PM ET

Thank you for being in the field. I appreciate your point of view and demeanor as you cover significant events. Of course this race is as significant as it gets. Please consider asking folks about their thoughts and who they will vote for or more importantly not vote for. For instance, I am a democrat, I will not vote for Obama if he is the nominee. I would hate to vote for a republican, but I will vote for any republican except Romney over Obama. I think each of us might make different choices if we look forward to the ultimate choice we will have to make between the two major party's nominees.

kellsgal, alaska
Posted By Anonymous kellsgal : 5:45 PM ET
Hi Anderson

I just watched the video 'Hillary tears up' and honestly it made me laugh. Hmm...I wonder when SNL is gonna have a go at that one.

I can imagine it must be exciting to be breathing in all of that political air in New Hampshire tonight.

You made me hungry again Anderson...first pizza now McDonald's haha!
Posted By Anonymous Tracie - Chicago, IL : 5:53 PM ET
"Muskie's moment" was characterized by a sincere expression of emotion that proved fatal to his presidential campaign.

Senator Clinton's "Muskie moment" was characterized by disingenuous display of emotion that may well mark the end of her presidential ambitions.

"Hillary's moment" was the latest manifestation of her belief that she is entitled to be the next president with an implied 'threat' that the world will spin out of control if she isn't elected.

Life will go on without Senator Clinton in the White House.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin--Wilmington, Delaware : 5:56 PM ET
Anderson, Even this Republican from New Hampshire will be watching you tonight. Thanks for the interesting reporting!
Posted By Anonymous Terry-NH : 6:11 PM ET
Anderson, I don't know about you, but Hillary's bout of "emotion" didn't do much for me. It seems that things are not looking good for her. I heard a rumor that she might drop out, but I'm sure it's just a rumor. What do you think?

Yikes, McDonalds. Ouch.

Can't wait for tonight!

Posted By Blogger Casey : 6:14 PM ET
Hi AC! You can't beat a good burger and fries, but I havn't been to a McDonalds for a long time! When I look at Hillary, I see strength and confidence. When I look at Obama, I see Mr. Rogers. He is nice and full of hope. I still think you need to go with the experience. Edwards just seems to be angry. I have to say that for the first time in my life, I am following what the Republican candidates stand for, also! I saw parts of the coverage this week-end and I'm glad CNN is still covering everything. This is going to be very interesting! Good luck tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 6:17 PM ET
I'll say it again Anderson. only you, AC360, can persuade me to watch politics. You make it bearable, tolerable, slightly easier to swallow. I've learned a few things but I also hear the same old rhetoric. blah, blah, blah, blah....

McDonald's? I guess once in a while it won't "kill" you. But that's it for a while. Okay? It's not good even for thin people like us.

See you later.
Posted By Anonymous Mariela, New York, NY : 6:29 PM ET
What happened to "Keppin' 'em honest," CNN? Here are the results from IOwa......

Obama has 16 delegates, Clinton has 15, Edwards has 14.

Why isn't CNN telling us THAT?

Posted By OpenID eliza500 : 6:35 PM ET
I found it fascinating on the ABC debate when the guy asked Hillary about the likeability factor. I really wish she would've told the truth and said how America is so adverse to seeing a powerful woman who knows what she wants going after her dream!

Truth is, Hillary is not my candidate, but I respect her tremendously, and who knows, she MAY get the nomination! She is a bad-ass who takes charge, has brilliant ideas, and has the courage to try and manifest them, thank God for her!
Posted By Anonymous Kelley from Chicago : 6:46 PM ET
Is ac360 going to report on Hillary breaking down? Can't she stand the heat? Doesn't she know there's no crying in politics?!
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly A . Dayton, Oh. : 6:50 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
You lucked out with the weather in NH. The thing with Hillary is, justified or unjustified; she already has a reputation as being cold. Now she decides to show some emotion and it comes across as contrived. It’s just like all the candidates deciding ‘Change’ is the buzz word to use since Obama did so well in Iowa. Call me goofy, but, you would think *all* of the candidates would have figured out that change is what the country wants after the last elections when so much changed in both the House in Senate.
Posted By Anonymous Cheryl, Johnston, RI : 7:00 PM ET
I don't know, Anderson -

Hillary has never been effusive, though I don't think that should be grounds for voters to cross her off their list. Unfortunately, I do think pundits and voters alike are using a different measuring stick when they look at a female candidate as opposed to a male candidate. Heck, take Mitt Romney - is there a more plastic candidate in the race? But people don't write him off as cold - and now, since her teary-eyed episode - emotional.

My problem with Hillary is that, at this point, she's part of the establishment. I mean - Madeleine Albright? Most of us out here don't want to look to the past. We're looking ahead and trying to imagine the best possible presidential candidate we can. And then vote for them.

Ballston Spa, NY
Posted By Blogger ninapatina designs : 7:03 PM ET
When Hillary says , "I just dont want to see us fall back" she's holding back the tears.

How can someone who can't even make it through a campaign, say no to terrorism and millions of immigrants breaching our borders? How is she going to hit the big time with that wimpy attitude?
Posted By Anonymous lynn k. , boston ,ma. : 7:11 PM ET
After they excluded Ron Paul from their televised Republican debate, you stopped to chat with a Fixed Noise anchor surrounded by Ron Paul supporters and ate at McDonalds. You sure like living on the edge!
Posted By Blogger Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 7:37 PM ET
I just don't get how these political games work. Here we are on the eve of the very first primary and already people are being counted out. You'd think for the most important job in the country, we would be looking for more than Miss Congeniality. Isn't it more important how smart the candidate is and what their plans are for the country? Change just for the sake of change isn't necessarily a good thing. Someone mentioned "throwing the bums out and starting over"; that was done when they created the Dept. of Homeland Security. It didn't work so well, messing up FEMA which had been praised so often during the Clinton administration. We all saw what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

We should be smart about this election and remember we aren't voting for the Homecoming king and queen.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 8:23 PM ET
Apparently Hillary's victim portrayal is alive and well. First Bill said the men were being rough with her, now she's blubbering about how hard it is running for President.

Are you going to report on people walking out on Bill's speeches here in NH?
Posted By Anonymous james b, nashua nh : 8:47 PM ET

Why is the media making such a big deal about Hillary's so-called breakdown? I believe she showed her true self. We need more candidates like her.

I hope Hillary wins the nomination for the Democratic Party. As a life long Democrat, if she does not win the nomination I will be voting Republican.

There is too much hype on Obama. He does not have enough experience to run this country.
Posted By Anonymous Bobbie, TX : 11:03 PM ET
Hillary Clinton, choking back tears, is just another acting job (probably help from her supporter Barbara Streisand who can't act) before the cameras, in a last ditch effort to try and get votes.

Obviously, she's pulling out all of the stops. And if it's not an acting job, then hasn't she heard; when it's too hot in the room, you get out of the kitchen! You're in the big leagues little girl!
Posted By Anonymous Robbie / Memphis, TN : 11:32 PM ET
I just don't trust Hillary. She attacked Obama about not being consitent. She is the one changing her strategies in a desperate effort to get last minute votes. Please...chocking up I some kind of "emotional moment." It's her new strategy, that's all it is. She will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. That's what SCARES me about her. She doesn't need to ACT more personal, she may act all she wants or all she is adviced, but some of us can see right through it.
Posted By Blogger Gloria-Dallas : 11:41 PM ET
I just watched your show on the NH primary countdown. I think you do a great job. However, your introductory line was that your show was going to focus on the main frontrunners on both parties which i believe are Huckbee, McCain and Romney on the Republican side and Obama, Clinton and Edwards on the Democratic side. My puzzling observation was that you gave more airtime commentaries to everyone mentioned except the two major frontrunners and winners of the Iowa caucus vote, Obama and Huckbee. In fact, it seemed as though you were in a subliminal way trying to canvass last minute sympathy votes for Hilary Clinton by even having a former Clinton adviser and an author of Hilary as your main guests and showing us that clip of her emotional side over and over again. I don't believe that was fair at all especially knowing how the media plays a highly influential role in the decision making of voters. Anderson, you command a lot of respect for your professionalism and non-partisan outlook on all issues including politics. Please, don't let us view you any less.
Posted By Anonymous z.m, new york : 11:42 PM ET
The problem with Hillary is that everyone has already made up their mind.

If you like her, you thought her compassion was clearly on display today.
If you don't like her, you just see this as another political game.
Posted By Anonymous Bailie, Tulsa, OK : 12:03 AM ET
I never thought Hillary was cold or hard nose per say. Look at the buisness she's in. She needs to play hard ball against the men.She needs to be tough and fight back during her campaign.She is a mother
and has always been for the working class people. That's what she needs to promote.
Take it easy at McDonalds it will weigh you down and make you sleepy in that minivan.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa, Glenside, PA : 12:06 AM ET
If Hillary feels the need to cry about the stress of the campaign, she certainly won't be able to make a decision if we're ever attacked...

This sounds like something that Bill would suggest that she do!
Posted By Anonymous Kathi B, Boise, ID : 12:09 AM ET
I guess it is the same old 'it is ok for a man to get emotional sometimes or at`the right time' but if a women gets emotional, she is hysterical and not strong enough for the job, huh ! I am not a US citizen and I cant vote in the US. I am not a Clinton supporter by any means.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Tauranga, New Zealand : 1:58 AM ET
I'm reminded of another race that I read about in the history books. Capable, able distinguished senators and politicians running, the threat of war on the horizon, oncoming change electrifying the air. And who wins - someone that is characterized as a monkey,whose party didn't like him, who was seen as a a coward who had to sneak into DC on a train, someone whose Cabinet members even assumed he was too ignorant to do the job so they planned to do it for him.

The man not only could do the job; he did it so well that we still speak his name today - Abraham Lincoln. Sometimes a lump of coal turns out to be a diamond.

Don't condemn Hilliary just because she seems this way or that. You see sound bites that can be made to seem whichever way the organization running the video wants it to seem. Look at the issues and forget all this emotion. You wouldn't use emotion to hire someone in your business; why rely on it for the most important job in the US? Look at the issues that matter to you and see how each candidate has performed on it in the past and what they say about it today.

Yeah, Huckabee and Obama seem very personable and "authentic"; Romney cold and snobbish, Clinton hard nosed and arrogant. In the end none of that matters; its the job that they will do. This isn't a personality contest - it wasn't back in 1860 and it isn't now.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 2:29 AM ET
Hey Anderson,

Hope you enjoy your stay.

I would not be suprised if our country selected a President based on the popularity factor. "Obama", now I hope these folks that have taken to him are not just drawn in by his current speeches. We as a people need to have more depth and substance than that.

Please fellow US Citizens, research all of these candidates well before jumping on the bandwagon. Many of you will be quite shocked to learn about past history. Remember past history predicts future habits.

Remember that motivational line:

"The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity...these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing."

Our future President, must embrace change and have proven this, must earn our respect, lead our great nation with fierce command in our best interest.
Posted By Anonymous Seattlelite : 4:02 AM ET
Hi Anderson!
I agree with you that Obama is very interesting, but I don't understand why you are so harsh with Hillary?

Ana, Boston.
Posted By Anonymous Ana : 6:48 AM ET
Hi, Anderson, I don't get it before Oprah went public with her support for Obama he was trailing, and it was Obama who ? Now because a celebrity gets invoved this candidate sores in the polls. He has really no experience and we need someone who can deliver for this country now! Hilary doesn't have celebrity just her husband although he might have made a mistake he's no different than any other president he just got caught, but he did a great job with this country. Didn't I hear on CNN awhile ago that Obama was schooled in Iraq or Iran and that's where his family is from? Makes me skeptical if thats true. How do we know with the way these terrorists are today, that he is not a plant in our government who will lead this country to its demise? Celebrities should not speak out at rallies for a candidate because it leads people to vote for a candidate because the celebity endorses them and they're popular, not the candidate who probably isn't ready for this job. Vote for experience not popularity
Posted By Anonymous ANG from Long Island : 7:43 AM ET
I can't believe how many women on this blog chastise Hillary Clinton!
If she comes across as hard or without-emotions , it is because she had to be like that to succeed in a man's world!
Today we are used to women as CEOs, business owners , doctors, lawyers and the like. But Hillary's generation had to fight like hell to get there! That's my mother's generation and most women that age don't have careers at all. Men love to call women too emotional to have a leader position , so she started to not show how she felt and got used to it to be taken seriously in Washington.
Women who criticize Hillary for "being cold" should read up on the evolution of women's rights and thank her for opening doors for other generations.
Besides , would you ever call a male politician cold just because he's forceful? No, you wouldn't.
Posted By Anonymous Minou, New York,NY : 9:42 AM ET
Hey AHC,
An open letter to Miss Winfrey ... for decades, you've been a champion for women from every walk of life, yet there you stand, the surrogate wife to Barack Obama, symbolically burying every woman whom you've attempted to empower over the years. It can't be easy to choose between candidates when both embody who you are but, before you stick your neck out, look out for the campaign bus heading in the same direction.
Dwayne Moholitny
Edmonton, Alberta
Posted By Anonymous marq65 : 12:24 PM ET
Dear Anderson;
I would like to adamently protest the continuing media and public assessments/criticisms put on Sen. Hillary Clinton as a woman. It appears that America is still in the infancy stage when it comes to women and their "real" place in this country. Since Hillary came into the public eye we continue to witness unwarranted comments/assessments on her "likability", wardrobe, hair-dos, etc. What are we running here...a high school personality contest? Absolutely none of the male candidates are put to such ridiculous tests...let her show "herself", her "emotions", her "vulnerabilities"--then, are her emotions "real"? Unconscionable! The unrelenting scruntiny put on Sen. Clinton are not essential or viable. She relates to voters as she SHOULD, with dignity and directing her views on the issues...and YES, experience counts and always has. Does a corporation hire a CEO that has worked as a customer service rep because he is "inspirational"? I think not. We are NOT looking for a preacher, this country needs someone that can affect and implement change. So-called inspiration, likability, and religion is precisely what put Bush in the White House...and look what a diasterous decision that was--not only for America but the entire world. We should also be cognizant of the continuing threat of the evangelical movement plotting to remake America into a Christian nation in their own image--precisely what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to eliminate. Where are we going?? Somehow we continually get side-tracked with demeaning and unnessary issues that blur the real issues America and society faces.

Posted By Anonymous Diedri/Danville, CA : 2:39 PM ET
Hillary is not my favourite but lets be honest she is being judged on a different plain being a woman. She is cold and cocky!? Can you imagine that comment being made about a man? Hillary is a intelligent, articulate woman and that is quite intimidating to both men and women a like.
Posted By Anonymous Laura/Toronto, ON : 9:48 PM ET
People need to start accepting the fact that Hillary is a viable candidate. No one should be naive enough to think this is really close to being over. There are many delegates out there to be had and just because someone wins tonight, look at their total delegate count to date. You might get a rude awakening.
Posted By Anonymous Sandi : 2:17 AM ET
A behind the scenes look at "Anderson Cooper 360°" and the stories it covers, written by Anderson Cooper and the show's correspondents and producers.

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