Thursday, January 10, 2008
Beat 360
What's up bloggers?

We're starting something new today, a 'Beat 360'
Every day we'll post a picture, and you provide the caption...
Our staff will get in on the action too...
Tune in every night at 10p ET to see if you are our favorite!

Can you beat 360?

Here is today's 'Beat 360' pic:

Here's some ideas to get you started:

- "There must be some mistake, check under 'Puffin' one more time...
With two f's... Don't worry sweetheart, I have this under control"-

- According to the latest polls, you're 28% in New Hampshire...-

- Do you have a moment for Greenpeace?-

Have fun with it - look forward to reading your comments!
Posted By CNNBLOG: 11:57 AM ET
UMM...I'll have two fish with an order of seaweed on the side!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 12:14 PM ET
"What do you mean Hillary won New Hampshire?!"
Posted By Anonymous Becky, PA : 12:20 PM ET
"Sign up sheet for the North Pole trip? You bet! It's getting a little warm down here."
Posted By Anonymous Bill F. Fayetteville, TN : 12:21 PM ET
"I called around 3ish for a table near a should be under Goldstein,Harold Goldstein for 3.
Posted By Anonymous markwayne : 12:23 PM ET
Hey there, thanks for the new game. :)

How about:
"Can I get the salmon, but without the mustard sauce?"

Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Washington, DC : 12:24 PM ET
No!..It's not Huey, Luey and Dewy..
Pollster's...Can they ever get it right??
Lorie Ann
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 12:35 PM ET
"Hello Mr.Human, I see you have filled out all your forms for your diving lessons. Hop right in!"

"Please don't give me a sitation for jaywalking officer, I just have happy feet!"

Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 12:36 PM ET
"A Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan Steelcage match? just put me down for 'no opinion'."
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 12:46 PM ET
"Look, I'm really sorry, I know you're here to audition for 'March of the Penguins', but we want a different type of penguin!"
Posted By Anonymous hunny bunny, washington state : 1:03 PM ET
You added my bill wrong right here. What a difference a decimal point makes!

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 1:07 PM ET
" I already told you I'm a boy, sheesh my father gets everything wrong"
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 1:10 PM ET
"Look, we live at the Polls and if you want to get it right before Fat Tuesday you better listen up!"

Jason Witt, Lynchburg, VA
Posted By OpenID uswitts : 1:12 PM ET
"I can't believe I'm not on the list for this black-tie event! I RSVP'd a long time ago, so there must be some mistake! Please, let me in!"

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 1:16 PM ET
We are trying to save your species from extinction and you are not meeting the quota for offspring. It is all here on the chart. You and the wife will need to make more time for canoodling.

Seattle WA
Posted By OpenID JasperCindy : 1:31 PM ET
"Table for three, please....something overlooking the water, if you have it."

Portland, Oregon
Posted By Blogger Lewis : 1:35 PM ET
What do you mean we are here illegally? We just crossed over the border and no one stopped us.
Posted By Blogger Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 1:42 PM ET
After the melting of Antartica:

"So, we have you down for a 2 bedroom igloo with an indoor ice pool,extra large freezer compartment and a small room suitable for use as a study for the Post Global Warming period. Does that sound right?"
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 1:45 PM ET
"Excuse me sir, I wanted a room with an ocean view"
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, GA : 1:46 PM ET
"We have a complaint officer, someone has stolen our ice cap!"
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 1:47 PM ET
"Sign here if you feel global warming is affecting your homeland."
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 1:55 PM ET
What do you mean it's $3000.00 to clean the pool!!!!
Posted By OpenID tjp3 : 2:11 PM ET
"You want me for another animated penguin movie? You'll have to talk to my people... can I get points on the back end?"
Posted By Anonymous aj huntington, ny. : 2:17 PM ET
" You are taking our polls on the Presidency? It's just not a black and white issue in our opinion!"
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 2:21 PM ET
"My name is Anderson Cooper, not Copper. Can't you read your own handwriting? Jeez."

Charlotte D, Stockton CA
Posted By Blogger Charlotte : 2:27 PM ET
Can I vote at this poleing place? My regular poleing place is underwater right now!
Posted By Anonymous aj huntington, ny. : 2:30 PM ET
A pool with a view and free fish...where do I sign up!?

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 2:35 PM ET
"Where do I sign if I want to vote for Ozzy?"
Posted By Blogger Kristien : 2:36 PM ET
"Hey guys, how long do you think I can make this stupid human believe I can read?"

Kristien, Antwerp, Belgium
Posted By Blogger Kristien : 2:38 PM ET
" Of all the nerve. We are wearing our tuxedos and you say we can't come in because we are foul? . .Smells fishy to me. . "
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 2:39 PM ET
"Sign here and show me your identification to vote."
Posted By Blogger pamina : 2:42 PM ET
"Do you want to declare 'Republiguin' or 'Penguincrat'?
Posted By Anonymous xtina chicago IL : 2:44 PM ET
" ID ??? I don't need no stinkin' ID!! "
Posted By Anonymous Diane - Providence R.I. : 2:47 PM ET
"Sorry --- your name's not on the list, are you sure you're at the right Pole?"
Posted By Anonymous shannon m, dover de. : 2:49 PM ET
"You need extras for 'Planet in Peril, Part 2, Revenge of the Penguins?' Where do I sign up?"

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 2:53 PM ET
So if we all sign here, you will get rid of the Aflac duck?
Posted By Blogger Tyler Colthurst : 2:57 PM ET
"Look, don't make this any harder than it already is - do you want to go to the Cleveland Zoo or the Minneapolis Zoo?"
Posted By Anonymous danielle p. -- toledo, oh. : 3:13 PM ET
"OK. So you've appeared in 'Planet in Peril' and 'An Inconvenient Truth'... do you have any stage experience, can you sing and dance?"
Posted By Anonymous nick d, denton tx. : 3:17 PM ET
Mr. Cooper will be here in a few hours. We just need penguins to stand around looking perplexed. Any questions?"
Posted By Anonymous Dane - Omaha, Ne. : 3:19 PM ET
"No, no, it was much bigger than that! Bill, show him how big the fish was."
Posted By Anonymous Mary, Hermann, MO : 3:32 PM ET
"You've used 50 carbon offsets this year. How would you like to pay?"
Posted By Anonymous Gene , Denver, CO. : 3:34 PM ET
Can you try that once more with feeling: 'Argh, the cap is melting-- save us!'
Posted By Anonymous Cary- Lowell, IN : 3:38 PM ET
"It's Chaplin. Table for three please."
Posted By Anonymous Carol B., Frederick, MD : 3:40 PM ET
Where do I sign up for the trial out as the announcer for Mr. Cooper,s program?
Posted By Blogger AM : 3:44 PM ET
Guy: "Can you discuss the impact of polar ice melting on the penguin community?"

Penguin: "Well, we're diverting all our intelligence resources to study global warming but we desperately need funding..."
Posted By Anonymous Robert F., Augusta, Ga : 3:44 PM ET
“You want me to say the best political team on television again Joe. Hummm...didn't I just say that before the commercial break?”
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 3:51 PM ET
"I know Gore wants to do a movie, but we're going to have to see figures better than this."
Posted By Blogger Kayle : 3:52 PM ET
"Is this the casting call for Plaent in Perir? Where is Anderson and Jeff???"
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 3:57 PM ET
"Sure we'd like to order, providing it's nobody we know."
Posted By Anonymous Carol B., Frederick, MD : 4:03 PM ET
Let's try that again, Miss.
Would you say you're over 45, but under 60?
Posted By Anonymous vicky : 4:10 PM ET
Anderson Cooper for president? Where do I sign?

Mo T., Mississauga, ON, Canada
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:27 PM ET
"I know Tuxedo is a common name, but will you check the list again - it's T-E-N-N-E-S-S-E-E Tuxedo."
Posted By Anonymous Bob Durango Colo. : 4:29 PM ET
No fair ! You guys are already in the "entertainment/media" biz, doesn't that give you an edge? Shouldn't it just be the viewers? ...
Posted By Anonymous Anne - Detroit, MI : 4:40 PM ET
Slick: "So you say my cooling bill is so high because of global warming?"

bob: "WHAT let me see!"

Wade: "So we can't add the slip-n-slide?"
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina in Los Angles : 4:41 PM ET
"Let me get this straight. You want to move all of us to the North Pole so you can drill for oil here, and build a wall around all the polar bears insuring continuous warfare for decades and decades to come?"
"Just order the steak!"
Posted By Anonymous Derricke : 4:44 PM ET
What do you call a penguin who steals a baby octopus?

A Squidnapper

Who is a penguins favourite Auntie?

Aunt Artic

Sorry - could not resist forwarding some really bad jokes !!!

Sarah, Canterbury - UK
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:46 PM ET
What do you mean the awards show has been cancelled due to the writers strike?
Posted By Blogger Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 4:53 PM ET
What do you mean we can't swim here? It says right here NO SWIMMING.
Posted By Blogger Jeanine & Jim : 4:57 PM ET
Mitt Romney, two t's...I know here's there somewhere!
Posted By Blogger Tom : 4:57 PM ET
A Ticket? Officer! We're not drunk! We always walk like that!
Posted By Anonymous Jan H. - Honolulu, Hawaii : 5:03 PM ET
"It's called Global Warming...look under G"
Posted By Blogger Tom : 5:04 PM ET know him....the big fat fish...he looks like this...names shumah....shama...he has to be here!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy C., Tyler,TX : 5:05 PM ET
Here are a few

-Fish or Chicken?

-"How's this one? 3 Penguins walk into a bar..".

-"You must have made a wrong turn at Albuqerque"

-Sorry, "Gore" isn't a choice.
Posted By Anonymous Holly from Florida : 5:06 PM ET
according to the DNA results, Ray Ray you are NOT the baby's fatther.

WHAT...he the only person I been with!
Posted By Anonymous jonathan perry : 5:11 PM ET
You better check that list again buster, 'cause we ain't going to no san francisco zoo.
Posted By Anonymous frank in atlanta : 5:12 PM ET
I just don't get it.....step, kick, kick, turn, step, turn, THEN dive??
Posted By Anonymous Kathy C., Tyler, TX : 5:14 PM ET
"Snow please"
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 5:26 PM ET
What do you mean,"No shirt, no shoes, no service?"
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 5:27 PM ET
'While Adele distracts Human, Ginger watches Freds rehearsal for 'Puttin' on the Ritz'.
Posted By Anonymous marq65 : 5:36 PM ET
whaaaat !!!????!!!! my name is not on the guest list? but i'm already in my formal wear!
Posted By Anonymous lif : 5:40 PM ET
"Mr. Willy? Mr. Chilly Willy? Ah yes, sir, your table is over here. And might I say, that is one snazzy tux you have on."
Posted By Anonymous Claire - Birmingham, AL : 5:41 PM ET
"That's right, Garcon! Polar bear for three with arugula on the side."
Posted By Anonymous Carol B., Frederick, MD : 5:50 PM ET
No it's not...That's not my signiture...come honey we are leaving!
Posted By Blogger Abolish The Hate In Rap : 5:55 PM ET
"Mr Trump can take his offer and shove it - I'm not signing off to let him build condos on our ice cap! "
Posted By Anonymous taylor, brentwood, tn : 5:56 PM ET
Look, I know that is what I said, but you've taken that totally out of context and on behalf of my wife here, I insist you issue a retraction or ... well, she's just a little mad now but it'll get ugly, I assure you...
Posted By Blogger IMGINGER : 6:01 PM ET
Yes, I will have three icebergs, hold the lettuce.
Posted By Anonymous Bart, New Brunswick, Canada : 6:15 PM ET
"I think I'll have the grilled Hillerama with side fries. No wait you're also serving Huccain, I'll have that instead."
Posted By Anonymous andreea, las vegas nv : 6:17 PM ET
I have to read THAT on the air,and why does Anderson have more lines than I do?
Posted By Anonymous Becca, Kappa,Illinois : 6:23 PM ET
Why is Hillary talking all the way over at the Lion's cage AGAIN?? 'March of the Penguins' doesn't mean we like to walk EVERYWHERE!!
Posted By Anonymous Garon Wade, Austin Texas : 6:42 PM ET
Look, your song has made the top ten list!
Posted By Anonymous Lori, Boston, MA : 6:44 PM ET
I could've sworn I signed us up for lessons. Are you sure we're not on there?

I told you so!

I've gotta go potty.
Posted By Blogger Kim Fifita : 6:49 PM ET
Okay. Here are your lines. "And now, from Time Warner Center, CNN presents Anderson Cooper 360. Anderson, over to you."
Posted By Anonymous Sandi : 7:11 PM ET
"Hey, that looks like John McEnroe! Oh, wait, it's Anderson Cooper!"
Posted By Blogger pamina : 7:22 PM ET
What? Fish again? I thought that this was formal night!
Posted By Blogger Greg : 10:35 PM ET
My house melted! What do you mean it's not covered under my policy ?
Posted By Anonymous Chaz : 10:36 PM ET
"So you're saying you caucused for HIllary AND Obama?"
Posted By OpenID NotRichard : 10:37 PM ET
Show me again the test results...and why would I want "human" growth hormones?
Posted By Anonymous john : 10:37 PM ET
Register to vote? I don't even LIVE here!
Posted By Anonymous Fedorra : 10:37 PM ET
That chad isn't hanging! It's dimpled!!
Posted By Anonymous PaulYo : 10:37 PM ET
Penguin reading Michigan ballot: "But wait, they said all the Democratic candidates would be on the ballot if we moved the MI primary up to Jan. 15th so the State of Michigan could have a say in these important elections"

2nd Penguin: "Vote uncommitted. It's your only choice if you don't want Hillary"
Posted By Anonymous Susan from Detroit,MI : 10:45 PM ET
Hey, we had some some ice here 20 years ago. Just call Al Gore. That is G-O-R-E. He knows where it went.
We'll wait.
Posted By Anonymous Craig in California : 10:45 PM ET
"I'll have the fish. So will my brother Darryl, and so will my other brother Darryl"

Charlottesville, VA
Posted By OpenID sea12856 : 10:45 PM ET
I really don't think either I, or my friends, will sign a petition calling for the protection of Killer Whales. But thank you for asking.
Posted By Blogger Gene : 10:46 PM ET
lambeau shmambeau
let Brett play on OUR frozen tundra
Posted By Blogger bob chambers : 10:52 PM ET
Oh, come on, pick one. I don't get paid until I turn this poll in!
Posted By Anonymous dennis k., spacecoast, florida : 10:53 PM ET
Michael Bolingbrook IL
"No dude seriously , stare at it long enough and a 3-D picture appears..."
Posted By Blogger Moleskin008 : 10:54 PM ET
Check those numbers again, I thought you said Obama was ahead by 13 points!?!?!?!
Posted By Anonymous Troy, BC, Canada : 10:54 PM ET
I distinctly remember saying I wanted a table for three not eight! Let me take a look at that reservation list. Look right there! Table for three. No that's not an eight! Moron.
Posted By Anonymous Lorri Fox : 11:00 PM ET
Michael Bolingbrook Il

....your insurance policy does not cover flood damage ...or polar bears .
Posted By Blogger Moleskin008 : 11:01 PM ET
"There's no mistake. See for yourself. You are on the government's 'No Fly' list."
Posted By Anonymous JP, Bradenton, FL : 11:02 PM ET
That's Rico from Madagascar...RICO...there...5th name from the bottom.
Posted By Anonymous Lana from Texas : 11:03 PM ET
I'll sign this one, but I am not endorsing anymore Tuxedo's
Posted By Anonymous The Marksman, Yorktown Heights, NY : 11:03 PM ET
I'm sorry, but we are all out of the fresh fish of the day. Would you like to look at the menu again and order another item?
Posted By OpenID wc438 : 11:04 PM ET
What do "I" think about the effects of the slumping real estate market?
Let me tell you somthing about deteriorating property values!
Posted By Anonymous G.Nisperos : 11:11 PM ET
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