Friday, January 11, 2008
Blog from the Back Row
Having too much programming to squeeze into the show, as we did tonight and we do on many nights, is a nice problem to have but it's a problem none-the-less. And after we had finally figured out how to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit ... then came the breaking news about the missing pregnant marine.

With about 30 minutes until air we were trying to add a guest on the alleged murder, but we still weren't sure who we would get and if we did, at what time. We settled on a show Plan A (if we got our guest at the top of the show) and a show Plan B (if we got him a little later in the show) and decided that Plan C would be to make it up as we went along. I think figuring out how to make this all time out was part of Plan D.

In the end we wound up with not one guest but two (Kudos to our producer on the ground Amanda Townsend and reporter Randi Kaye for that.) and that put us at Plan C, make it up as we went along. We did that for the first half of the show. We hope it kept you tuned in.

Solving timing problems is one of the many jobs of our line producer, Jenny Blanco, who sits in the front row alongside the senior producer. She pulled off Plan D and earned her money doing it.

See you Monday night.
Posted By CNN: 9:17 PM ET
Well the show turned out awesome! Kudos to you all for getting both guests! The story turned out great. It gave us all of the angles!

It's great to get to hear how you all put the show together. Thanks again. Looking forward to more of this!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 11:30 PM ET
The show was great tonight; moved fast and had a lot of information. The show seemed to fly by on wings.

You mentioned having more programming than time on a usual basis...sure would be nice if CNN would let you all go back to the 2 hour format instead of an hour with a repeat. I guess though that no matter how much time you have the programming would grow to overfill it. Regardless, you all did a great job and it was completely transparent to the viewer.

Annie Kate
Birmingham AL
Posted By Blogger Annie Kate : 11:48 PM ET
Well it's Friday, rest, and start it all over on Monday. I guess on the bright side you only got to plan D..Imagine the Alka Seltzer moments when you reach plan Z!
Take Care

Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Blogger Lorie Ann : 11:58 PM ET
Maybe you guys should all move to Washington and set up camp at 1800 Pennsylvania Avenue. You all sound quite adept at moving and shaking...rocking and rolling...and all without letting us see you sweat. And we could use a little of that right now over Washington way. Enjoy a well deserved weekend. Cheers.

Portland, Oregon
Posted By Blogger Lewis : 12:00 AM ET
Hey Anderson,

Would it be possible for you guys to post on the "Beat 360" blog who wins each night, just in case we can't make the show? Watched you last night- great show- unfortunately wasn't able to make it tonight . . . I appreciate your time man.
Posted By Anonymous Garon Wade, Austin Texas : 12:32 AM ET
Thank you for a fascinating post. I was wondering why the case of the murdered marine took up nearly the entire first half of the program. It makes more sense to me now - if you've scrambled for guest speakers and found them at the last minute, you may as well use them, I guess.

I'm always amazed how everything on the program starts and ends on time and flows pretty much seamlessly. I'm sure a lot of hard work is what makes that happen. So thanks!
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 12:48 AM ET
Mr. Cooper,

I was watching CNN on the night of the NH primaries. You kept refering to the County map of NH indicating that Obama had a good chance in the college towns/counties. You never followed through, perhaps because your predictions were wrong and Hillary won the college towns. Yes, Hillary won both counties Grafton where Darmoth is and Strafford where the University of NH is. Thus, this leads me to believe that you only report what supports your opinion as suppose to the hard facts. Fern in Florida
Posted By Anonymous Fern : 4:23 AM ET
Sounds like you guys had a pretty chaotic night. One thing I noticed is that while there seemed to be a lot of energy put into who you could get, it's unclear as to whether any of you asked yourselves if you should get someone.

The story of this poor Marine is horrifying, and I'm sure ratings grabbing, but I'm not sure why we needed 30 minutes of coverage of what boils down to another missing white girl story. I would have actually been happier with just a headline. That all being said, don't let my (or others) negative comment stop these blog posts. They're a great idea.
Posted By Anonymous Stacy, St. Louis, MO : 7:48 AM ET
It came off great and that proves you have a good staff backing you, when you can wing it and it flows.

The breaking news you added was reported exceptionally. That is one team you have in the background.

I think you should take a slow show and pass some of the credit, on camera, to those who support the show in the background.

Having worked as an extra, you see all the people and things that go into making a show run. It is not just those in front of the camera but more so those behind it as well.

You are a great team.

Greater is the one who doesn't seek praise for himself/herself but does the job joyfully; because they know they are making a difference.
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina in Los Angeles : 5:31 PM ET
Well, Ms. Jenny B. sure did a great job! I'm sure this is a team effort, though, so kudos to everyone! The show came off without a hitch!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 6:02 PM ET
As a Mom of twins, I have always lived with a plan B. The show was great!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 9:26 PM ET
i think most of the time you can't even tell with shows you like watching that something is wrong or there might be something happening. don't know until that person brings it up and that's good. it means the people behind the show are doing a great job and working really hard. thank you.
Posted By Blogger jackie : 12:24 AM ET
Dear Mr Cooper,

Gosh... thanks for your excellent programme, to which I am now addicted. It's a shame it airs at 0300 in the UK.

Actually, AC 360 is the best news programme on CNN-I, in my opinion. It is better than any programme on any news station available in this country, on my cable network.

I would particularly like to thank you, for saying 'courts martial' instead of the common illiterate usage: 'court martials'.

Even the BBC, once famous for literate use of language, frequently disappoints.

Would you, who speak English as well as anyone on the air, kindly point out to as many colleagues as possible, that 'meteoric rise' is an oxymoron?

During this Presidential campaign, I really do not want to hear of any more 'meteoric rises'. Meteorites fall into the gravity-well of the Earth. No meteor has ever been known to rise. Furthermore, resorting to cliché is not the mark of a literate person.

I am overjoyed to say, I have not heard you do it. Wherever you studied, you are a credit to your education. You provide stimulating, intriguing news, human-interest, and the brilliant 'Keeping Them Honest' segments. You manage all of this with jounalistic decorum, elegance, taste, and a very dry wit.

It is well worth staying awake until 0400, to watch your show, every day! I am stingy with compliments. One earns them. You have done.

Uma Devidatta, MAR
(notorious grammar-fiend)
Liverpool, UK
Wellesley, '85 Hillary in 2008!
Posted By Anonymous Uma : 5:32 AM ET
Maybe your journalists (AC) can get this suggestion out for the Middle East? There will not be a lasting peace until the question of Jerusalem is solved. How about moving the UN to Jerusalem, have the UN administer it as an international city so that all residents can maintain their own citizenship as well as that of Jerusalem? A shared "ownership" for this city may be the answer and this idea (which I heard way back in the late 70's from a person who lived in my town) may at least be a start in the right direction.
Posted By Anonymous JP, Long Island, NY : 7:19 AM ET
Thanks for the insight into how the show is put together. I wonder how much of a challenge it is to produce the show and make last minute changes when Anderson is on location in another city?
Posted By Anonymous Maria in Reno, NV : 12:06 PM ET
you say you're"KEEPING THEM HONEST".
on the thursday before the results of the NH primaries, i heard bill clinton say that Obama's presentation to prespective voters was nothing but a fairy tale. the next day (or maybe several days later) bill clinton dennied that he said seems that the news media is afraid to call the clintons on anything they say or do. you are not keeping them honest. why not?
Posted By Anonymous : 12:16 PM ET
Mr. Cooper,
I was very moved tonight after watching your show tonight on the atrocities in Congo. Both my mother and I had tears streaming down our faces as the segment was ending. I think many young Americans do not realize the horror that is going on in the world at this very moment in 2008, and I thank you for exposing it in such a real and raw way. I hope your show opens America's eyes to the world we are all living in, as I strongly believe in international affairs education, especially among young adults. We are, after all, very lucky to be living in freedom and no matter the problems that our government and country may have, we all need to be reminded of how blessed we truly are. I am so thankful to live in a democratic country with rights for women, and your show reminded me yet again. Thank you again so much for your honest report. Maybe even President Bush caught a glimpse of the show and realized where our "peacekeeping efforts" and tax dollars could really be put to use.
Rachel R. Prescott, 18
Elite Model Management, model
New York, NY
Posted By OpenID RachelRPrescott : 8:21 PM ET
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