Monday, January 07, 2008
Behind the scenes in NH with 360

Behind the scenes and in the car with Anderson Cooper and crew, as he catches up with candidates... and asks who do you think will win?

Let us know:
Posted By CNNBLOG: 8:30 PM ET
Loving all the video blogs.
My predictions: It'll go down Obama, Hillary, and Edwards, although I'd prefer the first two be switched.
For the Republicans, McCain will lead with Romney second, and Huckabee will (rightfully!) be but a tiny sliver of pie on all those fancy charts.

And I'm sure Neil will have plenty of takers... was he the one who had a bug lay eggs inside of him in the Amazon rain-forest? Yeah, that's got to be a turn on for at least half of the internet(s). Please stay, Neil! To improve America... we need all the Brits we can get.
Posted By Anonymous John, Little Rock, AR : 9:53 PM ET
Do the three passengers have shoulder belts on? That's not a very good example for the ac360 viewers!

Who do I think will win? Obama will pull it out. And Mitt Romney has much support in New England.
Posted By Anonymous Riley R - Exeter, Ma. : 9:56 PM ET
This is so exciting because the field on both sides is still so OPEN !

Romney and Obama are my predictions.
Posted By Anonymous brian s. msp, mn. : 10:01 PM ET
If Hillary doesn't win NH and Obama does, she is toast. Then SC voters will switch to Obama and that will be the end of Hillary.

Long-term, Huckabee doesn't have the money and endorsements, so Im going to say Romney in NH.
Posted By Anonymous Mark , Reston Va. : 10:05 PM ET
After Huckabee was talking in the republican debate Sat. about the evils of "corporate america", I see his support dwindling among conservatives. So I guess Romney will take it. On the Dem. side, Obama is on a roll and will probably eke out a win.
Posted By Anonymous Shaun R -- Manchester , Vt . : 10:09 PM ET
I believe that Obama will win New Hampshire tomorrow, with Clinton coming in second place. For the Republicans, I believe McCain will come in the lead, with Romney in second place. However, after the surprises of the Iowa caucus, anything could happen tomorrow night in New Hampshire. This race has been largely about "change", all the candidates are talking about bringing about "change" and making all these promises, but when America has chosen their next leader to serve as Commander and Chief, will they keep their promises to bring about change or will they forget the promises they have made to the American citizens, as many of our previous Presidents have? I am so tired of candidates that say they want to change this and change that, and everything stays the same; there are still people without homes living in extreme poverty, we still don't have the education system that we should and we ignore the issues that will have serious repercussions, like AIDS in Africa. I don't want promises of change...I want someone in office who has a record of doing things that have brought about change. The candidates need to stop talking about change, and get out there and change things!!
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Bourbonnais Illinois : 10:28 PM ET
I have no idea who will win...the field is so volatile right now. The entire nation is, for that matter. What I am doing, however, is keeping a close eye on Anderson's driving habits.... I saw him on New Year's Eve with that wit of a hilarious woman, Kathy. If he can survive Kathy, he can certainly maneuver around the snow burms of NH. Look out all drivers on the roads!
Posted By Blogger Lewis : 10:46 PM ET
Anderson Please...

The comments were rampant, Hillary had to show more emotions and not appear so cold to save her campaign. Suddenly today the tears well up! The other criticism is that Hillary is too cunning and manipulative. Where is the award for the worst acting so far in this political season?

Now all your commentators are commenting how sincere those tears were. Some even exclaiming she truly does have emotions, one even stating he had seen her in a emotional state before! Why hasn't the American public seen it before now?

Anderson, tonight's show is showing the old CNN style, that being the "Clinton News Network."
Posted By Blogger Patrick : 10:49 PM ET
I am surprised that almost all pundits are suggesting that Hillary Clinton is in big trouble if she loses in New Hampshire. The last two presidents of the United States both lost in New Hampshire and went on to the presidency. George Bush lost to John Mccain in 2000 and Bill Clinton lost to Paul Tsongas in 1992. What makes anyone think that New Hampshire will have a different effect in 2008?
Posted By Blogger Medwiser : 10:54 PM ET
Anderson/AC360 crew:
Thank you for the video on the journey to the presidential candidates via an SUV. What? No GPS system? When all else fails, use a map, I guess.

I believe Barak Obama will win the Democratic vote and John McCain the Republican nod over Mitt Romney. I mean didn't John McCain win the New Hampshire Primary in 2000?

We look forward to hearing the New Hampshire primary results tomorrow on CNN and AC360.
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 11:00 PM ET
Well I think that McCain is going to come in first and Romney second for the Reps. And for the Dems I say that Obama takes it from Hillary who will come in second.

Guess you are all typical men....can't find your way and still won't ask for help! LOL And can I ask why is Neil looking at the map when he doesn't even live here!? Coop shouldn't you be doing that!? I mean I'm just sayin!! LOL

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 11:00 PM ET
I think Obama will win on the Democrats' side and McCain will win on the Republicans' side.
Posted By Anonymous Shamera : 11:04 PM ET
First of all - Anderson, please wear a seat belt. You may be in the "Live Free or Die" state, but I don't think that's the freedom they mean - and we surely want you alive.

I think Hilary's emotional moment today will help her. It should help her. I was very moved by it. It was the first time I saw her say something that made me feel she really does want this for the greater good. I think she has the most experience too - so I would vote for her now (I was leaning toward Obama). However, I still believe she will come in second to Obama in New Hampshire. I think it is too late.

As for the Republicans, I think McCain will win- but unlike Obama, I don't think that necessarily translates to an ongoing sweep.

Buckle up. Thank you.
Posted By Blogger Chi-Guy : 11:06 PM ET
Who do I think will win in N.H.?

It's easier for me to comment on the Republican race because I'm a Democrat and can be more objective. So I think John McCain will come out ahead.

The contest among the Democrats is more complicated for me. I've been an uncommitted supporter of Hillary (there, now you know), but I've been willing to listen to Obama and Edwards. Since Iowa, I have to say my support for Hillary has strengthened. Edwards is too nasty, and I just need to know more details about Obama before I could support him. Will Hillary win tomorrow? If I'm to believe the polls, probably not, but it could be close. And then we'll see. What a fascinating contest this has become!

I'm looking forward to the election coverage tomorrow night.
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 11:22 PM ET

First of all, love the Vblog, it's about time! Hope you do more.

Who do I think is going to win? I think Obama is on a roll and will win as well as John McCain because Romney waffles too much.

Interesting piece tonight about the woman voter. I was shocked to hear that some women feel that the presidency is not the right role or place for a woman. I thought they wanted change? Unbelievable.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 11:34 PM ET
AC, I have to go with the polls on this one. I put Obama, Clinton, Edwards for the Dems, and McCain, Rommney, Huckabee for the Reps. I love it! Anderson at McDonalds and in a minivan. Only in America!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago,Il : 11:38 PM ET
Well, I'm certain that Obama will be the one coming out on top from the Democrats followed very closely by Clinton while McCain and Romney will be the ones who lead the Republicans. As an observer, (I am not American) I have to say that this election process is getting too hyped up too soon. People are making predictions and statements way too early, often unwisely, as if the national election is up a few weeks from now. All the critics, predictions, and what-ifs are making the campaigns nasty and tiring to watch.
Posted By Anonymous Shanna (Jakarta, Indonesia) : 11:54 PM ET
Obama gets 900 votes in Iowa and it's a huge victory? Am I missing somthing?
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 12:21 AM ET
Hi Anderson, thanks for taking us along for the ride! Does Charlie always do the driving and Neil the map reading? Just curious. I'm an excellent map reader if you ever need one in the future!

My predictions: 1) Obama, 2) Clinton for Democrats and 1) McCain, 2) Romney for Republicans.

Not necessarily the outcome I want, but I think it's what's going to happen.

Great show tonight, and drive safely out there!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 12:32 AM ET
Video blog? Innovative. What's next?
Looks like Hillary Clinton has a tough path ahead of her.
She seems to be treading on such fine lines. When she's authoritative and intelligent, she's considered too hard and cold and when she shows her softer side, she's viewed as probably being emotional or worse a fake.
If the piece covered by Randi Kaye is the general consensus, then it sure looks like being a woman, the odds are already against her.
Obama, Hillary, Edwards. That's my guess.
Posted By Anonymous lpfoong, Penang, Malaysia : 1:02 AM ET
Hi Anderson,
It looks like you all were having fun on the road. I am not sure who will win, this is all too volatile!
Drive safely!
Posted By Blogger pamina : 7:51 AM ET
I want to know, why you guys don't have or use a GPS. A map? I can't read maps myself and I have terrible sense of direction. If you tell me to go right, I go left. So I need a GPS that will say, "you idiot, I told you right, what's wrong with you, dumbo." And, it'll make me cry. Seems to me Neil has the toughest job, navigating. Even more so than you Anderson.

And, that's a small car, tell CNN to get you an SUV, an escalade! Who will win? I'm more concerned about the GPS. ha, ha, ha!
Posted By Anonymous Mariela, New York, NY : 8:15 AM ET
Hi Anderson,

Very interesting video. You get the see the crew and hear their thoughts. And wow!!!!, there is even a marriage proposal among them. I feel for the greencard holder, because I am in the same boat.

You, on the other hand should show a more fired up attitude, mister!!!!

Anyway, the election procedures is getting heated up this season, so you have got to stay on the road following the politicians.

When it comes to international news (eg Pakistan and Middle-East), have CNN inside investigators do the job and you do your presentation segment on it.

Playtime with announcers is over! Have your CNN bosses make the decision. Don't play anymore "Tug of War" with them. Get you "ivory b..u..t..t" to work. Time to kick ass.

Democrats: 1.Obama; 2.Edwards;
3. Clinton

Republicans: 1. Mc Cain;
2.Gulliani; 3. Romney
Posted By Anonymous Ratna, New York, NY : 8:36 AM ET

Thanks for the interesting 360 panoramic view inside your car.

I think the results in New Hampshire will be the same for the Democrats as it was in Iowa:

1) Obama, 2) Edwards and 3) Clinton

The Republican race will probably be different:

1) McCain, 2) Romney and 3)Huckabee

Thanks for asking!

Jo Ann
North Royalton, Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 12:08 PM ET
Rental cars don't come with GPS'? A map?! I haven't seen one of those in, well, a long time. I didn't know they still made them.

Watching Hillary's "touching moment" made me kinda feel for her. Maybe she is human afterall.

Then I hear a comment on a local conservative radio talk show from a conservative Republican who says he's going to vote for Hillary because she has a reputation that is more important to her to protect so can't fail. For a Dem who wasn't going to vote for her, I see his point and he may have just helped me to change my mind.

Now, whether the folks in New Hamphsire feel that way, I guess we'll find out in a few hours.

It could go either way between Hillary and Obama, and I still throw Edwards in there as the longshot, but those are my top 3.

As for the Reps, Huckabee, Romney & McCain would be the top 3 and it could go to any of them, though I'm still pulling for Ron Paul.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa, Elk Grove, CA : 1:02 PM ET
I could care less who wins the Democratic side because I wouldn't nominate any for dogcatcher let alone president.

And as long as either Huckabee or Thompson wins, I'm cool with that.

Love you Anderson. Take care.

Posted By Anonymous Laurie : 5:34 PM ET
My predictions:
Obama, Hillary, Edwards

Not rocket science here. I did have an epiphany though. In watching Obama sign an autograph, he's lefthanded, just like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sr., Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford. I'm figuring he'll win the presidency because statistics show that no more than ten percent of the population is lefthanded, but 4 out of the 6 last presidents were lefthanded (more than 60 percent) so one might assume that there is something in the rightbrain dominated lefthanded person that attracts voters.

julie in shreveport
math geek
Posted By Blogger Julie : 6:07 PM ET
As far as who I believe will win the Presidency; I say it is too close to call. I want Clinton to win and feel that she is the best candidate for our country. The biggest concern that I have in this entire election thus far is how everyone was so concern with Romney with being a Mormon and no one has even raised the concern on Obama on being a Muslim.

Are people unaware that this man when he was inducteed to be the Senator of Illinois he didn't put his hand on the Bible and say in "God we trust" instead he put his hand on the Koran. Are we Americans ready to have a Muslim President to decide for all of us what is best for us, especially since we are at war with the Muslims? Will there be another 9/11 once he gets in? Will we no longer have "In God we trust" on our money?

Do we simply over look this fact soley because Oprah is endorsing him? Or is it that Americans are wanting a black President instead of a woman President. I personally don't care if the President is white, black, tan, yellow or rainbow, male or female but I do however still want what is best for America and right now having a Muslim President is NOT it.

Posted By Anonymous mojo : 10:54 PM ET
Ignore this comment from one of the posters. "You, on the other hand should show a more fired up attitude, mister!!!!" It's great to see the "real" you and your team. Please don't morph into the Clinton robot:D
Posted By Anonymous Grace : 12:00 AM ET
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