Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Anderson's View: Nothing is Written
What a night! I got home around 1 am and couldn't fall asleep. It was incredibly exciting to watch the returns come in, and I hope it was for you at home as well. There is a line in the movie "Lawrence of Arabia," one of my favorite movies, the line is "Nothing is Written."

I once heard the great director Mike Nichols give a speech and he cited that line as one of his favorites as well. Nothing is Written. That is certainly true in the world of politics, and we were shown that again last night. No matter how much the pundits and pollsters predict - Nothing is written.

I remember on the eve of John Kerry's defeat asking some of our analysts, "who is going to win tomorrow?" and they all insisted Kerry. Needless to say he didn't, and that for me was such a reminder that no one really knows what will happen, and anyone who pretends they do is just plain mistaken.

We are all politics tonight, how could you not be? Well, actually I'm guessing our competition won't be, but that's another story. Where does the race go from here? I will be asking a lot of people that question tonight, but I will make sure to point out none of them really know. They may be smart... but politics is politics... and nothing is written.

-- Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 3:37 PM ET
So Coop what's up with not blogging yesterday huh!? LOL Well I guess I'll let you slide this time...I mean resolutions are made to be broken! LOL But next time there will be a punishment! LOL

There definitely was nothing written last night! I was actually glad to see Hillary win! Obama had gotten a bit too smug for my liking!! Can't wait to see your coverage tonight! Looking forward to some great panel discussions!

C-Ya tonight!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 3:51 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Nothing is written in politics, you are so right.
I could have sworn John Kerry won that last Presidential election. I was shocked! ( At some point you should talk about those pesky electoral votes which are so tricky)
Thanks for bringing us primary coverage, tis so exciting!
Posted By Blogger Betty Ann : 3:53 PM ET
Last nights primary was definitely a nail biter. Watching the "scoreboard at the bottom of the screen really gave me quite a headache, but in a good way, I was so intent on trying to keep track of the stats that the stress was almost unbearable.

John King's explanation of what counties would have the greatest effect on the outcome was truly fascinating. Who would have thought that one piece of land could change the tide of a primary and later maybe an election. CNN did a great job last night and I look forward to watching the upcoming coverage of future primaries.

Final thought Politics is more enjoyable for me than what celeb is throwing a tantrum.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 3:54 PM ET
Yes Hillary pulled out a victory for NH. Never underestimate the power of tears .
Posted By Anonymous diane - providence, ri. : 3:58 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I for one am very JAZZED that Hillary is BACK!

I thought it would be a complete injustice if Hillary was forced to drop out, just because people didn't understand that CHANGE takes WORK.

You know, unfortunately TRUE CHANGE never happens overnight. When CHANGE does happen overnight, odds are pretty good that it won't be permanent (ok I think this applies to both politics and my new year Diet resolution :)

I will be sure to watch the show tonight!

Keep up the great work and take care!

Liz, Chino Hills, CA
Posted By OpenID beachlzrd : 4:00 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

That's a beautiful line..."Nothing is Written"...we can write our own chapters in the story of our lives...

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised with the result last night. And I thought I was being realistic when I predicted Obama (because I listened too much to the polls), but I was wrong! (It doesn't happen often, mind you, but it happens :)) And I'm glad I was wrong.

And there are 48 more states to go, so it's definitely a long way off. Each state is different, and so a lot can happen within those individual states.

The lesson here is we can listen to the pollsters and prognosticators all we want, but in the end, the outcome is up to the American people.

I look forward to the show tonight!

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 4:01 PM ET
Anderson, last nite was better than I expected. Politics isn't too interesting to me, but I am slowly finding it interesting, and the more I watch your show the more I learn. I hope tonight will be a good and excting show tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, GA : 4:06 PM ET

Yes indeed,it does seem ''nothing is written'',and anything can happen with this upcoming election.

No matter how much someone tries to predict what will happen,I guess you can expect the unexpected.

The CNN team did a great job once again last night.
It seems there are busy times ahead for you all in the coming weeks.

Take care.
Posted By Anonymous Anne - Newfoundland ,Canada : 4:06 PM ET
This should be good, since now Hillary is trying to steal the theme of "CHANGE" from Barack Obama by bringing in new advisors . Have you seen the names of these "advisors?" Sounds like a good ole boys club to me, well except Madeline Allbright. . . .
Posted By Anonymous elle, boston, ma. : 4:06 PM ET
I like all the twists and turns these caucus votes are taking. But the field for both Democrats and Republicans is still wide open!

p.s. OUCH ! That little dig against your competition is so unlike you ! HAHA
Posted By Anonymous Anne - Detorit, MI. : 4:09 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
You are absolutely right- nothing is written. The race could completely change again with the next primary in South Carolina. No one can predict the outcome of this election. It is really exciting though!! Keep up the excellent coverage.
Posted By Blogger pamina : 4:09 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

I could not sleep last night either. I stayed up listening to pundit after pundit trying to explain why they were now sitting there with egg on their faces. It seems no one had a definitive answer.

Someone from New Hampshire e-mailed your old show "World News Now" saying that the older voters in NH don't like to reveal their votes to anyone. There might be something to that. I guess it is as good a reason as any.

Based on what I have been seeing so far in this election process nothing will be written until the fat lady sings.

I can't wait to see the program tonight!

Jo Ann
North Royalton, Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 4:17 PM ET
The sad part is that people believe the Presidency matters so much. But if the three branches uphold the Constitution and their oaths, then only the President's stand on foreign affairs would matter- most other matters would rightfully be left to the states. The President's caretaker power would be limited to declared wars and court appointments.

I really think people put too much power in the hands of the President.
Posted By Anonymous Evelyn S, Laughlin, NV . : 4:25 PM ET
Absolutely right, Anderson!
I quite like it when the pollsters are wrong some of the time. Humbles them a bit!
The coverage last night was really great. One question though- what did Bill Bennett mean when he said John McCain couldn't "comb his own hair"? At first I was concerned McCain had some kind of degenerative disease but then I realized it was more likely that Bennett was just being a tool. Still- humor my curiosity, will ya? What was up with that comment?
I'm glad Hillary is back in the game!
Posted By Anonymous Max, Dallas, TX : 4:27 PM ET
Iowa and New Hampshire are both liberal states. It's no surprise the least conservative of the GOP won these states. True conservatives haven't spoken yet.
Posted By Anonymous Laura Tulsa, OK : 4:30 PM ET
How could the polls have been so far off the mark? Im beginning to think that polls don't matter so much.
Posted By Anonymous jim s --- cleveland : 4:33 PM ET
Bok Anderson,
I'm writting you all the way from Bosnia:-) My sister and I are watching closely elections in U.S., never thought I would enjoy it so much. It's got our attention too and that's partialy your fault.:-) We read your book "Dispatches from the Edge". It's very emotional and it reminded us of how many suffering is out there in the world. I also admire your courage to share many of your intimate thoughts and fears with all of us. My sister gets up every morning at 04.00AM to watch your show, she's thrilled with it. Sometimes I'm affraid that one day she'll get a fake press-pass know the rest:-) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you have friends all around the globe!! Many kisses from Bosnia!
P.S. Now it's much better, you can come without a Kevlar vest :-)
Posted By Blogger Ani : 4:34 PM ET
My two year old cries alot, usually when hungry and/or tired. Like my son, I'd say Hillary justs needs her bottle and to be put to bed.
Posted By Anonymous Alisa J , Scottsdale, AZ. : 4:43 PM ET
The way things are going, I may have to turn Libertarian soon. Either way, somehow I think next year our paychecks will suddenly be smaller and the federal government will be making more and more decisions for us in our private lives.
Posted By Anonymous xtina chicago IL : 4:55 PM ET

Regardless of what your competition is doing, or should I say trying to do, AC360 and CNN does a great job at covering politics and I hope you continue to focus on the candidates and the issues.

My guess is that Obama will re-look at his strategy now just like Hillary did and I'm impressed by the fact that they can re-group like they do and now McCain is back in the picture. Nothing like a close race to get the voters excited.

Looking forward to the show tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 5:04 PM ET
I must have peaked too early. I was asleep by 11.

I have always been interested in politics, but this election seems to excite me more. You are absolutely right when you quote, nothing is written. That seems to really fit this election.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 5:05 PM ET
Your "Nothing is written" is similar to something I was forced to read at university "You Can Negotiate Anything!"

It's good never to think in black and white, there's gray areas and solutions to problems come in all different shapes and sizes. In this election, I think we're in for more surprises so fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
Posted By Anonymous Siobahn S , Washington, DC. : 5:05 PM ET
Losing the White House is best thing that can happen to the GOP. They'll then be the opposition party and will fight all the tax increases and socialist agendas at every turn. I'd rather see that role for the Republicans than see them elect a Republican-in-name-only just for the sake of retaining executive power.
Posted By Anonymous Micah, Colorado Springs CO : 5:10 PM ET
Does competition really exist for you all? At least 360 gives me hope that I can get out there and write people, work on a campaign, help others and make a change in the world. I think 360 is a more take action show. A do something show. And I know you all do read your viewer's email and I respect that you all are trying to make changes and get it right the first time.

Really, all the competition covers is missing women, rapes, dead bodies and celebrities. The sad thing is they will probably cover the man that threw his 4 children over the bridge going to Dauphin Island today. When I read that today it just about killed me!

If you all cover one of these stories at least you cover the mental health issues adding in Dr. Drew or one of the others that can add some value. Maybe by listening to 360, a viewer could help a family member, a co-worker or a friend with mental illness.

I am not really sure what you can accomplish at 10 PM by listening to the other cable show. It seems like a debacle to me. Then again I have been watching CNN at 10 PM for 8 or 10 years now! And, yes, some days I still miss Aaron Brown's morning papers?
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 5:10 PM ET
Every time elections come around I am amazed at how complicated the whole process is in America. In Canada it's pretty simple -- put your X in the box to vote your local representative and the leader of the party with the most votes runs the country. Or sort of. True, you don't end up voting directly for the leader, but with no primaries, no caucuses, no electoral votes, no ever-changing list of candidates and a simple pencil and paper, X's only process it certainly is simpler.

Claire Colvin, Abbotsford, BC
Posted By Blogger <b>Claire Colvin</b> : 5:12 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I think Iowa and the erroneous polling may have been a blessing in disguise for Hillary. It really forced her to stop, listen and take a different direction from the over calculating and craftily contrived responses that tend to come off as insincere. I think deep down she is sincere, and also very calculating, which I think is a good thing in a president. Look at what we got with a president who can’t think things through. I think the tearing up was not either/or but both calculating and sincere in that moment.
As for Obama, I’d like to see him run in four or eight years with more foreign policy experience. I do like Edwards message of concern about the declining middle class, and he also is very intelligent and well spoken. But I also have to say that I’m suspicious of someone criss-crossing the country touting a populist message while at the same time is in the process of constructing a McMansion in his home state.
So, as you said, nothing is written-but if I had to guess, I think it just might be Hillary in the end.
Looking forward to the show tonight.
Posted By Anonymous elaine, ambler, pa : 5:18 PM ET
I have always been kinda mistrusting of polls . I've never been polled, neither do I know anyone who's ever been polled, neither do I know of anyone who knows of anyone who's ever been polled.
It's like those Nielson ratings... anybody know someone with a box in their home??
I don't think it's a good thing when polls are discussed too much on television. People are easily influenced, especially when they haven't got their own strong opinion. In this case, the over-reporting on the polls has not influenced the people voting. But people ARE influenced by what they constantly hear, even on a subconscious level, so let's try not to make up their minds for them by giving those polls too much attention, eh CNN?
I was enthralled by the incoming returns! Just couldn't take my eyes off the little bar with the numbers. I really enjoyed John King's explaining the difference between the precincts and how that might influence the outcome of the primary. Very interesting!
I know I'll make sure I'm off on super-tuesday to watch CNN all day. I'm hooked!

And Amen to Nothing is Written!
Posted By Anonymous Minou, New York,NY : 5:22 PM ET
I can imagine how wild it was to be in the thick of it. Well, I must admit that I did not arrive home until almost 9:00 central time and was shocked. I do agree with David, let's have the race actually be a race with at least a couple viable candidates in each party versus having it be decided after 2 primaries. More time for the tough questions to be asked and will make the end of January debates more meaningful to the viewers in the Super Tuesday states and make it more meaningful to the candidates also. Is there anything stranger or more mystifying and intriguing as politics.
Posted By Anonymous Mary H. St. Louis, MO : 5:30 PM ET
It was a little surprising that Hillary Clinton was practically declared finished by some campaign watchers--there's still such a long way to go and anything can happen in the upcoming months. This has turned into a very exciting race and I'm happy to see 360 continuing to focus heavily on politics. It's one of the main reasons that I don't watch the competition--plus 360 has Jeffrey Toobin whose commentary is always informative and entertaining.
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 5:36 PM ET
I pay no heed to the polls- the '04 election should have proven to us how wrong they can be. And I give no credence to 1,000 people deciding the way an entire state will vote.
Posted By Anonymous Cole D , Little Rock, Ar. : 5:48 PM ET
There should be a rule that states candidates must stick it out until the end of the primaries, letting each state have the same chance to add delegates, instead of these early states getting that privilege. Then we all have a hand in who ultimately will be the Presidential candidate for each party.
Posted By Anonymous William , San Mateo, Cal. : 5:52 PM ET

You hit the nail on the head for sure. With every election be it local or national, it seems that the voice of every voting demographic group matters more and more and that every vote makes a difference - and nothing is written.

There are more buzzwords flying around this election than I can ever remember, but the most impactful thus far has been the talk about the value of "young voters". Let's hope it serves to engage them and instill in them the importance of their say in a democracy.
Posted By Anonymous Joe L, Somerville, MA : 5:53 PM ET
Hillary says "I have found my voice!"

I have a quest. for her-- "which one?"
Posted By Anonymous Amy D, Philadelphia : 5:54 PM ET
It's comforting to know that the women voting in this country can factor in the tears, which seem to have made the difference on whether to get the vote out or not. Yikes !
Posted By Anonymous Renee, Ft Pierce, Fl . : 5:57 PM ET
Shouldn't we be waiting for the bigger picture? I couldn't care less about these smaller primaries. It's just the media that's hyping them up.
Posted By Anonymous Ron , Denver, Co. : 5:59 PM ET
Let's all take a deep breath and remember that a lot of voters who vote in the general election don't vote in the primaries .
Posted By Anonymous Andrew E , Spokane Wa : 6:02 PM ET
In politics (even locally) often I am surprised because the assumed winner often doesn't end up winning. Watching the vote returns versus the predictions reminded me of something my mom always said when she and my dad would take me to the polls to watch them vote when I was a kid. She'd always say that my vote was my own, it was intensely private, and that as a woman it was a privilege in this country I should never take for granted. The key to New Hampshire was that for those voters, apparently who they chose was private until the results came out. The people chose differently than what anyone expected or assumed would happen. You know, I never thought this moderate McCain liking Republican would say this, but I was cheering for Hillary because she beat the odds, the naysayers, and the know-it-alls at their own game. Last night was way more exciting than the BCS championship (and I bleed purple and gold). Nothing is written. And maybe that's the lesson of NH, it really isn't over until it's over. Looking forward tonight to the analysis of what happened...and last night, once again the coverage was awesome!
Posted By Anonymous Tammy, Berwick, LA : 6:04 PM ET
Last night was awe-inspiring in politics in its purest form. The people of New Hampshire must be thanked for not making the election a foregone conclusion. How easy it would have been for them to follow the crowd and do as predicted! They didn’t. They kept the race alive. They allowed a larger portion of the country to, more or less, make the decision on Super Tuesday. Unfortunately, Louisiana still lags behind with a primary of February 9th. At that point, I presume it will be largely ceremonial. It doesn’t matter to me now. I’m just glad it’s not a done deal yet. Cooper, the words “Nothing is Written” are as poetic as the story of the life of T.E. Lawrence. And it’s a heck of a lot nicer than saying it “ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

julie in shreveport
Posted By Blogger Julie : 6:07 PM ET
DON'T COUNT the Clintons out! They have more tricks up their sleeves than Imelda Marcos had shoes (did I just age myself?)
Posted By Anonymous Sylvia NY NY : 6:08 PM ET
I'm beginning to think we need to do away with the polling.
Posted By Anonymous Steve - Peoria, IL : 6:12 PM ET
It appears the crying worked.
Posted By Anonymous jenny roma, st petersburg, fl . : 6:13 PM ET
If the polls had not been so dramatically wrong before the New Hampshire primary, this would not have been considered a "comeback" win for Sen. Clinton.
Posted By Anonymous nicole j, mason city, iowa : 6:16 PM ET
The only poll I ever participated in was one about apples. Someone from some apple focus group called me randomly at home and asked me if I ate a lot of apples. I said no, but the pollster went on to ask me every conceivable question you can imagine about apples, what color I preferred, what I used for baking, etc. I just said whatever to get rid of the guy. Hadn't I already said I don't eat a lot of apples? What difference did it make how I answered the questions?

Political polls cannot predict whether a person is actually going to vote, let alone whether that person will change their mind. Maybe they don't care about politics any more than I care about apples. People make money conducting polls and would like us all to believe they are scientific. They're not.
Posted By Blogger Barbara in Culver City, CA : 6:27 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Last nite was absolutely stunning!I am glad for Hillary,cause mostly women had described her as cold and incompetent.But she pulled a victory and set a new lesson for all of us-Nothing is Written- you are right Anderson, we just dont know whats gonna happen next.Anyways thanks to you and CNN for making this election coverage more interesting and informative.I cant wait to watch more of this anymore.See you tonight.
Mississauga, ON
Posted By Blogger tanuja : 7:01 PM ET
I don't think you can write a better plot than this. But can we break up the monotony of politics with some celebrity gossip?
Posted By Anonymous bridget g, indianapolis, in. : 7:30 PM ET
It might sound far-fetched, but I think people sometimes look for the President to bring them personal happiness. What I need most from my President is to keep our nation on top in the financial markets and keep our military the best in the world. All the rest is window dressing.
Posted By Anonymous Dan , Columbus Oh. : 7:44 PM ET
We live in a microwave world; we want our food in three seconds, we zip around faster than a speeding bullet and we certainly don't want to have to wait another nine months for the election. We look at these early primaries as if they're the end all, be all.
Posted By Anonymous donald f . newport beach ca. : 7:49 PM ET
Anderson, Im so glad to see you embrace politics since I dont recall seeing you in the last election.
What I'm really looking forward to is seeing who will run as an independent after the conventions, and whether or not the V.P. candidates will be among those who are in the race now!
Posted By Anonymous jan , alvin, tx. : 8:01 PM ET
Why even have primaries and caucuses? I think it's kind of crazy myself. The millions candidates spend dragging it out like this, when we are all talking about the shaky financial markets is wasteful at best.
Posted By Anonymous margo b, wilmington, de. : 8:10 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Elections are not written in stone, although listening to the pundits and polls you'd think the party's over...Lights out and let's sweep up the confetti!
Well, I think like any script in life...There will be rewrites galore and punch lines that mean very different things to different audiences. Yes, Nothing is written, this open book is a work in progress..Stay tuned.

Lorie Ann
Buellton, Calif.
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 8:14 PM ET
People are so distracted by this circus, who's minding the store? I know Congress has to have a few months off for the holidays, but I'm just wondering what they're doing these days?.....
Posted By Anonymous carole, salt lake city, ut. : 8:14 PM ET
Anderson, another pertinent quote would be William Goldman's line about Hollywood and which movies will be hits: Nobody Knows Anything.

PS to Max -- John McCain's shoulders were permanently damaged by the torture he endured in Viet Nam. He does not have full movement in his arms because of it.
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Portland OR : 8:33 PM ET
I think people need to stop thinking they have to "love" a candidate. And we have to stop looking at it as if we ourselves are winning or losing. Instead, think about what your party of choice stands for and look at the track record of the candidates.
Posted By Anonymous Janet S, Augusta, Ga . : 8:39 PM ET
Most people are not political junkies like us on the blogs and alot of people do not decide until they get to the polling place, so Im taking the primaries in stride.
Posted By Anonymous michelle - - downers grove ill : 8:42 PM ET
Yes, this truly is the most exciting political event in years. Seeing Hillary cry her way back into the election tho, makes me laugh . What next?
Posted By Anonymous ernie, ft. wayne, ind. : 8:45 PM ET
Im sleepless too, but not for the same reason. I just keep thinking about the hundreds of millions of dollars spent to "win" the White House. How is it we can come up with millions to run these campaigns but we're crying over the state of the economy?
Posted By Anonymous Sarah F, Boston, Mass. : 9:00 PM ET
Hey A,
& that's the truth! I remember learning a similar lesson when I was a wee lassie in school. While standing on my rickety soapbox, I recklessly threw in the word 'everybody'. The Art Instructor, who had a penchant for bursting bubbles, chimed in, "Everybody huh ... did you take a poll prior to voicing your opinion or is it just your opinion?" Zing! That was 27 years ago & it's probably one of the best lessons I've learned: never generalize.
Cheers Anderson ... keep raising that bar.
Dwayne Moholitny
Edmonton, Alberta
Posted By Anonymous marq65 : 9:10 PM ET
I have to admit that I am a bit of an addict when I watch our democratic process at work. And, since you mentioned a great line from a movie, I will share one from Miracle on 34th Street. "I believe, I believe.. it's silly, but I believe". That is precisely how I feel about watching the so called "experts". Sometimes the silliness of everyone getting it all wrong, makes it all worth it. I was somehow obsessed with a small number at the bottom of your screen. Watching Gravel climb up to 402 votes was mesmerizing! Yes... I do believe... that Politics is fascinating. Watching you report it with no pretense is how it should be done.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie : 9:22 PM ET
Hey Anderson

Sorry you couldn't sleep last night. You should've turned the television on and watched your competition, you would've been asleep in no time. (I know that's mean, but hey, I'm prejudiced!)

It was exciting watching the returns come in, although, the fact that my candidate was winning probably helped. I disagree with Carl Bernstein though, I think President Clinton campaigning helped Hillary rather than hurt. He's very good at explaining the issues and uses stories where he can which makes it less dry and entertaining to a point.

I don't understand why some people were critical? of Madeline Albright being at Hillary's campaign event. I think she accomplished more as Secretary of State than Condoleeza Rice. Wouldn't Ms Albright be an asset?

I never saw Lawrence of Arabia so I'll have to check it out.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 10:04 PM ET
I agree with you!!! lol! It was so awesome! I am so exciting for Hillary Clinton project winner of New Hampshire! it works for her, when she was tear during speech.... I am watching you on tv right now. I like your blog and made me laugh, I am so enjoy watch primary election and you too.
Megan, Shoreline, Wa
Posted By Anonymous Megan : 10:09 PM ET
It is amazing how this race is turning out. The outcome of the race is unwritten, just as the future of the U.S, its policies and people are. ... Reminds me of a submission for theme song for the race --
Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield -
would've been a good choice :)
Was there ever a winner?

Thanks for all the great coverage -
Posted By Anonymous Julia G., Chicago, IL : 11:02 PM ET

I don't think it's just the media that's hyping these primaries. I think more than ever, we are excited and eager to see talk about this election process.

We want to hear, talk, discuss, debate, scrutinize, and we want you covering it!

Great job to CNN, and especially to the AC 360 team. It's the only show I get to watch when I'm done with work.

Ariston Neto
Miami Beach, FL
Posted By Blogger Ariston- Miami Beach, FL : 11:06 PM ET
Look forward to your South Carolina coverage, especially the behind-the-scenes shots . You're so right about this election cycle keeping us awake at night. I dont think anyone knows what the heck is going on anymore with this race. I mean, nine out of ten polls being wrong in NH means this thing is ANYONE's election to win.
Posted By Anonymous Shari F --Marietta, GA : 12:26 AM ET
I can not believe how unreliable lost voters are.
I can’t believe that I live in a place where a couple of tears means more to people than the real issues facing America, I can not believe that just because some one show some emotion on TV, can actually be given the most powerful job in the planet, I can not believe it. But I do have the audacity to hope that the same people that made that emotional mistake will wake up from their slumber and award the person who will lead us in the right direction with a real vision and determination to make it happen.
Posted By Anonymous Benjamin Evertz : 5:19 PM ET
"Nothing is Written," huh? Eight years ago nobody would have thought that America would invade a country without the UN's approval. Voters should be reminded of how much the Bush presidency has hurt America's image in the rest of the world. It's terrifying to not be able to vote while watching an election that will shape the entire world. Clinton's victory indicates that voters value a human capacity for emotion. I hope the next president will have the same compassion for other countries too.
Posted By Anonymous Anthea, Beijing, China : 4:37 AM ET
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