Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Anderson's View
Damn that NBC Nightly News. OK, here goes. I hadn't wanted to say anything about this until we'd reached a decision, and had a signed contract, but now that NBC News has announced that Michael Douglas will be doing the voiceover introduction to their nightly newscast, our hand has been forced.

For about six months now we've been working on having someone with a very distinctive voice introduce 360 every night. It all started for us when CBS got Walter Cronkite to introduce their broadcast. We formed an exploratory committee which met once a week in a backroom at Michael's restaurant in New York. Week after week, cobb salad after cobb salad, we argued over whose voice to use. Sometimes the discussions got very heated, and eventually we were asked not to return to Michael's. I actually think some NBC News executives may have overheard our discussions there one afternoon and it might have given them the idea to use Michael Douglas. (We never actually talked about using him, but Catherine Zeta-Jones was high on our list for a long time.) Water under the bridge.

While we have not made a final decision, I thought I'd let you know about our four finalists, and if there is anyone else you think should be considered, please let us know. In no particular order, the four people we are considering hiring to introduce 360 everynight are:

Fran Drescher
Clint Eastwood
Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman)

Personally, I'm arguing for Fran Drescher, but I'm keeping an open mind.

- Anderson Cooper
Posted By CNN: 1:24 PM ET
What about Arnold Schwarzeneggar? At each commerical break you could have him say "Anderson will be back in 60 seconds?"

Jenn in Tampa
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:10 PM ET
Oh my god I don't think I could handle Fran Drescher introducing you every night Anderson. I mean seriously. I really need to draw the line somewhere. I would probably start watching at 10:05PM. If I had to pick out of those four...I say Clint Eastwood. He could say something like "Go ahead Anderson, make my news" or something like that.

Glad we can still submit write in votes. What about Kathy Griffin.....she has a distinct voice and she can gosh over you like so many of us wish we could (I am kidding ~ only a little though). Will there be a poll to vote like for the 360 Political Theme Song?

And as to NBC using Michael Douglas as their voiceover. I'm not that impressed. I don't find his voice to be all that so no big loss there.
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 2:14 PM ET
Oh my god I don't think I could handle Fran Drescher introducing you every night Anderson. I mean seriously. I really need to draw the line somewhere. I would probably start watching at 10:05PM. If I had to pick out of those four...I say Clint Eastwood. He could say something like "Go ahead Anderson, make my news" or something like that.

Glad we can still submit write in votes. What about Kathy Griffin.....she has a distinct voice and she can gosh over you like so many of us wish we could (I am kidding ~ only a little though). Will there be a poll to vote like for the 360 Political Theme Song?

And as to NBC using Michael Douglas as their voiceover. I'm not that impressed. I don't find his voice to be all that so no big loss there.
Posted By Anonymous Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 2:14 PM ET
AWW yeah...your too dang funny Coop!! I'll have to agree Fran Drescher all the way!! I mean hearing that voice every night introing you would be SO GREAT!! LOL It would just make your show SO much better!! LOL Cause we know you need all the help that you can get!! LOL Just kidding Coop!

Bring it on Coop!!

Cynthia, Covimgton, Ga.
Posted By Blogger Cindy : 2:16 PM ET

Clint Eastwood would get my vote! Now that's a voice I could listen to.

Maureen, Ontario, Canada
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:25 PM ET
Say it ain’t so Anderson! You've been banned from Michael's? Good Lord man, who will they have to gossip about now?

Seriously though, Fran Drescher? I was thinking more like George Clooney for the smoldering intro. Or give it a NOLA feel and have Emeril Lagassee do it: BAM!

Stephen Colbert would be the ULTIMATE though. Truthiness 360-Style!

Thanks for your fun post. You made my otherwise annoying day.
Posted By Blogger Sheryn : 2:28 PM ET
OY! Francine Joy Drescher would be perfect to introduce you, Anderson Bubbala! Joy to the world! OY to the world! Dial her up on your Blackberry before some other network steals your idea! Mazel tov!

Deb "Bubbala" Cohen
Rochester, New York
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:29 PM ET
I would like to nominate Rosie Perez. Not only does she have the perfect voice to introduce 360 but she also portrayed a Jeopardy Champion in a movie.
Posted By Anonymous Libbey : 2:31 PM ET
I would like to nominate Rosie Perez. Not only does she have the perfect voice to introduce 360 but she also portrayed a Jeopardy Champion in a movie.
Posted By Anonymous Libbey : 2:31 PM ET
Morgan Freeman has a wonderfully folksy, yet sophisticated voice and he appeals to everyman.
Posted By Anonymous aj huntington ny. : 2:33 PM ET
Fran Descher, huh? Yeah, I can see (hear) that... course after about day 5 I might be begging for mercy. :)

From your list I'd have to cast my vote for Mr. "Make My Day" Eastwood.

I do, however, have a couple of other options for you:

Samuel L Jackson
Frank Oz, aka Yoda (since you already have Darth Vader)

Good luck! Sounds like fun!
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Washington DC : 2:39 PM ET
Fran Drescher?! Surely you want to gain more viewers, not scare them off! My choice would've been Barry White, but sadly, he's no longer available for work...
Posted By Anonymous Fay, Vacaville, CA : 2:40 PM ET
One vote for Stephen Hawkings.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 2:40 PM ET
I think you guys should go with Jeff Probst.
And then you can have a Survivor-Mole off.
Throw in some Phil Keoghan and it turns into a Survivor-Mole-Amazing Race off.
Who knows what Ryan Seacrest could add to that mix?

I can see it now.
Well... technically I can hear it.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah R., Toronto, ON, Canada. : 2:42 PM ET

I think that your exploratory committee was having more that just cobb salad in that backroom at Michael's if those are the four finalists they have come up with!

Staying with the quality of the choices presented, I guess I would have to pick Bart Simpson since Rodney Dangerfield is no longer with us; however, that hasn't stopped other celebrities, like Elvis, from continuing to work!

Jo Ann
North Royalton, Ohio
Posted By Blogger Jo Ann : 2:46 PM ET
Can I change my vote to Yoda?

"CNN, this is. Sixty Seconds back in, we will be."
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 2:48 PM ET

In my opinion you should introduce your own show. It'll be awesome with you!!!
Posted By Anonymous Maggie G. : 2:48 PM ET
I think it has to be Celine Dion! Ater last night's show it's a no brainer right? She could sing you in and out of every show.
Or what about Regis? You fill in for him all the time I think it's the least he could do in return.
Or since you have a few connections over at Sesame Street how about Walter McKranky or Oscar the Grouch?

Thanks for making me laugh! Looking forward to your final decision!
Posted By Anonymous Mary Anne, Parlin, NJ : 2:53 PM ET
Thanks for a good laugh after a long morning of juice boxes , animal crackers & Spongebob!

I don't think I could handle Cher or Fran for more than a few days. How about McDreamy? He has a great voice that all the ladies love. Speaking of love, can you introduce yourself? Your the reason we all watch AC360.

In reponse to the last comment I always thought you should join the Amazing Race! I think you could add it to your business card..Amazing Race Winner.
Posted By Anonymous Jeanine : 2:53 PM ET
In a very particular order:
YES, no,no,no. I can not believe Paul Ruebens even noted a mention. That may have been another reason your group was asked to leave "Michaels".
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:55 PM ET
hey AC,
Fran Drescher is a bit too much for introduction, but I'd definately go for Kathy Griffin. She is a great personality, not to mention being in love with you and such. Im sure she'll be plenty of entertainment every night on 360.

Els, ON, Canada
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:56 PM ET
Why don't you intro your own show? You have a nice speaking voice as well. If I had to choose from the four people mentioned, I would choose Clint Eastwood.

Have fun reading everyone's ideas.

I look forward to your show tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Wanda, Nashville, TN : 2:56 PM ET
Anderson, I think you should use Morgan Freeman for the voice over. He has a very distinct voice.
Posted By Blogger ACAnderFan : 2:57 PM ET
What about Jack Nicholson? or Jeremy Irons!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:58 PM ET
Have you tried going back to Michaels in disquise? That just might work...

Fran Drescher would probably scare me every night on 360, I throw my vote in for Kathy Griffin or how about James Earl Jones? Darth Vader introducing you every night? Now that would be cool! (but only if he uses the asthmatic breathing effects...)

And I bet NBC totally did steal your thunder on the voiceover idea - keep your eyes out in restaurants from now on!
Posted By Anonymous Jamie, Pennsylvania : 2:58 PM ET
OK, the show's literally got your name on it and you need someone else introducing it?
And your voice is distinctive enough, thank you very much.
This is a joke, right? And yours is still a news program..? ;)
Cheers to everyone from across the pond!

Posted By Blogger nycbride : 3:00 PM ET
Hard choice, Anderson!
As fan of Clint, I have his "Go ahead, make my day" as ring at my office phone (my boss "loves" it)! But if you can have Clive Owen, it would give me another reason to not miss your program at 4 a.m. from Paris!
Other option: Celine Dion, she is workless. Or why not someone of the 360 staff! Yeah! Let's hear Charlie Moore and the Glee club! But please, not Paul Reubens!

Delphine, Paris, France.
Posted By Blogger Délie : 3:02 PM ET
Haha.. That's very funny!! Ok, my tuppence worth is...... Ryan Seacrest!!! He could give it the whole 'American Idol' feel welcoming the masses to.... Annnnnnnnnnnderson Cooper 360"... Whaddya think?

Denise, Ireland.
Posted By Anonymous Iredenise : 3:03 PM ET
...Okay you were joking. I should train myself to look up names that I don't know before running off at the mouth. Or come to terms with the fact that you can dish it out as well as you can take it.
Posted By Blogger Chie : 3:03 PM ET

I love the idea of a voice-over intro! I vote for your mom. She has a beautiful accent and I love how she says your name! If she's not available then I vote for ring announcer Michael Buffer.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 3:05 PM ET
WHY not give the opportunity to an unknown actor, instead of paying money to an actor already making $5 million per movie?
Posted By Anonymous Anne - Detroit, Mi. : 3:13 PM ET
Two words: William. Shatner.

That is all.
Posted By Blogger Hale : 3:16 PM ET
hey Anderson,
I amnot sure Fran will be a wise choice, I am thinking about George Clooney as : "AC 360, what else..."
I am sure it will be great but you're the boss, it's up to you.
Geraldine (Lyon, France)
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 3:16 PM ET
Anderson! This post has does nothing but re-affirm ALL the reasons I love you! But I must say, I cannot imagine how no one has nominated Gilbert Gottfried. What is not to love about Iago from Aladdin and everyone's favorite AFLAC duck. It saddens me that you neglected to included him. That would make 360 just that much more!
Posted By Anonymous USFGrad0508 : 3:16 PM ET
How about Bill O'Reilly? He could probably use the extra work....
Posted By Anonymous johnny b. : 3:18 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I would like to suggest Bob Goldthwait, better known as Zed from the 139 "Police Academy" movies. Such a sweet, strong and soothing voice!! LOL

My serious suggestion would be Sir Anthony Hopkins, great manly voice.

and just for the heck of it: I have a very sexy Belgian accent, that would give your program international appeal! Think about it!
Posted By Blogger Kristien : 3:18 PM ET
Personally I love Sean Connery's voice, but I also liked when CNN used Darth Vadar's voice (aka James Earl Jones).

If you use any of thoses who've already been named, especially Kathy Griffin I think I'm going to have to switch to Fox News.

Seriously, Kathy Griffin as your New Years Eve "Special Guest",That's the best you can do? Makes me happy I've been invited out to a party, even if I'll be the youngest person there at 47.

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 3:19 PM ET

while your at it , why not use one of the chipmunks from Alvin and the Chipmunks? , on a serious note , a voice of integrity and one that commands attention Anthony Hopkins , give 360 some refinement" Maritza San jose, Ca
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 3:20 PM ET
Hello Anderson.

I know of a best 360 announcer and it is Stephen Colbert or Fran Drescher. I don't like Cher so my favorite would have to be Fran Drescher.

Jennifer, Anderson, South Carolina.
Posted By Blogger bluediamond (Jennifer) : 3:21 PM ET
Clint Eastwood all the way from the list. But what about Kiefer Sutherland...
Posted By Anonymous Kristy, Carlisle, PA : 3:23 PM ET
What about your favorite person.. PARIS HILTON! She could introduce the show in her 'I can't be bothered to speak properly and use my full voice' drawl and then pause for a second and go 'It's hot'!!! Whaddya think??? lol.

Denise, Cork, Ireland.
Posted By Anonymous Denise, Cork, Ireland : 3:24 PM ET

This has to be a joke and a real sick one to boot!

I hate to keep you up to date on Florida but google Pee Wee Herman & Florida.

You may want to knock Pee Wee off your list. He has some problems! I don't think he would pass CNN's Employment Background Check! Yikes!
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bradenton, FL : 3:24 PM ET
Ok, I don't know who Fran Drescher or Paul Reubens are so could not comment !

Perhaps NBC's decision to use Michael Douglas reflects their perhaps more senior viewer profile (and lets face it, the guy is probably available).

I reckon you should go with someone like Mr T, from the A Team or perhaps Hank Azaria (simpsons) or Ricky Gervais (the office, extras).

Sounds like anything but another cobb salad!

Sarah, Canterbury - UK
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 3:30 PM ET
You can't be serious!
Posted By Anonymous Madeliene; Atlanta, Georgia : 3:31 PM ET
Curtis Sliwa needs a job with Don Imus coming back on. Sliwa would give it a New Yawk feel -

"Yo! Tree-Sixty will be right back"
Posted By Anonymous Stephen, Ny : 3:38 PM ET
I am all about Paul Reubens! Pee Wee's Big Adventure is one of my all time favorite/guilty pleasure movies!

If not Mr. Reubens I do like the idea of Yoda as well!
Posted By Blogger Walter : 3:40 PM ET
I am all about Paul Reubens! Pee Wee's Big Adventure is one of my all time favorite/guilty pleasure movies!

If not Mr. Reubens I do like the idea of Yoda as well!
Posted By Blogger Walter : 3:40 PM ET
Call Jim Carrey - he'll do a bunch o' different voices and you can alternate every night with a new character .
Posted By Anonymous danni s, st louis, mo. : 3:41 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I agree with you. I love Fran Drescher. She would make for an interesting opening. On the other hand, you have such a nice sounding voice, I would vote for you.
Posted By Anonymous Lori/Boston, MA : 3:41 PM ET
Fabulous suggestions, but I think that 360 should be introduced by someone that can introduce the strength and honesty the 360 viewers have come to expect from you.....Yoda.
Posted By Anonymous Heather : 3:43 PM ET
Night after night of hearing Fran Drescher voice would eventually make peoples ears bleed.

I think you should do Stephen Colbert, the only man in the world that can’t get enough of his own voice. “Now for the silver surfer of news, it’s AC 360,”

Kathy Griffin would also work. “Now for the dream boat Anderson Cooper” I’m sure you could imagine.
Posted By Anonymous Kayle : 3:44 PM ET
Willie Nelson. He has a beautiful voice, and he could sing, "On the Road Again," whenever you are taking off for parts unknown.

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 3:45 PM ET

YOU ARE A HOOT, during the holidays! Usually you are very serious (which make sense, considering the serious stories you cover!).

My vote is also Fran, she kinda keeps you awake for the later broadcast!

Keep up the awesome work, and have the BEST HOLIDAY EVER!

Liz, Chino Hills, CA
Posted By OpenID beachlzrd : 3:45 PM ET
My top four would be:

Harrison Ford
Elizabeth Taylor
Eddie Izzard
Donald Trump

It seems you don't want the intro to be too serious. Thats why I threw Izzard in there... but being overtly serious could be even more fun which is why I gave you the other 3 names. Good Luck!
Posted By Anonymous MO : 3:51 PM ET
Get Johnny Depp or Madonna to do it! They can put on those faux European accents that they use. It would make the show sound very "hoity-toity".
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Texas : 3:52 PM ET
AC ~ Night after night of Fran Drescher....I might have to start missing your intro after a few nights of that voice! Michael Douglas would have definitely gotten my vote if he was on the list.

I'm all about Kiefer Sutherland or really anyone with an accent.

Although you should have a special section on your website where your loyal viewers can send in their intro for your show and then you can use a different viewer intro every night :)

Erin in Port St Lucie, FL
Posted By Anonymous Erin : 3:58 PM ET
No doubt about it....the girls from those Japanese aerobics/word learning videos should do your intro.

Just think about it....an intro in English & Japanese along with a new exercise routine for the viewers to learn everynight.
Posted By Anonymous Erin in FL : 4:00 PM ET
No doubt about it....the girls from those Japanese aerobics/word learning videos should do your intro.

Just think about it....an intro in English & Japanese along with a new exercise routine for the viewers to learn everynight.
Posted By Anonymous Erin in FL : 4:00 PM ET
Ha Ha. Is it a slow news day? I vote for Sean Connery. Or Jude Law. A British accent would give your show class and be a hit with your international viewers I think.
Posted By Blogger Charlotte : 4:01 PM ET
Anderson, you should use Johnny Depp, or Leonardo DiCaprio or Morgan Freeman, or Martin Sheen or Robin Williams or Kate Winslet or William Hurt.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Atlanta, Georgia : 4:02 PM ET
Please...not Fran D.

I vote for Harrison Ford. Stephen Colbert is good, too, he is snarky and for sure would start the show off with a laugh.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:02 PM ET
I'm just too credulous. Sad truth is, I even believed you at first. Till the cobb salad, that is. That made me suspicious. :-)
Anyway, my nominations:
The wacky category: Jiminy Glick.
The girls category: Angelina Jolie's bedroom voice vs. Cate Blanchett's Galadriel voice.
The fake news category: Stewart or Colbert. How could I ever decide?
The turning-my-knees-into-jelly - category: Alan Rickman. Hands down. Divine voice PLUS sexy English accent. :-)

Marion (Munich, Germany)
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:02 PM ET
How about Glen Close? She has a fantastic speaking voice. Wasn't she on the CNN Heroes show?
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 4:08 PM ET
Go with Cher because everytime something bad is reported you can have a clip of her singing " If I could turn back time"
Posted By Anonymous Sara : 4:13 PM ET
I'm throwing my vote in for Ryan Seacrest. Come on, throw him a bone; it's not like the man has many jobs. I'm pretty sure he doesn't work at your particular time of the day. Who doesn't want to hear "AC 360... out!" ?
Posted By Anonymous Fleur, Auckland, New Zealand : 4:15 PM ET
What happend to the guy who use to announce at the begining? I miss that guy! Bring him back if you can, :-)
Posted By Blogger beaslma : 4:16 PM ET
Anderson, boy I'm sensing a little jealousy, a little keeping up with the Jones's. ;)

What the heck has gotten into you? In a good mood and now kidding around, it's weird. We've gotten so used to you being serious dude, with the crusty grumpy exterior, that this change is simply too much.

I think you should use Krusty the Klown, hey hey, or how about Sushi, the not so fresh drag queen or Seamanship or those girls teaching English? "I have a bad case of diarrhea" would lend just the right tone to the show most nights. ;)

The best comments on here and the people who don't get it that your being sarcastic.
Posted By Anonymous lonelygirl1968 : 4:19 PM ET
Rufus Wainwright or Jake Shears!!
Both men have very distinctive and adorable voices.

hahaha, if only AC360 would actually do this!
Posted By Blogger permission2rock : 4:25 PM ET
Ryan Seacrest, obviously, is the answer.

After all, it can't just be John Mayer who thinks he's the Anderson Cooper of E!
Posted By Anonymous cassie t., auckland, new zealand : 4:31 PM ET
Obviously the Cobb salads were served with a red wine vinagrette - heavy on the red wine. I'd second Sean Connery but since he's not in your top 4 - Clint. Actually, you could alternate between - one male and one female - that would appease all members of your audience. But for the female - Kathleen Turner ... what better smoldering voice that Jessica Rabbit?
Posted By Anonymous Lisa : 4:37 PM ET

Just say no to Fran! How about James Earl Jones? Or would that be to Darth Vader for people? Or maybe Keifer Sutherland? He has a nice smooth voice.
I loved the dancing asian women--they were almost as good as the navy guys!

See you later
Jessica Milwaukee, WI
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:51 PM ET
Consider Steve Buscemi
Posted By Anonymous MJ : 4:56 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

My vote would go to Fran Drescher. Her opening would be memorable every night! I guess we think alike. I'll see you on the show tonight. Have a good one and God bless.

Jessica from Texas
Posted By Anonymous Jess : 4:59 PM ET
I vote for Fran out of your four choices. Her real voice is actually quite lovely.

The most fun announcer would be Robin Williams. You'd never know what you'd get each night. And think of what an awesome lead-in it could be to the show.
Posted By Anonymous Tammy, Berwick, LA : 5:00 PM ET
Anderson, I have a great idea! What about Sam Elliot? He did the "Beef, it's whats for dinner" commercials. His voice is wonderful. You should really think about it!
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 5:00 PM ET
Anderson, I vote for Cher, but maybe you could consider the following:

Harry Connick Jr.
Kevin Costner
Matt Damon
Sigourney Weaver
Beyonce Knowles
Vanessa Williams

I like their voices and they're good artists as well.

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 5:08 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

What about Masi Oka who plays "Hiro Nakamura" in the show "Heros"? He's a cool geek!

Catch you later!
Ruly, Singapore
Posted By Blogger Ruly : 5:10 PM ET
Oh, another suggestion...how about Patrick Dempsey or Amy Adams? No particular reason, other than they were both in the movie "Enchanted", and I loved the movie!

Edmonds, WA
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 5:11 PM ET
How about Jerry Lewis? You could have duelling "Hey, Laaaaaaaaady"s. That would be cool.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:17 PM ET
Yikes! What are they putting in those salads anyway? Please give us something a bit less - er - melodic. How about Sam Elliot? (Connery would be good too.)

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:28 PM ET
I think Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, would make an awsome voice over introducer to 360.
I think he does those .. 'built ford tough' commercials. And 360 is right along those lines.

Choose Mike Rowe
Posted By Anonymous Liz toledo oh : 5:39 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

What about Kathy Griffin??

Tracie - Chicago, IL
Posted By Anonymous Tracie - Chicago, IL : 5:39 PM ET
I think Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, would make a great voice over introducer to 360.
I think he does those...'built Ford tough' commercials. And we all know 360 is right along those lines.

Choose Mike Rowe!
Posted By Anonymous Liz toledo oh : 5:41 PM ET
Oh, if only the dramatic chipmunk could speak.
Posted By Anonymous Lee, Topeka, KS : 5:44 PM ET
A fantastic voice would be the guy that does the movie trailers (also a Geico commercial), "One man, all alone, destined for greatness. One network, rising above all others. Together they will rule the..."
Posted By Anonymous NE Fan : 5:49 PM ET
How about Erica? She could use her fabulous French accent! Magnifique!
Posted By Blogger Kristien : 6:01 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

Geeze, I like Fran's personnality but not her voice!! On that note, why not Joan Rivers, Borat, Simon Cowell(who could tell us what a bunch of morons we are, that would be nice!), Kathy Griffin(who would be sending you subliminal messages through the intro;-). And to go to commercials, of course, something, anything by Journey, your choice! Hey, it's your show!

More seriously, a man's voice,John Cusack(well, that's for me;-) or Anthony Hopkins or Jack Nicholson(with the voice of a psycho, yeah!)

Have a great show!
Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne R. : 6:06 PM ET
For the love of God do not pick Fran Drescher. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Oprah, Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, and Morgan Freeman would make good choices.
Posted By Anonymous Shauna, Syracuse,NY : 6:07 PM ET
My vote is for Jerry Seinfeld. He could open the show by saying, "What's the deal with 360?"
Posted By Anonymous Lee, Toronto, ON : 6:11 PM ET
I would go with Clint Eastwood. He is a legend. Definatly do not go with Paul Reubens that would be kinda weird...Love the show keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Sara Humboldt County : 6:13 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

Ha ha ha ha - the fact that you began your post by cussing cracked me up. It has been that sort of day hasn't it? Yeah, me too.

Okay,I have to go with my gut here. Clint Eastwood would be great, love Fran Drescher too, but my money goes on Pee Wee. It has to be said that hearing him announce, or better yet say "THIS IS CNN", I would have an accident directly related to his name.

Sheesh, don't you guys ever just eat burgers? Give it a try, you need the strength. LOL.
Posted By Blogger Pati Mc : 6:16 PM ET
I think you should rotate people. Maybe change it up every couple of months. But I have to agree that Kathy Griffin is a good choice and Regis.
Posted By Anonymous Holly in Florida : 6:19 PM ET
Of course you're keeping an open mind. That's what one of the things I appreciate about you. And, why I watch you.

I'd say James Earl Jones, Lindsay Lohan has a beautiful voice if you really listen. How about Kathleen Turner, Sexy yet professional and refined, not raunchy. Or, a professional radio DJ like JJ Kennedy or Pat St. John, they have great voices.

Fran Drescher, NOT! Sorry Anderson, I usually agree with you but I guess there's a first time for everything.
Posted By Anonymous Mariela, New York, NY : 6:55 PM ET
Where you all sitting around listening to Cher? Is that why she was nominated? Why does it have to be someone famous? You can hire me to do it! I'll get people's attention...."the voice without a face...". Kind of catchy don't you think?
Springville, Ut
Posted By Anonymous Heidi, Springville, Ut : 6:57 PM ET
I will be happy to volunteer my services. I think 360 needs a distinctive Cajun accent. Fly me to New York immediately.
Seriously...is James Earl Jones still alive? He'd be great.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 7:01 PM ET
Those are good picks Anderson but how about the movie voice over guy? Huh? Or Alan Rickman? Just a couple more for you to think about.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie Denby, Pittsburg, KS : 7:02 PM ET

There are many great ideas, but the live introduction Larry King does every night is the best. Don't change a thing. Do you really think your fans need a new introduction. No, we like ac360 just the way it is!

Kristine, Richmond, VA
Posted By Anonymous kmlansing : 7:11 PM ET
Hi Anderson-
What an interesting dilemma! Is Barry White still alive? That would sound cool!
Good luck finding your voice over person!
Posted By Blogger pamina : 7:12 PM ET
Oh, Mr. Cooper... I'd love it if 360 was introduced every night by Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies.

"Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm ... Anderson Cooper reports tonight for CNN.. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm"

Posted By Anonymous Ryan Y. - Omaha, NE : 7:15 PM ET
How about that guy who does al the movie voice overs? He could build his intro to a crescendo culminating with the name of the host...Anderson Cooper.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 7:45 PM ET
HA HA...I vote for The NANNY!
Posted By Blogger Martini Sherri : 7:55 PM ET
I am all about Fran Drescher!! I am sorry but if she does not have the most distinctive voice of the names you listed, I just don't know who else might! Although I read in someone else's comment about getting Kathy Griffin; I think that is an excelent idea as well! I mean the woman loves you, and to hear and possibly see? her everynight introducing your show, would just be beyond amazing!

Posted By Blogger manguelova : 8:24 PM ET
Jennifer Hudson has a great voice - deep and well -modulated from acting experience.

And I'm tellin' you Anderson Cooper will be right back...
Posted By Anonymous cara, boston, ma. : 8:52 PM ET
your four finalist is great but how about Mis Joan Rivers she has distinctive voice also.

thank you Mr. Anderson Cooper for keeping your New Years resolution.LOL!

Regards to all staff and crew of AC360.
Posted By Anonymous Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 9:42 PM ET
I think Monica Belucci (The Matrix Reloaded) would be great. With her sultry voice and sexy lips, people will start drooling over your show.

Aya, KL Malaysia
Posted By Blogger rohaya : 10:17 PM ET
Hey AC crew! Natalie Portman would be great for a voiceover. She is intelligent and elegant. Think about it! -Annie from New Orleans
Posted By Blogger ARfromNola : 10:25 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I don't know about Fran, or Pee Wee Herman, there big no nos in my book.

What about Dr. Evil or Isaac Hayes, or Spongebob?

but if those don't work, I'd go with Clint, his voice would be perfect!

And I know you thought of the idea first Anderson ;)

P.S. Dennis Haysbert? "that's the Coop's stand. Are you in good hands?"

SMW, Seattle, Washington
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 11:03 PM ET
Michael J Fox!
He's got a great voice.

But we all know the only man who will ever do 360 real justice is Anderson Cooper.

Posted By Anonymous Lenora, Houston : 11:13 PM ET
William Shatner would be great! He would have to throw a little Denny Crane in there. It would be terribly inappropriate and entertaining.
Posted By Anonymous Tisa : 11:15 PM ET
I would recommend Lewis Black. He has the right vocabulary (outraged) and the right energy level (outraged) and the right hand gestures (outraged) to handle the nightly news.

These 3 points prove that Lewis is paying attention, because if one is not completely outraged, one is not paying attention.

Ergo: Lewis Black is paying attention.
Posted By Blogger The Watcher : 11:19 PM ET
OH I vote for that big guy who played in Green Mile, Michael Clarke Duncan. He's humble and has the pipes to do a really strong voiceover.
Posted By Anonymous robin, lake worth, fl. : 11:21 PM ET
Hi Mr cooper
I love your show and i think Mr Dirty harry Of Carmel Clint Eastwood is the best person

Carmel Ca
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 11:23 PM ET
My choices (in no particular order):

- Stewie Griffin from Family Guy
- Alec Baldwin from Massapequa, NY
- Mario Cuomo from Queens Cty, NY
- Beavis and/or Butt-head from MTV

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou,
Island of O`ahu, Hawaii
Posted By Blogger mochiCrunch : 11:30 PM ET
I'm all for Floatilla DeBarge. She has lots of hosting experience, and would add some excitement.

Well, maybe too much. Perhaps Floatilla would be best used as a guest host.

Posted By Blogger Mike : 11:32 PM ET
Posted By Blogger ELLEN SHLOM : 11:34 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
How could you forget about "wacko Jacko" He should be #1 on your list! very unfortunate:(
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina : 11:37 PM ET
James Earl Jones is my pick. (CNN already has him on the payroll!!!) But, if you want to be original...Mary J. Blige could sing your intro. YEAH!!!
Posted By Anonymous Keisha R. Kansas City, MO : 11:48 PM ET
I vote for Robin Williams, you could have a different personality for every night of the week! Fran would be awsome too! As long as it's not her laugh everynight!

Nicole, London, ON, Canada
Posted By Anonymous Nicole : 11:53 PM ET
Anderson, speaking for all the mothers out there, I think your mother would be a fabulous candidate.

Nina, New Haven, CT
Posted By Anonymous Nina : 12:10 AM ET
How about some real news! There are youth leaders in Detroit who are fed up with the practice of shooting firearms to ring in the New Year. What is amazing here is that we see teens as leaders who are determined to make their city safer. Their blog, www.hugsnotbulletscampaign.blogspot.com tells their amazing views and concerns about this issue.
Posted By Blogger Hugs Not Bullets Campaign : 12:32 AM ET
I think there is one obvious choice here... Alec Baldwin.
Posted By Anonymous Bailie : 12:35 AM ET
Well, thank goodness I only watch the podcasts! I think any of those choices are terrible, personally. Why can't you do it yourself? You have a very nice voice, and it is also extraordinarily distinctive. I would recognize your voice anywhere and I like it, Tigger laugh notwithstanding.

(I'm teasing, I think your laugh is adorable and it makes me laugh.)
Posted By Blogger S. Dawn Jones : 12:39 AM ET
Hey Anderson;
I think you should hold out for Helen Keller for intros and Elvis to sing you out...or maybe Steve Perry since he is obviously not busy with Journey anymore.
Posted By Anonymous Sandi : 1:24 AM ET
I would vote for Morgan Freeman; he's already played "god" once. He sounds like a higher authority. If I had to listen to Fran Dresher I would commit hari kari. If it has to be one of the others, I vote for Clint.
Posted By Anonymous Thewalrus1940 : 1:59 AM ET
Hey Anderson!

I think you should get Sean Connery!.. hes got such a cool, smooth voice... and you cant get any cooler then JAMES BOND!

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:20 AM ET
Get Pee-Wee!!! That would be awesome. Hey, couldn't Anderson just do it himself... I'm pretty sure he's famous enough.
Posted By Anonymous Taylor M. : 2:35 AM ET

Why not try Ed... McMahon! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Andy!!! Didn’t hurt Johnny any….

So it was you in the voice over for Bravo? Sounds so much like you… Moonlighting?

Now a real question, why is it AC360 does not do Nola updates anymore in “Keeping them Honest” wear out your welcome…Gosh I hope not…I rather liked it you in that Mardi Gras parade that year…I mean what else could you ask for, a week of cultural history and support trying keep the “spirit” alive with AC throwing beads…

And why don’t you go after those who wanted to help and help the “Make it Right” project? Larry King’s thing was a start, now how do you get corporate America to listen and act? Do they only respond to things like the Imus Incident? Or A. Sharpton and the coup’s boycotting? Who starts them to thinking of the good neighbor public relations in offering a helping hand to one of our neighboring states? Now that’s a storm for you, why it is a war on complacency and greed worth reporting!?!

~ Jill, MI
Posted By Blogger Jill : 3:09 AM ET
The Nanny as an announcer? I don't think so! You and your team should consider Michael Buffer to introduce your show everynight. He could say, "Let's get ready for Anderson Cooper threeeeee siiiiiiiiiiiiiixty!" You'd have everybody pumped up and ready to watch the news.

Camille in Chula Vista, CA
Posted By Anonymous camille : 3:32 AM ET
Posted By Anonymous Amber, Ft. Wayne IN : 3:50 AM ET
your search has endend. . the greatest actor ever. . Bruce Campbell.
Posted By Anonymous Big E Myers : 5:23 AM ET
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert. I don't imagine they're too busy these days.

(Plus, it'd be good to have them back on our TVs...)
Posted By Anonymous Emma, Australia : 6:43 AM ET
Hi Anderson, I've given this some more thought, and I've come up with more ideas. The list is long, but I promise you, these are good ideas.

Jack Nicholson

Harrison Ford

Nicolas Cage

Al Pacino

Tom Hanks

Diane Keaton

Susan Sarandon

Demi Moore (I don't know if this is true or not, but I hear she watches your show)

Renee Zellwegger (I hear she watches your show too)

Charlize Theron

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 12:20 PM ET
I would like to vote for 'Morgan Freeman'. still remember his voiceover in 'the million dollar baby', one of my favorite movie :-). Clint is good too, if i have to vote among those four.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy : 12:39 PM ET
Anderson..I don't know what sort of guideline the fella's back at CNN used to pick those actors, but Anthony Hopkins is a man that in his own rite would be great.
Posted By Blogger gomsu : 12:55 PM ET
I begged them to consider Lauren Bacall and Kathleen Turner, but NBC and Brian wouldn't budge.
Posted By Anonymous joanc : 1:30 PM ET
Anderson it has to be Elmo!!

You are Too Funny!!
Posted By Anonymous Kodes : 2:06 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I think Borat will be the perfect voice for 360, very international...

Take Care!

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 2:21 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I reallty don't know about Fran Drescher she seems a bit off to me lol
I think you should choose Sean Connery, Oh!That scottish accent is to die for

Marta, Portugal
Posted By OpenID martinha-15 : 2:56 PM ET
Hello Anderson,
Why go with mainstream, NBC has already ruined the surprise? CNN has always set itself apart with the award winning journalism. Keep the announcer in house....Michael Ware.

Posted By OpenID jaspercindy : 3:17 PM ET
Hey, maybe you could get Heidi Klum to use her Santa Baby voice!

Auf Wiedersehen
Posted By Anonymous Bonnie -- St. Louis : 4:19 PM ET

For me, this is a no-brainer.

Megan Mullaly!

She has the perfect voice for the job!

I beg you to consider her.
Posted By Anonymous Abbot31 : 4:57 PM ET
What about Ross Perot for the introduction?

Let's get real. We like your voice but wouldn't be awkward to introduce yourself?

My vote is for Larry King via status quo.
Posted By Blogger Sharon from Indy : 5:06 PM ET
Clint Eastwood has my vote. Maybe he can work in "Make my day" to his announcement.

Suzanne Williams
Knoxville TN
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:55 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

Like I said I know the perfect guy, JAMES EARL JONES. That's all I have to say.
Posted By Anonymous Shauna : 11:13 PM ET
Paul Reubens?!?! Why would CNN even consider hiring someone like him? As I recall, he was once arrested for public masturbation- gross!

You do realize that if you follow though on this, people will think you are copying NBC.
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve M, Scottsdale, AZ : 8:18 PM ET
I vote for your Mom. Or... the movie phone guy.

"It's Anddderrsonnnn Cooper."

We on the east coast adore you!
Posted By Anonymous Karenna : 10:29 PM ET
Gilbert Gottfried, Stuttering John, Bobcat Goldthwait, Andy Rooney, Joe Pesci, "Tony Soprano", Joey Buttafuco, Joan Rivers

:) Pam
Posted By OpenID kepajoy : 10:54 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Saw the Ozzy Osbourne "audition." Yikes! is all I have to say on that.

May I say that I wouldn't be opposed to retaining Larry King as the one who introduces you every night? I love that he has a knack for saying the right things and making you smile just before the show. You know, how he always calls you "Man of the Hour", or the other day, he called you "Mr. New Year's Eve." I mean, that would make me smile, too, if I were you.

But if you're still looking for a "big-name" voice, and that person makes you smile, then he/she has my vote. Personally, I like Demi Moore's voice. Husky and sexy, yet authoritative.

Thanks :)
Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Blogger Lilibeth : 1:23 AM ET
This is a little bit from left field, but a theory I had would be Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman from the 1990's cartoon series. Don't laugh, he has a very dramatic and intense delivery that, while it is not James Earl Jones, still manages to eerily disembodied and ominous. "CNN: Serious Business."

Second runner up would be Patrick Stewart, and I'd say that's a close tie in my book.

Appologies to Ozzy on this one.
Posted By Anonymous Booger from Boston : 8:38 PM ET
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