Thursday, November 01, 2007
If You Were President....Round Two
We had such a great response Monday night, we wanted to throw this out there again. If you were president, what would you do? Click on the comments section below and tell us.
Posted By CNN: 10:11 PM ET
I would not lie to the American people or everyone else in this world. I would do what is best for America first and everyone else second. I would not waste money as we do now on other people's problems. i.e.wars. I would provide health care for our people and restore America to its status as the leader in the free world. And, I would bring our people home to protect our own land and borders.
Posted By Anonymous steve : 10:20 PM ET
If I were president I would require all U.S. citizens to leave the country for one year on their 18th birthday, or upon graduation from high school; I would outlaw all billboards and I would push congress to legalize marijuana.
Posted By Anonymous Doug Whittle, Madison, WI : 10:21 PM ET
Well, seeing as I'm Australian I actually can't get elected President, but if I could, I'd start by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. My country and the US are the only developed countries holding out, and it's ridiculous. Forget these token, toothless agreements like the one reached at the APEC Summit in Sydney - which basically amounted to, "we stand today in agreement that global climate change poses one of the gravest coming threats to this planet, and with this in mind we pledge to do... whatever we feel like" - we need to act now, and until prominent western countries like America step up, we have no hope of convincing developing nations like China and India to do likewise.
Posted By Blogger Jess : 10:22 PM ET
Give all war veterans from wwII,KOREA,VIETNAM,DESERT STORM,IRAQI FREEDOM and the KOSOVO,PANAMA and GRANADA conflicts 1/4 of the highest paid corporate CEO'S salary and thank us for putting our lives on the line for this country.Tax free of course,we've earned it.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:23 PM ET
Give all war veterans from wwII,KOREA,VIETNAM,DESERT STORM,IRAQI FREEDOM and the KOSOVO,PANAMA and GRANADA conflicts 1/4 of the highest paid corporate CEO'S salary and thank us for putting our lives on the line for this country.Tax free of course,we've earned it.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:23 PM ET
I would betray my campaign contributors and focus on fixing up domestic social issues like poverty and the wealth divide. I would also make diplomacy the first line of action in foreign policy, and have a more multi-lateral framework that uses the U.N. rather than 1 to 1 deals
Posted By Blogger Roland : 10:26 PM ET
If I were president the first thing i would do is raise the minimum wage to 15.00 dollors an hour. This would accomplish 3 things. 1 illigal aliens will stop trying to get into this country because americans will do the now low paying jobs. 2 crime will go down, more younger undereducated americans will go to work instead of selling drugs. 3 The more money being made by americans will be put back into the economy. Corporations in this country have had it to good for to long and are goverment is allowing them to pay people next to nothing. THEY RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE THINKING THEY ARE GIVING PEOPLE SOMETHING AND IT ADDS UP TO NOTHING IN THIS COUNTRY 10.00HR EQUALS ABOUT 20,000 A YEAR BEFORE TAXES LETS SEE THE POLITICIANS LIVE OF THAT ITS NO WONDER WE HAVE A ILLIGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM AND CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY. WE NEED TO GIVE HARD WORKING AVERAGE AMERICANS A LIVING WAGE AND STOP THIS MODERN DAY SLAVERY.
Posted By Anonymous MIKE B saratoga springs new york : 10:26 PM ET
If I was President, first I would pass a law making it mandatory that future Presidents had to have active duty military experience. I have no idea how people actually vote into office a person who was a draft dodger or a person who just walked away from their reserve duty as is the case for the two men that led our country the over almost the last 16 years. Then work on the horrible economy and help the middle class who have been taking the beating of a lifetime the last few years. All I know is when Warren Buffett, the world's second richest man, says that he should be paying more taxes, it is pure and simple the rich of this country are reaping all the benefits.
Posted By Blogger gregva2007 : 10:31 PM ET
If I were President, I would first reinstate the original thirteenth amemdment to the constitution, which delt with titles of nobility. If you were a member of the BAR association, that would be a title of nobility and you could not hold public office or be an American citizen. Then I would abolish the unconstitutional I.R.S.
and Federal Reserve. War would be declared and money coined by Congress. We would return to a constitutional government as a Republic and not a democracy. We would get out of the United Nations and not be involved in the matters of war but only trade with foreign nations. I would consult on other matters with my Vice President Ron Paul.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:32 PM ET
If I was president, one of my highest priorities would be to send out a top diplomatic team to negotiate in person with Iran, N.Korea, and other rogue states. My team would be led by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and would include Colin Powell, Bill Richardson, John McCain, and perhaps others.
Posted By Anonymous John Arbore- Cedar Rapids IA : 10:32 PM ET
If I were elected president, the first thing I would do is appoint Ron Paul to take my place.
Unfortunately I'm pretty sure there isn't any constitutional basis for such a move, so I'd have to just have him as my chief advisor. Much like George Bush has Jesus as his...or is it Satan...?
Posted By Anonymous Dale Basescu : 10:33 PM ET
If I were elected president, the first thing I would do is appoint Ron Paul to take my place.
Unfortunately I'm pretty sure there isn't any constitutional basis for such a move, so I'd have to just have him as my chief advisor. Much like George Bush has Jesus as his...or is it Satan...?
Posted By Anonymous Dale Basescu : 10:34 PM ET
If I were president I would limit the number of years any one person can serve as a representative/senator. Hopefully this will get "I-need-to-be-reelected-again" congressmen/women out of congress and we can get some people who care about the American people and just not them self. I would also give congress time to ask me, the President, any questions they wanted over live broadcast and I would be will to answer all of their questions fully under oath. I would eliminate at least 20% of all government workers because the government wastes too much tax money just so people can sit at a cubicle all day and hardly get any work done. Lastly, I would accept the fact that the Climate Crisis threatens our species just as lazy, quiet,and shy Americans threaten our democracy (of the people, for the people, BY THE PEOPLE).
Posted By Blogger Nick Morris : 10:36 PM ET
If I were President, I'd tell every
Democrat, every Republican, Independent and non-voter that the time is now to bury the hatchet.
Please check your superiority complex at the door! Hail to the Chief.
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 10:38 PM ET
Stop the New World Order! Stop the Illuminati!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:41 PM ET
Secure our borders!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Rachel M. Orlando, FL : 10:42 PM ET
If I were president I would first reinstate the original thirteenth amendment to the constitution, which delt with titles of nobility. If you were a member of the BAR association, a title of nobilty, you could not be a U.S citizen or hold public office. I would abolish the unconstitutional I.R.S. and the Federal Reserve system. We would return to a Gold and Silver standard and money would be coined by Congress. We would return to a constitutional government that would make us a republic and not a democracy. We would get out of the United Nations and war would be declared by congress. We would stay out of foreign affairs and wars and only trade with other countries. I would consult with my Vice President Ron Paul.
Posted By Anonymous Dwayne : 10:44 PM ET
If I were to be elected President, I would completely abolish the Patriot Act which is just unconstitutional. Definetly have Ron Paul as Vice President. I would also stop the New World Order that Bush Snr. called for.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:47 PM ET
If I were President I really don't know what I would do with the country in the condition and position that we are in. Prez Bush has created enemies faster than he can kill them. :-(
Posted By Anonymous BAT, Nacogdoches,TX : 10:47 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
If I were President, the first thing I'd do is fire everyone in Washington!!! Once you've been involved with Washington too long, like it or not, you slowly become what You once despised. As you learn to play the correct "Washington Political Game" You become further, and further dis-connected from any once connection with "We The People" Jeff Morris-Saugerties, N.Y- DeJaVu57
Posted By Anonymous Jeff Morris- DeJa Vu 57 : 10:52 PM ET
I would bring all our armed forces around the world home to protect America not our 'intrests' abroad. I would end multilayered government and taxes with one highly trimmed government serving the people not the few chosen. I would make all quasi-governmental agancies come under the single government.
There would only be one fair tax, to one governmental body. I would see an amendment added to make greed and pork spending a treason against the people. I would ask the United Nations to find a new host country until they actually are fair to all, with no economic sanctions as leverage. I would fix social security by removing the cap on the few that profited from the work & hardship of the many. I would end what is now an entitlement and make the silver years our experience base so we fix the problems of the past. I would see that the lobbys leave their control of Washington politics by the NO Greed in Government Amendment. What America needs is a non-political leader that is not interested in our intrests abroad or getting re-elected. I would see an end to the electoral college for popular vote and require mandatory voting to eliminate appathy and reduce non-participation in our society.
Freedom is not free, but I would be proud to work for NO PAY as a public servant and lead our nation back to the respect we deserve in this world. Thank You
Posted By Blogger bob : 10:54 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:58 PM ET
Year round Day Light Savings Time.

New Law: Congress shall pass no law exempting the government or any federal employee from the new or previous laws.

New Law: No retired government employee will be allowed to receive pensions totaling more then the retired employee's average of their last 5 years federal government wages, salary and bonuses.

New Law: National guard members will serve only in the U.S.A. , unless war is declared by Congress.

Energy Policy:

Energy independence by 2010.

55 mph national speed limit until imported gas is less than 10% of national usage.

Promotion of : Coal Gasification Ethanol Wind Power

Trade Policy, Foreign Policy and Immigration Policy will be based on Free Trade and weighted with RECIPROCITY.

Immigration Policy.

We will allow citizens of other countries to come to and work in the US under
the same laws US citizens are allowed to work in their country.
Only US citizens are eligible for government welfare programs.

Property Ownership:

Ownership of Real Estate in the US will be afforded to non-US-citizens if US citizens are
allow to own property in the the non-US-citizen’s home country (regardless of sex, race or

Stock and Private Property ownership.

Ownership of Stock and Private Property in the US will be afforded to non-US-citizens if
US citizens are allow to own property in the the non-US-citizen’s home country
(regardless of sex, race or religion.)


Flat personal income tax rate of 25% after the Standard Deduction.
Standard Deduction will be indexed for inflation from the time the Tax code was introduced.

Government Pension Program:


No longer a separate pension for CIA, Congress, Senate, Ambassadors, etc.
The same program will be offered to all employees.

Major Medical Coverage.

One health plan for all Federal Gov. employees, regardless of department.

Social Security:
Personal payroll contribution will no longer have an upper limit.
Employers’ portion upper limit will be $150.000.

Individual Retirement Accounts.
The upper income limits for deductibility requirements will be the tax payer's total income
There will be no lower income limits for deductiblity requirements.
IRAs and Roth IRAs will be allowed even if the taxpayer has an employer sponsored pension.

Abortion and Child rights:

Will be no less than that afforded the American Eagle.
Larry Nelson
Bartonville, IL
Posted By Anonymous larry Nelson : 11:01 PM ET
I would work to pass a constitutional amendment requiring ALL public officials to take an exam every two years testing their knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers, Rights vs. Priveleges, and American History 101.

We have WAY too many public officials swearing to uphold a document they know little about.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 11:09 PM ET
If I were president, I'd focus on community policing so that the communities would feel protected and at the same time they can trust the police forces. I'd focus on lowering taxes in order to raise up equality in all social classes.
Posted By Anonymous Myta Santiago : 11:17 PM ET
I'd end the War on Drugs, eliminate the IRS and Income Tax, bring home all the troops stationed in over 100 countries around the word (not just in Iraq), end corporate welfare, and make social security optional.

Since I won't be President, I'll settle for electing Ron Paul.
Posted By Anonymous Gary Snyder, NY, NY : 11:25 PM ET
I'd bring the troops home, give all Americans Medicare and make public colleges free, close government offices on Fridays to cut energy use by 20% to crash the price of oil and gas-- thus bankrupting Islamic terrorism, bringing peace to the Middle East, and halving inflation and interest rates; and give every American home 30 CFL's, cutting everyone's electric bill in half and beginning the end of Global Warming.
Posted By Anonymous john henry david westport, ct : 11:48 PM ET
I would invest time and money in critically endangered species such as
the mountain gorillas, polar bears, bonobos and orangutans --before it is too late. I would incentivise Americans to change their eating habits to reduce the consumption of meat in order to help the environment and I would break ties the the car industry and their lobby and join the rest of the world in the fight against the destruction of our natural habitats. Shame on this country.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 12:24 AM ET
The first thing I would do... apologize to the rest of the world for the past 7 years of the Bush administration. We take full responsibility for our actions- we did elect him in 2004. We'll try to make better decisions in the future.
Posted By Anonymous Bridget Ann, Dundalk, Maryland : 1:07 AM ET
If elected president, I would reinstate the writ of Habeas Corpus, put the Bush Crime Family on trial for perjury, meet with Muslim/Middle Eastern leaders personally, enact economic sanctions on China, and repeal the PATRIOT Act in full. Simple as that friends.

Peace and Love.

Posted By Anonymous William Schiffelbein : 1:15 AM ET
I would personally concentrate efforts to restore normal relations with Russia. Next, I would concentrate on restoring the USA's image on the international scene. Then working with the UK and Russia attempt to put peace as a front running mutual agreement.
Posted By Blogger Jeffrey : 1:17 AM ET
If I were President,

Leave Iraq, not invade Iran, not attack any other nation, and bring our military home.

I would stop subsidizing corporations and encourage small, environmentally sound local businesses to grow.

I would demand citizen education so that Americans would be able to make informed decisions about real issues that affect our country, so they are knowledgeable on election day.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:19 AM ET
Primarily, I would concentrate on bringing a normilization in relations with NATO and Russia, as well as in China and other major allies. Next, I would try to find a more systematic way of tracking down terrorists and use verified intelligence by our allies as well as our own to track them down.
Posted By Blogger Jeffrey : 1:20 AM ET
If I became President I would disgrace my office and country as publicly and shamefully as possible.

Naturally, I wouldn't want to be the first President to do otherwise.
Posted By Anonymous Nathaniel Ball Broken Arrow, Oklahoma : 1:23 AM ET
First order of business: LINE ITEM VETO. Not easy (repeal of a constitutional ammendment) but would eliminate a lot of pork-barrel spending. Mule museum, bridge to nowhere, and a million others.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:27 AM ET
I would focus on domestic issues right now if I were president. I know I know nothing about the depth of what the president deals with, but Iraq is happening....period. I fought in Iraq in 2003-2004 with the 4th ID, 1-12 IN BN. I know Iraq is important, but in my belief...what is happening is biblically prophecised. Focus on America as well...that's it.

James Russell
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:29 AM ET
If I were elected President, I would appoint Ron Paul as my Vice President and then immediately resign from office.

If that were not constitutional (and Ron Paul would be able to tell me so), then I'd hang on his every word and do my best to emulate his conservative platform.
Posted By Anonymous Andy Bartlesville, OK : 1:31 AM ET
Amazing, Paulites think alike! We'd all have him as our VP / Immediate Replacement!

I thought I was being so original with my suggestion...

Bartlesville, OK
(Andrew T. Roberson)
Posted By Anonymous Andy Bartlesville, OK : 1:39 AM ET
I would have Congresman Ron Paul as my number one advisor and try to implement his suggestions to restore this great country to what is was designed to be!

Our future depends on decisions made by our next president, and if it were me I'm afraid they wouldn't be correct without the advisment of a constitutional and economic expert such as Dr. Paul.

Thanks for asking...

Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:40 AM ET
If I was President, I would propose that congress remove the taxes on withdrawing your 401K at age 65. If we started this policy for the people 45 and under, we would encourage more investment early. It could boost the economy in the short term and remove some of the stress that is likely to come when Social Security runs out. It rewards personal investment without increasing government involvement. I believe both Democrats and Republicans could get behind this idea since it promotes responsibility without leaving people out in the cold.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Morrison : 1:44 AM ET
The next president must work to restore credibility to the office of the President and rebuild relationships within our government and with the governments of other countries. If I were President, I would ask for and address a joint session of Congress and publicly commit to re-engage Congress as a co-equal branch of government. I would appoint an Attorney General that would agree to propose legislation, and constitutional amendments if necessary, to place safeguards into our system so that future presidents and vice presidents would be subject to some oversight for the actions they take when acting as commander in chief. On the international stage, I would seek multi-national assistance to our withdrawal from the middle east in a manner that creates the least instability to the region. I would undertake to provide assitance, with other countries, to important humanitarian needs in other parts of the world, including South America, Asia and Africa. I would immediately act to protect our borders to stop the influx of illegal immigrants, enforcing our existing laws to prevent the problem of illegal immigration from growing still further. At the same time, efforts must be made to address the immigration issue on the supply side, too - creating markets in Mexico to provide job opportunities for native Mexicans.

Finally, some type of apology to the world for the arrogance of our government during the past 6 years might help begin some healing and remind people that we must never allow the trampling of our civil rights that has occurred during this administration.
Posted By Anonymous I. Cara Lot : 1:45 AM ET
If I was elected President, what would be first? It would be a huge package.

1. Take control of our borders
2. Give notice to employers of illegals that they will be punished if they are discovered, and they will be
3. Start a strong worker visa program for farm workers and other fields that require the huge numbers of lower paid workers, but they would be stickly controlled and would have to meet the same laws that are set for US employees, ie. overtime, taxes, OSHA rules, making it less attractive to shun low skilled Americans for these positions
4. Throw out all existing so called "Free Trade" agreements and renegotiate them to our advantage
5. All companies that import goods into this country, (especially from countries such as China, Russia, etc; so-called friends) would be held to the highest standands for the goods they import. The companies they import from must meet our standands, such as environmental, labor rights, child rights, slave labor, etc. These clauses will make the cost of their goods much more closer to ours. If the company imports goods that don't meet these standards, the US company will be held financially and criminally liable. Walmart look out.
5. Enact tariffs on companies that layoff US workers to move production oversea (cheap labor, lax rules)
6. Change our country from a consumer nation to a producer nation, we need higher paying jobs, not cheap foreign goods
7. Push for real energy independence, nuclear, wind, solar, wave, clean coal, sugar cane ethanol, etc can help us get out of our energy nightmares. We will fund real research that can break this hold oil has on us, no matter what our oil companies hold on us
8. We will no longer train people from countries that most of us realize are enemy countries, we should increase opportunities to offer citizens of friendly countries that have a long history of supporting the US and it's ideals. UK, Germany, other EU members, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada. These should be the focus of our research positions, not Saudi Arabia, China etc.
9. Make it a capital offense to pass on technology to any country illegally, especially to countries that wish harm on us.
10. Strengthen our intelligence community to keep our military tech and industrial tech out of enemy hands
11. Increase the size of our military, get them the equipment/technology they need, and get that at the right cost. It is a shame that our companies put their profit margin ahead of our county.
12. Don't allow foreign companies ownership of our core industrial, military, technological, transportation companies, etc.
13. Support this countries place as a Christian nation, but with no restrictions on what religion you practice. We would have Christmas displays, prayer in schools, etc.
14. People would be responsible for their and their childrens actions, no more village to raise a child. Raise your own child.
15. Equal rights for all, no more special interest groups. All races are treated equal, but no race has special treatment.

I have much more of a platform, but this is good for a first day.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:58 AM ET
First of all this is really quite a silly question as most countries are now under control of a global olegarchy which enforces policy from behind the scenes. However if a magic fairy were to wish me into office, when addressing the American public and for that matter the entire globe, I would be frank about this very issue as it affects everyone. I would tell them that regardless of the policy I would like to put forward effecting change for the good of all humankind, it is simply not possible, as most of the worlds money is controlled by a relatively small number of crime families, some of whom infiltrated the government at the turn of the century and created the very Privately operated Federal Reserve, which happens to print our currency at interest which spawned the National dept to which we owe these private Bankers. On top of that, this group has people working in every branch of government obstructing policy that may not suit their agenda.. And if the people were to ask what their agenda is, I would say I don't know because like with any secret group you must first be invited to sit in on their heavily guarded meetings which consists of Royalty, Bankers and Corporate moguls.......
...Long story short, I would tell the truth..feudalism is alive and thriving.
Posted By Anonymous James Field : 7:58 AM ET
If I were elected president, I would work very hard to improve our image with other countries. I would demonstrate that Americans are peace loving family oriented people who are not interested in war and forcing our ideas on other nations. the way I would get out of Iraq immediately.

I would eliminate the federal deficit as rapidly as possible. I would raise the minimum wage, have national health care and see all our citizens have access to basic necessities of life.

I would create jobs by the federal government where everyone could be gainfully employed. These jobs could be for improving our country as well as giving some of our citizens a chance to get ahead and enjoy the "American Dream" that we hear so much about.

I would establish a recycling program much like our neighbor to the north in Canada. Almost 100% of everything is recycled easily in Canada and they have made it profitable to do so. We need to eliminate the throw away mentality.

I would have our country return to caring about our citizens as well as the basic needs of health, education, our environment, hopefully making the world a better place for all.
Posted By Anonymous Jeannie Niles - Palm Springs : 9:21 AM ET
I feel like if I were president I would have to start with removing the "Don't ask, Don't Tell" Policy in the department of defense. Then I would focus on economic divide. I would also try to take away all of the things that are under written in bills, that would allow the federal budget for more room.
Posted By Anonymous Today : 9:39 AM ET
We'll see if this makes it or not....

1. Ship all illegal immigrants home. ByeBye

2. Drill for fuel in Alaska. Sorry polar bears. It's only until greener fuels are developed.

3. Joe Arpaio as SecDef.

4. Sara Palin as SecInterior.

5. No SocSec benefits unless you're an American citizen and you or your spouse paid into SS.

6. Build 2 more Nuclear Energy sites to relieve use of fossil fuels.

7. Make all public schools 8am to 5pm, monday thru friday all year. No homework, no backpacks, all lessons and work done at school. 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

8. Instate windfall profits tax on all large, publically traded companies.

9. Give stay at home parents a salary IF they home school their children and the children receive passing grades upon yearly state testing.

10. 2 child max per mother on welfare. You want more, you pay for them. Or sue the father for child support.

Just some of my ideas IF I was president.

A Single Mother in Texas
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:49 AM ET
If I were president, I would instruct the Joint Chiefs of Staff to prepare a plan for the safe withdrawal of our troops from Irag, along with the redeployment of special forces to Afghanistan to finally defeat the Taliban and capture or kill bin Laden. I would direct the Environmental Protection Agency to begin treating carbon dioxide emissions as a pollutant, and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration to draw up rules raising car and truck fuel efficiency by a large amount over the next twenty years. And finally, I would ask Congress to pass legislation providing access to all Americans to the same health insurance program enjoyed by members of Congress.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Kieschnick : 10:06 AM ET
The first thing I would do is pass a law that puts a cap on the interest rates charged by banks and credit card companies. I think, the 18-25% rates make sure that you never get out of debt and damages your credit, which of course lead to all kinds of trouble- sub prime mortgages, housing slump, slow economy, etc.. If you really think about it, Americans don't have much buying power. I would also give illegal immigrants "guest worker" status and have them pay taxes, so they are not a burden on society.
Posted By Anonymous D Sharma : 10:14 AM ET
If I were President, the first thing I would do is unite the different political parties and serve all of them! We've had too much of the Republican President who has forgotten that Democrats are citizens too. Next, All government employees would be under the same health care program as everyone else. Next, get rid of the IRS and have a flat tax. Bring the troops home, close the border and send the illegals home. Put high import tax on all imported goods flooding this country. Appoint highly intelligent, honest and qualified persons to serve in my administration.

Tell the truth even if it hurts!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:01 PM ET
This nation was founded on the basic principle that it should be ruled for the people, by the people. As president, I would take that to heart. Special interests and lobbying have changed the emphasis of our government, with very disasterous consequences, such as the war in Iraq and the Katrina aftermath. Returning to the precepts that gave birth to this amazing country is the first step in righting the wrongdoing and building a better foundation for tomorrow.

Phoenix, Arizona
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:33 PM ET
Thank goodness that none of you will be president! The 15 points from anonymous made the most sense.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 1:37 PM ET
As President of the United States, I would bring manufacturing and technical jobs back to America. Our education system would be overhauled to tougher standards focusing on all subjects, especially math, science, writing and reading comprehension. Americans will have to start depending on themselves, instead of creating a government bureaucracy for every little thing. If you want your children protected, then you will have to take the first steps in protecting them. The government isn't here to control your lives and take your freedom for an ounce of security. It's time to start acting like Americans, not prisoners. Our borders will be protected from illegal immigrants. And companies who rely on illegal immigrants will be taxed heavily. It's time to become Americans again!
Posted By Blogger United States of Erica : 11:14 PM ET
If I were President, I would ensure Universal Health Care, sign the Kyoto Protocol, reform our broken Immigration system, including permitting same sex partners of US citizens entry into the USA-and I would then step down and let Hillary Clinton have the position. I don't know what went wrong with Iowans, but clearly the Americans there or some of them have fallen for emotional preaching style (from Obama and Edwards) over solid competence and genuine leadership capabilities. Hillary is the only one of the bunch of them worthy to lead us back to international respect.
Posted By Blogger Rickie : 12:58 PM ET
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