Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Don Imus: Will you listen?
Given the news about Don Imus possibly returning to radio, we have a new V-mail question for you: Will you listen to Don Imus' new show or were you too offended by his remarks to ever tune in again?

If we get some good videos, we'll put them on air. Please keep them short and punchy. Thank you.
Posted By CNN: 1:06 PM ET
I'm not interested in Don Imus or this story!! Please move on!! Who really cares!! He is an idiot...who doesn't know that by now!? You'll are just giving him free publicity for his upcoming show! MOVE ON!!

Cynthia, Covington, Ga
Posted By Cindy : 1:31 PM ET
Here's my V-mail-less two cents. I think Don Imus should resume whatever career society is willing to give him. If it's no show than that's it. If someone offers him work, then so be it. Society has a way of changing what it will or will not accept.
All I can say is, I hope Mr. Imus and others will realize the need to zip the lip. If it's cruel and callous it doesn't have to be spoken. Free speech in my opinion, doesn't have to come down like a hammer on another. Just because you can speak your mind doesn't mean you've got a mind full of substance.
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 1:33 PM ET
I never listed to Imus before, why start now?
Posted By BJ, Bangor ME : 2:34 PM ET
Anderson, why is Imus getting so much air time? I like him and his (former) show; however, have you forgotten there is a war going on? Thanks!
Posted By Missy, Fairfield, Connecticut : 2:43 PM ET
Certainly children should be healthy and unleaded. However, did Imus snack on paint chips when he was younger? Who knows. Just because he has a charity or donates to one doesn't give him the right to smear others or take calls that do.There would be less media lawsuits if the "mute button" was used more often.
Posted By Carol B., Frederick, MD : 3:42 PM ET
I listened to Don Imus once. I do not choose to listen to him again.
Posted By Pamina, New Rochelle, NY : 4:04 PM ET
I can't do v-mail...I don't have the here goes...

I have never listened to Mr. Imus' show, so I can't really answer the question, "Will you listen to his new show...or were you too offended to tune in again...", but I do believe in giving people second chances. Besides, he did apologize...many times...didn't he? And his apology sounded sincere. Forgiving him doesn't mean you're condoning his behavior. It means you're willing to let go. So with that said, let him have his show, and let's move on to more important things.

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 4:24 PM ET
With the exception of the seven words you can't say on the airwaves, I'm not comfortable with censoring anything on radio and TV talk shows. After all, what offends me may not offend you and vice versa.
Posted By xtina - chicago IL : 4:33 PM ET
Imus should be allowed to go on. And the idea of using the federal government to control the content of tv and radio programming and to tell us what can and can't be said on the air un-American and just plain wrong.
Posted By Ron C. -- Appleton, Wi. : 4:38 PM ET
If ya don't like Don Imus, turn him off! He's got Freedom of Speech the same as any other broadcaster. For Pete's sake don't censor him just because you don't like what he says.
Posted By Riley Randolph, Exeter, MA : 4:42 PM ET
I was not a fan of Don Imus before so there wouldn’t be any reason for me to listen to him now.

I agree with Bill Maher’s assessment of the situation on Larry King Live last night; America has a way of going crazy about everything, “we’ve turned into a nation of 10-year old girls.” Yes, what he said was wrong, but let it go and move on.

Everyone knows this has nothing to do with anyone’s good name being ruined; it’s all about the money. Ms. Vaughn’s attorney, Ancowitz told Anderson he was “asked to represent her,” I was disappointed that Anderson did not ask him who asked him to represent her? That seemed like the logical follow up question to me. I have a feeling Sharpton, Jackson, or the NAACP is behind this somewhere.

I think Bill Maher’s common sense would have been a much-needed addition to your opinionated panel last night.

Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 4:45 PM ET
I didn't listen to Imus before, and I won't listen to him if he gets another show. I had barely heard of him before this scandal, and only because Howard Stern would talk about him. I don't listen to Howard any more because I refuse to pay for RADIO! When I want to pay for the music I listen to in my car, I'll buy a CD. It lasts longer.
Posted By Barbara - Las Vegas, NV : 4:46 PM ET
Will I listen to Imus?

I will listen to Imus on my Tivoli AM/FM radio, at home on the Sony HD radio and in the BIG GMC too probably.

I will listen to Imus at home on my Panasonic HDTV in I-def mode, but not while I'm driving the Ford Mustang, no tv please.

I will listen to Imus on my Delphi satellite radio - XM or Sirius, If Imus joins the space race.

I will listen to Imus on my Apple MAC or my DELL PC, thank God for Al Gore, he is the inventor of the Internet.

I will listen to Imus on my AT&T iPhone, iTunes podcasting and all, if the real Steve Jobs sees to that.

I will listen to Imus all day every day. CNN tell the sponsors if you please!
Posted By ChannelXRFR : 4:47 PM ET
Judging by his success, society is willing to give Don Imus a career. You may think he says idiotic things, but believe it or not, there's no law against saying stupid things, nor should there be.
Posted By Steve, Peoria, Ill. : 4:48 PM ET
I didn't listen to Don Imus before and I won't listen to him now. I had barely heard of him, and only because Howard Stern mentioned Imus on his old show. Now I don't listen to Howard anymore because I refuse to pay for RADIO! If I want to pay for music to listen to in my car, I'll buy the CD. It lasts longer.
Posted By Barbara - Las Vegas, NV : 4:49 PM ET
Don Imus was paid to be blunt. That's what he does, he's a shock jock. Most of the people on this blog regularly complain about the fed. government "taking away their rights". Well, what about Don's many fans and Don himself; who are we to say Don doesn't have a right to be on the air? And don't his fans have a right to this type of "controversial" radio ?
Posted By Sam , Dallas, TX : 4:55 PM ET
Apparently there's a market for Don Imus's brand of broadcasting. Do we want to vote someone in who will dictate what DJs can say?

Do we really want to change our country into a place where a few high and mighty people sit at a table in Washington DC and dictate what can and can't be broadcast? I'd say that's, well, a dictatorship.
Posted By Robert K. - Columbus, Ohio : 5:29 PM ET
I'm not familiar with Don Imus's show, but if someone calls you a name -- any name- then apologizes, do you say I'll never forgive you? No, you go on. If we burn bridges with every person who insults us, we'll run out of people to be friends with, because you always hurt people with words. People are so overly-sensitive . There is such a things as turning the other cheek and tolerance and redemption. And it feels good to release someone from your angst.
Posted By J.C. Wilmington, N.C. : 5:36 PM ET
Sorry, I don't have the equipment for v-mail either.

I don't listen to talk radio, so I had never heard of Don Imus before the incident that got him fired. I can see both sides of the issue. I believe in freedom of speech, yet what he said was reprehensible. However, what I do not understand is why this is garnering so much air time now. He is getting a lot of free publicity which will help him land a new show. I'm not sure he deserves it. Let's move on. There are a lot more important things happening in the world.
Posted By Barbara, Culver City, CA : 5:41 PM ET
I get Don Imus on satellite and think he's kind of funny. You kind of get addicted to his show. Of course, I don't agree with how he described those basketball players, and that was really out of line, but I will listen again.
Posted By Margherita Castillo, Berwyn, Ill. : 6:05 PM ET
No I will not listen to Don Imus.

I'm not a fan of Don Imus never have and never will. I careless what Don Imus does with his career.

Jennifer Dutton - From Anderson, South Carolina.
Posted By bluediamond (Jennifer) : 6:10 PM ET
I was disappointed that this was in the forefront of last night's show.

Everyone agrees that Imus' remarks were offensive, but he has made every attempt to apologize directly to the Rutger's women's basketball team.

Unless in direct violation of a contract (i.e. morals clause), anyone who is terminated while still under contract would make every effort to be adequately compensated for the remaining terms of their contract.

The pending lawsuit filed on behalf of one of the players has no merit, unless the case is heard by the judge who sued his dry cleaners for loosing his pants.

I was disturbed that each of the esteemed panel members (Roland, Lisa, and Michael) each repeated the offensive phrase that Imus had used to describe the Rutger's team.

Why is it acceptable for them, and others who have been on camera, to repeat this offensive phrase without any repercussions? Are there two sets of standards for those in the media?

Please, leave this story to the tabloids and get on to stories that are more newsworthy.
Posted By Jan from Wood Dale, IL : 6:12 PM ET
Don Imus has never been my cup of tea so I won't be listening if he gets a new show. However, I have no objections to him getting a second chance at a show.

I fail to see how Kia Vaughn's reputation has been damaged by Don's comments. If anything, the classy way the entire team responded enhanced their reputation.

In my eyes the lawsuit does her more damage than anything so far, she just comes across as an opportunistic money-grubber now.

Someone needs to tell Ms. Vaughn that the best revenge is living well.
Posted By Michelle, St. Paul, MN : 6:24 PM ET
I didn't listen to him before. I worship in the house of Jon Stewart. But...I don't think his freedom of speech has been affected in this case because 1)he wasn't arrested and 2) it looks like he'll be back on the radio acting the fool again. So why is everyone so upset about freedom of speech??? Not only does he get a shot at resurrecting his career of being an all purpose jackass, he's getting 20 million dollars too. This was a win/win for him.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 6:32 PM ET
Don Imus has had a long, great career and it should continue. He has every right to express his opinions and no doubt, will continue to do so. If you don't like him turn it off! I for one will be listening.
Posted By Yvette : 7:03 PM ET
I never listened to Don Imus before and probably won't now. In your face radio isn't my sort of thing. More of an NPR sort of girl. But, Mr. Imus has just as much of a right to be on the air as anyone else. He apologized, he made amends, and I think it's time to move forward. His side of the proverbial street is clean. What amazes me is how long some people can hold onto resentments. It's not psychologically healthy. Trust me, as a woman with a disability, I understand discrimination. But you know. People screw up. They don't know better. We learn from each other. And we all move on smarter because of the experience. I hope Mr. Imus finds success in whatever he does. What I really hope is that the US media never lose their right to speak freely on the air no matter how offensive or idiotic or smart or wonderful what they say may be. I was beginning to wonder for a while...
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 8:12 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I do better with writing then speaking.

Don Imus curses for a living! It was in his contract requirement for CBS and MSNBC.

His shows gets great ratings? Who is giving him these ratings?: People who like to hear him cursing.

But who is to blame?:
1. Don Imus
2. CBS and MSNBC?
3. His listeners and viewers who make his ratings succesfull?

In my homeland, journalist got executed for being too expressive about their thoughts and opinions.

THis is America!

Yes, the girls from the basketball team who were called "nappy headed ho's" need justice for it.

Should they get paid for defamation of character?

Yes! Why?
Because the production of Don Imus show made money and ratings out of demaning innocent girls and marking them "nappy.....ho's"

Who says their lawsuit is a long shot: If you have made money and ratings out of using me and distorting my image and prestige, then you pay!

Who should pay?

CBS production of course!!!!!

Now that's business and justice at the same time.
Posted By Ratna, New York, NY : 8:24 PM ET
If Imus can get another job doing what he likes to do then great for him - lots of people can't and they don't get the free publicity you are giving Imus.

I won't listen to Imus - I don't like what he said and I don't like the type of show he does.

I would think there are more important stories to cover than this - the massacre in Iraq, the hurricanes, the space shuttle problems and fix, the presidental race, the environment, all the recalls, etc. All imminently more important than Imus. Move on CNN....this has been talked to death.
Posted By Annie Kate, Birmingham AL : 9:40 PM ET
Yes, I am kind of tired of the debate about Imus. I am so glad Imus did get his settlement. A contract is a contract despite whether I think his show is worthy of listening to on the radio or not.

I did see something funny in the paper today. The headline read "Pavarotti to leave the hospital soon, resume recording." There was a picture of Pavarotti and the graphic under the picture read "Imus."
Posted By Renee Bradenton, FL : 9:49 PM ET
Rap music has a lot more offensive words in its lyrics than Don Imus uses in his show. Rap music is broadcast on public airwaves. Why aren't the good reverends going after the rappers?
Posted By Bill G. - St. Louis, Mo. : 10:51 PM ET
Fan or not, sorry or not, this goes beyond Imus simply returning to radio. This goes against what we try to instill in our children - that there are consequences for your actions and that no means no. Imus' return goes against both. I am not an Imus fan, so I will not even notice when he return (minus all the media the guy is getting). It is hard to say which act is more egregious, Imus's comments or CBS' lack of integrity in standing by its decision to fire him.
Posted By Holly S, Georgia : 11:42 PM ET
I think the bigger picture with this whole issue is what we consider "controversial." Many people agree that what Imus said was inappropriate, to say the least. However, freedom of speech is stil an active right. With that said, I think that what we're dealing with here is this: how much controversy are big networks such as CBS willing to endorse? And what might be the consequences of their decisions?
Posted By Mehroz B. from Northern CA : 12:49 AM ET
I think the bigger picture with this whole issue is what we consider "controversial." Many people agree that what Imus said was inappropriate, to say the least. However, freedom of speech is stil an active right. With that said, I think that what we're dealing with here is this: how much controversy are big networks such as CBS willing to endorse? And what might be the consequences of their decisions?
Posted By Mehroz B. from Northern CA : 12:49 AM ET
One of the few voices of reason, morals, and common sense left in this great country, please bring him back. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? If you dont like him, dont listen. But we all must have the right to choose. This is not China. Shame on you overly-sensitive hypocrites who called for his head. And shame on those who lopped it off.
Posted By gary in wisconsin. : 1:21 PM ET
Will I listen to Don Imus? HELL NO !!!!!! With that said, now lets move on to important topics.
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 1:32 PM ET
Well CNN,
The only answer I can give you is the one I would have given you prior to this 'whatever it is' happening... Who?!

Seriously, this falls under the category of.."Non story." A white man makes another stupid comment about another race and puts his foot in his mouth.. no shock there really.

And for only about the third time I think, You've got me agreeing with xtina from Chicago. Let the idiot speak. Court jesters are always good for a laugh. The benefit they produce as well though is this; we know who the fools are when they speak.

Quoteing the Character Hank Hill from King of the Hill here fits this just about right...
"Body Piercing, is a good thing. You can tell just by looking at a person, that they're not quite right." Though in this case it's listening to the person.

By the way... you have all seen what Imus looks like right.
Posted By James Foley Kamiah, Idaho : 2:34 PM ET


Posted By RUTH GRAHAM : 2:38 PM ET
I'm not a fan of Don Imus never have and never will. I careless what Don Imus does with his career.

Jennifer - From Anderson, South Carolina.
Posted By bluediamond (Jennifer) : 3:13 PM ET
I won't listen and was offended prior to the remarks that got him fired. However, am glad he will get a job doing the radio show. He was only doing what they paid him to do. Now that he realizes the true power of media, am hoping he won't cross the line and use his media power for good.

Trisha, Clearwater, FL
Posted By Trisha, Clearwater, FL : 3:19 PM ET
Its amazing what this world has come to. Suddenly the values that have been installed with us from little kids have to seem to disappear. Just because a recognized person like Imus makes a statement like that which we all no is totally 100% unacceptable, people still feel the urge to support him.
Posted By Annie Cooper : 6:07 PM ET
Jan fr. Wood Dale, IL made a great point:

cnn (and other stations) keep repeating Don's infamous phrase !!

Yes, it's really bad, it's really offensive, it's making people sue for millions, but hey-- let's keep saying it over and over and over.....
Posted By Cary - Lowell, IN : 6:21 PM ET
What are we gonna do?---- make lists of which words and phrases are OK and "non-offensive" to the majority of Americans. Some urban radio stations regularly use the "b" word and the "h" word. Some people have never said those two words in their lives. Who is to say what "hate speech" is?

We all kind of cringed when Don Imus said what he said. But where's the standard-- where's the Manual of Things You Really Shouldn't Say on the Airwaves. And who gets to make the list of words and phrases? Congress? the President? Al Sharpton?
Posted By Arthur--Ames, Iowa : 6:40 PM ET
I have never listened to Don Imus but know after he has ran his mouth about those young women there is a greater chance I will never listen to him if anyone is willing to hire him.
Posted By Anonymous : 7:02 PM ET
I find it strange that the very same media people, who turned on Imus like a pack of rabid dogs, would care. I hope he does come back and won't be handcuffed by his new station, so he will still be able to be an independent voice.

Ray, Providence, RI.
Posted By RAY...PROVIDENCE, RI. : 7:15 PM ET
Hey, AC!

I don't listen to Imus,but I don't listen to Oprah either. Just my choice, no particular like or dislike for either. The fact that these shows are offered in no way obligates one to watch. If it offends you, block it!

Know what offends me? The constant, almost driven way one keeps seeimg "WTF" and"LMAO"every where when they add absolutely nothing to comments or blogs.

Another thing, while I'm at it. While not offensive, it IS annoying. I do not care how old you are, how much you want to be a journalist/reporter and reading about you latest vacation to whatever country certain people have just returned from or headed to. Perhaps you should start a blog and seek out the people with these particular interests.

And for God's sake if there's ever another theme song contest DON'T send every word of the songs. Do you know how much space this takes, and how long it takes for those poor people to sort through?

Personally, I use this blog to vent my pent up emotions and save the cost of an analyst!

Thanks, I feel better already! Hope you got the message about blah, blah, blah, and put it to good use!

Posted By Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 8:44 PM ET
I like Imus and would listen every chance I could, was an avid follower when he was on msnbc getting up at 5 every morning even though I didn't have to. Put him on.
Posted By Waiting in Arkansas : 9:35 PM ET
I don't listen to Don Imus, but I appreciate people saying they protect his freedom of speech. Im a student of mass communications and I find this a good case study for FCC rules and regulations. Seems Mr. Imus did not violate any broadcasting rules, but was bullied off the air. Now he's back and going to be more successful than ever with all this publicity. HA HA
Posted By Krystal L. - Hot Springs, Arkansas : 10:05 PM ET
See Carol from Frederick MD doesn't realize that Don Imus DOES have a right to smear or insult people. There's no law, and if there was, you'd be in China or Cuba.
Posted By B.Jefferson - New York : 11:26 PM ET
To Maggie,
Oh that's just plain laziness dear. I'm afraid you'll just have to get used to it; until they make a manual for that as well.

What I find amusing is... well... everything you said. It's like you read my mind.

Though this does certainly lead into a much more important subject; Is prejudice a form of racism or is racism a form of prejudice, and how many people know the difference?

I ask this because it seems there's a point many people seem to be missing here: The reason we consider words like the 'N' word and The 'C' word so offensive still, is because so many still think it's no big deal. I think that if they finally figured out that it is a big deal, they would know how and when to use those words properly or not at all.

Oh and I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico
Posted By James Foley Kamiah, Idaho : 6:08 AM ET
I am really tired of hearing that this is about freedom of speech and Imus and others should not be censored. Just because you CAN say it, doesn't mean you SHOULD say it. I applaud MSNBC for pulling him. I'm glad to see they have standards. When did it become okay to not care about people's feelings? To disrespect them and deny them the dignity they deserve?
Posted By Sassafras : 11:36 AM ET
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