Monday, July 02, 2007
Terror plot changes plans
If there's one thing to know about the news business, it's that nothing goes as planned. Ever.

This morning, I was supposed to be on a plane bound for Dallas at 7:45 a.m.. From there, a connecting flight would bring me and a "360" crew to Laredo, Texas. You can't get any closer to Mexico.

Laredo was going to be our command center for our special "Living the Battle: 24 hours on the Border." Some correspondents and producers were already on the ground. We were all set.

But across the Atlantic, the terror plot out of the UK kept getting bigger. First, two cars rigged with gasoline were found in London. Then came the fiery attack on the airport in Glasgow. More suspects were brought into custody. Authorities say none of them are home-grown.

Britain is on edge. So are a lot of people here in the United States. Given all the news, we decided to put the immigration special on hold for now and devote tonight's program to this story.

We'll bring you all the latest developments. And keeping them honest, we'll look at how Iraq has become a training ground for terrorists where new tactics are tested for use around the world.

See you tonight at 10 p.m.

-- By Anderson Cooper

6:17 Update: More changes ... Scooter Libby
Posted By CNN: 3:33 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

Sadly, in the 21st century, the only certainty we continue to have is the unrest with terrorists.It doesn't matter where it is, you just know it is a matter of time before they rear their ugly heads.
Posted By SP, Villa Hills, KY : 3:54 PM ET

I wonder if these events have anything to do with the new Prime Minister for Britain. Maybe they're trying to send a message about Britain's past alliance with the U.S. and the Iraq war. I don't know much about Gordon Brown, but it will be interesting to see what his relationship with Bush will be and how this impacts the war and the potential for continuing terror attacks.

Off the subject but nonetheless important: Have you heard about this "Canadaville" in Louisiana created for Katrina victims? I'm sure you do, but I wish you would do a story on it soon. It sounds pretty incredible. It's another example of compassion in the face of tragedy.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 3:58 PM ET

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Posted By Vivian Charlotte North Carolina : 4:05 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

If nothing else you have to be flexible in the news business; breaking news is probably part of the attraction to being a journalist.

After hearing about the terror plot in the U.K. I had a feeling your plans would change!

I guess the idea that we are "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here" only works for the United States.

I will be interested to hear how the Bush administration will use this to their advantage.

See you later,
Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 4:10 PM ET
Thanks for the explanation. I watched all the coverage since it began and it gives me a very uneasy feeling. Not only are these terrorists working to harm people physically, but they are basically trying to keep them prisoners mentally. Use to be a person could get up go to work come home and think nothing of it. Now a days you leave home not knowing if you will make it to your destination and if you make it there if you will return home.

Today we live our lives in fear and that is just what these terrorists want. They want us to be enslaved to their plots, though many of us don't think about it out right the thought is always in the back of our minds. Physical terrorism is horrible, but when entire countries become the object of mental terrorism that is something that no one seems to talk about, but it seems to be the normal tactic nowadays.

Anderson, I have one question on this topic Why Britain? Why does this country seem to be targeted more than any other in Europe or is it because we just don't hear about it.
Posted By Marcia, Warren Mi : 4:17 PM ET
Mr. Anderson Cooper we all hope that you and your crew will be safe and all the people around Europe and United States. is there anything should I hope for? because sometimes I'm tired of hoping I'm a little bit angry when I heard this same thing happens again and again.

Good luck anyway!
Posted By Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 4:25 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I agree with you the terror plot in UK keeps getting bigger, now days where is it safe to be at things keeps getting worser by the minute.

To me it seems like all of this happen when Tony Blair step down as Prime Minister.

I hope and pray that things gets better and that everyone be safe in UK.

Stay safe, see you tonight
Posted By Jennifer : 4:25 PM ET

I knew it. When the news hit, I thought Anderson is not going to Texas. In fact, I am surprised you are not in the UK as we speak.

I have nothing but admiration for how the UK handles these events. We have much to learn from the New Scotland Yard I think. And whomever the bombers turn out to be, as long as they are not native born Anglo Saxon types who have not converted to Islam, there is an immigration story here as well. How has the UK's immigration policy impacted what is happening; how are immigrants treated; and what do immigrants owe in terms of allegiance and loyalty? I can't quite articulate this the way I want to, but I think you get the drift.

One thing though, if I had a trip planned to England or Scotland this summer, I would go. What is happening in the UK can happen here and we have to live our lives. We all need to be diligent wherever we are, without seeing Osama on every street corner or at the top of Half Dome.

I look forward to the show tonight. Cheerio.
Posted By Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 4:34 PM ET

The fighting isn't getting us anywhere. We absolutely must begin to talk peace and impeachment, well, except in the latter, we must just do it. I don't think Bush and Cheney will be stepping down from anywhere. So, we the people must force them out.

I don't think it's too late. The world is watching us. As in the case of Tony Blair, who I admire, other powers that be want to see us own up to our actions. It takes a strong and wise person to do that and, step down from a position of power when he or she has erred. There is less shame in doing that than there is to gain when you refuse to compromise when you are wrong. Action speaks louder than words.

We must talk peace and walk it as well.
Posted By JPHowell, NY : 4:42 PM ET
I am anxious to get an update on the UK terror plot. As interesting as the immigration debate is right now, I think you made the right call on the show tonight. See you later...
Posted By Jess, Paris, KY : 4:48 PM ET
Hey Anderson,
I've been watching CNN all weekend and have been growing more concerned by the hour. I was pretty sure you would end up covering this latest terror plot and I just hope some sense can be made of the whole thing. I do have to commend the UK authorities for being on top of it so quickly.
Be safe and see you tonight.
Posted By Bev Ontario Canada : 4:49 PM ET
To be honest, Anderson, I think unfortunately the horrific reality of terrorism in this crazy world will most likely continue to change your future reporting plans, unless it's completely erradicated.

Well, I have to admit, Anderson, having immigrant grandparents, parents and coming to the U.S. at only 6 months old myself from South America(legally!) I was really looking forward to the illegal immigrant/border security story. That's a hot topic for me. But I can definitely understand your change of plans.

See you tonight, Anderson. Be safe and hope you return to Texas as soon as you are able.
Posted By Mariela, New York, NY : 4:51 PM ET

I'm glad that you are going to be covering this story. The terrorists main objective is to put fear into the hearts and minds of those that they choose to terrorize, however we cannot allow them to succeed with this goal. The United States must rally around the UK and send a message to the terrorists that no matter what they do, to us or our allies, they will not take away our freedom and cause us to live fearfully. I know that not everyone reads the Bible and I'm not trying to push my religion on anyone but there is a verse which applies to this. 2 Timothy 1:7 says that "...God hath not give us a spirit of fear, but of power..." We must not live in fear.

Looking forward to the show tonight!
Posted By Jessica, Bourbonnais Illinois : 5:00 PM ET

I guess the only thing we can be certain of nowadays is how uncertain life truly can be. This story seems to be changing every hour and I will look forward to see what you and the team can share with us tonight.

The special in Texas can wait a few days.....not like the immigration issue is going anywhere anytime soon. Can't wait for that special either.

Hopefully tonight's 360 will be 2 hours!!!
Posted By Megan O. Toronto, ON, Canada : 5:05 PM ET
Anderson, Terror in the UK is important, however, our own porous borders are more troubling to me. In fact, I am surprised that terrorists have not discovered how easy it is to get into this country thru some very isolated areas.
See you tonight.
Posted By Judy Stage/Brooklyn Mi : 5:09 PM ET
Hmmm...with all these events happening I was wondering whether you'll be in London instead of Laredo. Of course, you need to report on what seems to be the biggest news at the moment. Sure London is hot news right now, but who's to say something equally major is also going to happen in another part of the world? (I hope not.) On one hand, it's exciting, on another hand, it can be quite stressful, because you don't know where you're supposed to be. How do you handle it? Stay safe, Anderson, wherever the news takes you. With all your fans praying for your safety everyday, rest assured there's always a throng of angels watching over you.

Edmonds, Washington
Posted By Lilibeth, Edmonds, WA : 5:11 PM ET
Thanks for the responsible journalism by covering British/Scottish bombings. Our comfort level in the US is mundane compared to the terror the citizens of the British Isles may be feeling.

Maybe as Americans we feel a connection with the British Isles; maybe it is because we share a common language or maybe it because Britain lost so many lives in 911 as well.

Either way, it feels too close to home.
Posted By Liz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 5:15 PM ET
It's probably wise you delayed the project. It's been said there's terrorist cells all over the world now. The ones in our country are not only Al Qaeda but fringe groups, as well. It's sad that the best we can hope for is damage control until we get to the root cause of deep hatred from Muslim extremists.Maybe there is no reasoning. How do we expect to try to reason with them or see them demonstrate any level of tolerance when their children are being indoctrinated at an early age to strap on bombs and wipe out as many "evil" westoners as possible? How will the experts reach these children and older relatives brainwashed in all day madrassas or getting a lesson how "Mickey and Minnie" are the perfect martyrs who teach the kids to be suicide bombers?
Posted By Carol B., Frederick, MD : 5:36 PM ET
Wow AC, I've been following this story also. Thank goodness the two car bombs did not detonate. I'm anxious to hear more about those who were caught. I'm afraid that Immigration issues and terrorism will be with us for a long time. I love the new 360 site and I'm glad you all are safe!
Posted By Kathy Chicago,Il : 5:53 PM ET
The ever growing concern over what to do with illegal aliens, the "fence," and the large numbers of Mexicans coming across our borders everyday is a compelling story, and I know that special would have been wonderful; but, you are definately correct that we must pay attention to the growing unrest in Europe.

With each passing day, the Iraqi situation seemingly worsens and develops another ominous dimension that poses an even greater difficulty to forces who are fighting there and our government's response to the war as a whole. Since now there are terrorist training grounds in Iraq teaching the youth, and any others who feel oblidged, terrororist techniques, you have to wonder, at least I wonder, are we achieving the objectives that we set out for when we started this war?

It is obvious that the gas filled cars and London and the fiery attack at Glasgow are in direct response to western involvement in the war in Iraq. Maybe those countries are being vigorously targeted because of their uneasy political stance on their involvement in this war. I wonder, that if terror is the next battle tactic from the Iraqi side, how do we win? How do we declare victory there?

The government's position on explicit terrorist attacks is to just deal with terrorism when it comes and not give into the demands or the reasoning that causes it. I understand that. I just wonder how long and how much of these attacks the west is willing to take to declare victory in this unstable region.

Lastly, I thought this Iraqi war is supposed to be a war on terror. To my understanding the war is to end terrorism or at the very least curb terrorism worldwide. From the looks of this weekend's events it is only spurring terrorism. What's worse the terrorism is being born in the very area where the war is supposed to be stopping it.

Stay safe Anderson and the 360 crew(s). Please shed more light on these developments and please keep them honest on the direction this war is going.

Posted By Madeliene; Atlanta, Georgia : 5:57 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

As another person who thrives on flying by the seat of my pants I bow to you, you win! I am sure that you are excited about all of this, but wow, just to pick up and head in the other direction? In a way I envy you. Makes my job sound very boring (it is).

The more information we get on the UK and Scotland the more serious and daunting it becomes. Although I will be joining many others in praying for your safety, I must admit that I am glad for you to be covering this issue. There is no one I trust more to get to the bottom of all of it.

Please you guys, be careful and safe travels. I look forward to your reporting and will be anxious to see your piece on immigration sometime in the future. Right now London takes precedent.

See you tonight.
Posted By Pati McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 6:03 PM ET
Dear Mr. Cooper:

Yes, by all means cover this story, but please avoid the scare tactics (creepy music and graphics as well as Rick Sanchezesque overdone, breathy reporting). Put it in proper perspective. And please tie it to the lessons we as individuals and as a country have yet to learn.

How would the number of people that could have been killed in the series of attacks compare with, say, the number of Americans killed in Iraq, for a war that never should have been? The recent terrorist attacks in England and Spain did not even come close to the death toll in Katrina, a death toll that should have been prevented, were it not for the exceptional incompetence of Bush, Nagin, and, to a lesser extent, Blanco. And I can't even fathom a terrorist attack--and I hope this would not be the case!--that could ever surpass the number of innocent men, women, and, yes, children in Iraq. What are the current estimates of people killed in Darfur and the Congo as well as other places we are ignoring? Yes, terrorism is awful and scary, but think about the daily terror (does the "ism" in terrorism apply here?) in places like these.

What would be helpful is to focus on individual emergency preparedness and what we should all do to protect ourselves from the more common disasters; this preparation would also be helpful in case of a large-scale disaster or attack. And share the and Web sites.

Your heartbreaking reporting during Katrina is one of the reasons I got rather involved in volunteering to help raise awareness of emergency preparedness. I wrote an article that is archived on the local Red Cross site about what families with kids with disabilities or health conditions can do to prepare. It would also be useful, I hope, for adults with disabilities, the elderly, and parents of ALL kids as a lot of the advice is still applicable. To read the PDF, click on the "special needs" link at

What is the state of federal preparedness a la the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission? Which of their recommendations have yet to be implemented fully (securing loose nukes, increasing capability of first responders)? Perhaps you can interview Gov. Kean or Congressman Hamilton, if not others on the bipartisan Commission.

And global warming could easily contribute to more deaths due to drought, floods, harsher storms, increased disease, etc. But you don't see Bush doing a bloody thing about that. Hmmm... maybe we should declare greenhouse gases weapons of mass destruction in order to get Bush to declare war on global warming. Luckily, such a war would save lives, not cost them.

Bottom line: Less fear, more action about what we CAN control.
Posted By Norah, West Chester, PA : 6:17 PM ET
I can only say I am so impressed with the way the authorities stepped in and took action. A well oiled machine. At last report eight people had been arrested and the investigation is still on going.

A small country where everyone knew their duties and proceded to do them. No " right time, right place, right cost". No bickering, no pointing fingers.

Pray that our country will stay safe and secure until we are as well equipped and capable.

Still love my country,

Posted By Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 6:32 PM ET
Hey Anderson, Maybe you should do another 360 and cover Bush's commuting Scooter Libby's prison sentence instead of terror in the UK. I am outraged, even though I know that the president has the right to do this. What does it say about the importance of the criminal justice system? This president commutes a sentence for a friend but ignores an unjust sentence for two border guards.
Posted By Judy Stage/Brooklyn Mi : 6:45 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

Thanks for having the flexibility to change course mid-stream. I wish our President shared that trait!
It doesn't make me feel very safe knowing Pres. Bush spent his day pondering how to reward the loyalty of yet another of his incompetent cronies, Scooter Libby.

So three of the suspects in the latest UK terror plots are medical doctors. Does that mean that last week they spent their day saving British lives and the next they spent seeing how many lives they could destroy? How utterly insane.
Posted By Barbara, Culver City, CA : 6:51 PM ET
Hey Anderson, Maybe you should do another 360 and cover Bush's decision to commute Scooter Libby's prison sentence. I am outraged that this president rushes to commute a friends sentence but ignores an unjust sentence for two border guards. It depends on who you are and equal rights under the law is laughable.
Actually this is typical behavior for the Bush administration which has also failed to enforce the laws regarding illegal immigrants. Business as usual, I guess.
Posted By Judy Stage/Brooklyn MI : 6:52 PM ET
As of Friday, Texas hasn't changed and didn't go anywhere. Your immigration story will still be there. I think the immigration situation has remained this way for a while and is not going to change anytime soon, as long as our congressional leaders have their way. They are too busy fixated on their own agenda (earmarks and such) and not listening to the people.

Thanks for covering the situation in the UK. I think it is only a matter of time before we are on the firing line of terrorist attacks. Hopefully, people will wake up and see how easy a group of people can cause such pain and terror to one country.

Changing the subject, I guess it is good to have friends in high places. I feel presidents should NOT be allowed to pardon or commute sentences. Prime example is Scooter Libby. Take a man who lied under oath and received his punishment from the judge. The president comes along, and having no legal degree, commutes Libby's sentence. The only people who seem to receive pardons or commutes are people who has friends in high places. I guess the border patrol officiers didn't any friends. It is sad that people deserving of pardons or commutes are denied but liars can receive them like candy.

Stay safe,

Posted By Darla, Scott, Louisiana : 7:36 PM ET

Glad you are covering the situation in the UK. They have always said Life is what happens when you make other plans - sorry this part of Life has happened to them and to your plans on your story in Texas.

I hope that if this is linked with the story you did a few weeks ago about the terrorist trainees that our US police and officials are as on the ball or lucky as the UK ones seem to be in catching these bombs before the killing stops. Hopefully in your keeping them honest you will let us know how we fare as well.

Thanks for the coverage and hope to see your Texas coverage at a later date.
Posted By Annie Kate, Birmingham AL : 7:52 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

I was really looking forward to the special on the immigration issue, tonight. Yes the UK bombing is more important. Regular terrorism is moving much closer and closer to home.

On the immigration issue, I was going to comment on the refugee-status of some immigrants and how the immigration officials have filtered refugees out of the systems. These filtered refugees are now part of the 12 million illegal immigrants. It is not just about those Mexicans who have been crossing broken borders.
THere are other illegals from other parts of the world too, you know!

I hope I am not being mean if I say that the US government in general doesn't know how to deal with refugees, whether illegals or legals, such as the Katrina Refugees, go figure.
Posted By Ratna, New York, NY : 8:40 PM ET
Let's think about this..... Scooter Libby (can't believe a grown man uses a nickname like this) goes on trial and is found guilty. Libby is sentenced. He will serve no jail time thanks to his friend President Bush.

Judith Miller spends nearly 3 months in jail and is forced to reveal her confidential sources and turn over her reporter's notebooks.

Now, where is the justice here?
Let me know if I am missing something here.
Posted By Renee Bradenton, FL : 8:52 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Now that "Scooter's" prison term has been commuted, what will keep Bush from pardoning him at a later date? Didn't anyone see this coming? I hope you will have Jeffrey Toobin discuss this tonight.

Business as usual at the Bush White House!

Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 8:56 PM ET
I'm glad everyone is spending so much time on this. Terrorism, it seems, is unfortunately our reality. I am just so impressed with UK law enforcement and how quickly they have responded to these events. It's just scary how these guys were in their own front yards, living amongst them, doctors no less. And the fact that Iraq is a breeding ground is reason enough for us to stop whatever we can over there. Take or leave my opinion. Tonight I received an email asking for prayers for soldiers hit and seriously injured while trying to get to detonate explosives in Iraq. One of the soldiers was in my cousin's former unit. As much as that freaks me out in ways you cannot even begin to imagine (unless your loved ones are in the military), our troops need to be there because terrorists are still attempting to blow up cars and kids on busy streets in large cities miles away from Iraq. And yes, I'm still flying internationally at the end of the month. I still plan to travel internationally next summer as well. Terrorists can only terrorize if we let them.

And changing the subject, was there ever even a doubt that President Bush would clear his buddy Libby's name? Come on. It's all part of the political game (or so it seems).
Posted By Tammy C., Berwick, LA : 9:05 PM ET
It angers me and distresses me to see the continuous negativity aimed at President Bush, his staff, and our military by those who think pre-emptive action isn't the right way to fight terrorism. Don't people know that Job #1 of our President is to keep us safe? Those who say the military and law enforcement shouldn't do EVERYTHING within their power to save us will be the first to criticize if there is another attack in the U.S.

Not all Muslims, but a growing percentage of Muslims, want to kill Christians. This ideology started centuries ago. The President is willing to ignore the mindset of the complacent American, who just wants to ignore reality, and do something unpopular and very, very difficult; that is, to go find terrorism where its roots are, and to protect Americans.
Posted By xtina - chicago, IL : 10:00 PM ET
I commented on the terrorist attack in the UK already however I would like to comment on Scooter Libby's commutation. President Bush referred to the sentence as "excessive" however I would really like to know what is a proper sentence for someone who blatantly disrespects the justice system of this country, by perjuring himself, obstructing justice and flat out lying to those investigating the case? I understand that President Bush did not pardon Libby, which means that the conviction remains on the record and that he still must pay is $250,000 fine, however what will that do? I'm sure that Libby is financially well off and that a $250,000 fine will not really set him back that much. So in conclusion Libby is pretty much escaping the consequences of his actions. I completely disagree with President Bush's commutation, Libby should have had to serve his 30 months, because "normal" people, those without connections, go to jail for this all the time.
Posted By Jessica, Bourbonnais Illinois : 10:33 PM ET
I just listened to your phone interview with Joe Wilson. So he wants Bush to offer an explanation for his flagrant disregard for justice and law?? I have an explanation: BUSH IS A LIAR. And he's pretty much the most powerful liar in the country. Scary, isn't it? He keeps outdoing himself;the guy is relentless.
Posted By Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 10:47 PM ET
A little idealistic, maybe, but I can’t help but believe that the majority of the people in the world are reasonable, compassionate yet unyielding to those who chose to impose their will upon them by terrorist tactics. The unfair advantage of the bad doers goes without saying since it is much easier and faster to destroy than to construct specially if one has no rules, or basic human decencies to worry about.
That said, for us winning is showing that we are not terrorized. It is being consistent in our convictions and commitments to stay above it all, and keeping true to our constitution and way of life. Much, much easier said than done, but stooping to their level even on minute details, in the long run does nothing in the way of improving our position and all but guaranties a win for terrorists.
As to what turns a person into a terrorist, it is the greatest mystery of all times and as history has shown, they come in all sizes and shapes and colors and standings in life. I hope we take comfort in knowing that for every one of them there are hundreds of thousands of very well intentioned good people… there really is comfort in numbers, and that ought to be the focus.
Posted By Kokie Melaku, San Francisco, CA : 10:47 PM ET
A little idealistic, maybe, but I can’t help but believe that the majority of the people in the world are reasonable, compassionate yet unyielding to those who chose to impose their will upon them by terrorist tactics. The unfair advantage of the bad doers goes without saying since it is much easier and faster to destroy than to construct specially if one has no rules, or basic human decencies to worry about.
That said, for us winning is showing that we are not terrorized. It is being consistent in our convictions and commitments to stay above it all, and keeping true to our constitution and way of life. Much, much easier said than done, but stooping to their level even on minute details, in the long run does nothing in the way of improving our position and all but guaranties a win for terrorists.
As to what turns a person into a terrorist, it is the greatest mystery of all times and as history has shown, they come in all sizes and shapes and colors and standings in life. I hope we take comfort in knowing that for every one of them there are hundreds of thousands of very well intentioned good people… there really is comfort in numbers, and that ought to be the focus.
Posted By Kokie Melaku, San Francisco, CA : 10:47 PM ET
Hey Anderson,

I'm not surprised you're covering the terror plot. But I tought you would be in the UK.
It is almost as if they are building up the attacks for a bigger one to "commemorate in a sick way" the 7 July 2005 bombings.
Or maybe it is just a diversion to than hit big somewhere else as the world watches the UK.
And doctors were arrested regarding the terror plot?Aren't they supposed to save lives,not take them? It is scary stuff.
I was in the Montreal subway today. I haven't been on it for a while. I found myself thinking about what's going on in the UK and getting anxious. But that's what they want right? So I shrugged it off.
There is a lot of tourists during the summer,I'm not surprised they would choose that time to attack.
To Debbie,Denham Springs: I'm Canadian and wasn't aware of Canadaville in Louisiana.I checked it out and it is a great way to give back hope and a future. And to make them responsible for their community is great.

Joanne R.
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne R.Laval Quebec : 11:00 PM ET
My mother has said the phrase "this wasn't the world I was born into" a lot lately. We've been watching the coverage of the London car bombs and the attacks on Glasgow. It's something I've heard from her the past few years, but it wasn't until recently when the gravity of that statement hit me. This may not have been the world my mother was born into but it was the one I was born into...and the comparison between my world and her world terrifies me of the idea of the possible world my children will be born into.
Posted By Claire J- Birmigham, AL : 12:04 AM ET
When I started my tape of 360 and realized that you were not broadcasting from the border I was relieved. Anderson couldn't be more right in stating that the White House hoped to minimize coverage of the Libby pardo -- oops - commutation by making the announcement just before a holiday, when both the media and its audience would be otherwise distracted.

I'm glad the story didn't escape the type of scrutiny that can only be given when you're in the studio and can easily coordinate reports and interviews. I know it's very expensive to scrap a location shoot in favor of breaking news, but I appreciate the fact that you did. I get the news headlines from the AP, but I get the details and depth coverage from this show.
Posted By Michele Jackson, Northridge, CA : 2:25 AM ET
As an Asian it pains me to hear on the news whenever there is a terrorist attack before knowing the identity of the prepetrator they are usually generalized as Asian instead of waiting for confirmation to find out exactly where they're from.
Half the world are Asian of different religion and ethnicity.
This type of generalization doesn't do us Asians, those of us who are peaceful citizens any justice and especially when traveling overseas.
Posted By lpfoong, Penang, Malaysia : 3:07 AM ET
The timing of the airport attack and attempted car bombings in the UK should be a major heads up for when the U.S. presidency changes hands. Level Red. I don't know why terrorists haven't just walked through the Mexico/U.S. border. Maybe they have. Off topic but seemingly appropriate, at least to me--Doesn't anyone remember that the consensus after Vietnam was that we cannot win a war without public support?
Posted By Gypsy, an American in Mexico : 5:29 AM ET
Evil knows no boundaries, and the moment when we believe everything is peaceful, and all’s well with world, then POW! That’s when terrorists intend to strike. We must be able to make the distinctions of what EVIL really is, which is that it wants to destroy ALL of mankind, even those who perpetrate the evil act.

To fight against terrorism, you must know what it is, and you must always be on the alert, be watchful, and be ready to fight! Otherwise, we will be conquered by them. And when an American President dared to be strict against terrorism, he gets trashed by his own people. What a shame! Terrorism didn’t begin and end with the Iraq War, it’s an ongoing battle as long as evil exists in this world. We can’t afford to believe our complacency with the Middle East is the answer.

We always have to be ready and on the alert to FIGHT against it, which is what the War in Iraq should be teaching us to do, but is probably not. Americans LOVE complacency, and to disrespect our own President, which is why terrorism will probably win, and more innocent lives will be lost. Sad!
Posted By Linda, Loma Linda, CA : 5:07 PM ET
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