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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
'Keep Our Families Together' -- sign says
About 200 protestors carrying American and Brazilian flags shouted and marched the two miles from the city of Everett, Massachusetts, to the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts, where they met up with another group of about 200 protestors.

The latter group had been loudly voicing its opposition to the government's effort to deport illegal immigrants. They waved colorful signs that said "Stop the Separation of Our Families" and "Don't Break Up Our Families" and "Keep Our Families Together."

The protestors were referring to the families they say were split up when agents raided the Michael Bianco leather goods factory and arrested more than 300 allegedly illegal immigrants, mostly women. Many were taken to Texas for processing, leaving husbands and other relatives to care for young children.

Other signs read "We Are Humans" and "We Demand Legalization Now." The groups, speaking mostly in Spanish, say the government needs to change its policy.

One woman, shouting into a megaphone, said, "We need to ask for immigration reform, we need to push for immigration reform." The crowd broke out in applause.

For New England, this was an especially warm, sunny day, about 70 degrees. Men, women, and children crowded into Chelsea square as each speaker stood on a granite traffic barrier and led the crowd through this immigration rally.

Shortly after the two groups joined up, they hit the road again, following a couple of motorcycle cops. They headed to the third and final stop in East Boston. That's where a more formal rally, with speeches, is now underway.

-- By Dan Lothian, CNN Correspondent
Posted By CNN: 5:05 PM ET
America is only protecting it's borders. Illegal immigrants are free and in fact we encourage them to take their anchor babies with them back to the country they have come from. They can bring their children with them when they enter our country LEGALLY and speak ENGLISH.
Posted By Barbara, Escondido, CA : 7:15 PM ET
iAwww, que lastima!

Seriously, I'm sick and tired of hearing about how families of ILLEGALS are getting broken up. I'm sick of hearing how that ILLEGAL woman & her son are holed up in a church in Chicago wasting our taxpayer $$$ keeping ICE agents outside the door.

Enough is enough. These people all have done ILLEGAL acts. How is an ILLEGAL alien different from a drug dealer, a mob boss, a car thief? After all, every one of these people perform illegal actions helping themselves at the cost of society-at-large. They all have illegal "jobs", falsify their identities at the expense of honest, random people, and help contribute to the underground and UNTAXED economy.

So, are we going to hold rallies for drug dealers, mob bosses, and car thieves simply because arresting them might break up their families? NO. Then why are we holding them for ILLEGALS?
Posted By Mark; Chicago, IL : 7:23 PM ET
"Keep Our Families Together". Now let's see, that seems like an honest request, IF you are here legally to begin with. This american gov't has let this go on to long, now it is out of control. It is no ones fault but this gov't. They are here illegally and wanting america to circumvent the law process and make them legal.

Whomever put that 14th amendment together was an idiot. Whatever the nationality of a mother is should be the nationality of the child PERIOD All this cry crap about make us legal, and they get more money, more rights, and more free services than any Americans. These people, regardless of nationality, make me sick to my stomach with their pathetic cries for MORE.

You take those free services away, free money away, and we won't have to deport them, they will leave. We can use those millions of dollars for our elderly, our Vets, and our homeless AMERICANS.
Posted By Mark, Kingsburg, CA : 7:26 PM ET
Hi Dan,
I don't blame these people for wanting to keep their families together. They are so right, they are human and they want the best for their families and they want to be together. I would feel the same way in their zapatas.

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do.
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace. . .

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one.
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches,TX : 7:28 PM ET
It is ridiculous that we are allowing rallies to be held around the country for people who have committed a crime.

If we allow people to come to this country illegally and grant them legal status, then what are we teaching our children? What about all the other individuals who came to this country legally.

Our economy and resources are being drained by people who are here working and living illegally. They are not contributing to our tax system, they have become more of a burden, than an asset.

When are we going to say-stop. You are breaking the law. If we grant this group amnesty, then what are we going to do when they bring their cousin, brother, sister, and the rest of the family over illegaly. Are we going to say sure, come on in?

We have to stop allowing people to break the law. Would we allow anyone else to break the law?
Posted By Corinne, Los Angeles, CA : 12:52 AM ET
This is absolutely insane! They don't belong here. They need to go back and come here legally. I'm sick of their "demands". Just who are they demanding their "rights" from? They came here ILLEGALLY, and the taxpayers are getting sick and tired of giving them handouts. COME HERE LEGALLY OR DON'T COME AT ALL.
Posted By Lisa McDougall, NY : 10:06 PM ET
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