Wednesday, April 04, 2007
How a scientist can believe in God
Editor's note: Dr. Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., is the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. His most recent book is "The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief." He will appear on tonight's "360" special: "What is a Christian?"

ROCKVILLE, Maryland (CNN) -- I am a scientist and a believer, and I find no conflict between those world views.

As the director of the Human Genome Project, I have led a consortium of scientists to read out the 3.1 billion letters of the human genome, our own DNA instruction book. As a believer, I see DNA, the information molecule of all living things, as God's language, and the elegance and complexity of our own bodies and the rest of nature as a reflection of God's plan.

I did not always embrace these perspectives. As a graduate student in physical chemistry in the 1970s, I was an atheist, finding no reason to postulate the existence of any truths outside of mathematics, physics and chemistry. But then I went to medical school, and encountered life and death issues at the bedsides of my patients. Challenged by one of those patients, who asked "What do you believe, doctor?", I began searching for answers.

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Posted By Dr. Francis Collins, Author and Scientist: 10:27 AM ET
So if everything has a beginning then who created god? This can never be explanined from a scientific perspective, and I'm sorry if I need more of an explanation than "he has always existed" and " you just have to have blind faith that he has always been there".
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Orlando, Fl. : 10:49 AM ET
This is an interesting story. Sadly it happens much to often that scientists and believers clash and try to prove each other wrong, thinking that this will automatically proof them correct. Yet there is a other way, the blending of science and religion. But that would require that both sides to step away from their claim to be completely and absolutely correct.

But as long as believers who think that the bible is law and will not tolerate any deviation from it and scientists with the same attitude are in power there will be conflicts between religion and science.
Posted By Anonymous Christian Maier, Aalen, Germany : 10:53 AM ET
Dear Dr. Collins

The eternal question! How did the world come into existence?

It started with the Big Bang!

It was created by God!

Why can't both answers be correct?

It started with a Big Bang, which was created by God.

I see no problem with this, but then, I am a believer, therefore I give credit to God for all the Good in the world.

Trust and Believe,

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, GVMO : 11:10 AM ET
I think that religion and science coexist. Without one you can not have the other.

I believe God created the universe and everything therein...and science is a way to explain the intrecacies of what God made. And also to help us to understand ourselves and the world we live in so we can live happier and healthier lives.
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 11:29 AM ET
I think this is really an argument not so much about God vs. science, but more of a religion vs. science debate. I don't believe that faith and religion are always synonymous. Religion teaches that you can't believe in God if you believe in science. But religion was invented by man and for man to use as a method of control. Obviously,that control is still going strong. Why wouldn't you believe that God started the evolution of man for example? Evolution is happening all around us everyday. The gimmick behind religion is that you shouldn't need proof to have faith-I guess that's blind faith. But we do have proof-it't called life. And science explains it for us.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Denham Springs, La : 11:32 AM ET
Hello Dr. Collins,
I am mesmerized by what you have written and I agree.
When I look into the sky at night and see twinkle of a zilliion stars, the glow of the moon, a shooting star, I know something much larger than myself exist. When I see a new baby, hear children laugh, see a rainbow after a new spring shower and see the sparkle of raindrops on fragrant and colorful flowers dancing with butterflies, I know that I am part of a much grander plan. When I see all these things: creation, friends, and family, I feel love. LOVE. That is God isn't it? You can't hold love or measure it in a test tube but when you feel it, You know it's real. I believe that we are all an extension of God's loving hand, therefore God is very much a part of our life, our direction. What we choose to do with that is completely up to us. I know God exist. I see the genius of his masterpiece and I feel the power of God's love.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 11:42 AM ET
To answer Karen from Orlando's question on who created God and the orgins of time -- This has been a tuff one for me too. As a believer, with a strong interest in science, I had struggled with this in the past.

My realization, and the point that saved my sanity on this issue, came whenever I realized that God created time, and is therefore not bound by time.

Time, in our eyes, is a linear progression, with a definate beginning and a definate end. To God, time is merely a tool, by which he allows us to progress from our beginning point, to our ending point, where we will either spend eternity with him, or without him.

God created Science, Math, Physics, etc -- that is why they just work. How can one observe the vast complexities of the human being and come to the conclusion that they (the complex natures of the human being) are there just by happenstance?

To me, that is the true question that all scientists should ask. It is not realistic to assume that a human being came into creation without a divine blueprint.

Evidence of the instant creation of the entire earth exists everywhere. Just search for articles on the Polonium Halos.
Posted By Anonymous Junior, Prague, OK. : 11:55 AM ET
I have always believed God(s) created the universe, then evolution picked up everything while God(s) watching it. I don't see any contradiction between science and faith.
Probably our universe is just one experiment conducted by God(s). Obviously, dinosaur was a failed experiment.
I'm not atheist, but have difficulty in converting to any religion.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa, Albany, NY : 11:56 AM ET
How about since we live in reality, where there's no evidence of God, we put our faith in science? Instead of praying for miracles and donating to churches, thinking we're being punished for sins and need to repent, we should wake up, and give money to research the problems whose scientific answers are within reach. I'd also like to think people could take the good morals religion has to offer without needing to be threatened by hell or rewarded with heaven. Or at least have the decency to keep your personal spiritual beliefs, which would be impossible to make someone else truly understand anyway, to yourselves.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, NY, NY : 11:57 AM ET
Thank you Dr. Collins for your beautiful testimony. I do not see a conflict between science and Christianity. My husband and I encouraged our very devout daughter to major in cell biology for that reason. We need strong Christian scientists to dispel the myth of a conflict. Once a friend told me she was too rational and logical to believe in God. I told her I was too rational and logical not to.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 12:01 PM ET
Big philosophical question today. How do we believe in something that we can't see? Next thing you're going to be telling us there's no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. ;) And everyone knows that everything on the internet is real, right? :P

mmmmm chocolate and presents
Posted By Anonymous Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 12:03 PM ET
Science and God are not incompatible.

FOr the sake of argument let's say that Time = God. Time is omnipresent, omnipotent (with time all things are possible), everlasting, etc. etc.

All the qualities of time are that of God's. Neither of which is really comprehensible or observable in absolute terms.

Just be certain that as sure as there is time, there is God.

Posted By Anonymous Os. Branch - Skokie, IL : 12:26 PM ET
I'm sure your beliefs are few and far between in the scientifical world. I think it is very interesting to see a scientist who is also a believer.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 12:27 PM ET
What if one were walking in an arid desolate desert and suddenly found a house with air-conditioning, food, water, a bed and was told that it appeared from a sudden explosion or evolved without the presence and/or direction of intelligent design/designer? Having said that, would it make sense to even entertain the idea that complex life forms, such as ours, would come into existence without an intelligent designer with a purpose? Hebrews 3:4: "Of course, every house is constructed by someone, but he that constructed all things is God." Planet Earth is our "house" where we find warmth, in fact the right temperature to live, food to survive and thrive, even things to make life more enjoyable and pleasant, i.e., sunrise, sunset, snow-capped mountains, the taste of delicious foods, etc. In fact, humans' ability to savor and distinguish between different foods is not necessarily essential for survival but it does evidence thought and even love from a Creator.

Furthermore, Genesis 1:11,12 says that grass and trees were made to produce each "according to its kind." Verses 21, 24, 25 add that God created sea creatures, flying creatures and land animals, each "according to its kind." There is no allowance here for one basic kind to evolve or change into another. Regarding man, Genesis 1:26 reports that God said: "Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness." So humans were to have godlike qualities, not traits that were simply a development of those of a beast. Genesis 2:7 adds: "Jehovah God proceeded to form the man [not out of some preexisting life form but] out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life." There is no hint of evolution here, but rather, description of a new creation.
Posted By Anonymous Mariela, New York, NY : 12:32 PM ET
There's a wonderful new book on this subject by Walter Isaacson entitled,
"Einstein: His Life and Universe."

Einstein said he believed "in a God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings."
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 12:39 PM ET
In response to all those people who ask "who created God" I suggest they read and consider what James 2:19 states that the 'demons believe there is one God and shudder." So if the demons, including, Satan believe that there is a God, then it is naiive, insensible and even ludicrous for people to at least not give God the benefit of the doubt for his existence. In fact, if there is no God, like some say, then there is no Satan or Devil and 1) the Scriptures give clear evidence that he indeed does exist when he tempted Jesus and offered him the kingdoms of the earth 2) that's exactly what Satan wants people to believe, that God does not exist. The fact that many in this world live like they are not accountable for their actions is proof positive of disbelief in a Higher Being.
Posted By Anonymous Mariela, New York, NY : 12:41 PM ET
I think this is an interesting story. Because you hear so many things that is not true about God and his creation. I believe that scientist can have a connection with God and finding out the truth about him and his creation. We all have different religions where we come from, but I strongly believe that it is not about a religion it is about having a relationship with the Lord. In Genesis when God created Adam and Eve they walked and talked with God in the cool of the day, until they sinned and became short of his glory. The only way to know more about God is to draw near to him. It does'nt matter what type of goals we have.
Posted By Anonymous Penny Farria Missour City Texas : 12:56 PM ET
I wonder if this scientist would think the chocolate Jesus is blashpemous. I know that was probably from an eariler blog, but being a little behind the times, I just read about it. Can we take ourselves more seriously??? I doubt it. This is how invasive religion has become-people have gotten their collective panties in a wad over an anatomically correct chocolate statue???? And all I can think about is the fact that this artist wasted 200 pounds of good chocolate. It must be recycled immediately and sent directly to me.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 1:06 PM ET
Our soul, or essence of our being, is what makes us human. Whether it is created by an "all knowing" God or a result of natural evolution doesn't really matter.

Live life the best you can, remain open to new ideas, and give respect to others. Then, in the end, if there is an afterlife, you will be welcomed. And if there isn't an afterlife, well, you lived a good life.

We place too much emphasis on trying to figure out how we got here instead of enjoying the time we have here.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 1:10 PM ET
To Dan in N.Y. and Joseph in Pa., if everyone was as rational about religion as you two there would probably be a lot fewer wars started becasue of it. I agree with both of you 100%. Of course there are still those that believe we should all interpret the bible as the word of god and they will not be content until they have shoved their particular viewpoint down everyone's throat.
Science and religion can coincide with each other IF that is your particular viewpoint. I don't need to take bible lessons to become a believer because that is not what works for me as an individual.
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Orlando, Fl. : 1:38 PM ET
We are continually trying to conform God to our small little world. Junior is quite right about time and God. Our minds cannot comprehend eternity but thank God he put eternity in our hearts. Your mind is boggled when I say God has always been and always will be. Science wants to know how, why, when and thats alright. We are restricted to live within the laws of the world He created us for but God on the other hand created it all in the first place and is not constrained by His creation. Science gives us little peaks into the creativity of the mind and complexity of God. Understand tho that Gods Kingdom is not a democracy and he has set down in His inspired Word the only way to Him and what He expects of Us. Understand also that We all will stand in judgement before Him and it is HIS WORD THAT WILL JUDGE YOU. We have the answers to the final test already. READ HIS WORD..THE BIBLE.
Posted By Anonymous Eric, Windsor, Canada : 1:51 PM ET
I claim love as my religion cause that is all that matters when it comes to God.
God is love so why not just follow the love in your heart than religion.
The reason for life is Love.
Proof of God is right under your nose you just need to think a little harder.
Posted By Anonymous Darren D.D. Atlanta, GA. : 1:54 PM ET
Please excuse a second post, but I found the blurb on the blog promoting tonight's show about Christianity to be sensational like something Fox would use. "The Bible says one thing, science says another." That is tabloid speak. Instead, "Does the Bible say one thing and science another?" Pose a question that a reader can assume will be answered on the show. I have noticed this before and rolled my eyes. This type of language is more appropriate for ET and than a serious news show.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 2:05 PM ET
The study and close examination of creation manifests evidence of a Creator. Therefore, Romans 2:20: "For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they [those who deny or question God's existence] are inexcusable."
Posted By Anonymous Mimi, New York, NY : 2:22 PM ET
I have always thought that God was the creator of the universe and everything that goes on in it. I really don't understand how people can not look at this universe and see it as a magnificent work of God. God made us, our forfathers, and our ancient ancestors and all of that is good. Our natural universe is always gravitating toward the strong, changing and morphing so it can survive. To me that is God's supreme genius!

Our bodies, our earth, and the mechanisms within each are complex, beautiful, and sacred. Why, because they are the work of God. If we really truly honored ourselves and honored our world, we would live in a more peaceful, more beautiful, and more optomistic place. We would also be healthier, happier, and live a more bountiful existance.

God sent his son Jesus to teach us that love is the answer. Loving our neighbor, loving God, being peacemakers, and living in harmony. Jesus showed us by example what we must do to live an abundant life, unfortunately many have not yet learned the lesson.

I absolutely agree with Dr. Francis Collins. The human genome, mathematics, physics, and all that extremly hard stuff is the language of God. (Actually, I really like math.) I think that science can bring us closer to understanding the TRUTH of our universe and help us care for this blessed place that we are so fortunate to experience.

Posted By Anonymous Madeliene Bolden, Atlanta,Georgia : 2:32 PM ET
Wow, I am thrilled to see Dr. Collins' article today. God works in mysterious ways; just last week as I was preparing for my Sunday School lesson I remembered seeing this story in Guidepost's magazine by Dr. Collins. Although, I had read it some time ago I thought how it related to our lesson, I remembered the caption about how a scientist can believe in God. I tried searching through all my saved magazines but could not find this article anywhere. Empty handed I did mention it to them during our class and I told them if I ever found it I would bring it for them to read. Here it is!
As a professing Christian, we were created to have a personal relationsip with God but because of sin we were separated from Him. His love made an atonement for our sin through Jesus Christ. By our faith we are to share His love with others. Then one day as God would have us to know, the truth will be revealed!
Posted By Anonymous Dee, Birmingham, AL : 2:34 PM ET
I still dont see anything in what Collins wrote that justifies a belief in God, especially the God of the Biblea and the mythology of Jesus being the Son of GOd. As for all this historical proof that Jesus existed, exactly what is it?
Posted By Anonymous DF Sparks, Los Angeles : 3:47 PM ET
So Dr. Collins went from atheist to theist by observing death while in the hospital(fear). What about all the discrepancies in the bible? support of slavery? putting women down? fantastic ancient stories?. I'm sorry but he is not applying the real scientific approach. Science can not accept anything until proven. A real person of science would take the same approach. So just because you call yourself smart, it doesn't mean you can not be mistic. Faith = blind believe, Science = Reason + proof
Posted By Anonymous Chico, LA, California : 4:17 PM ET
ive always fetl that the universe is the product of some greater power, God, a universal concious, something along those lines. but ive always felt arguing to prove or disprove its existance is a waste of time.

math, science, all of those are physical elements which we can experience and perceive, and even some of those elements are right now beyond our comprehension. So why are we arguing about the creator of those forces when we've only just begun to understand

let the believers belive, let the thinkers think. crossing the two is a waste of everyones time and money
Posted By Anonymous Michae, East Brunswick, NJ : 4:17 PM ET
Everything in the Bible can't be true, yet you're supposed to believe every word. You can't have it both ways. I suspect peer pressure has more to do with Dr. Collins' belief than anything else. I realized when I was five that religion was probably a local thing rather than a reality like gravity; in short, if Collins had grown up in Baghdad, he'd now believe in Allah, and he'd have followed a similar path convincing himself. No Catholic ever saw Ganesh in a taco or reflection, always Virgin Mary.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Statesboro GA : 4:27 PM ET
Something tells me that people such as DF Sparks and others who want proof of God have no qualms in believing that there is complex life similiar to ours somewhere else in the universe. Yet they can offer not one ounce of proof.

So how do they hold this beilief?

I guess they just have faith.
Posted By Anonymous Ron, Indianapolis IN : 4:27 PM ET
I am a trained social scientist (PhD in counselor education). My concept of God has nothing to do with work or education. It has to do with the simple fact that when I was 17 years old by all accounts of science and nature I should not have survived an auto accident. And yet 21.5 years later I am here because something greater than man defied everything. That something is the God of my understanding and prayer that sustained me through years of recovery both physically and emotionally from the trauma of that event. You can all get into the "heady" discussions of God versus science versus chamomile tea. Christ asks us to have the simple faith of children. It's really that easy. I am here because the purpose of my life began that night I almost died. God has sustained me through 21 deaths of family and friends in as many years (most notably my mom and soulmate) and more happiness and blessings than a person should be allowed because He loves His kid. And that love is the only answer to His existence or the pain and joys of this world I have ever needed.
Posted By Anonymous TA Cheramie, Berwick, LA : 5:25 PM ET
I can't when, where, why, or how mankind or God came to be: I don't think anyone can with 100% certainty. The Bible, I know, is the most widely read book in the world, second to The Diary of Anne Frank. Just because it's popular doesn't make it right. However, millions of people believe, choose to believe. This choice is an individual's right. Many scriptures are interpreted so differently by different individuals. We could all look at the weather on a given day and call it partly sunny or partly cloudy: it's the same. I find it bold and refreshing that Dr. Collins can come forth and voice his BELIEF that the Bible and science mesh. It's nice to know that he can read not on a purely literal level, but he sees the connected symbolism. I do believe, though, that "when the trumpet sounds" EVERY knee will bow.... including the individuals who've posted here.
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Rogers, AR : 5:48 PM ET
Perhaps Collins had best read his Bible again, and find the part where God encouraged the fish to walk. Or where God made Man in His image, not in a chimp's image.

No, you cannot have Science and the Bible, not without imploring one to consider, as Collins does, the Bible to not be read literally.

One might be better served not reading Mother Goose literally, either.

Frankly, I'll stick with Darwin. He never caveated his science with "Some of this might be a fairy-tale". All praise be the Flying Spaghetti Monster, for I have been touched by his noodly appendage.
Posted By Anonymous cosinezero, boston, MA : 5:52 PM ET
I must contribute to this article by offering the opinion of a scientist trained in both molecular and evolutionary biology. Dr. Collins mentions that science cannot explain why humans have morals. I find this absolutely appauling. His comments highlight a larger problem within the scientific community. Each field tends to remain isolated in its own world without incorporating the major findings of others. For example, Dr. Collins is extensively trained in medicine and genetics, but unfortunately he has no idea about the field of evolutionary biology. If he did, we would be able to answer several of the questions listed as "unexplainable by science". Humans are not the only species to have morals. In general, most species tend to do "right". Cheaters are punished in any society (animal or human). Because of this simple fact, those that have good morals tend to be more successful at survial and reproduction. Other questions that are easily explained by evolutionary biology are "why are we here" and "Why are the physical constants in the universe so finely tuned to allow the possibility of complex life forms?".

I hope that my response is well received by some and I am sure it will be well critisized by others.
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, Mount Pleasant : 5:55 PM ET
AMEN to Maggie (GVMO)!! Who's to say that God didn't create the "big bang"?
Can a scientist prove or disprove it?
Posted By Anonymous PJ, St Louis MO : 6:00 PM ET
The philosophical filed of espitemology tells us there are 2 ways of "knowning". Knowing based on evidence - rationalism. And knowning without evidence - empiricism.

You can't use evidence to back an empirical belief (such as the existence of God). You either believe or you don't - the rules of evidence don't apply.

It demeans and diminshes faith in God to try and hold it to the standards of scientific evidence. The instant you do so, you set yourself up for an expiriment that would disprove God. That is a strange idea of faith.
Posted By Anonymous Steve R. West Chester PA : 6:03 PM ET
Dr. Collins revealed he is no scientist or logical thinker as soon as he made the leap from asking questions (which science and logic can address) to a becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. This makes him nothing more than a "Christian", and thus a religious person. Does he not know that there are other religions besides Christianity, whose followers have quite different "faiths"? As another illustration of his true nature, no real scientist would postulate a single "God" - whatever the reasons for postulating a "God", surely those apply even more to postulating many "Gods" and even "gods"?
And let us not forget, that many wars and atrocities in human histroy have been and continue to be perpretrated in the name of religion. I will take science over religiosity any day.
Posted By Anonymous Dipu Ghosh, Irvine, California. : 6:12 PM ET
I don't see why is of any importance whether a Scientist believe in God or not. Scientist's meaning is to increase the area of known things. Whether Scientist calls unknown things a God's realm or not is Scientist's own belief. Like: apple and earth interacts because of gravity - that's a known science, but where from comes a gravity that's not a known thing (as far as I know). So, it is possible to say that gravity was added by God and it's hard to object to that statement, but eventually one day humans will master the force of gravitation and be able to use it. Than gravity won't be in God's domain anymore. Or Big Bang, or DNK blueprint, or meaning of life. Regarding the meaning of life there is already an answer - it's what we decide it to be.
Posted By Anonymous Tibor Tot, Zurich, Switzerland : 6:29 PM ET
Dr. Collins

I found your analysis of science and religion refreshing.

I think the problem in this world gets exasperated because those who are in the extreme end of the spectrum tend to translate religion to fit their ideological point of view.

Although I haven�t been able to figure out why there is so much suffering in one corner of the world and surplus on the other, I do believe God is everywhere, and one does not have to go to church, or be well versed in religious scriptures to appreciate and marvel the love and power of God.

Keep up the good work
Posted By Anonymous H, San Francisco, CA : 6:45 PM ET
I find it absolutely silly when people act as if God has left no evidence of his existence. You want evidence? Look in the mirror! Human beings are miracles NOT the result of random chance. Just as buildings are proof for the existence of builders and paintings are proof for the existence of painters; creation is evidence of a Creator.

As far as absolute morals (aka the moral law) it is absolute evidence for a moral law Giver. If there is no law Giver then there is no moral law which would make morals relative. If there exists even 1 actual absolute moral law then that means God exists. I provide you with 1 moral absolute: murdering innocent people is wrong. Is it? Or is that just someones relative opinion?

Oh and another thing, a moral law implies not only a moral law Giver but it also implies consequences if the law is broken. (Otherwise, again, its not a LAW but a suggestion) With that in mind...

Have you kept Gods laws? Have you ever lied, stolen, taken Gods name in vain? Have you ever lusted after someone. Jesus said thats the same as adultery. What consequence do you think people will face if they are found guilty on judgment day? Do you think guilty people will go to heaven or hell?

The great message of the Bible is that God is not willing that any go to hell for their crimes against his law. So he sent his Son Jesus Christ, the only who never once broke the moral law, to die in the place of the guilty. When Jesus died on the cross he was paying for the crimes of those who would believe in him. Three days later, he rose from the dead. Because of his death and resurrection, anyone who repents of their sin and puts their trust in Him as their Lord and Savior will be saved from the judgment to come. Those who do not put their trust in Him, will pay for their own sins.
Posted By Anonymous Adiel Corchado Passaic NJ : 9:07 PM ET
I find it hard to believe that a man of science can come to the conclusions, as well as, raise the questions that he has risen. To say that he does not know 'why he is here' or 'where did the universe come from' is quite easy to understand once you think about it. If you just subtract the illusion of religion from the equation, everything that happens in the world does happen for a reason. This reason might not be the predestined ordained route that you think, but the answer can be found with science. Evolutionary biology can explain the whys and hows on Earth. This all becomes quite clear why anything occurs when you step back and actually think WHY? To rely entirely on faith, leaves so many things unexplained and to accept what is told to you, instead of asking questions and trying to understand for ones self. Believe me, it is so hard to finally realize that there are reasons for why everything is the way it is. To understand that the reason can be explained just by thinking logically! Logic, rather than accepting what some think happened, truly makes life happier. Dinosaurs were to big to fit on Noah's Ark!
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Mt. Pleasant, SC : 10:31 PM ET
Athiest dont believe in God because they dont want to feel accountable to a being, higher power than themselves. It is really sad that Athiest believe that they are nothing and have no purpose in life. Science cant explain how this universe came about. It is cool to hear that a scientist like Dr. Collins has gone public with his faith. And more scientist should follow and get evolutionist to question their beliefs.
Posted By Anonymous Quincy Atlanta,GA : 11:12 PM ET
To answer Junior of Prague, OK, who answered Karen from Orlando,

Scientists differ from religious believers in that they rely on observable evidence. For every observation there are many possible theories to explain it. The observation only becomes evidence for a theory when that theory is shown to be the best explanation for that observation. For example, Polonium is a poor explanation of "Polonium Halos", and contradicts a vast body of evidence that granite forms gradually, and not by an instantaneous "creation event". See:

I also recommend that you to go visit the Grand Canyon and see whether all those rock layers look like they were formed and then sculpted over billions of years, or in a single instant. Maybe your god created wonders like this just to fool us into *thinking* it took billions of years, when in fact all of creation took just 7 days?

Evidence cannot "prove" that the earth is round, or that it is 4.6 billion years old, because any god worth his omnipotence could easily manipulate that evidence. So the Earth could indeed be flat, but god doesn't want us to know it! You are free to think that the Earth is flat. I prefer to follow the evidence.

Karen's question still stands, even if you assume a god who created time, and is not bounded by it. Darwin's theory explains how a simple, natural process can produce all the complexity of life, including, Dr. Collins, our human capacity for love and morality. Any "theory" that some being with vast powers but no testable properties created something rather less spectacular than himself, us, is not a scientific theory at all, and has no business masquerading as one.

If you "explain" Science, Math, Physics, etc. by claiming some god created them, but you don't explain the existence of that god, all you are doing is confusing yourself. You have not explained anything!
Posted By Anonymous Bob Kohlenberger, San Mateo, CA : 2:50 AM ET
I was disappointed when the blog which said that evolutionary biology could easily explain "why we're here" didn't go on to do it--she had me going there.

Why do humans think that they can even begin to comprehend the complexities of life? It's kind of like a two-year-old who is positive that he knows how to drive his Mom's car.

For thousands of years we've believed that we finally "figured it out." Is now the time that we really have? Were people with "the answers" three thousand years ago just ignorant, but now they're enlightened? Does it really matter? Are you sure?

The blog I agreed with most is the one which said we're wasting time worrying about it. We're obviously here to survive and procreate. I don't know why, but I know that's what most people really are focused on, so why not just spend our time figuring that out? Why do we have such a "God complex" in needing to think humans are "special" and their lives have "spiritual" or "scientific" meaning? LOL
Posted By Anonymous chris manchester, nh : 2:31 PM ET
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