Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Hot Links: State of the Union
Posted By CNN: 12:51 PM ET
Can you give us an update on what is currently happening in Lebanon? There has been a large demonstration and I haven't found anything on CNN about it. I'm surprised Anderson hasn't gotten itchy feet to travel afar.
Posted By Anonymous Nicki, Calgary, Alberta : 1:14 PM ET
Regarding the 20% cut in gas consumption - A good number. But let's make it a 20% cut in the current administration - starting at the top.
Posted By Anonymous A. Torres, Los Angeles, CA : 2:13 PM ET
Oh good - The President is going to call for a 20% reduction in gas consumption - what does he plan to offer as the alternative method of transportation (for frivolous things like getting to work, medical treatment, getting kids back and forth to school, grocery shopping, and so forth.
Posted By Anonymous Fran, Mililani Hi. : 2:15 PM ET
Do we really need a State of the Union Address this year? It's pretty obvious that the State of the Union stinks!
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Tampa, Florida : 3:51 PM ET
A 20% cut in gas consumption. Normally, this would sound like a good idea, but for many people, their biggest use of gasoline comes from commuting to work. I just hope that the 20% cut in gas consumption doesn't come as a result of 20% of our jobs being outsourced to India and China. If you want to intelligently reduce gasoline consumption, how about economic incentives to employers who allow their workers to telecommute? If a call center can be located in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), why can't it be dispersed over American employee's home offices? As the saying goes: "We have the technology." Cutting dependence on oil by promoting ethanol does not reduce dependence, it just increases the already generous farm subsidies for the corporate farmers - many of them millionaires - who produce the corn that is used to make the ethanol. (I grew up on a farm so I have nothing to gain by pointing this out.) That's another topic I wish CNN would investigate - the practice of farm subsidies; how they benefit the large corporate farms and actually hurt the small family farms and alternative farms (organic, specialty, etc.) Subsidies make it so that only large-scale operations (thousands of acres or more) can stay in business because they effectively encourage price fixing at a crop price too low for the smallest farmers to subsist on. We already throw an obscene amount of money into farm subsidies. Is this latest "ethanol solution" an attempt to divert more money towards corporate farm welfare? Take a look at the people who receive the highest subsidies (this information is posted on the internet). I bet you will find that some of them have never sat on a tractor in their life.
Posted By Anonymous Julie San Diego, CA : 4:28 PM ET
Please focus back on New Orleans, and Louisiana. The President has failed to live up to the Jackson Square speech. You have been here, you know what has happened and what is not happening. Mississippi seems to get the lion share of funding, when they only had about 20-30% of the damage, what is wrong with this picture? The Corps of Engineers continues to bungle the job, and they answer to no one. FEMA threatens Louisianians to get out of trailers or to stop much needed housing payments, but did they do that to Floridians who still remain in FEMA trailers over 2 years later? Something is wrong.

From your website,

Bush: 'We will do what it takes'

No, the President is not doing what it takes. Is Michael Brown correct, is it all about discriminating against a state with a Democratic governor? When you compare Mississippi and Florida, it would seem so.
Posted By Anonymous Julia, New Orleans, La : 4:55 PM ET
If people would take a few minutes to read the suggested articles linked here, they'd see that the President isn't asking Americans for personal sacrifices with regard to fuel consumption. We're way too selfish to ration anything in our lives for the betterment of all. What Mr. Bush is proposing is increasing production of ethanol, which can be made from corn and sugar cane. He also wants to raise fuel economy standards for cars. Bush also has a plan to quadruple how much alternative fuels we use by 2012. He will also ask the Congress to double the petroleum reserve to protect against an emergency oil market stoppage.

But I think each American who drives can be more conscious of unecessary driving. That's just a common sense thing for people to think about because we're not going to have the oil flowing forever and like everything else, it will get more expensive.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 6:09 PM ET
I liked how Petraeus referenced the situation in Iraq..."But hard is not hopeless". He appears to have the right attitude and is confident about the plan which is making me feel a little better about our deployment of more troops. He predicts that we would see indicators that this strategy is working by late Summer. I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one! I'm sure that we will all still be debating this issue by then anyways....
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 6:19 PM ET
President Bush's plan to send additional troops to Iraq may likely turn to a suicide. The best and wise approach of that issue will require an intensive and open dialogue with Arab leaders of different neighboring countries.
The approach will gather Arab leaders on a round table. They will,in fact, discuss and agree on more a comprehensible plan forward that will be revised and backed by the United States.
Posted By Anonymous Daouda Maiga, Atlanta GA : 7:20 PM ET
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