Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Hot Links: Military surplus exploited
Posted By CNN: 11:09 AM ET
Iran and China using US $$$ exploit US military surplus. Sanctions, boycotts, yada yada yada. All the while Rice, Olmert and Abbas without any popular support in their own countries discuss the 'road map'. Can they Google it?
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 2:54 PM ET

So while we are guarding the front door and we all have to arrive at the airport hours ahead of time, take off our shoes, be sure not to wear an underwire bra or carry too much toothpaste or a bottle of water, potential terrorists are coming in the back door. For a measly $57M the very country that Bush is rattling his saber at now is getting access to our military hardware at bargain prices. Unbelieveable. And what about military computers? Are the hard drives cleaned or whatever it is you have to do to wipe the slate clean of confidential information? I hope 360 pursues this story. Maybe the stuff could be stored in the FEMA trailers that are sitting rotting in the weather and humidity.
Posted By Anonymous Charlotte D, Stockton CA : 4:03 PM ET
Boy, we sure do reap what we sow. The same old story of profits over ethics. Like the American companies who did business with the Nazis. Why are our military supplies up for sale to anyone? Can't the government actually control the military industrial complex? The answer: no!
Posted By Anonymous Bob Goldie, San Francisco, CA : 4:19 PM ET
Lots of talk and excitement in Chicago about the Obama run. Some of the things people are saying:

-Overall, the media will give him a pass

-the local media doesn't want to be embarrassed by the national media, so they're trying to dig up every scrap of info on Obama.

-He felt the need to spend a lot of time in the Senate race explaining to voters that he is a Christian

-He will enjoy a certain amount of protection because people will be afraid to go after the first African-American Pres. candidate.

- even Illinoisans don't know where he stands on issues because he doesn't have a long voting record.

-First week of Feb. he will announce his candidacy in Springfield to align himself with Abe Lincoln.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 4:46 PM ET
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