Tuesday, December 12, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 11:52 AM ET
Okay, so I watched the special on "How Far Would You Go" last night. Facelift Mexico???Are you kidding me???? I would have to have a brain fart of colossal proportion to let some half wit surgeon cut on me in Mexico. I have worked for Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons for quite a while now, and I've learned that you should never let a surgeon perform surgery on you if he is not certified by the American Board of Surgery for his area of specialty. I don't know what the standards are in Mexico, but judging from last night's show-I don't think they're very stringent. What's next? All inclusive plastic surgery cruises?
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 12:37 PM ET
First, a very interesting contrast between the Congo and Botswana with the great insightful 'stories' that Jeff always provides us with.

But then we go to 'just another day in Iraq' while the 'Decider' fiddles. Given the President's usual response time to a crisis being equal to the time it took for the 'event' to occur, I would guess a response by the New Year is as lame of hope as the lame NSA story about the Di eavesdropping. From the time the 1st plane hit the Towers until the President responded was how long? From the Katina prediction to the floods how long until the President responded? Initial response was run and hide, then finally find a place to make a speech. Ok, given that time frame and the time since the Statue of Saddam fell my guess is that the first response will come following the 09 inaugural. The Way Forward is just Stay the Course waiting for some kind of miracle.

With the current trends, our best bet is that somebody at least starts building up the US Military in the interim so that when we get there we still can provide for the Common Defense. What's that commercial where the CEO and the Board are forming committees and assigning reports while the guy is either choking or sinking quick sand?
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 2:27 PM ET
Getting a nose job or some breast implants is not a big deal in these days. Cosmetic surgery is very much the "in" thing to do. Just the way that pink had become the new black, you will find that modifying your body with plastic surgery is simply a bit more extreme than getting a tatoo. I know so many people (not rich) who have had cosmetic surgery, that it almost seems like a realistic thing for even the most self-conscious, narcissistic, excercise-freaks like me. That is amazing considering how darn good I already look. Maybe, I could just trim a little bit here, and let some out a bit over there... Then I will finally meet perfection face to face in my bathroom mirror!
Posted By Anonymous Kendall, West Orange, NJ : 3:56 PM ET
CNN is owned by Time Warner and the movie about "blood diamonds" is released by Warner Bros.
And now CNN is running a story about "Blood Diamonds" in the Congo. You are promoting a movie that uses a gimmick for an entertaining yarn in the name of
NEWS. Don't you see that. Conflict diamonds are old news but you are still promoting a movie in the name of objective? unbiased? news?.
SHAME ON YOU! BAD! BAD! Pseudo journalists!
Posted By Anonymous Glen Mayne, Reston, VA : 4:20 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Thank you for the excellent reports on conflict diamonds. It was very interesting and sad to see the contrast between the life of Jean Pierre Mbenga and his team, and the successful mining business in Orapa, Botswana.

It was very unsettling, but not surprising, to see how easily conflict diamonds could be bought and sold in the Diamond District. Although the success of the diamond industry in Botswana is encouraging, I would still feel uncomfortable owning any precious gems. Maybe one day I may change my mind, but frankly I don't have any desire to own them.

For the sake of the people, I hope that all of the diamond rich countries in Africa will someday thrive as successfully as Botswana.

Please let Jeff Koinange know how much we appreciated his reports on this subject.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 1:03 AM ET
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