Monday, November 13, 2006
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Posted By CNN: 9:58 AM ET
I completed two tours in Iraq as an Infantry Officer and I disagree with Senator McCain's stance on Iraq. There aren't enough troops available to send to Iraq barring a draft or mass call up of the Reserves and National Guard (an already depleted resource) - which would Sen. McCain propose? I gurantee neither are very popular, and I can tell you many members of the military are burning out quickly as they deploy to combat zones almost every other year. To say the Middle East would plunge into chaos if we leave is also a moot point - Iraq and Afghanistan ARE in chaos, leaving will lead to quickly resolved power struggles that will ultimately cost fewer lives.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Natick MA : 12:02 PM ET
Do I believe in the Iraq Study Group and the appoint of Gates? Sorry, it looks like bend over here it comes again. Aren't we looking at a group that has had a hand in creating the road that we are travelling since Nixon? How can we have 'fresh ideas' from a group who have an investment in the roots of the problems in the Middle East with those in power already taking the Groups previous work one step further?

In the mean time we are looking at how many deaths and injuries and piles of rubble. We are looking at another rotation that we don't really have the troops for. I know that the Marines are reactivating their Ready Reserve-years 2 and 3. It appears that Guardsmen that have already been actived for 18 months will be actived again. Arkansas troops that went to Baghdad, Katrina, and maybe the Mexican Border are wondering if they need to get the duffle back out.

How long does it take for the 'new' guys to get the oversight done to get new equipment ordered, produced and shipped into action? Let see Sen. McCain with military experience has sat on the majority control side of the Armed Services Comm.-Readiness Sub Comm. and an undeclared Pres. candidate, while Rep. Hunter, declared Pres. candidate has chaired the House Comm. What do I hear them say? They are protecting their territory, but not taking responsibility for 'no readiness' of the troops with years of walking in lock step with the deciders.

No hurry for the politicos, what's the rush. Get out the paper shredders and change the hard drives. Hang out a few aides and generals. That ought to solve the problems.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 12:13 PM ET
The story combate hospital was just what we need to understand the true meaning of the war. I thank you for your reporting and hope many many people see and consider the future we bring to this world. No matter what your political view.
Posted By Anonymous Scott, Mexico : 12:45 PM ET
I viewed the "Coming Home" website segment online and was impressed with the diversity of topics and issues connected with Iraq veterans and victims. Excellent journalism. I look forward to the TV segment tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Sharon D., Indianapolis, IN : 6:11 PM ET
War is affecting children of vets. In one example here in WA, son is angry with father for volunteering to go back a second time. His actions are similar to boys who are raised without fathers - angry, poor school work & attendance, just getting into trouble all around & he is 9 yrs old. Would not go to meet dad when he returned this weekend. Not speaking. Counseling is needed for both dad and son but no such help is available because it isn't being recognized yet as a result of the war.
Posted By Anonymous Barbara Roberts, Seattle WA : 10:44 PM ET
The special "Coming Home" last night gave us excellent insight into what happens to the troops that have been severely wounded and have a long way to go yet to heal their bodies and minds. Its good to know that they are getting the special attention so badly needed post-war. It was especially encouraging to see the advances made for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
For anyone that would like to see the difference between the care given now as opposed to that given after Vietnam, I suggest they rent the Oscar award winning movie "Coming Home" with Jon Voight and Jane Fonda.It is a powerful but sad portrayal of the aftermath of the Vietnam war.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Scarboro Ontario CANADA : 8:23 AM ET
Go with 'Coming Home' and 'Born of the 4th of July'. Now, if they'd quit handing out anti-psycotic in theater and fund the VA we might have a leg up on the long and winding road home. Sanjay had some great figures about a month ago that certainly didn't support the PC spin that the VA head discussed last night. Plus, 2 years in -patient mental health care may never meet the needs of the head injuries and some other psych disorder. Again, how many of the outreach groups are available to the Guard and Reserve when they return to the 'world' prime time, not to a major military base.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 2:10 PM ET
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