Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Plane crash alters plans
As you can probably guess, our plans for tonight's program changed radically after a plane crashed into a tall residential building here in Manhattan. We could see the smoke from our office windows. Anderson is on the scene.

What surprised us is that after 9/11 a small aircraft could make it into airspace over Manhattan. We are gathering as much information on the crash as we can and expect to know many more details by 10 p.m.
Posted By David Doss, "360" Executive Producer: 6:46 PM ET
From what CNN has reported on as of now, this was an accident. Too bad Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle had to lose his life in it.

My thoughts are for his and the pilot's family.
Posted By Anonymous D.J. O'Berry, Georgia : 7:09 PM ET
It seems to me there should be a lot more rules and regulations when it comes to flying in and around high-rise buildings, especially when there seems to be so much air traffic at all times. I'm very surprised it hasn't happened before and you'd think since 9/11 there would have been very strict new rules put into place immediately. It's all fine and dandy to try to live our lives as normally as possible with the threat of terror always in the back of our minds, but please, take any chance of scaring us half to death away.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario, Canada. : 7:15 PM ET
I was wondering how a plane even a small one like that could be allowed to fly in such a heavily populated area with tall structures. Although several people did lose their lives it was good to see that the emergency crews were prepared for anything. Mayor Bloomberg did a great job at the news conference, kept his cool and really knew his stuff.

Can't wait to see the reports on tonight's show. Anderson did a great job this afternoon reporting from the canyons of NYC.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 7:24 PM ET
This is a good news/bad news story. The good news is that it was not related to any terrorist act, the bad news is that 2 people died. It will be interesting to understand better why this small plane was not noticed until after it crashed, unfortunately, brought back some bad memories!
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 7:24 PM ET
It is sad to learn about the death of Cory Lidle in this awful accident. He'll be remembered in our prayers, and we would like to send our most sincere and deepest sympathy to his entire family and friends.
Posted By Anonymous Jan, Sterling Heights, MI : 7:38 PM ET
Hi David,
"Plane crash alters plans." Two people lost their lives today in a horrible accident..My thoughts and prayers go out to the families..Perhaps we all could use this day as a lesson..We are wasting our lives away with plans..Good plans, bad plans, plans that no one can agree on etc...Hopefully your plans for tonights program will not be sensationalized, but reflective of what was lost today. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 7:39 PM ET
Hello David~
I was about to leave my house for an event when I saw the news of the plane crash on CNN. It all just gives me a sick feeling. I should have known that Anderson would be on the scene bringing us the latest reports. Thanks for keeping us informed as the latest developments come in. My prayers are with those involved in this tragic accident.
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 7:46 PM ET
This must have been a horrifying event for New Yorkers. I'm sure the memories from 9/11 just came flooding again. Please pray for the family of the two men lost. How tragic.
Posted By Anonymous Katherine, Woodland Hills CA : 7:51 PM ET
I found it interesting that the AC360 site has made note that it is 10/11. There has been so many coincidences when it comes to the 11th day of different months, I am beginning to get a bit chilled.

Let's review the evidence:
-Of course, there was 9/11
-Then the Madrid train bombings on 3/11
-Then the Mumbai train bombing on 7/11
-And something that is overlooked, the Philippine Airlines Flight 434 bombing back in 1994, which has been seen as the preclude (or test run) for 9/11-- this happened on 12/11.

I know today was an accident, but the consistency is pretty strange. I know this is a bit of "conspiracy theory," but you have to admit that it is an interesting pattern. And until there is more evidence that any of it correlates, we will just have to speculate.

In the meanwhile, thanks for getting the facts so quickly. I feel like I can depend on your crew to get the information to us as quickly and as accurately as possible.
Posted By Anonymous Lynn, Chicago, IL : 8:23 PM ET
This incident points out the inadequacy of the FAA'S regulation of our air space. It is ridicules to allow general aviation aircraft to buzz around the New York air space at will!
The reason for this is that the FAA is an advocate of aviation and it's
policies accommodates the interests of the Aviation community and
ignores the needs and concerns of communities they fly over.
The congress is making a mistake by asking the the FAA to do what they
think is best regarding Airspace restrictions,instead, the Congress
should be directing them in these matters.
Posted By Anonymous lawrence Benfield,Statesville,NC : 8:40 PM ET
First, this is a terrible tragedy for both Mr. Lidle's and the instructor's families. The question of planes, helicopters and air space? I guess if you do not live in NYC you wouldn't understand. As one of the many slogans say, this is the city that never sleeps. In the quest to be first, people use any means necessary to get around this island. From the experience of friends that fly the east river area -- that arena is filled with air traffic all the time, I can see it from my office window all the way on the west side on 30th street EVERYDAY. It would seem to me that perhaps this was a difficult route for a newbie pilot like Mr. Lidle. I am so very sorry about that.
Here are my pet peeves. Are we helping terrorists with their ultimate goal of striking fear by beating this tragic story into the ground? I'm sure that someone living under a rock might have missed this story which is why we've had to experience it over and over and over again since late afternoon. I guess this is the downside to the 21st century's 24-hour news cycle; an unfortunate downside.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie H., Brooklyn, NY : 9:49 PM ET
I entered my office and heard the news on the radio. My heart skipped a beat or two, fear came in fast and hard. 911 will never be forgoten. I remembered it's horror, then reason took hold and I prayed for the lives of the two lost men and the pain of their families. Now we need to find out how a plane got into the city again.
Posted By Anonymous Barb Parsaca, Grand Rapids Michigan : 10:23 PM ET
It's upsetting hearing that the plane that a Yankee pitcher piloted crashed into a high rise building. No one reports about the lives that he has disrupted. No one reports about the life of those taken in the safety of thier home due to a Yankee pitcher's hobby. what was he doing flying at such a low altitute?
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Buffalo NY : 12:13 PM ET
I'm so sorry for all of those directly affected by this tragedy that there is even a WHIFF of relief in learning the details. But please forgive us all. Just 5 years ago ... when faced with a gaping and smoking hole high in the side of a building ... we all thought "terrible accident" - until the other planes hit. This time we all thought "TERRORISM!" - until no subsequent planes hit. What a sad and distinct change in our collective perspective.
Posted By Anonymous C Zaring, Pullman, WA : 12:47 PM ET
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