Wednesday, August 02, 2006
White House denies giving green light to Israel
President Bush made a rare visit to the White House briefing room this afternoon to celebrate the fact that the ratty, old pressroom that we correspondents call home (where the carpets are disgusting, the chairs are falling apart and the air conditioning is spotty at best) is about to undergo nine months of extensive renovations.

The president yukked it with newbie correspondents, as well as some veterans like Helen Thomas and Sam Donaldson, who came back for this special event and fired-off a screaming question for old-time's sake, prompting the commander-in-chief to joke that the ABC News denizen is a "has-been." Ouch.

But the president took no questions from the press corps as the war in the Middle East raged on for a 22nd day, leaving it to his press secretary, Tony Snow, to face a barrage of queries about why the United States has not stopped the violence yet.

"We would love a cease-fire yesterday," Snow said. But he again repeated the mantra that the administration wants a "sustainable" peace, not one that will slip away within days. He said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is still hopeful that a U.N. resolution can be passed by the end of the week.

Despite emphasizing diplomacy in his remarks, Snow acknowledged that three weeks into the crisis President Bush still has not called Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. That's led even some Republicans, such as Sen. Chuck Hagel, to raise questions about whether the Bush administration has given Israel tacit approval to level Lebanon, in hopes it will destroy the terrorist group Hezbollah, despite the ongoing toll on innocent victims in both Lebanon and Israel.

"We don't have a green light," Snow said. "The idea that the U.S. is saying, 'Go, go, go,' I think is a disservice to the Israeli government, which operates independently, and this government."

But has the White House given Israel a green light to "go, go, go"? We'll explore this question in more depth tonight.
Posted By Ed Henry, CNN White House Correspondent: 3:46 PM ET
Yeah not only that but they are also saying "go, go, go and here's the money!"

Does Israel even care what the rest of the world thinks? Maybe you should examine that and give us an answer.
Posted By Anonymous Katy Usha, Los Angeles, CA : 4:05 PM ET
As much as it's tempting to accuse the White House of giving Israel the green light to "go, go, go" against Hezbollah, no one knows for certain. All I know is that a temporary ceasefire doesn't mean you're settling for a temporary solution; you're just finding a way to stop the bleeding, literally. Then work on a sustainable peace later on. Note to White House: We can do this in phases, you know; it doesn't have to be a once-and-done solution. I understand that the US wants to see Hezbollah gone, but the resulting violence and bloodshed doesn't make it right. This is certainly a case where the end doesn't justify the means. Regards and take care,
Posted By Anonymous Beth, Edmonds, WA : 4:07 PM ET
The Bush administration has made a habit of saying one thing and doing another. All those signing statements altering the public perception of the bills Bush signs into law are a prime example.

The U.S. is the main supporter of Israel supplying most of the weapons they use. Does anyone honestly believe the U.S. couldn't pressure Israel into an immediate cease fire?
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 4:16 PM ET
I definately get the impression that the White House has given at least some kind of approval to Isreal. I think its more of a "read between the Lines" than a "go go go". No direct comment speaks volumes. I think whats happened is they're afraid to say too much now, at first before Isreal turned it into a free-for-all, it was widely felt that Bush was sending artillary over there and I think most people felt he was right. Now its such a mess he's afraid to acknowledge that for fear people won't know what he's talking about...(Big shock)
Posted By Anonymous Bev. Ontario. Canada : 4:18 PM ET
I think Israel will stop this campaign only when Israel wants to stop defending itself. I'm sick of this talk of ceasefire--there is no such thing as a ceasefire in this area. If Israel stops short of its intended mission which is to disarm hezbollah, these terrorists will only lay in wait to fight another day--they must be destroyed, period. I'm tired of all the peace mongers saying peace will come when Israel stops and agrees to make nice with these terrorists. Most lasting peace is only obtained through incredible, decisive military victories by a force that believes in freedom and not terror and violence. The Jewish people do not provoke. The Jewish people do defend their people--more countries should learn this. The middle east will only be peaceful when every militant muslim is hunted down and killed or imprisoned. Roll on Israel.
Posted By Anonymous Eugene Phillips--Alpharetta, GA : 4:19 PM ET
Um, didn't the U.S. rush some new bombs to Israel only a week ago? Doesn't that fact alone answer your question?

America is Israel's Iran. There is no difference. They're just using Israel to fight the "war on terror", which is really a war against people who don't agree with the U.S. and Israel on every issue. U.S is not only saying "go, go, go"..they're saying that and "here are your weapons, and money, and here is all the time you need to destroy a nation and all that live in it, have fun!"
Posted By Anonymous Erica, NY, NY : 4:35 PM ET
I believe the President is giving Israel a green light, by not demanding an immediate cease fire, and putting the weight of the President and the U.S. behind the request.

Innocent people are being killed,on both sides of the border, and that's not right.

War is not the answer. War will not get rid of terrorism. When has it ever?

Boulder, Colorado
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 4:37 PM ET
Forget about short/long ceasefire.. the White House has not even started working out on a ceasefire at all. What did Ms. Rice come back with from the middle east except for the fact she and others keep repeating the same answer for any question under the sun" we want a long term solution, we want to go after the terrorist, our job is to protect the American citizens" PLEASE , we've been hearing this more than anything else.. start somewhere so that you achieve what you want..

White House has not only given a green signal but it has been supporting the Israelis big time financially and morally.. it is time to stop the war and let the people of Lebanon decide if or not they want Hezbollah and if they do want them, let the UN decide how they want to resolve this issue so that both the Israelis and the Lebanese can live in peace.
Posted By Anonymous Himali, Houston, Texas : 4:38 PM ET
Hey Ed-

You give yourself away when you write things like:
"But he again repeated the mantra that the administration wants a "sustainable" peace, not one that will slip away within days"

"Mantra? "

You make that read like it's not really what the U.S. wants, but instead only a cover of rhetoric to mask some imagined aternate intent.

I'm 45, and my entire life it's been one 'cease-fire' after another, with Israel shrinking and giving up legitimately captured terrorists every time.

Example: 2000 Israel leaves South Lebanon and gets shelled and rocketed as reply.

Oslo. the PLO was offered 93% of what it wanted, but just could not resist the tempatation of murdering more Israelis.

Last year: Israel leaves th eoccupied territories, and gets rocketed again.

See, Ed, there's a pattern here that you are just not recognizing, or you are ignoring.

Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda cannot resist the bloodlust. Israel cannot resist a desire for peace, even if it means fighting for it, just like we had to do 60 years ago.
Posted By Anonymous marc,simi valley, CA : 4:40 PM ET
The current crop of politicians running this country just make me wanna shove my head in a blender and press "puree."

They dont even bother to come up with a plausible non-answer anymore. It's sorta like " we know you know we are full of crap, we wont even bother to make up a good lie."

"Sustainable...blah, blah, blah..."

"...defend itself...blah, blah, blah..."

"Global war on terror...blah, blha, blah..."

"International community, blah, blah, blah.."

I hate every spinless weasely politician we have running this country!
Posted By Anonymous CEEL, NY, NY : 4:43 PM ET
The problem with the WH press room will not be changed with new hi-tech decor. It is really an air quality issue that is related to the buckets of hawg wash that are served daily to the press corps. Enjoy the the new trough. As one guy said on the Caffery File yesterday, "How Orwellian"
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista, ar : 4:44 PM ET
If there is a ceasefire, what exactly is the guarantee that something will be changed? Can we put a time limit on it, like 60 days, after which Israel can go back to bombing? Or can some kind of incentive be put up by the Lebanese, like She'eba Farms, as collateral? Where exactly is the incentive to stop?

I'm willing to bet there will be a ceasefire, followed by the Lebanese Government debating about Hezbollah for the next couple of years or so. In other words, no real change from before the fighting.

Maybe 360 can do a story on the Lebanese (and maybe Palestinian) prisoners in Israel. The claim is that Israel is holding a bunch of women and children. What exactly is the strategic point of doing that, for children at least? Are these kids that have been throwing rocks or found with weapons? Or what?
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vernal, UT : 4:45 PM ET
I feel awful that my tax money is funding the ruthless killing of innocent people in Lebanon and that our government doesn't seem to care about that. It's a shame.
Posted By Anonymous VL Doran, Somerville, MA : 4:52 PM ET
If you want to know what will be the next step of white housse, go and watch channel TBN and listen to Hall LIndsay who said once
"Mr. Bush America is blessed because it is helping Israel" so
Mr. BUsh is doing whatever it takes to help israel. It's all his beliefs. Watch him and condi on TV, their big smiles and glowing faces are telling that they not only have given green signal but they might be controlling it.
Posted By Anonymous Asiya Gul, Tempe, AZ : 4:55 PM ET
I addressed the first half of you blog, now I'm going to the second half which is the issue of war by proxy. Bush is itching to attack Iran and Iran continues to bait him, both knowing that under this Congress and administration the US military is rusted, busted and broke-back with Iran having a country that provides a natural fortress. And it doesn't take a Ivy League grad to figure out that the US's foreign policy is totally lacking in diplomacy has isolated the US while Rummy has silenced any attempt at military strategy. In fact, it seems only the Ivy League Grads and the lobby financed think tanks dwell in that world of fantacy.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista, ar : 4:55 PM ET
Hi Ed,
For all the talk and analysis we all have been doing, one thing comes out crystal clear to me..I don't think the World or President Bush can really solve this..Israel and Hezbollah have to BOTH say ENOUGH..saying go,go,go, or saying stop, stop, stop, means nothing if the combatants turn a deaf ear..I just feel sorry for the innocent people caught in this nightmare..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 4:56 PM ET
Of course they have a "Go". Even the Israeli government has said in several statements something to the effect that the UN and world leaders had given their blessing to military activities by not demanding a ceasefire. There were such statements after Rice left Rome. Whatever anyone else thinks, Israel seems to think they are getting the "go, go, go"
Posted By Anonymous Leigh, Charlotte, NC : 4:56 PM ET
"White House denies giving green light to Israel". 2 words: B.S.
Bush on Fox: "We will not ask for a cease fire just for the sake of a cease fire".
Wake up! You'd be asking for a cease fire to stop the killing and suffering of people!
Posted By Anonymous John Dale, WA : 4:57 PM ET
I'm sure the white house has't told the Israeli's to attack. There are just not telling them to stop until it benefits us as well as them.
Posted By Anonymous Barb K, Chicago IL : 5:00 PM ET
So what!!! I am sooooo sick of the slanted view that the media gives on EVERYTHING but what they want to support.

I am tired of seeing the "poor Lebanese" who have had their homes hit and have been displaced yet not one report has been shown concerning all of the homes in Haifa, and around Israel that have been hit.

I am so so so weary of hearing all of the horrible things that President Bush is purported to have done or not done. Why don't you guys start focusing on the TRUTH and not your own agenda.
Posted By Anonymous T. Wilson, Birmingham, AL : 5:01 PM ET
Henry- I believe than we should always take the opportunity to "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!" Shame on Bush for letting this war escalate. More death, dieing, hatred. Same 'ole motto for the Bush administration. I pray that Pres. Bush will find the peace in his heart to put forth his best effort to stop all the wars raging in the world. We do not need a war monger, but a diplomat for peace. As always Henry,Anderson and all you guys from CNN stay out of harm's way. We love you all and want you to all come home soon!!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann Taylor Nacogdoches, TX : 5:03 PM ET
Israel and Iran are acting like two small children competing for the attention of their parents, the U.S.
We are not their parents and we need to get out of their lives.
Posted By Anonymous terry, chicago IL. : 5:06 PM ET
Lies, lies and more lies. Where does it end? By the way, this conflict will never end. Hezbollah was created as a direct result of Israel actions. What do you think is going to come out of this one. Bizbollah? Bazbollah? or perhaps Multibollah?
Posted By Anonymous silvio vega, salamanca, spain : 5:09 PM ET
Of course, the White House is going to deny giving Israel a green light to kill civilians. This is the same White House that took years to admit there were no WMD's in Iraq.
Posted By Anonymous Connie Louisville,Tn : 5:15 PM ET
How much more of our hard earned dollars paid to our government in taxes is going to continue to flow 1) to rebuild another nation after we've already spent $billions to ruin that nation and 2) to continue to buy $billions in military hardware for Israel so that that nation can now level yet another nation in the region?
Meanwhile, OUR nation can't rebuild New Orleans, has a crumbling infrastructure and failing electrical grid, our citizens face rampant health care inadequacies,
teachers have to buy their own supplies for the classroom, we're cutting NIH research funding, and my paraplegic graduate student still can't get a handicapped accessible men's room in the building he works in!!!!!

Our government's flashing lights are starting to look like the scene of a train wreck!
Posted By Anonymous Misha, Albuquerque, NM : 5:17 PM ET
This is just another "Snow" job. Washington has always spoken with forked tongue so what is new. The only way peace can be achieved is if both sides are disarmed. I have been to to a lot of borders and found the people on both sides get along quite well. It is governments, not people who start wars that kill people and this conflict is no different. It is only going to end when Bush says it will stop and that will be never. Our troops in Iraq have a very long and dangerous supply line through the Persian Gulf. However, if it came through the Mediterranean, Lebanon and Syria our problem would be solved. Wake up America before it is too late.
Posted By Anonymous rshindler, yoakum, texas : 7:34 PM ET
Ed: I'm normally pretty positive about stuff and truly believe that "things happen for a reason", however, when it comes to this crisis, I'm having a tough time seeing much of a reason anymore!!! I can only hope that it stops soon and doesn't linger on like the War in Iraq.
Posted By Anonymous Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 8:56 PM ET
Bush is not only incompetent, he's also hopeless when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs. The Middle East is the only place in the world where the US government clearly places Israeli government interests over its own. That's a disservice to our nation.
From what I see Olmert will dictate to the Bush administration what to do next, not the other way around.

So the fact of the matter is that US weapons are killing hundreds of children and destroying infastructure throughout Lebanon. It's a shame that our tax money is a part of this massacre.

Green light or no green light, Israel will continue with it's distruction path, and leave the US to pick up it's crap.
Posted By Anonymous Jamie, Phila, PA : 9:03 PM ET
I cannot believe I am the only one who has thought this

"Anytime Tony SNOW comes out with some speech to the press or Americans in general- it is always a "snow job".
If you are a parent and you do not say NO the kids will automaticlly think you mean YES -!it is a no brainer
Of course we are telling them they have a green light- let them do the fighting and not OUR boys and I am fine with that.
Posted By Anonymous Barb N ,Winona MN : 9:06 PM ET
Can you say "Wag the Dog"? If there's a cease fire, people will start looking at and talking about Iraq again.
Posted By Anonymous BJ, Old Town, ME : 9:22 PM ET
The US is giving Israel the green light by not doing anything concrete to stop the state orchestrated murder of civilians in Lebanon. Every individual who is murdered turns out to be a 'Hizbullah member or fighter' and every target bombed is either a "rocket launch site" or a 'Hizbullah office'.
I really don't understand what our fixation with blindly supporting Isreal is?
The people of Lebanon and Palestine are not animals and just because Hizbullah does something wrong doesn't mean it makes it right for Israel to kill civilians enmasse.
And then we wonder why the world hates us and what causes people to blow themselves up?
Posted By Anonymous Pablo, Austin, Texas : 11:53 PM ET
This slaughter of Lebanon, this unnecessary bombing and Killing of a defenseless country by Israel, shows the following points beyond any shadow of doubt now:

1- How corrupt our government in USA has become, that it lies out of its teeth about anything & everything. Examples: "Israelis are killing Lebanese because they are fighting terrorists....."
"US is slaughtering Iraqi's because it is fighting terrorists and bringing democracy to Iraq....."

2- How totally our government is under the control of Zionist/Israel forces through their (near) control of the media in US & worldwide

3- How inept all of the world, including all us posting messages here on Blogs, are in stopping this evil axis, in taking back our country from the hand of these criminals. Who will not stop in this hoax that we are under threat of "Islamic Terrorists" when in fact it is
US, UK & Israel who are the ultimate Terrorists by a factor of Billion compared to anyone else, who will drag us & the world into one war after another, since they profit from it so handsomely.
Posted By Anonymous Cyrus Kitchner, San Francisco, CA : 1:08 AM ET
While newspapers and the media can be sued for lies and false accusations with serious repercusions to careless reporting (aka Dan Rather), it is too bad government officials these days can't be held accountable to the same standards as the press.

Remember Clinton and getting impeached for lying about a little tryst? How is it that Bush can get away with lies just because he stamps it as a matter of security?

To those who think the media is slanted and fails to tell the truth - sue them or shut up. Open your eyes to double speak, avoidance, and claims of national security when the government talks. I think the poor educational system is finally taking its toll on this country.
Posted By Anonymous Peter, West Sacramento, Ca : 2:49 AM ET
When was the last time you saw an Israeli suicide bomber? When was the last time you saw an Israeli hide military operations in a place of worship? Perhaps the best thing President Bush could do is to remain silent towards Israel. Yes, not saying no is a tacit yes but also, perhaps the president realizes that sometimes, you just need to let two sides fight it out.
Posted By Anonymous Kyle, odenton MD : 5:00 AM ET
There will be no peace in the world until organizations like Hezbollah and other terrorists groups are put down.The U.N. and Nato need to step up there involvement in this and other situations like it, i.e..(IRAQ), and quit sitting on the sidelines.I believe that the administration will continue to support Israel even after President Bush is out of office.There must be a democratic and economical platform in that region of the world for peace to succeed.
Posted By Anonymous Steve P., Lewisville, TX. : 6:14 AM ET
Wake up America!!! I have never even stopped to read such a gross display of american anti patriotism. 95% of the comments on this issue have been from people against any american intervention. I guess the people who are making the hard decisions, woke up this morning with more important issues.
War did not begin just in our generation. Are we trying to make ourselves ignorant. Instead of taking all the yuppy liberal classes in college, maybe you should have set in some world history lessons. For as long as people have wrote down the history of the world, there have been people like hezbollah, palestinians, and other radical groups. "NO CEASE FIRE, OR CEASE WAR" has ever stopped their aggression. They must be destroyed. If the people in those areas are so innocent. One, let them leave, or they themselves can take arms against all who are against peace. Let us not forget who struck the first blow. Isreal did not wake up one morning and decide to attack Lebanon (or Hezbollah, it is the same for you people who are in denial). Isreal is a peaceful country who does not show aggression, but must be respected for it bravery to strike back at any force that would threaten it people. So, IF America is supporting the people Of Isreal. I support my president and its Military.
If America continues on the path it is on. With every liberal minded american yelling "it is your life, do as you please". We are surely doomed. If the sound morals this country was founded on are not your morals, guess what? This country's "God fearing, Jesus Believing" four fathers are betrayed by you. So i leave you with this thought. A rotten apple can not be turned into a good piece of fruit. That same rotten apple will ruin the whole barrel, if not removed. "REMOVED, NOT BOWED DOWN TO"
Posted By Anonymous Vinson, Spartanburg, SC : 7:41 AM ET
I find it bizzare when the topic of Israel killing civilians is brought up. These murderous terrorists, call them what ever you like..Hammas, Hezebollah, Islamic Jihad etc, operate out of civilian sites like homes,hospitals, schools, mosques and when they are attacked, they all shreik about inocents getting killed. Here is a novel idea, you want to be a military unit and boast, stop hiding your military operations behind the innocent civilians. What a bunch of hypocritcal cowards these "fighters" are and what a bunch of spineless civilians who allow their women and children to be the shields of terrorists. And while I'm at it, what a bunch of limp countries the rest of the world is by not making this the front and center topic. God bless the innocents and God give us the strength, courage and continued wisdom to wipe these murderous cowards from the face of civilized earth.
Posted By Anonymous Tony, Paramus NJ : 11:31 AM ET
Is this the same White House that said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that could reach the US within 45 minutes, that told Michael Brown the head of FEMA that he was doing one heck of a job and that was going to fire anyone who was found to be involved in the outing of CIA agent Valerie?
Posted By Anonymous liz, Montgomery, AL : 11:56 AM ET
The Bush administration hasn't gotten it right yet on any of it's foreign policies (ie. Iraq). I don't think they could negotiate themselves out of a wet paper bag. This is the quality of people we are expecting to negotiate a lasting peace in the Middle East. They won't talk to the problem countries. If you don't include everyone in the region, how the hell can you work out a lasting peace? Just because someone is your enemy, doesn't mean you can't talk and try to resolve differences. You can't create peace by only talking to your friends.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Fairfield Iowa : 12:28 PM ET
Hey, they might not be saying, go go go, but they sure as heck arent trying to make it stop... AT ALL..
Posted By Anonymous Bill Dietz, Erie, PA : 3:05 PM ET
Some of the people who write these comments have no idea what its like to live with someone like Hezbollah bombing you constantly. Americans are good about spouting off their mouths on issues they no nothing about. I would like to see some of these people shipped out of this country to live somewhere like Israel, Iraq or Iran. You think your getting everything you need to know from a reporter. News reports are so one sided. Yes people in Lebanon are dying, people in Israel have been dying for years by bombings, and still are, where's your cry of injustice for them. Alot of Americans can't even read the break down on what county taxes they pay ,they think it all goes to the county because thats who they make the check too,but THEY know how the country should be ran.....RIGHT !!!! Wake up and think for yourselves.
Posted By Anonymous Kay, Kansas City, MO : 3:34 PM ET
Bush is completely out of touch from reality. He is wrong on all domestic and foreign policies including current war of Israel. According to the Human Rights watch report, "By consistently failing to distinguish between combatants and civilians, Israel has violated one of the most fundamental tenets of the laws of war: the duty to carry out attacks on only military targets,". These are according to the report war crimes and we are letting this happen. Shame on everyone.
Posted By Anonymous Ateeq, Philadelphia, PA : 4:31 PM ET
This "crisis" in the Middle East isn't some new battle being fought. It has captured American media attention now because Hezbelloh has reloaded and ready to retaliate Israel's offensive strikes. Where was the media when Israel had been occupying southern Lebanon and denying people access to food and water?
Posted By Anonymous Patt Y., Boston MA : 4:44 PM ET
Israel's "independent" government has been attempting to secure peace by bombing and shooting since 1948.

Haven't they realized after 58 years, it's STILL not working?
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Morris, NJ : 4:54 PM ET
Charges that Bush has given Israel tacit approval to "level Lebanon" infers that this is, in fact, taking place. That is, of course, intellectually dishonest as less than 1% of Beirut has been touched by Israel to date. Business is going on as usual in most of the capital.

Unfortunately the world media enjoys taking shots at Israel, hence "disproportionately" we are shown bombed out buildings of Southern Beirut's Hezbollah section and fabricated massacres like the one Hezbollah apparently staged in Qana with bloodless bodies which had been dead for days transported to the scene and paraded in front of the TV cameras as a macabre public relations ploy.
Posted By Anonymous Samuel G, Toronto Canada : 5:07 PM ET
Of course there is a "go go go" and we should all be thankfull for that. Israel is being in the front line, fighting terror, defending us all.
Wake up people! If we will not act soon many more 9/11 will occur all over the world especially Europe and USA.
The Jihad has begun - and the world realize that and act upon it - the better.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth, Sunnyvale, CA : 5:19 PM ET
What if the WH did give the green light? Hizbollah, a member of the Lebanese government, committed an act of war against a member state of the U.N. by kidnapping the soldiers and launching rockets. They will never come to the table for a true peace accord and will never accept the state of Israel. It is time to confront this now and at a minimum defang them so they are severly restricted in carrying out attacks against Israel. Israel is an ally. They deserve our support if they have to result to war to protect the security.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, New Orleans, Louisiana : 5:10 PM ET
Civilian causalities in the Middle East are escalating with every passing day. The 'civilized' world is trying to find solution for it. Republican-lead-US is trying to broker a 'Sustainable Peace'. The problem with this version of peace is that until it materialises the carnage of innocent would go on. On a personal level, if some one is killed in Beirut or in Haifa, in this crazy quest for 'peace', pain is equally felt, because both the victims are innocent. For Lebanon, its more painful as this unfortunate nation has already witnessed bloodshed from 1982 to 2000.I think human being has read all lessons of humanity and now its time read some gory chapters of ruthlessness from dark ages. Kill at whim and no remorse. I don't call it a civilized world. It is becoming barbaric. We are deaf to the cries of innocent children because they are not ours. 'STOP THE WAR'.
Posted By Anonymous Bahadar Khan, Winnipeg, R3L 2P7 : 5:16 PM ET
Why do we (America) allow the slaughter in Lebanon? Israel and the US are of the same origin. Both countries were formed by people from another land that exterminated or restricted the native inhabitants. Hezbolla = the American Indian with more than a bow and arrow. My heart reaches out to Lebanon. Shame on Israel.
Posted By Anonymous D.Williams, Easton, PA : 5:27 PM ET
ISRAEL GETS 3.1 BILLION IN AID EACH YEAR. other than the weapons the U.S, Provides. While the US struggles with debt and social security, they are paying the terrorist scum. God Willing, Lebanon will win, and we the lebanese will have every kind of weapon and fire power to counter any attack in the future.
Posted By Anonymous Ahmed, Beirut, Lebanon : 1:39 PM ET
This is in response to Ahmed in Beirut. With what kind of weapon will you fight? american made?????

Don't you see the situation?

In the end Truth and Justice will prevail. No one really knows how it will happen or which face it will take. No one lives forever. Specially the unjust. and liers. Not every civilization as powerful as it may seem last forever and remember who fight with a sword will die with the sword.

We just need more Ghandis and Martin Luther king in this world. These are those who create something and a true change with their non violence.

All I can say is do what you beileve in but never stop questionning what you beleive in.. And that goes for everyone whoever they are.
Posted By Anonymous Mouna, Kona, Hawaii : 6:23 PM ET
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