Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Renewed bombing interrupts funeral
I went to a funeral today, but then the war broke out.

It was supposed to be the burial of 29 of the 41 people killed in an Israeli missile attack Monday evening in the crowded suburb of Chiyah. But just as one of the children was being lowered into the grave, two bombs came crashing down a few hundred meters away. After the first hit, young men at the funeral raised their arms and began shouting, "God is great!" Everyone backed-off when the second one hit.

More funerals, perhaps.

The day started when I opened up my copy of Beirut's English-language Daily Star newspaper this morning to see a huge, front-page image of Abbas Wehbeh. He was holding up the body of his 10-day-old niece, Waad, his face collapsed in pain.

Hours later, we sat down and talked in a cemetery not far from the apartment block that was pulverized Monday evening. As Abbas, a taxi driver who says he has never had anything to do with Hezbollah, began listing his family members who died in the strike, it seemed he would go on forever. Twelve in all, they ranged from his infant niece to a 1-year-old nephew, a 1-year-old niece, a brother, a sister-in-law, and more children.

With the summer sun beating down and sweat running down his face, Abbas poured out anger at Israel and the United States. He demanded to know if I would fight if my country were occupied. He demanded to know what his family members had done to deserve their fate. I was thankful he didn't really expect an answer, because I didn't have one.

Near the end of the interview, he shared a thought about how the present in Lebanon will affect the future in the Middle East. He told me his 7-year-old son, Mohammed, approached him last night to announce that when he grows up he's going to get a gun and go fight the Israelis. It wasn't fair, Mohammed reasoned, that he had only been playing with his cousins a day earlier and now they were gone forever.

"It's not us," Abbas offered up. "I never told him to carry a gun. Who is planting the seeds of hatred, us or them?"

The funeral that was interrupted by bombs came after this conversation. Beirut has a tendency to confound chronological order.
Posted By Jim Clancy, CNN International Correspondent: 2:16 PM ET
It's quite sad that still in this day and age, people are still killing each other over something that can never be proven...religious faith. Faith is a necessity I think to any enriched life, but to be led solely by it is live life blind. Both sides lie at fault and more bloodshed will only further inhibit any resolve that may arise. Perhaps one day grown men and women will acknowledge that force is not the answer to every problem faced in one's life.
Posted By Anonymous Joey, Germantown, TN : 2:43 PM ET
"It's not us," Abbas offered up. "I never told him to carry a gun. Who is planting the seeds of hatred, us or them?"

Give me a break! What a load of hogwash. I don't care where the 7-year-old is from, children ARE NOT born with hatred in their hearts. They are blank slates and hatred is taught to them!

I don't imagine that Abbas took the time to dissuade his son? Or to teach him that violence only serves to make everything worse. On the contrary, I bet he gave him a neat little pat on the back. You go killer!

This entry just rubbed me the wrong way but I'm not going to be all violent about it. I'm going to go and hug my puppy.

Maybe we should ship them all warm puppies over there.
Posted By Anonymous Lily, Vancouver BC, Canada : 2:45 PM ET
Perhaps Mr. Abbas should ask his god to explain the human failings of war and baseless hatred, and the mystery of undeserved suffering. Then Mr. Abbas could ask his 7 year son what the boy hopes to accomplish by getting a gun and fighting and what that attitude will do to the boy's soul.
Posted By Anonymous Leslie R, Los Angeles CA : 2:46 PM ET
"It's not us," Abbas offered up. "I never told him to carry a gun. Who is planting the seeds of hatred, us or them?"

Who is planting the seeds of hate -- an excellent question. I hope that it is asked of each of the leaders who have a stake in what is going on. I have absolutely no idea what the solution to this situation is. It has been said on the blog before, cease-fire is a great idea, but who will lay down their weapons first? But there has to be something. A little boy, innocent yesterday, has become a soldier today and who can blame him? The next war is already starting.

We are burying my Grandfather tomorrow. He died peacefully amid a long illness, a fair death all things considered. But if he had died because someone he had never met blew him up, if had been a casualty of a war he wasn't fighting can I honestly say that I wouldn't want retribution for that? Could any sane person tell me that I didn't deserve it? I know that forgiveness has been defined by some as "giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me" but with SO much hurt over so long to so many, where does the idea of that even begin?

The next war is already starting, it's growing in the hearts of seven year old boys with dead cousins. How will we pluck it out before it takes root?
Posted By Anonymous Claire Colvin, White Rock, BC : 2:47 PM ET
A real tear jerker story but I would ask the same of all the innocent Israel citizens slaughtered by terrorist suicide bombers.... what had they done, why did they have to die. We so easily forget.
Posted By Anonymous Eric, Windsor Canada. : 2:50 PM ET
I can't hear another person justify the deaths of Lebanese civilians by stating that Hezbollah uses them as "human shields." Let me be clear, I have no doubt that Hezbollah employs this & other deplorable methods. What I have a problem with, is that Israel continues to drop bombs despite the knowledge that they will undoubtedly, and almost exclusively, hit civilians, like Abbas' family.
When is any human life worth so little that we overlook the loss in trying to root out terrorists?
If my neighbors here in Nevada, were, unbeknownst to me, homegrown terrorists, would it be justified to take out my entire block to eradicate them, simply because they were using us as "human shields"?
Does Israel have a right to defend herself? Of course. So how do they do this more effectively? I don't know.
I don't have all of the answers, not even close. I do know that brushing off the loss of 800+ civilian lives as an "unfortunate consequence of war" because Hezbollah uses them as "human shields" is unacceptable.
Posted By Anonymous Sabrina, Reno NV : 2:52 PM ET
Hello Jim,
It is horrifying to hear that so many innocent children are killed and suffering. God gave us such a beautiful world to live in. Man has made some terrible messes with their stewardship. Surely we were not intended to live with such violence.
"The world is full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."- Robert Louis Stevenson
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann Taylor Nacogdoches, Tx : 2:59 PM ET
My question is why do they blame the USA, I am a Canadian and a very proud one at that and I am glad I don't live in the US but it is not the U S A's fault that they are fighting, I don't understand how people call for "ceasefires" etc. it won't happen, they don't want it to happen they love to shoot and kill innocent people, it is a disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves. Children are so very important in this life, who carry on their legacy if they keep getting killed, I lost my son l9 to a drunk driver 4 years ago. I cannot begin to understand why people hate so much as to kill beautiful children and their mothers and fathers. Your life is never the same after you loose a loved one and these people will never be the same as they are loosing everything. Does both sides really want this to happen, how come they just can't STOP, it is so easy lay your weapons down and walk away, easier said than done. I would love to kill the killer of my son, but I have not intention of doing so. These people are not human who are killing the babies and parents. Give yourself and reality check and just stop really is the end of the world if this continues....sad by true.
Posted By Anonymous Carol-Ann Wodehouse, Edmonton Alberta Canada : 3:04 PM ET
Thank you for sharing this story with us. I'm glad that, at this terrible, violent time, Abbas had someone who was compassionate to listen to him -- and to care.

I've been hoping that, in addition to doing stories about the overall war, CNN would do a few segments on the daily lives of people on both sides of the conflict. It's hard to ignore the pain and struggles of others when it's being broadcast into your living room.

I know everybody says it, but stay safe.
Posted By Anonymous Ruth, Glendale, CA : 3:56 PM ET
"A real tear jerker story but I would ask the same of all the innocent Israel citizens slaughtered by terrorist suicide bombers.... what had they done, why did they have to die. We so easily forget.

Posted By Eric, Windsor Canada. : 2:50 PM ET"

Ummm, other than massacre innocent Palestinian civilians, force them to become refugees or second class citizens in their own land, demolish their homes, steal their land, steal their water, steal their crops, continue to maintain an illegal occupation, conduct raids and bombings into refugee camps that kill more civilians, kidnap civilians from Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, holding and torturing thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese prisoners indefinitely w/o due process including approx. 150 women and over 400 children, etc.; other than that, what have they done wrong? Even if those Israeli "civilians" were innocent of all the preceding, they benefitted from it because their homes and standard of living were made possible through the oppression and brutalization of the Palestinians. And I put "civilians" in quotes because in a society where all citizens, male and female, have to perform some military service, where they can be called into the reserves at anytime, doesn't that make them all "soldiers"?
Posted By Anonymous Dibs, McLean, VA : 4:17 PM ET
Jim, The most disheartening part of this whole picture is its effects on the children. These children will never have the opportunity to grow up in a loving environment and will be and do what they have seen or heard as children. It is heart breaking that their fears will turn to anger and hate with the viscious circle continuing.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn Michigan : 4:17 PM ET
I am appalled by the viewers blogs placed on this site, that are so harsh towards the people of lebanon.
Poor Mr can anyone human not sympathise with this man and his son, obviously the 7 yr old does not know any better, but to dream on destroying the enemy that has killed his relatives and families close to him. What does anyone expect a 7 yr old to do whilst whitnessing this horrific nightmare. All around him are dead relatives whom had nothing to do with Hizballah. How can anyone judge this poor kid, of course he wil hate, and will grow to possibbly learn to fight the enemy, DONT YOU GET IT, the people of Lebanon, Muslims especially in this case have been living in fear all their lives, how can one not want to fight for his country,& his religion. Surely Muslims dont expect the world to follow their beliefs, ive never heard that they do try to do this. But shouldnt we all respect everyones beliefs. Every human soul is free to believe in what ever religion he wants. And practice it how they wish. Who are we to judge anyone.
And to say, one blogger asked, "why do they blame America?" Well isnt it an american made rocket, missile, bomb etc that has killed these innocent civilians, or dont you read the news. Do you see only what America wants to show you. I suggest you go and search the international news sites and try to learn more fact before commenting such rediculos nonsence.
How dare they (Israelis) interupt a funeral of which they brought upon these people by brutally killing them. Dropping a bomb few miles away, is that their low tactic to scare the people off and ruin the importance of the burial of these innocent people. Or did they say, "wow look down, hundreds of civilians, great target, lets drop one and kill them all. Like killing 2 birds in one stone" SHAME ON YOU HEARTLESS PEOPLE.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph, Australia : 4:18 PM ET
It is apparent to me that Israel is not fighting a war but, has declared a full scale attack on the innocents and the future itself.

There is evil in the hearts and minds of Israelis who support and encourage their governments to bomb a funeral procession trying to bury their dead children.

The Jewish people have lost all morality and all sense of descency and human goodness. If they ever had a moral 'highground', it is now dead and buried, just like those children.

Israel kills Mohammeds little cousins and destroys his home, breaks his fathers spirit and then bombs them at the funeral and we wonder why he hates the Israelis?

I would hate them too.

It is blatantly obvious to 99.99% of the world that hate is what Israel and its supporters are best at spreading.
Posted By Anonymous Josh Albastine, NYC, NY : 4:18 PM ET
Writing like this, Beirut has a tendency to confound chronological order makes me realize that Mr. Clancy would be just as at home as a print journalist as he is on television. I am currenlty reading Mr. Cooper's dispatches from the edge and am floored by his beautiful, poetic writing style. It's very comforting to see how literate the people telling these important stories are. Stay safe and keep telling...we're listening.
Posted By Anonymous Tracey Nolan, Toronto, Canada : 4:19 PM ET
I'm sure people in Israel feel the same way this man does. And I'm sure the family members of 911 do too. Stop blaming each other and look to God for guidance. Theres got to be a better solution since apparently NONE of the fighting has ever solved anything.
Posted By Anonymous Sharon Trautewig, Tampa FL : 4:34 PM ET
In response to Carol-Ann fr. Canada:

you're right when you state "they don't want a ceasfire" -- but be clear you refer to the Hezbollah and other Islamo fascists not wanting it.

This is the difference between good and evil. If you were to ask an Israeli what they want, they'd say to have the land they're on now, to live peacably on it, to be left alone and to be given the right to exist freely. That is the good.

If you were to ask Hezbollah what they want, they'd say "we want to wipe Israel off the map." That is the evil.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - chicago IL : 4:46 PM ET
Terrorism should not be tolerated at any level. However, Israel's actions in Lebanon can be termed nothing but invasion.

Why keep up the pretense of diplomacy, when the IDF forces are bombing the hell out of innocent citizen's in Lebanon.

I guess Israel has taken a page out of the U.S foreign policy towards Iraq. The invasion of Iraq by the U.S., defined as setting the people of Iraq free of SADDAM. Well, over 14000 people are dead in violence in the past 7 months, more than the number butchered by SADDAM.

What's next : Syria or Iran ?.
Posted By Anonymous Sunny, San Diego, CA : 4:48 PM ET
Any life should be saved. It is truly ashame the Israelis beleive this is the only way to achieve peace - Truthfully killing will only be get more killing.

My heart goes out to both side where children, women and men have died as they attempted to live their life. Until we have leader who are willing to stand up and say enough is enough more lives will be lost.

President Bush do the right thing and stop this now!
Posted By Anonymous Nelson Wright, Atlanta Georgia : 4:50 PM ET
I have been trying to follow cnn and others in this war. I probably missed something--Why doesn't Hezbollah just return the two abductees?
War is always a terrible thing--the innocent Lebanese and the Israelies. Personally, my thoughts would be the same as Israel regarding moving objects.We have seen time after time the concealing of weapons in those places. They have at least fore warned.
Perhaps the innocent Lebonese could put pressure on Hezbollah. Is there ever a good solution?
Posted By Anonymous JerryFerguson; alexandria, LA : 4:54 PM ET
"It's not us," Abbas offered up. "I never told him to carry a gun. Who is planting the seeds of hatred, us or them?"

The players in this conlfict will never truly "disarm" because you have already armed the next generation in hatred. Was this intended?--probably not. Was it expected?---it should have been. And the cycle continues...and the cycle continues. Such is human nature and the consequences of war.
Posted By Anonymous Maya, Los Angeles, CA : 4:57 PM ET
"Would I fight if my country were occupied?"
That was asked by Abbas as he sat questioning the logic and reasons behind this whole war. He explained how he had never had anything to do with Hezbollah and yet his life has been changed forever.
Would I fight? Would I welcome the thoughts of my 7 year old thinking that with age comes the right to kill or be killed? The most upsetting thing is the children of both Israeli and Hezbollah are losing their innocence and childhood. What are the leaders and decision makers thinking? How much longer are they going to let it continue?
Posted By Anonymous Patti, Schaghticoke, New York : 4:58 PM ET
I need you and CNN to put the same energy and passion that you put into reporting on the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict into the other mideast war which I believe is in day 1000 plus, plus. The one that has taken over 2,500 lives of American service personnel and has damaged over 10,000 others.
You need to keep it on page 1 or the debate on its validity and its legality will dissipate.
Posted By Anonymous chuck cohen honolulu, hawaii : 5:02 PM ET
I guess I just can't relate to a lot of what's going on there (let alone why).


how many bombs does it take?
how many buildings destroyed?
how many warning pamphlets need to rain down from above?

How many signs does one need before you GET OUT? I think I would have gotten out weeks ago, while there was still a chance to leave... you don't hunker down and hope yours is the last house standing! There will always be some who don't have the means to leave, etc. but the number of people still in these areas is mind boggling.

I think there are fewer Israeli casualties because these people either left the bombing areas or are living in bomb shelters... if Hezbollah takes such good care of their people, why didn't they help them get out or build bomb shelters for them? (Don't answer, we already know)

It's a terrible situation on both sides and there's no question that whole families are being destroyed (because they're all waiting in the same apartment building for this to end), but how long can you sit there and expect to dodge the bombs?
Posted By Anonymous Barb, Cleveland OH : 5:08 PM ET
To the poster Lily from Vancouver BC who claims that children are not born with hatred in their hearts, I would agree; unless, of course children are having to experience the horror and the shear insanity of what war can do to you. How can you sit on your high chair and make such ludicrous statements?

If your 7 year old watched his cousins and friends butchered by some insane murderer, can you guarantee the trauma that he experienced will not stay with him into his adulthood and force him to seek out revenge?

We here in our isolated North American continent love dismissing people in certain regions of the world as "terrorists" because of their actions and because we haven't experienced nor have we been exposed to the kinds of conditions that they are subjected to. I'm speaking of the Palestinians in Israel and what truly is at the heart of this matter.

America needs to wake up and realize that it needs to be sympathetic towards a Palestinian state and to start providing monetary and humanitarian aid to these people. Billions of American dollars are spent to finance the Israeli war machine and practically nothing goes to help the Palestinian cause and the millions of homeless refugees that have been ousted since the formation of the state of Israel.

Until these problems are addressed by the US, then wars such as this will continue and the so called "terrorists" will continue to strap on bombs and kill themselves for what is perceived as a just cause.
Posted By Anonymous John, Northridge, CA : 5:15 PM ET
I feel so sorry for the death of lebanese civilians. I am a lebanese myself who grew up in Lebanon during the civil war and I was near death so many times. I feel sorry tht 17 years later, lebanese children are going throught the same burden.The Israeli war machine does not discriminate, it kills whoever it can kill. And I think that it is this war machine that is making hezbollah more powerful, like this boy said he wants to fight Israel when he grows up.. So tell the Israeli to stop this war and this hypocrisy, because the more civilians they will kill, the more hatred they will spur against them and not against Hezbollah.
Posted By Anonymous Reem,Ny, Ny : 5:26 PM ET
I have to say some of the comments here really shocked me.

the poeple who have no pity in their heart to feel for Mr. Abbas's pain... all they care about is defending their position... or israel's.

Mr. Abbas just lost 12 family members! he is not going for a propaganda spin!!! yes children are born clean slates... but no body can teach them to hate by telling them to do so.
killings 12 of your family however definitely could. or not even being able to give them a proper burial!

it is a pity a child's innocence is murdered so early in life. Just one more crime to add to all the others.
Posted By Anonymous Doaa ElS. cairo, Egypt : 5:27 PM ET
Hello Jim,

I am not surprised by what the child said. I don't think it's right,by far! But it is a reality,sadly, that what is happening now will affect generations to come. How to achieve peace when you are dealing with terrorists, I don't have the answer.Children are seeying there families die, they hear the words the adults are yelling,out of desperation,sadness and/or anger. They are like sponges. Both sides are going to have to do tremendous efforts to live in peace after that.Or, we are going to see another round in a few years.
I have a son, 11 years old. He is bright and I tell him about the conflicts in the world. He is a happy child,curious,funny but he knows that somewhere else in the world,people are suffering. When he saw the images of Qana, he started crying,saying:"It's not fair. I have so much and I can't accept that in parts of the world they are suffering so much". I told him to never be ashamed of what he has(I'm a single mom,but we have all we need) but to continue to not accept that other people are suffering. Because he can do something about it.
I firmly believe that in the world that we live in, we cannot shield our children from what is happening in the world. They have to be conscious and know that they can make a difference,even a little one,and we need to raise them so that they can do more than we did,be more involved in making the world a better place.We need to teach them the different cultures,religions,values,so that once and for all, the prejudices,the hatred could stop.
I lost my first born son, it is abominal pain. But loosing a child to violence...I don't want to go there.
I am happy that Anderson is doing his show tonight about children and women.
Keep up the good work all of you and stay safe.
Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec : 5:43 PM ET
When enough people have died and the suffering is great enough, there will be no one left to pick up a gun and this arcane and tedious fued will end to the sound of the world clapping.
Posted By Anonymous Robie P., San Diego, CA : 5:47 PM ET
Seeds of hate are planted by Israel's massive killing of civilians and destruction of infrastructures. Children are much smarter than we think. What do you expect this child to think after seeing the massive destruction of his country and the daily killing of his fellow Lebanese kids (over 200 children underageof12 are killed so far)? Do you expect him to thank Israel and love the US support of this war?
There will be peace in the Middle East when we truly believe that "All people are created equal," and they all, including Arabic people, have the same value and the same rights.
Posted By Anonymous J.E., Detroit, MI : 5:55 PM ET
Eric, 800 versus 80. It's just that simple.

Now you tell me who's slaughtering who.
Posted By Anonymous Peter, Chicago, IL : 6:09 PM ET
Talk about no respect, not even for the dead. :(
Posted By Anonymous Genevieve M, El Paso, TX : 6:14 PM ET
Every father you kill in Lebanon, his son will join Hezbollah. Every brother you kill in Lebanon, his brother will join Hezbollah. Every mother you kill in Lebanon, her son will join Hezbollah. etc. etc. The list can go on forever.

As for why people hate the United might help if the USA stopped playing a two-faced game of diplomacy.
Posted By Anonymous Musaib, Phoenix Arizona : 6:25 PM ET
The funerals will continue until Lebanon disarms Hezbollah as they were ordered to do by UN resolutions 1559 and 1583.

Lebanese civilians are dying - and whose fault is it? Israel's? I think not. No... Lebanese civilians are dying because their inept government failed to comply with the above resolutions, plain and simple. Their pathetic offer to send in 15,000 troops to disarm Hezbollah is a joke, at best. They were suppopsed to have done that two years ago!

Oh... and the deaths of civilians ARE justified by the fact that Hezbollah is using them as human shields. Israel's PRIMARY responsibility is to protect ITS OWN citizens, not Lebanese civilians. If that means killing some Lebanese civilians to get to the animals that fire rockets packed with ball-bearings AT Israeli citizens, that is what it means.
Posted By Anonymous Sam - Tigard, OR : 6:30 PM ET
Every parent tries to raise their children with values that they themselves were taught. Being Canadian, I was taught to tolerate other cultures and religions, and to celebrate our differences. The Muslim people are taught that their religion is the best and only real religion, and they have a right to eradicate any people who are not of the same mindset.

We gather information from all around us. This little boy is a sponge and he is soaking up hate and intolerance. It is a sad truth.
Posted By Anonymous Sonja,Vancouver,BC : 6:31 PM ET
Hey Jim, I have to you say you are the first one who has not been biased so far in your reports, and I thank you for that.

I feel bad for both sides because innocent people do not have anything nor a say in this conflict. But how do you explain to a child that your brother, niece, newphew, that you used to play with was killed by a soldier who was told to? That child will not only feel hatred towards the soldier but a whole nation.

This will go on through generations because everytime a fresh new generation is about to bloom a wound is pierced into it, and it is left to heal the wrong way leaving a scar for decades.
And for the comment Lily from Vancouver made, I wish you would have sympathy for humans and not value one human's blood over another.
Posted By Anonymous Leyan, Ontario. Canada : 6:43 PM ET
I am Muslim, and responding to Sonja, that is certainly not what Muslims think. Islam's first and final definition is Tolerance. Islam teaches Muslims to be neither zealot missionaries trying to convert others nor confused brainwashers trying to convert ourselves. It is sad that a few rotten apples - such as are found in every religion - Judaism, Christianity, Hindusim, Shintoism, even aethism, which is in itself a faith followed by the faithless - are today defining what Islam is. The majority of the world's Muslims neither accept such rotten apples nor want to be associated with them, but we all live on the same planet. If you cannot help us get rid of our garbage, at least do not add to it by donating your own.
Posted By Anonymous Momina, Trenton, NJ : 6:54 PM ET
I think the Arab League are not being sincere. They are talking about ceasefire first. What about the kidnapped isrealise soldiers that sparked off this current war. The hisbola has to return them first. First thing first. Then they can now talk about "cease fire". Isreal is a soverign nation, who is hisbola? terrorist of lebanse government. If we want peace we we must speak the truth and this is where the UN most times surprise me-tell the truth; ask the hisbola that started this war to return the kidnapped soldiers first, then you can now ask Isreal to stop the attack. As a father if you saw someone kidnapped your child, what will you do. I feel so sorry for Isreal, no one is talking about the cause of this war brought on them by hisbola.However one thing I am sure off in this war, the truth will prevail. And for the people of lebanon ,if they are not on the side of the hisbola, they should have condemed hisbola for bringing this destruction on their country by going for the kidnap of the isrealise soldiers. Finally, I know that this war God Almighty is watching from a distance, and at the right time He will intervine for His people.?
Posted By Anonymous Wilson Oche, Abuja Nigeria : 6:55 PM ET
Sonya from Vancouver---Are you a Muslim? How can you know what Muslims are taught when you are not one!!!

I am a Muslim and I was not taught that Muslims should "eradicate" people of other faiths. Did you know that killing an innocent person, whether a Muslim, Jew, Christian--or even an atheist--Is one of the Major Sins in Islam. I bet you didn't. Do not judge an ENTIRE religion and the people of the faith when you know nothing about the faith. THE only thing you know is what you see on CNN--"terrorist"-- men who are defending their country from blood hungry Zionists!!! Man, I am angry!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Shukri, Seattle, WA : 7:34 PM ET
No one should die, but it is particularly disturbing to know that children are dying in this and any other war.
Posted By Anonymous Melody Chapin, Harbor Springs : 10:55 PM ET
To all the people I have offended with my earlier comment,

I apologize for my ignorant speech. I did not mean to paint all Muslims as evil or intolerant of other religions. What I meant to state was that perhaps Hezbollah supporters teach their children the same hate that they themselves have for Israelis and other faiths that are not their own. Again, I apologize.
Posted By Anonymous Sonja, Vancouver, BC, Canada : 11:45 PM ET
What I want to know is, where was all this moral outrage about killing cilivians when a suicide bomberers have killed more people than have been killed in the last few weeks.
Posted By Anonymous Chip Burrow, Tunnel Hill, Georgia : 12:06 AM ET
Adding wrongs together will never make a right. Whoever made war an exception to the Law "Thou shalt not kill" was in error. Most people of the world have always understood this that is why part of the propaganda of war includes the dehumanizing of the other-side. NOTHING EVER CAN MAKE KILLING OF ANYONE OK. Thank you for the stories that allow us to see the humanness of the people involved finally this will give us the fortitude to insist on a cessation of hostilities.
Posted By Anonymous erika morgan, blackdiamond wa : 12:07 AM ET
It boggles my mind that so many Americans, living relatively safe lives, blame Israel for the carnage. Does Israel INTENTIONALLY kill civilians? Do they fill their bombs with ball bearings to rip civilians into pieces? Hezbollah is part of the goal of the radical Muslim world, backed by Iran, and that is a total takeover of the world by Islam. Israel, my friends, is merely the first country. They are fighting OUR war. While no one is perfect during a war--civilians sadly die, or did we forget that today was the anniversary of Nagasaki--but Israel demands to survive and prevail without the threat of daily bombings by a radical religious fringe group.--Ron Medvin, Tampa, Florida
Posted By Anonymous Ron Medvin, Tampa, Florida : 1:16 AM ET
"It's not us," Abbas offered up. "I never told him to carry a gun. Who is planting the seeds of hatred, us or them?"

That's not entirely true. Watchgroups such as chronicle Arab TV programs and have a section on "inciting children". Most of these programs are sponsored by governments such as Iran, and teach hatred and intolerance to children. If we don't stop this brainwashing of children through tv programs and textbooks, we will never have peace in the middle east or the world in our lifetime or in our children's lifetime.
Posted By Anonymous Matthew, San Francisco, CA : 2:25 AM ET
I find that most comments here are biased. While I think it horrendous that a family should lose 12 of its members in a war I think most of you have forgotten the basic facts of war. Lebanon is the antagonist in this war. They attacked Israel. They can also stop this war by putting an end to rocket launchings at Israel and returning Israel's abducted soldiers. Yes Israel is killing Lebanese citizens. It's horrid. But they are excercising a basic right of protecting their own citizens - with a few million refugees who fled the north and another 4 million who have been living in shelters for over 4 weeks! Never have Israeli citizens been warned of imminent attacks while Israel has consistently notified Lebanese citizens of intentions to bomb!!!
Have pity on the wounded and dead but don't misplace your ideals in bashing a country who is defending their citizens.
Posted By Anonymous Dawn, New York, NY : 4:35 AM ET
Israel's war in Lebanon is going horribly wrong. Israel must review the history books: America in Vietnam, America in Iraq, Israel in Lebanon (the first time) and the British & the IRA.

The Americans repeated the mistakes of Vietnam in Iraq. Israel is repeating the mistakes of Lebanon I in the current Lebanon conflict. Neither country - Israel nor America - seem to learn from lessons past.

During the Vietnam War, a communist leader said that the US could kill 10 Vietcong for every American who died, and yet would still loose. The same is true for Israel and Herbollah.

Israel should have learnt the lesson of its 22-year occupation of Lebanon. Air bombardment is useless, and ground ocupation costs the lives of Israeli soldiers.

Herbollah is not a simply a terrorist organization. President Bush is wrong. Herbollah is not the same as Al Qaeda. Herbollah is more like the IRA and its political wing, Sinn Fein. The IRA used terrorists methods but it was also a political force with huge local and international support. Moreover, the British did not disarm the IRA by bombing or occupation. The British and the IRA negotiated. The IRA was intergrated politically.

Israel must learn from lessons past.
Posted By Anonymous paul malouf, Montreal Canada : 8:14 AM ET
Sam - Tigard, OR "The funerals will continue until Lebanon disarms Hezbollah as they were ordered to do by UN resolutions 1559 and 1583"

How many UN resolutions has Israel ignored? Why is it that they are adamant that THIS one has to be implemented and the dozens that Israel simply ignored?

Double standards? Hmmmmm
Posted By Anonymous M.A. Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 10:16 AM ET
If the Mustim religion is so peaceful then where is the outcry and condemnation of the terrorist's who not only kill innocent people but have made "terror" their war strategy. Until the Muslims are willing to identify and root out the radicals, the war will continue.
Posted By Anonymous EAP, Durham, NC : 12:13 PM ET
"And for the comment Lily from Vancouver made, I wish you would have sympathy for humans and not value one human's blood over another."

I don't have sympathy for humans now? Pardon me for not understanding but where do you get that from? It could not be further from the truth.

I have not chosen sides, I am simply against violence in any form.

Surely there must be someone out there that agrees with me?
Posted By Anonymous Lily, Vancouver, BC : 3:05 PM ET
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