Monday, May 15, 2006
Oregon sheriff to Mexico: You owe us $300,000
It's Monday, and I'm on my way to the small town of Pendleton, Oregon, to interview a sheriff who, like a lot of Americans, is fed up with what he considers this country's broken borders.

In fact, he's so frustrated that he has sent a letter to Mexican President Vicente Fox demanding that the Mexican government cough up more than $300,000 for the jailing of illegal immigrants in Umatilla Country, Oregon.

This country has seen its Latino population soar in recent years. That has meant an increase in illegal immigrants taking up jail space, according to Umatilla County Sheriff John Trumbo. And Trumbo thinks the Mexican government should pay.

I've never really thought of Oregon as the type of place to draw a lot of illegal immigrants, but because of its large farms and agriculture industry, it does.

For tonight's show, we'll talk to Trumbo about his novel approach to the immigration issue and ask him what, if anything, he's heard from President Fox.

The sheriff's actions aren't going to endear him to the Latino population. According to the Los Angeles Times, many of the county's citizens are infuriated with him. We'll talk to some of them as well.

What do you think? Should the Mexican government help cover the costs of jailing illegal immigrants?
Posted By Dan Simon, CNN Correspondent: 5:15 PM ET
Yes I do. Perhaps if the fines start adding up and become overwhelming, then the Mexican government will begin to pay attention to the mass exodus of it's people leaving the country. It really is not fair that we have so much money that is being filtered out of the US and into Mexico to immigrant familes that will never spend a dime of it in the US economy.
Posted By Anonymous Elaine Torres (YEP I'm Hispanic) Arizona : 5:28 PM ET
It is our incompetence if we can't protect our borders. It means that money is not spent well. We can not blame the country of Mexico for our inability to defend our borders. Next thing we know the US will get bills from all over the world for crimes US citizens commit abroad. (which of cource we know would never happen....)
Posted By Anonymous Dan Sandor, Golden, Co : 5:29 PM ET
Hell no!
Posted By Anonymous MNR, Detroit Mi : 5:30 PM ET
I wonder how many of this county's "citizens" really are registered to vote? Here in colorado, alot of those who have recently demonstrated are either illegal or were illegal prior to having a child in this country. The parents themselves are still of questionable legal status even though thier child is technically a citizen.

I applaud the sherriff here. I shudder to think of mexico's bill were ICE to charge them for the number of illegals they have to deal with.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne A., Brighton, Colorado : 5:30 PM ET
Yes, why not, why should the tax payers keep paying for this.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew Riverside Ca, : 5:33 PM ET
I think it's a terrific idea by the Sheriff in Oregon. If Mexico is so eager for its citizens to head to the US, they should defray our cost of sustaining them. And if more Americans would put a band-aid on their bleeding heart liberalism, they'll see we can't afford to do this ourselves and also that we can't afford to let everyone who wants in into this country. Simple economics and common sense are needed here. I was raised to never steal, but the Kennedys and McCains and Clintons of this world are welcoming it with open arms by granting illegal aliens amnesty. Amnesty by another name, whether it be guest worker or some other moniker they've deemed the current "it" phrase, is flat out wrong. I find it amazing that the majority of Americans are totally against granting illegals the rights afforded a citizen, but the Senate just thinks it's great. It's patently obvious that they are not listening to their constituency and are merely out for themselves. Despicable yet surprisingly common in our elected officials. What does that say about us?
Posted By Anonymous Marcella, Houston, Texas : 5:33 PM ET
Finally!!!!It's about time! Why should I and the other tax paying AMERICANS carry the burden. This isn't totally our problem. Mexico needs to strengthen its economies and keep their people home! Pres. Fox should be ashamed that his own countrymen and women want to flee so badly.
Posted By Anonymous Denise, Cincinnati Ohio : 5:35 PM ET
Absolutely, they certainly have no problem dealing with the revenue that Illegal immigrants send back to Mexico that help line the pockets of Fox and the rest of his corrupt elitist goverment. A goverment that would be completely content if every poor Mexican citizen illegaly crossed the border to the US. Fox is popular because he is only corrupt, not super corrupt. Give me a break, the guy IS a fox, who encourages the poor people of his nation to come to the US risking their own lives while doing so, and then has the audacity to blame us for their hardships. Open your eyes people, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are destroying our economy.
Posted By Anonymous Adam Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 5:36 PM ET
That's right the US government should also pressure the Mexican government to do something about their citizens. we should also charge them for their citizens medical bills. Mexico should be paying money.
Posted By Anonymous Martin, Laredo Texas : 5:37 PM ET
Hooray for Sheriff Trumbo! If every city and state would adopt this policy, it would send a message that illegal immigration is illegal and the countries turning a blind eye if not encouraging this behavior should be penalized.
Posted By Anonymous W. Roquemore, Odessa, TX. : 5:38 PM ET
No, I don't. The sheriff is not taking into account how much money the "illegal" immigrants bring into the local economy, as well as the "underground" economy, such as nannies, gardeners, etc. I am sure it is much much more than $300,000.
Posted By Anonymous Joy Los Angeles, CA : 5:38 PM ET
Yes, I think it's a good idea. But I also think that we should accept it if Mexico enacts a similar law for themselves. Don't they have a lot of American criminals that have fled the USA and end up in their jails? It should go both ways but it's clearly a huge problem here and only a minor one in Mexico.
Posted By Anonymous Norman Seattle Washington : 5:39 PM ET
Absolutely, but we should also require these illegals to protest in their own country first before coming here to protest.
Posted By Anonymous Daniel, Houston Texas : 5:39 PM ET
It's a sem-novel publicity stunt, with no legal effect whatsoever. As a matter of international law, nations are not liable for the actions of their private citizens. A Mexican citizen who leaves Mexico to go somewhere else isn't violating Mexican law, any more than an American citizen leaving to go to another country isn't violating US law, unless fleeing prosecution or in violation of US treasury sanctions.

Maybe Mexico should bill the US for the spring break partiers who puke and urinate in the streets, start street fights, accost local girls, and what not? Equally ridiculous, the US government isn't responsible for its private citizens violating Mexican law, either.

I guess lamenting the evils of gay marriage isn't politically effective any more, so when all else fails, let's whip out immigration as an excuse for all our perceived ills. It sure beats addressing failed and corrupt leadership, a dragging, indecisive war, threats from real enemies far more dangerous than Iraq ever was, record budget and trade deficits and a bubble of private indebtedness. When all else fails, blame brown immigrants... whether it's the Irish, free Negroes, Italians, Poles, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, Mexicans part two, Mexicans part three, etc. We've always found scapegoats in those who come here and do our dirtiest, hardest, lowest paying work.
Posted By Anonymous Michael, San Diego, CA : 5:40 PM ET
Yes. They encourage immigration. They can't provide for their people so they send them north. Every taxpayer in America should send Fox a bill.
Posted By Anonymous David (Charlotte) : 5:41 PM ET
Its our responsibility to protect our borders, and stop illegal immigrants. We need to spend more money and better programs to stop illegal immigrants, but our government rather spend money to attack other countries, rather protecting our own.
Posted By Anonymous Jay, Dallas, TX : 5:42 PM ET
Yes, absolutely! They should also pay for the education and medical treatment rendered to all illegal immigrants.
Posted By Anonymous Ray Santos, Hillsboro, Oregon : 5:42 PM ET
Yes, we should bill Mexico for the increase in medical bills (having babies here free); and educating the children (free - without paying appropriate taxes); increase in law enforcement (to arrest their unlawful citizens - who snuck across the border); etc. etc. Maybe if he got the bill for the sins of his citizens, Mr. Fox would look at the immigration situation differently. I think all the States should start doing that, maybe (perhaps) we could be recompensed for the additional outlay the US has to make for those who don't pay into the coffers. We have enough layabouts of our own (US citizens) without having to pay for some other countries, layabouts.

Re the second comment - I would'nt be surprised if the US does payout for the damages etc. our citizens cause in other countries - especially those who are not so "friendly" as the US - like Mexico, Cuba, etc.
Posted By Anonymous Sue Howard, Riverside, CA : 5:43 PM ET
Yes, I agree. It is Mexico's corrupt political system that has enriched a few and kept the masses in poverty. Fox allows this corruption to continue and well understands that the U.S. picks up the tab for Mexico's migrants. His opposition to any type of border protection show that he wants Mexicans to take advantage of the opportunities in the U.S. rather than fix the problems in Mexico.
Posted By Anonymous Terry, Chandler, AZ : 5:44 PM ET
Invoice for
Sheriff Trumbo:

For agriculture and service industry workers underpaid wages in Pendleton, Oregon: $3,600,000

For Economic Benefit to Pendleton, Oregon, the State of Oregon and the United States: $4,000,000

This is only "your" County's potion.
Vicente Fox
Posted By Anonymous John Valentine, Seal Beach, CA : 5:47 PM ET
why don't you pay off that 300,000 from all the taxes that these people are not claiming, believe me you'll be surprised how many new schools and even jails you can build, by the way there are other countries in the world you know??? make sure to write the other 20 presidents in latin america.
Posted By Anonymous wayne, Los Angeles Ca : 5:49 PM ET
As long as they are citizens of Mexico, I think that is where the responsibility should start and end. Fox should be honorable enough to take care of his own people, instead of sending them north. It seems that Fox doesn't care about his own people!!!!
Posted By Anonymous James- Dallas, Texas : 5:52 PM ET
Not only should Mexico pay up but our government should impose economic penalties against Mexico until they do something on their side of the border to impede the flow of illegal aliens.
Posted By Anonymous Rob Gilliam, Katy, Texas : 5:52 PM ET
The Mexican government should be encouraged by the U.S. to pay for every cent U.S. taxpayers spend on illegal immigrants who violate the law, use medical services, or receive any other benefits here.
Posted By Anonymous John, Johnston, RI : 6:02 PM ET
Quite simply...absolutely. Mexico ships its employment problems to the U.S. via a non-existent scrutiny of the border with the U.S.

Mexico is, of course, only partly responsible, along with the U.S. agricultural lobby and those (like Bush) who are colluders in this endemic problem.

Sadly, it may take one whopping Islamo-terrorism attack via entry of this border to change the apathy of Washington politicians.
Posted By Anonymous D. Travis, Nashville, Tenn. : 6:02 PM ET
Absolutely, that's a progressive idea I think. Especially since Mexico doesn't appear to apply any effort toward keeping their own citizens loyal to their country. I definitely think it's about time the country takes responsibility for it's countrymen.
Posted By Anonymous Brandon - Montgomery, AL. : 6:02 PM ET
Fine the businesses that hire them, $100,000 per illegal
Posted By Anonymous Jack , Phoenix, AZ : 6:03 PM ET
People have to realize that not all of illegals are from Mexico. There are so many other nationalities living the the US illegally. You have them coming from the North, East and West. People are so small minded that they only focus on the Southern Border. Let us just build a 20' fence all around the US, then we can take up where Germany stopped!
Posted By Anonymous Jean, Albuquerque,NM : 6:04 PM ET
I agree, and the tax paying American's already are paying to have secure borders it is just to much because of the mass numbers that are trying to illegally enter the US. We are paying for illegal immigrants (which are committing a Federal crime people!) children to go to school and many other welfare related programs intended for US citizens. What the Federal government should be doing is addressing this issue directly with Mexico's President that seems to want one of the two economic classes to leave Mexico, the poor... If the Mexico can get this group of people to come to America legally or illegally it only is a positive for the Mexican government because they do not have to help their own people. I think maybe more Counties around the country should band together and file a class action suit against Mexico. Good for Oregon and Sheriff Trumbo.
Posted By Anonymous Tony, Brownsville, Texas : 6:05 PM ET
Those of us that are 'legal' think that no one should be allowed to be here if they are not 'legal'. We waited our turn to get to the land of opportunity and improve our lives. No one should be give a 'pass'.
Posted By Anonymous Maria Rivera-Garza, Ft. Worth Texas : 6:05 PM ET
I didn't read the other comments, but the Oregon situation is representative of so many non-border states: the illegal immigrant situation may be worse farther inland. Also, with a $300,000 expense in Oregon, added to all such charges in other states, does it really cost us less for products picked by the illegals?
Posted By Anonymous jim d., rice lake wisconsin : 6:06 PM ET
I suppose on the same general principle, Mexico and other countries can ask for unpaid or underpaid back wages for all illegal immigrant hours worked and also profit sharing from all the money generated from cheap labor?

There is a sense of a herd mentality that comes out of these emotional times. People will have become so involved that common sense goes out the window and short sightedness becomes the order of the day.

Please let's find a more sensible, orderly and 'permanent' fix on these problems and skip the grandstanding for the moment.
Posted By Anonymous Cliff Henderson - Kenosha, WI : 6:06 PM ET
i think it is good to make a point, but the sheriff will get nothing.
Posted By Anonymous Courtney, Stockton, CA : 6:07 PM ET
Mexico should pay municipalities for jailing illegal immigrants until they develop a backbone to address the problems they are creating for the U.S. Mexico turns a blind eye on the coyotes smuggling people. Mexico's poorest citizens are becoming our poorest citizens.
Posted By Anonymous Michael R., Orlando, FL : 6:08 PM ET
If an illegal immigrant ends up in jail, why aren't they immediatley deported?
Posted By Anonymous ML, Arlington, VA : 6:09 PM ET
Rather than sending the bill to President Fox, why not force those who employ the hard-working, underpaid illegals to foot the bill? This sheriff is so quick to point the finger across the border when it is also those providing them employment who are breaking the law as well. Sounds like hypocrisy to me.
Posted By Anonymous Anthony, Houston, Texas : 6:09 PM ET
U.S. is, in effect, paying for Mexico's non-official welfare program. The workers come here (most of them are real good workers, too), send their wages home to their family, hence, Mexico doesn't have to support them or their families. Not a bad deal for Mexican Gov't.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Austin TX : 6:10 PM ET
Everything has costs associated with it...if you need services YOUR own people and home country should have to help pay for it. Many of the illegal immigrant don't want to be Americans- they just want to be paid like Americans. I can't blame them, but I do blame their and my government for creating a Catch-22 for all of us. They are good people that should be home in their own countries making a living and effecting change.
Posted By Anonymous K.Teague, Cucamonga, CA : 6:10 PM ET
Should the Mexican government help cover the costs of jailing illegal immigrants? Of course not. This is not policy that any country can realistically expect to enforce. What we should be doing, however, is keeping excellent records on health care and schooling provided to people who are in this country illegally. I support the move towards providing visas for many who are here illegally, but it must be done in a stepwise fashion. *ALL* unpaid back taxes and medical bills must first be squared away and then a temporary visa can be awarded. If the person receiving a temporary visa proves themselves to be of good caliber, they should be allowed to apply for a green card and then later citizenship. Keep in mind that many of the immigrants here don't like President Fox and have left Mexico because he has done a dismal job of running the country. Heroin, anyone?
Posted By Anonymous Daryl Sylvania, Sandwich, IL : 6:11 PM ET
Unfortunately this sheriff is a bit ignorant by sending President of Mexio a bill. Did he make sure that the people he claims are taking his jail space were Mexican and not from El Salvador, Colombia etc. My suggestion to the sheriff and those that agree with him is to first put you facts together than act on them.
Posted By Anonymous AVG, Pasadena, California : 6:11 PM ET
How about sending that bill to the Americans who employ illegal immigrants? You can't beat cheap labor, now can you? If it weren't for the opportunities that these Americans offer illegal immigrants, these issues wouldn't exist as they do today.
Posted By Anonymous SMG, Los Angeles, CA : 6:12 PM ET
Now, this man has the right idea!!
Posted By Anonymous Pat Hudnall, Newport Beach, CA : 6:14 PM ET
We all know the United States will not receive any reimbursement from Mexico for the costs of feeding and returning it's citizens.Mexico is a poor country and as long as their economy is depressed,it's citizens will continue to seek a better life for themselves and their children.Immigrants legal or not pay sale taxes each time they purchase goods and support state funding.The Baby Boomers will need the revenue for Medicare and Social Security programs.We need to make sure employers are reporting the correct income for all workers and all workers need to pay income taxes if they are working or own a business in this country.
Posted By Anonymous C.Clay Rio Rancho NM : 6:14 PM ET
To state that Vicente Fox and the Mexican government are responsible, and should therefore pay for US prison overcrowding is irresponsible and short-sighted. If it wasn't a Latino it would just be another American - prisons do not discriminate.

I would suggest that a prison-exchange program be drafted, as I'd imagine a few years in a US prison, complete with televisions, libraries, gym access would be considered a cakewalk compared to my vision of what a Mexican prison would be.
Posted By Anonymous Matthew Bacharach, San Francisco CA : 6:16 PM ET
stupid. absolutely one of the most ignorant things i have heard come out a public officials mouth. instead of americans questioning the 80 billion dollars the government is spending to fight a war in a foreign country, they are distracted with immigration. this is "all of the sudden" a crisis. laws are on the books already. fund the border patrol so that they can do their job properly and enforce the laws already on the books. wake up america.
Posted By Anonymous Ricardo, Chula Vista, CA : 6:17 PM ET
The Mexican Government should't be asked to fund costs incurred by its citizens in another country.

Its citizens being here is our problem as a result of a long term inability on the part of the Federal Government to get its act together and formulate a plan to make coming here, illegally, a most unpleasant experience. The Federal policy of "looking the other way" in an effort to maintain "Economic Growth" probably sounded like a good idea fifty years ago but of late it has become what is probably the most successful, non-violent take over of one country by another in the history of mankind.
Posted By Anonymous Raymond John, Montgomery : 6:17 PM ET
It appears that people think Mexico should be under a self-imposed "lockdown." If we as Americans were restricted from leaving the country we would call that oppression. We oppose governments that deny freedoms. These people can't help being born into a land of peverty. Furthermore, many do pay taxes once here (I.R.S. doesn't care if you're illegal as long as you pay). Of those who don't pay, well, they make so little that if they did file they wouldn't owe much. The real tax cheats are the corporate executives who "cook the books." That costs us far more than some nonresident picking lettuce. Let's have a little compassion for our fellow humans. The U.S. can easily afford it without feeling any pain.
Posted By Anonymous ARW, Fairfax, VA : 6:19 PM ET
Mexican government will not spend on their own in Mexico- do not hold your breath while waiting for Fox to reply.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Jones Wichita,KS : 6:20 PM ET
Vicente Fox complained about the Governor of GA signing tough immigration reform on illegals, he complained about the troops supposedly going to the border......I think Vicente thinks he's a US citizen anyway and we are already footing the bill so whats the the end the American citizen gets the shaft no matter what! He will just tell George to pay it!
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Jax Fl : 6:20 PM ET
i read what you guy wrote and make me cry, I hope when you seat to eat remember who pick up you food from the field because non amrerican will work for that kind a money, and turn your face to new orleans who work there? i remember here in florida after charley hurracane(2004) americans citizens don't care who install the blue tarps to cover roofs, most of those guy were spanish, so they are good when you are in problems will you work like they do will you pay more money for all kind a services bucause if those will be done for citizens they will ask for better pay... i wonder how much will cost a tomate, a house, even a baby siter so good luck , and remember no all spanish guys are mexicans, if you know to read maps take a good look are like a 20 country more where people come from,ty
Posted By Anonymous Enrique Port Charlotte Fl : 6:21 PM ET
Yeah, let's make Mexico shut its citizens in; wall them up like East Germany, or the Soviet Union. Excellent way of creating some new terrorists.

Besides, this self-righteous sense of entitlement due to the dumb luck of being born in a wealthy country is vile.
Posted By Anonymous Peter, New York, NY : 6:23 PM ET
You are misdirecting the blame. If we made jail time mandatory for hiring an illegal alien they would all pack up and go home. The exodus of illegals would stop completely if there weren't so many people out there willing to exploit the cheap labor. It's a very simple solution to this "political" problem. IMHO
Posted By Anonymous R Rodriguez Sunnyvale, CA : 6:24 PM ET
Hey while we're at it, why don't we send the Saudi Arabian govenment a bill for 9/11? After all, weren't the majority of the perpetrators from there? Let's not stop there, let's send Saddam a bill for taking over of and sustaining of Iraq. America, wake up, Latinos and Latino immigrants are not the enemy!
Posted By Anonymous Aaron, Los Angeles, CA : 8:31 PM ET
Just thinking about our illegal immigrants from Central America. If the U.S. can't survive without them,how can their countries? If their talents are so sought after in the U.S., why are they not needed at home? If their country is so bad that they can't stand to stay there, why don't they stay home and fix it? Why can they not build homes, prisons, infrastructure and the like to sustain their population.
It seems it would be a good idea to move our southern border south to the Panama Canal. Then, no more illegal immigrants!!! By the way, whose going to be responsible for all the garbage, human waste and other damages from the current illegal crossings?
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Hillsboro, tx. : 8:34 PM ET
Not only should we billing the mexican goverment for their people that we have in their jails, we should be billing the mexican government for welfare, medical, food stamps, schooling especially when the kids don't show up for school and are out protesting, anything and everything, why should we as legal tax payers have to foot the bill. Do I trust Bush hell no he has just lied one to many times, he is just trying to make the conservative religious happy and he will fail at even that.
Posted By Anonymous Diane, Rohnert Park, California : 8:35 PM ET
People can be so ignorant. How can we expect for another country to cough up money due to our innept controlling of the borders. If so, I expect us to also keep a tab on every Iraqui, Afghanistani and every citizen from other countries if that is the case, we would have a fortune just in Guantanamo alone. How about countries also billing us for our stupid people that get in jail overseas, trust me there are a lot of them. If we should start to bill people, how about all the lazy AMERICANS that exploit the system, live off of welfare checks and do nothing to better themselves AT OUR EXPENSE! Atleast these illegals are working for a living, something many people throughout the states have a problem doing. These people are illegal immigrants, not prisoners. If we catch them at the border, send their ass back, done deal. If we pick some up on the street, send all of them back, period. Our idiot policy has made it easier for them to cross...if anyone is to blame, we should blame our government for taking its sweet ass time in adressing the issue, because after all, low wages and labor help to keep inflation down and the economy growing. This situation is not going to stop, only get worse until the true corrupt people of Washington pay attention and start making other things a priority but themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Jon Stoeckley, Mesa Arizona : 8:35 PM ET
Yes, and Mexico should refund local and state governments for medical , social and educational services as well.
Posted By Anonymous Kyle McCoy, Lakeland , FL : 8:36 PM ET
this sheriff must be kidding or even worse, looking to stay in office longer!
Shure, send that bill to Mexico, together with a check for all those hard working, with no medicare or whatsoever, long hours of work made by underpaid mexicans.
Why instead of just attacking those hard working alliens, make a diferent aproach to all the immigration issue! At the end both sides win.....
Posted By Anonymous Erwin Rubach, Phoenix, AZ : 8:37 PM ET
i will send him a letter to pay all the wages that people on the field and farms should for their hard work
Posted By Anonymous mario quintanilla, san jose : 8:38 PM ET
The U.S. did function before the influx of illegal immigrants, didn't it? Immigration is one thing, illegal immigration is another. It is a priviledge to be an American. Just ask an Irishman trying to get to the U.S.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, St Paul, MN : 3:36 PM ET
President should take care of Mexico's citizens who are his subjects not the U.S.A.How wonderful for Mexico's president that he bears no responsibility for his people.Fox should be responsible and try to ease their misery and hunger, not the U.S.A.
Posted By Anonymous m.k. turner,bastrop, La. : 7:10 PM ET
Wow, some of these comments make me physically ill. I have an about companies who are engaged in hiring illegal immigrants pay the bill. God knows they're not paying minimum wage.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff Barton, Phoenix, AZ : 7:11 PM ET
As I read most of the posts I'm reminded Of 1936 in Germany When the nazi Party wanted to blame all their problems on the Jews. Most of the illegals come up here for the jobs. If we had a national id program and the corperations and other bussiness that hired the illegals were made to pay large fines. this might lead to illegals seaking legal ways to enter the U.S. job market. If there were laws in place that discouraged the explotation of people that are just trying to seek life ,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness,what a great country this could be.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne , Yuba City,Ca. : 8:27 PM ET
I'm suprised at the knee-jerk reactions. Nobody is trying to lock out the LEGAL immigrants. Just the ILLEGAL ones. The point isn't immigration, it's ILLEGAL immigration. Why is that so hard to grasp?
Posted By Anonymous Tony, Allentown PA : 4:32 PM ET
Being a former Umatilla County resident i know what Sheriff Trumbo is talking about and i agree with him 110%. I know where he is coming from since i have work with him and support him all the way. Keep up the great work sheriff Trumbo
Posted By Anonymous Glen Baxter corona california : 8:33 PM ET
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