Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Oscars for politics
I was riding the Metro train to work in Washington, D.C., this morning, bleary-eyed and headachy from staying up half the night to cover the State of the Union, when a thought hit me like a football to Marcia Brady's nose: If politics has really devolved into only so much political theater, why don't we treat it that way?

Now, I know that there are plenty of Democrats and Republicans who really want to help with the serious work of the nation: Spurring the economy, supporting families, protecting our security. But these Super Bowl political events, such as the State of the Union address, are really about policy second, putting on a show first.

So I thought, let's go through all the moments of the speech and give out some awards, just like we do for movies.

Best Actor: Senator Bill Frist acting like he wasn't using every moment in front of the camera to campaign for his own presidency.

Worst Actress: Hillary Clinton trying to force a smile after President Bush invoked the name of her husband in a bid for Democratic applause.

Best Drama: Samuel Alito's agonizing struggle over whether or not to clap.

Best Direction: Mindless lockstep of Reds and Blues cheering or grousing on cue.

Best Walk-On: Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco...a not so subtle reminder that big problems remain in the Deep South.

Worst Walk-Off: Anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan. She got herself into the chamber, but then got thrown out for revealing her antiwar t-shirt before the president even arrived. Talk about missing your cue.

Best Supporting Actress: Laura Bush. Who can argue?

Best Comedy: Dave Chappelle. No, he wasn't there, but it sure would have been funny.

Best Picture: OK, no kidding here. The family of Marine Staff Sergeant Dan Clay, who was killed in Iraq, displayed dignity, bravery and respect in a room full of political posturing. By far, their appearance was the most compelling moment of the night.

Anyway, we're cutting tape on this piece now and tonight we'll roll it out: Step aside Oscar, the COOPERS are coming!

What Oscar-style political awards do you think should be handed out and who should win them?
Posted By Tom Foreman, CNN Correspondent: 3:12 PM ET
Loved Rummy's two-finger point- while leaning backwards, as in "YOU DA MAN", to some guy... -Best Actor in a Comedy
Posted By Anonymous Tina -Chicago, IL : 3:27 PM ET
Oscars for Politics. Love it!
Posted By Anonymous Marla Gaspard, Kenner, LA : 3:27 PM ET
I have laughed so hard! Perfect choices.
Especially the Bill Frist and Samuel Alito...
You just made my afternoon!
My kids think I have lost my mind.
Posted By Anonymous Christy in GA : 3:28 PM ET
The Vice President should get a nod for best actor in his very hip and current portrayal of Batman-famed supervillian "The Penguin".
Posted By Anonymous Molly, Coleville, CA : 3:51 PM ET
Great idea... Although I rather doubt that you could get the corporate gurus at CNN to agree to air it as a piece...

You could, however, get togher with Jon Stewart and do this again just before the Oscars...

It would be a hoot...
Posted By Anonymous Sharon Sheppard, White Rock, BC, Canada : 4:00 PM ET
Thank you for bringing humor to what is unarguably a very staged and artificial affair.

I am not sure what award category it would be, but I believe Senator McCain deserves a nod for keeping it real. Maybe it would be the Politician Who Most Resembles a Human Being During a Superficial Event Award.
Posted By Anonymous Christine, Canton, OH : 4:05 PM ET
Best set design: Karl Rove for designing "state of the art" smoke screens the past 6 years.
Posted By Anonymous Trudi, St. Paul MN : 4:07 PM ET
I had a good laugh over that one because the truth is so funny. Great job!
Posted By Anonymous Lisa ,Florida : 4:09 PM ET
Best Comedy? - George Bush...everything that comes out of his mouth is a joke.
Posted By Anonymous Valerie, Montreal, QC : 4:10 PM ET
Worst Screenplay: Karl Rove and Dick Cheney
Posted By Anonymous Ford Vox, Birmingham, AL : 4:16 PM ET
Best Acting should go to the Republicans for getting people to believe their lies for the last two elections.
Posted By Anonymous Joshua R., Owensboro, KY : 4:16 PM ET
I think best break out role should go to McCain for his response on "earmark reform". It was the only part of the night that looked unscripted.
Posted By Anonymous Willa, Dandridge, : 4:17 PM ET
Yes, I must admit Hillary Clinton was my favorite at the speech!
Posted By Anonymous Sofya, Miami, FL : 4:17 PM ET
"Coopers" for political events?! What a GREAT idea!
Posted By Anonymous John Huff DeMotte, IN : 4:18 PM ET
Great concept. My award for best "crockunmentary" has to go to Carl "Marx" Rove. He makes you beleive the unreal.
Posted By Anonymous Perry, Glendale, AZ : 4:20 PM ET
Stay tuned to the movie..."Addiction to Oil"....future Cooper award to be handed out! (Should be released ???..don't know yet!)
Posted By Anonymous AJC, College Station, TX : 4:20 PM ET
Anderson-None of that stuff is funny!
Posted By Anonymous Michael Krauss Woodmont, CT : 4:21 PM ET
Thank you for inserting some comedic relief to the pathetic display of some politicians during the state of the union. Particularly, Hillary Clinton - basically rolling her eyes, etc. Maybe she should also get the Razzie Award! Keep your emotions in check woman! I wonder what she really thinks of the "friendship" that her husband and former President Bush have. Amusing...
Posted By Anonymous Mariana, Cambridge, MA : 4:22 PM ET
How very true! I wonder how many times his script was re-written and how many hours he took to learn his lines. It just proves that any more all you have to do to be president is have financial means, can read (some obviously read better than others)and have no problem with having a "gray" sense of the truth.
Posted By Anonymous Leigh, Columbus, OH : 4:22 PM ET
Anderson, Tim Kaine is the hands down winner of "Break Out Performance."
Posted By Anonymous Chip Royer, Charlottesville, Virginia : 4:22 PM ET
Best actor in a supporting role..
Former Prez...Daddy Bush....or
is he really acting...for all we
know , he may still be Prez.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:23 PM ET
Best script and/or screenplay.

Any time Bush gives a public or televised speech. It can not be that easy to work in the words "freedom", "terror", and "
god bless America" that often without it sounding like a broken record.

Oh wait a minute............
Posted By Anonymous David, San Antonio, TX : 4:25 PM ET
Maybe Karl Rove should get "Best Director".

I nominate myself for an award in choreography, since I'd place some "Robert Palmer Girls" while Bush sings "Addicted To Oil"...
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Brooklyn NY : 4:27 PM ET
I think Bush's demeanor signing autographs after his speech was way over the top! What is that all about?
Come to think of it, isn't that what Hollywood is about?
Posted By Anonymous Marilyn, Madison, WI : 4:28 PM ET
Love all of them. However, I keep hoping that is like the season finale for "Dallas" several years ago. Like Pam Ewing we can wake up and find out it was all just a bad dream.
Posted By Anonymous Cindy Morgan, Los Angeles, CA : 4:28 PM ET
Bush should win for best creative drama. He can certainly tell a tale, even when it's all fiction, posing as non-fiction. Mr Frey, take some lessons!
Posted By Anonymous Sharon Podolsky, Holland, PA : 4:30 PM ET
How about calling it "The Emporer's New Clothes" because,true to the story,it's about a leader who thinks the public doesn't see his nakedness.The U.S. is addicted to oil.When did the President discover that?
Posted By Anonymous Bob Sussman,Nanuet N.Y : 4:31 PM ET
Best Use of an entire Hollywood Squares array of screens - The WOLFMAN!
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 4:35 PM ET
The State of the Union was a harsh show of reality on how divided this country is. I can't imagine anything getting done until the November elections. The republicans jumping out their seats each time the president cleared his throat. It was a horrible representation to the world on how a "democracy" should act. But it did prove the "uniter" is nothing of the sort.
Posted By Anonymous Perry, Glendale, AZ : 4:36 PM ET
Loved the awards and think you should make them a regular feature. How about Best Cinematography to Rove/Dubya/Cheney for their creative use of smoke and mirrors?
Posted By Anonymous Karen: Columbus, OH : 4:36 PM ET
That's fantastic!! I absolutely agree with Sharon about getting together with Jon Stewart and airing this. Anderson seems to have quite a good sense of humor; maybe they'd air it on 360?
Thanks for the laughs.
Posted By Anonymous Jeana Los Angeles, CA : 4:37 PM ET
Ok, no kidding Anderson, your attempt to reveal the SOTU for what it is, a political stunt, lost all credibility when you lauded President Bush�s Pimping of Marine Staff Sergeant Dan Clay�s family. That family�s pain is undeniably real � as is the pain felt by anyone (Cindy Sheehan) who has lost a loved one in this war. But that moment was made for television. Call it what it is: Playing politics with our troops.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:38 PM ET
What a wonderful listing...though I think George Bush could win for Best Actor (in a comedy)
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly, Charlottesville, VA : 4:38 PM ET
Best special effects: Karl Rove for the cinemanic smoke screens in the movie "How to Fool a Nation."
Posted By Anonymous Trudi, Roseville, MN : 4:41 PM ET
Best Costume should go to "The Red Tie"!
Posted By Anonymous Chris Mefford, Springfield, Ohio : 4:41 PM ET
BEST all of them...for acting out the political production while leaving families of Katrina, "Homeless in Hotel Rooms".
Kids need a home first, then we can talk about education.

You GO Anderson, keep the story on Katrina!
Posted By Anonymous Carolyn Burlington KS : 4:45 PM ET
Worst Makeup - Nancy Pelosi
Posted By Anonymous Dem is SC : 4:50 PM ET
BEST FOREIGN FILM: The Iraqi People. 40 minutes on Iraq and the war on terrorism. 30 seconds on the plight of New Orleans.
Posted By Anonymous Allan Burlington KS : 4:51 PM ET
A "Razzie" for "W"....even with the use of a teleprompter, hours of practice, and an on going relationship with what must be de-moralized speech writers, still renders the sound of the English language a torture worse than anything conjured up in Abu Ghraib.
Posted By Anonymous Anthony Hinds, Minneapolis, MN : 4:52 PM ET
Laura Bush should be nominated for her role as the "Xanax Queen". She can't be for real!
Posted By Anonymous Vince Rinehart Rockwall, TX. : 4:55 PM ET
BEST TRAGEDY: The Democratic side of the aisle for standing and appaulding the lack of success of Bush's 2005 Social Security Reform without a viable answer of their own for the problem.

Do they really think the American people are all village idiots?

BEST CLOWN ROLE FOR A SUPPORTING ACTOR: John Kerry for asserting to Katie Couric that 53% of American children do not graduate from high school.

Maybe he came up with that stat while he was in Cambodia...oh, no, I'm sorry, that stat is next to his picture in the North Viet Nam war museum.

John, did you throw your brains over the White House fence along with you decorations?
Posted By Anonymous Joe Carroll, Media, Pa : 4:58 PM ET
Who was the woman in the light blue suit that was too busy typing away on her Blackberry/Treo to join in on the collective applause? I think she deserves a Best Stunt Performance award for trying to stand, clap and type all while her head was buried in her hand-held.
Posted By Anonymous Angella Wong, San Francisco, CA : 5:03 PM ET
What a great article; right on target! This is a must after every State of the Union address.
Posted By Anonymous Deborah. Makakilo, HI : 5:04 PM ET
What a great perspective on the night! Thanks, as always, for letting us see things through your eyes.
Posted By Anonymous Carrie Manchester, NH : 5:06 PM ET
I think the most touching moment for me in a sea of pure politial schlock was Samuel Alito, as odd as it may sound. I don't really like his politics and think he will make a poor Supreme Court judge.

However, right after the Supreme Court came into the chamber the camera was panning along their faces. When it cam to Alito he was unabshedly looking all around and obviously in total awe of the place in which he found himself. This wasn't playing to the cameras. It was political. It was a man who has come as far in his field as he could ever go, and who was standing in a place he never expected to be, and he was clearly and obviously delighted and awe-struck by the moment.
Posted By Anonymous Carolyn grismore, Everett, WA : 5:06 PM ET
I find it very offensive that Mr. Bush would cheer one family for the loss of their son and have another thrown out and arrested!!!
Posted By Anonymous Carol phoenix, az : 5:06 PM ET
Watching Hillary's sophmoric facial expressions was pretty amusing. How can anyone take her seriously when she can't even keep a poker face. What is this, romper room? Grow up, Senator. Here's one woman that won't get your vote if you run in 2008.
Posted By Anonymous Jen, Haddonfield, NJ : 5:07 PM ET
Thanks for the humor. Sadly, having watched the event with my 14 year old who was seeing it for the first time,
I'm embarassed at how partisan it really was.

We should all be embarassed.
Posted By Anonymous Erin, OC, California : 5:07 PM ET
The Million Not-So-Little Lies Award to Bush's speechwriters, whose blatant disregard for the truth puts James Frey to shame.
Posted By Anonymous Leah Ife, Brooklyn, NY : 5:08 PM ET

Thank you for a bit of fresh air.

I wish Mr. Greenspan could have been present. That would have opened a whole new category.
Posted By Anonymous Cody, LA, CA : 5:08 PM ET
Best Save - anything that was on any other channel than those showing the Mess of the Union address
Posted By Anonymous Marla - Washington, DC : 5:08 PM ET
How about nominating yourself for a Razzie for Worst Idea for a Blog Subject? As far as "Serious Work" noted in your preamble, how about ENDING THIS FOOLISH WAR and KEEPING OUR CIVIL RIGHTS INTACT. Keep toting the company line like the rest of the spineless sycophants that passes for 'press' these days. You're doing a great job.
Posted By Anonymous Real American Citizen, USA : 5:08 PM ET
Best Performance by an Ensemble or Group: to the Democrats, rising in a mock standing ovation when George Bush mentioned his failed plan for gutting social security.
Posted By Anonymous mdc, woodland hills, ca : 5:08 PM ET
I have to take exception to the comment (about the dems) " Do they really think the American people are all village idiots?"

Come on !! Bush has been talking down to us for 5 years. Do these phrases ring a bell?

"I need to explain it to the people"
"People need to understand"
"We need to educate the public"

I'm REAL tired of being insulted by bush and company.
Posted By Anonymous Phebes, Baltimore, MD : 5:09 PM ET
Did I miss the Oscars again, but its ok I rather watch your great reports.
Posted By Anonymous honey, Los Angeles, Ca. : 5:11 PM ET
I'm glad you think the problems facing this nation are just a game, Mr. Cooper. I'll watch Dave Chapelle or Jon Stewart for comedy, if you don't mind, and one of the real news outlets when I want to know what's going on.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Oceanside, CA : 5:11 PM ET
Best Actor: George Bush. Any person who has made his family fortune on oil and then publicly states that the country is addicted to it and needs to be weened from it...and doing it all with a straight face...deserves something. How about a good old fashioned impeachment. The man even lies to himself!

Best Achievement in Makeup: Making the right wing look human is a feat worthy of Rick Baker himself! Amazingly, no one transformed into a werewolf, although there was plenty of rear-end sniffing amongst the red chairs.

Best Achievement in Sound Mixing: The "liberal media" somehow managed to make the republican handclapping louder than the democratic grumbling. Kudos to them for not coddling to those left-wing commies...THIS time!

Best Achievement in music: The hemorrhoid commercial following the speech. I've never enjoyed a jingle or a commercial more...except after Nixon's resignation, which was followed by a commercial addressing those suffering from constipation.

Best screenplay (adapted from another medium): The speech was part Mein Kampf and part Nietzsche's Antichrist. If not in words, then at least in spirit.

Best Actor(s) in a supporting role: The U.S. Military...who continues to bleed freely for oil barons in this country and the middle east, but who staunchily stays the course, bringing new meaning to the phrase "following blindly."

Best Picture: A tie between Cindy Sheehan being dragged out of the House for wearing a t-shirt that brings attention to the mistakes of the right wing government leading this country and the bruhaha surrounding the dismissal of Republican Bill Young's wife for wearing a t-shirt that brings attention to thh mistakes that ARE the right wing government leading this country.

Worst Actor: Bill Frist...hands down. That wasn't acting at all...he was playing himself, brown nose and all.

Worst picture: The 2006 State of the Union Speech. Unoriginal, uninspiring and worst of all, a waste of time and money.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, San Diego CA : 5:11 PM ET
Honestly, "How many winks can Bush give in one speech?" This should be an interactive audience segment where politicians place bets before the State of the Union.
Posted By Anonymous Dwayne D. Brooklyn, NY : 5:11 PM ET
Coop, awesome job. Good stuff, right down the middle, thanks!
Posted By Anonymous Justin Browne, HoCo, MD : 5:14 PM ET
Anderson - Love your candor! My opinion? The "most real" part of the night was Justice Alito looking around in obvious awe. I wish every political leader felt that way when they participate in our country's traditions. Whether you agree with what Bush said or not, it is still amazing to see the process in place. I will also say that, as a passionate American and a Marine Corps Veteran, I was disheartened by the poor sportsmanship of both sides. The Democrats with their obvious disgust (shame on Clinton, especially), as well as the Republicans for over-doing the applause on every word the President spoke.

Alito is my vote for keeping it real. Thanks and sorry for the long blog. Anderson, you keep it up and keep them honest!
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Tulsa, OK : 5:14 PM ET
Best Comedy: The State of the Union address itself.

Only Gutsy Moment: The Democratic cheer after Bush mentioned his plan's rejection by Congress.

Most Predictable Moment: Picking a man to rebut who uses the same patronizing tactics as Bush and who has to throw in the random fact of being a missionary as well as invoking God a few times. Oh, and don't forget the heart-warming fireplace!
Posted By Anonymous Shannon, South Hadley, MA : 5:15 PM ET
Hi guys,

I think a COOPER should go to Bush for Best Director...everything came out right....amazing....then again he did have some time to practice.
Posted By Anonymous Justin, Eugene, OR : 5:16 PM ET
The Mussolini award for the best fascist move by a country:

President G.W. Bush for consolidating power with the tragedy of 9/11.
Think about it and don't censor it.
Posted By Anonymous Robert, Reading, PA : 5:17 PM ET
Best Manipulation of Grieving Families - Bush administration. Where were the families of the other 3000 dead soldiers? Why wouldn't President Bush invite Mrs. Sheehan back in - it would have been a compelling committment to free speech and honest debate.
Posted By Anonymous Tom Beck, York, PA : 5:17 PM ET
Best Performance by an Animal goes to "Rex" the bomb sniffer that just finished his tour in Iraq and was adopted by his handler. By the way, it actually took an official act of congress and presidential signature to make the adoption legal.
Posted By Anonymous Paul from Paducah, KY : 5:18 PM ET
Best Supporting Actor: Harry Reid for acting as if he is as pure as the driven snow about lobby money for the Native Americans.

History and your family will indict you in the court of public opinion Harry.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Philadelphia, Pa : 5:18 PM ET
Let me speak the unheard truth... Bush is President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where we live, he is not president of the world... he needs to feed us, give jobs, why there are homeless people live on streets and beaten to death, why there is poverty in the U.S. when this country is the most powerful nation in the world? Why we even bothered to invade Iraq without a proper cause,now bush pointed finger at Iran, and let me guess, next is North Korea? who will protect us... and no one feels safe here!!! Even today Americans are threatened by the ones who attacked us before and who on earth is responsible to protect us if not the "prez"? Why do we pay tax to the gov't, No one lives free here!
Ladies and gents, hold your breaths, the award for irresponsible person goes to.... goes to.... goes to... the President of the United States of America.... Bush!!! hey people, take it easy... Prez doesn't need your shoes and the tomatoes!!!
Posted By Anonymous Kamal from New York City : 5:18 PM ET
How about Best Fiction script writer?

How about Best Impersonator of a President?
Posted By Anonymous Nancy Cardinale, Manhattan, NY : 5:19 PM ET
The best picture was the girl and her dog. Bill
Posted By Anonymous Bill Stanwood, Michigan : 5:20 PM ET
The Governor of Virginai gave the best speach of the evening, by far. His message; working together is the only way to fix the problems. Kudos for him.
Posted By Anonymous Karen Orange Ft Myers FL : 5:20 PM ET
How about an Oscar for best script. Certainly Bush did not write his own State of the Union speech. And how about an Oscar for Most Overlooked which goes to Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco. Does anyone really believe that Bush did not know she was in the chamber. But since he had little hope in his speech for the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, I guess it would have been awkard if he had recognized Blanco.
Posted By Anonymous Lou Gehrig Burnett, Shreveport, LA : 5:21 PM ET
Best Rerun: Bush giving the same old tired cut and paste speech, even adding a twist to copy some of the qoutes President Clinton used in his State of the Union Address.
Posted By Anonymous Drexter, Stone Mountain, GA : 5:22 PM ET
How about Ted Kennedy for best Make-up.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:22 PM ET
Most bored spectator: Rex, the bomb sniffing dog, recently discharged from the Air Force, who looked as if he would like to forget the whole thing. He may be smarter than everyone else, come to think about it.
Posted By Anonymous Jack Schmitt Brentwood, TN. : 5:22 PM ET
If Ms. Clinton is so bored -perhaps she
should leave her position and find work
our of the governement.
Posted By Anonymous MO - Atlanta GA : 5:27 PM ET
Best "Should I Clap or Not" award goes to Tom Delay when the president ask congress to reform "ethics" amoung the Washington crowd.
Posted By Anonymous Paul from Paducah, KY : 5:27 PM ET
Best Comedy--The Bush Presidency--one big 'flop on every level of measurement--especially when the darling boy of the oil companies says "We are addicted to oil." Gee, what an insight!! Want some comedy? Just say these words as fast as you can: domestic spying, prisoner torturing, deficit spending, CIA leaking, disaster neglecting, corporate lobbying, nation invading, Allies insulting, energy profiteering, neo-con sneering, religion invoking, gay bashing. Or try these for a laugh: Michael Brown, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Harriet Myers, Tom Delay, Pat Robertson. Or these quotes: "We have them on the run," "No hole is deep enough," "Mission Accomplished," "The insurgency is in its last throes, "We do not torture prisoners."
Posted By Anonymous David, New Castle, PA : 5:31 PM ET
Thank you for that. Unfortunately, I had class that evening, so I'm going to watch it via some webcast on Friday. From my fellow college friends, though, I hear it should be up for Best Drinking Game.
Posted By Anonymous Amanda, Arlington, VA : 5:37 PM ET
Great idea! The Coopers - what a great show. How about a most athletic category given the number of times Congress had to, in lockstep, rise and fall .. cant wait for the next one.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, Long Island, NY : 5:39 PM ET
How did you overlook the entire animation category? W has become a cartoon, Dr. Dick pulls the strings and Karl makes him dance.
Posted By Anonymous Patty, Dallas, TX : 5:40 PM ET
This editorial is the BEST commentary of last night's show. But I don't think it was really legitimate theatre. . . I think the State of the Union theatrics would best be described as a farce.
Posted By Anonymous Eugenia Stefan, Orlando, FL : 5:41 PM ET
When outgoing VA gov Mark Warner introduced Tim Kaine to the victory party, he made a joke about Kaine's eyebrow. Last night in the rebuttal, I couldn't stop staring at the eyebrow. Maybe not yet worth a Best Supporting Actor COOPER, but totally worth botoxing the left eyebrow.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Washington, DC : 5:45 PM ET
Oh and best costume. Dick Cheney and his electric tie. I wonder if that was to hypmotize people?????
Posted By Anonymous Christy from Ga : 5:45 PM ET

China. Apparently the President forgot to lump their lack of freedom in with North Korea, Iran, and Zimbabwe. I guess it's a simple mistake missing 1/5 of the world's population in your speech on democracy, freedom and the lack of it.

Maybe next time Chinese. Maybe next time they will get the recognition they deserve, if only they would stop lining the pockets of the President's wealthy supporters.

I guess the practice of promoting Christianity need not apply when the check is big enough.
Posted By Anonymous James R. Stois, Jr., Normalville, PA : 5:51 PM ET
Hasn't anyone checked the "posted by" signature on this blog entry? Tom Foreman wrote this and not Anderson, (whom we all love, but let's give credit where credit is due).
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 5:51 PM ET
Very appropriate. It's all about show and unfortunately we all know it now. As a matter of fact, I recently told a friend of mine who is campaign manager for an important political race that his biggest challenge is trying to convince anyone any longer that any politician can really make a difference. It's become all about show. The substance is lost in the theater. What a sad state of affairs. We need to recalibrate!
Posted By Anonymous Libby Glass, San Jose, California : 5:58 PM ET
Why is it so hard for the media to critique the President? How about the award for best Presidential sophistry: " replace more than 75 percent of our oil imports from the Middle East by 2025." (20 years is hardly ambitious especially when most US oil imports come from Canada and Mexico), or best Presidential truthiness: "The terrorist surveillance program has helped prevent terrorist attacks. It remains essential to the security of America." (it sounds so bold and true; what was the name of the PDB that was on your desk "Bin Laden determined to strike in US."?), or better yet, best Presidential LIE! "...we are in this fight to win, and we are winning." Wishing it were true doesn't make it true, does it?
Posted By Anonymous Bradley Ledden Toronto Ontario : 6:06 PM ET
Best Custume: Tom Delay's smile.
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Atlanta, GA : 6:14 PM ET
Maybe we can get George Bush on Oprah's show to own up that some parts of his "addiction to oil" story are fabricated. Good for an Emmy. What do you think?
Posted By Anonymous Lou Perrelli, Tiburon, CA. : 6:20 PM ET
you forgot another worst walk-off;
The wife of Rep. C.W. Bill Young, R-Indian Shores, told a newspaper that she was ejected during the State of the Union address for wearing a T-shirt that says, "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom."
Posted By Anonymous B. Mallen, Atlanta, ga. : 6:20 PM ET
Best Set: Anderson Cooper...what a great idea to put him INSIDE a building looking over the capital but not having to freeze the whole show.
Posted By Anonymous Kim Steele, Burlington, NC : 6:22 PM ET
You should have an Oscar for the "Best
Faking of Sincerity"
Posted By Anonymous L.V. Tucker, Kapa' au, Hawaii : 6:27 PM ET
You must at least nominate Senator John Kerry for something. Also, what was with our President shifting his eyes back and forth and grinning???? Pretty scary... He should get some kind of Cooper nod just for the facials alone.
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Valencia CA : 6:31 PM ET
Best Costume: Bill Young's wife for getting kicked out of the State of the Union for wearing a t-shirt that said "Support our Troops" because it was deemed by Capitol Police to be "protesting."

She now plans to sue the Capitol Police. Rock on.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, San Marcos CA : 6:42 PM ET
Add: Best Visual. Democrats on the left, sitting and only lightly clapping, Republicans on the right doing the exact opposite, standing often and competing with each other to see who can clap more enthusiastically.

Add also: Best Example of Extreme Partisanship--The show itself.
Posted By Anonymous norman-Seattle Washington : 6:52 PM ET
best special effects oscar goes to the republican party for planting Beverly Young to portray the capitol police as being non-discriminatory while achieving the administration's objective of ejecting Cindy Sheehan.
Posted By Anonymous Terry Todd, Long Beach, Ca : 7:17 PM ET
Amazing. Especially the one about Alito's clapping dilemma.
Of course, there's got to be some kind of award for best sound editing for all of the sound bites they throw around. And Rex should get an award, too, for best supporting canine.
Posted By Anonymous Cat, Houston, TX : 7:22 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Denise, Piscataway, NJ : 7:29 PM ET
How about the Virginia governer's Democratic response? He should be awarded the Cleo for his contribution to the Virginia tourism industry.
Posted By Anonymous Diane, Burbank, CA : 7:49 PM ET
Worst Walk Off - Beverly Young, the wife of 18-term Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Young, I understand the ignorance of Ms. Sheehan, however the Senators wife should have known better. The State of the Union is symbolic and ceremonial, and should be treated with is the president's time only. If you cant get your own publicity stunt, dont steal someone else's. Dont get me wrong..I support our troops and am a conservative republican, but neither should have tried to pull a stunt like that...that only happens in third world countries..and if you dont believe me just watch Mexicos INFORME...its like one big demonstration. I pray that never happens to us.
Posted By Anonymous LG , Tx : 7:59 PM ET
Best Plot Irony:
The Family of a soldier who was killed in Iraq honored while Mother of Son killed in Iraq arrested.
Posted By Anonymous Luke, Brooklyn NY : 8:18 PM ET
Best Best Boy: Dick Cheney (Not sure what a best boy is actually, just seemed appropriate for the VP.)
Posted By Anonymous Beth, Windsor, Ontario : 8:22 PM ET
Thanks Tom for the comic relief!! I couldn't even watch the full speech because of pure embarassment. Is it just me or have we never seen that kind of bipartisanship in a state of the union before? I'm fully aware of the repub/dem war that's been escalating but the division in that room still came as a great shock. I definately have to agree that Hillary's behavior was no better than that of a 13 year old girl. Her attitude took me straight back to junior high. Never before have I ever been so embarassed of my government.
Posted By Anonymous Carrie, Lawrence, KS : 8:24 PM ET
Seriously, it was a sad day for me. I could see that America needs a profound and drastic change the way it does politics. And the president failed miserably to start it.
P.S.: I liked very much your professional coverage of the event.
Posted By Anonymous Emanuel, Buffalo Grove, IL : 9:26 PM ET
Worst Title: "State of the Union" should read "State of the Division", a consequence of the GOP's missionary approach to government since they decided to villify President Clinton (a real leader, not the sham we have now).
Posted By Anonymous Darby, Neshannock Falls, PA : 9:36 PM ET
Should I feel guilty for watching American Idol but skipping the State of the Union? Oh well ... I actually think we would get a better president if we used the Idol format. Seriously. I hate the fact that I have only two choices. Let Paula, Randy, and Simon narrow it down to ten good ones and then let America take it from there.
Posted By Anonymous Ron, Colleyville, TX : 9:42 PM ET
How about "The New Godfathers" for the whole bunch of criminals they've obviously become. To still call them public servants today is a terrible joke, and American is NOT laughing.
Posted By Anonymous Angie, Michigan : 9:47 PM ET
I find Tom Foreman's comments about Cindy Sheehan shallow in the extreme. This brave anti-war campaigner, who lost her son in Bush's illegal and unjustified war, was thrown out of Congress for wearing an anti-war T-shirt. She was arrested and jailed for 4 hours, and claims she was manhandled, and has the bruises to show for it. This high-handed police action would be the norm in a totalitarian dictatorship, but is hardly a joking matter in a country whose President is supposed to be 'the leader of the free world'.
Posted By Anonymous Tom Scott, Eye, Suffolk, England : 10:55 PM ET
To Tom Foreman:

Your thoughts: 1) not compelling. 2) not interesting. 3) not mildly amusing. 4) a waste of my time... thanks for nothing by your efforts.
Posted By Anonymous Casey in New Bern : 11:29 PM ET
That was great - thanks for the laugh! I had some of the same thoughts as I was watching.
Posted By Anonymous Sylvia, Houston, TX : 11:42 PM ET
Tom, you are awesome! Just saw the segment on 360 and it was hysterical! Love the statues!

Seriously, you are a wonderful addition to AC360!

Posted By Anonymous Sheryn, NJ : 12:06 AM ET
To Phebes of Baltimore:

No Administration is perfect. All leaders are fallible human beings. If President Bush puts forth an idea and there is disagreement - so be it.

However, let disagreement be voiced with alternatives or options that are viable.

The weakness of the Democratic Party and its leaders such as Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Kennedy, Kerry, Durbin, Schummer, Dean and Lehey is this: They decry the status quo but offer no option.

How will the above-mentioned fight the war on terror? John Kerry pushed hard for French, German, and Russin involvement prior to the Iraq war. Now his friend Jacques in Paris is saber-rattling about dropping an atomic beumb (Sounds like Clouseau)before Iran is even referred to the Security Council.

And what has the Democratic leadership offered in response to Mr. Bush's Social Security proposal? They have offered nothing to the American people but a legislative derailment of an attempt to forstall the looming Social Security disaster. Show me your solution!

In my humble opinion the oft quoted best definintion of insanity applies here. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Those who accept opposition to ideas without options thereby relegate themselves to a minority political position; no control of the White House and no control of Congress.

America is the greatest country in the world. Take it from one who lived in Latin America for seven years. All have a voice to express themselves.

A thought for Deomcrates and people of the liberal persuasion: avail yourselves of your right to freely express your opinions and viewpoints. But do not demean yourselves by attacking an idea or its author without offering a better option as a solution.

I respect George Bush, you do not and I think this ability to disagree is wonderful. New lets put personalities aside and discuss what is best for the American people.

The White House floats an idea:

America must become energy independent! How do we do this from the Democrat point of view?

America must protect itself in the war on terror! How do the Democrats propose to do this? (By the way, I am very suspicious of allowing the UN to protect my grandchildren--give me Sgt Clay any day of the week)

Social Security needs to be prepared for the retirment of the Baby Boomers (thats me). How will the Dems do it?

The White House has ideas about energy, terror and Social Security. Maybe you don't like them-thats ok-give me a better idea.

Thanks for reading this epistle if it gets accepted and God bless you and God bless America.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Carroll, Media, Pa : 12:08 AM ET
Just another example of how liberal and biased the CNN network is. Each stab in the so called report was at a
conservative. When will we see a factual non-biased report from your
network? I'm not holding my breath until that happens.
Posted By Anonymous Leonard Bynum, in Iraq : 12:51 AM ET
Politics, intelligence and humor. Is there anything wrong with you?
Posted By Anonymous Ashley, Atlanta, GA : 9:02 AM ET
Great stuff man! I absolutely love it! I know that I am going to be shot at for this comment, but I think the President gave the best speech of his terms thus far. And as for all the nay sayers out there...I am only 19, but I have been watching the State of the Union speeches for as long as I can remember and no matter what political party the President is associated with, his team will stand up and cheer all the time. It is the way these things work...I am shocked that you don't make a big deal about people bowing their heads at the same time to pray. Also, there is NOTHING Bush can say that will make you all happy, so that is why he probably doesn't care what you think anymore. I give props to the President for his speech and to my new hero- Anderson Cooper for a great blog!
Posted By Anonymous J-Austin Texas : 10:15 AM ET
Obama and other Senators should get the "Worst Supporting Role Award." These Senators do not get the time of day from President Bush so they must beg for an autograph at the State of the Union. Give me a break Senators, show some class. You don't see Steve Kerr or Ron Harper begging for Michael Jordans autograph after the NBA Championships.
Posted By Anonymous Matt Peterson, Seneca, IL : 11:02 AM ET
Your column today is in poor taste. Case of projection, maybe? You're acting so you think everyone else is too?
Posted By Anonymous Sally Llewellyn, Atlanta, GA : 11:26 AM ET
Most Unprofessional award goes hands-down to Hillary.....and lose the chewing gum.
Posted By Anonymous Tamara, California : 11:45 AM ET
How about Best Screenplay that didn't make it: Kerry & Kennedy for "Fillabuster!"
Posted By Anonymous nicc bradenton fl : 1:00 PM ET

This is hilarious. Best Actress - Hillary Clinton, for trying not to look nauseated when Bush referred to her husband; Best Supporting Ensemble - the Democrats in Congress for being always in the minority because they can never unite and agree on how to stop the Republican majority; Best Newcomer - Kaine for an articulate Democratic response to Bush's state of the union speech; Best Documentary - "Addicted to Oil" or why we went to war in Iraq; Best Comedy Ensemble - to both the Democrats and Republicans for one side jumping up when the other was sitting down and never being in unison - talk about partisanship. I could go on and on, but I think we all get the idea. Thanks for injecting some much needed humor to cut the edge off the anger and divisiveness in the country. I enjoy your newscase and thanks for "keeping them hones" and for your dedication to truth in journalism.
Posted By Anonymous Mindy Chatsworth, Ca. : 1:06 PM ET
Best Unintentional Comedy: The national news media showing more outrage over the pathological lies of a memoir than over the pathological lies of the President of the United States.
Posted By Anonymous Eli, New York, NY : 2:09 PM ET
You actually did it! That was fantastic.
Posted By Anonymous Molly, Coleville, CA : 2:17 PM ET
Best reality show...a combination of all your favorites: Fear Factor (the right), Survivor (the left), with a dash of the Amazing Race thrown in for good non-isolationist measure! Just thinking of all those big ideas coming from such a small mind conjures up...Surreal Life, or maybe Punk'd?
Posted By Anonymous SG, DC : 2:40 PM ET
Best Commercial Revival: The Democrats and Republicans alternating loud applause and cattle calls during the president's remarks on Social Security. It reminded me of the Miller Lite commercial, ya know, "Tastes Great, Less Filling."
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 4:00 PM ET
Here are my Cooper Award picks:
Best Writing - For whoever came up with the "hindsight alone is not wisdom" and "second guessing is not a strategy" lines.
Best Costume - To the Democrats for dressing up like patriotic Americans while constantly giving aid and comfort to the enemy and undermining our troops. Honorable mention to Michael Moore for blasting Halliburton in his movie while profiting from stocks he owns in the company.
And finally the Best Supporting Actor - CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS for their unwavering support of the Democratic Party.
Posted By Anonymous Ian, Carrollton, TX : 4:01 PM ET
I was watching the DVD of "The Aristrocrats." Did I miss anything? Did George Bush walk into a talent agent's office?
Posted By Anonymous Milton, Hopewell, VA : 4:05 PM ET
The real Review of the Bush Dog and Pony Show: will come this November when the GOP gets clobbered at the polls by the American public which is fed up with Bush (43% diehard approval rating), and the lies, the corruption, and the incompetence of this GOP neo-con crowd. If you feel 'safe' while your pocket is being picked by a bunch of immoral slimeballs, good for you. Your days of smug indifference to 'the People' are winding down.
Posted By Anonymous Darby, Neshannock Falls, PA : 5:55 PM ET
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