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1998 primaries special report

North Carolina House results -- September 15, 1998

By Congressional Quarterly

 Candidate                                         Votes    %
    Hometown         Age Occupation

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 1
 (East -- Parts of Rocky Mount, Fayetteville and Greenville)

*Eva Clayton (D)                                  43,680  66.8%
    Littleton        64  Incumbent
 Linwood Mercer (D)                               21,761  33.3%
    Farmville        52  State representative

*Ted Tyler (R)                                     1,458  49.8%
    Rich Square      63  Pharmaceutical sales manager
 Duane E. Kratzer (R)                              1,045  35.7%
    Greenville       50  Podiatrist
 Jerome Power (R)                                    425  14.5%
    Oxford           71  Accountant

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 2
      (North Central -- Parts of Durham and Rocky Mount)

*Bob Etheridge (D)                                   Unopposed
    Lillington       57  Incumbent

*Dan Page (R)                                      4,511  90.8%
    Coats            31  State senator
 Richard D. Skillen (R)                              458   9.2%
    Garner           53  Physician

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 3
     (East -- Goldsboro part of Greenville; Outer Banks)

*Jon Williams (D)                                  9,205  56.5%
    Goldsboro        34  Lawyer
 Robert "Bob" Junior Ayers (D)                     4,029  24.8%
    Swansboro        73  Land surveyor
 Sheppard Neal Moore (D)                           3,048  18.7%
    Topsail Beach    66  Environmental consultant

*Walter B. Jones (R)                                 Unopposed
    Farmville        55  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 4
              (Central -- Raleigh; Chapel Hill)

*David E. Price (D)                               17,207  86.6%
    Chapel Hill      58  Incumbent
 Ralph M. McKinney Jr. (D)                         2,664  13.4%
    Durham           57  Salesman

*Tom Roberg (R)                                      Unopposed
    Raleigh          62  Wake County Republican Party chairman

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 5
                 (Northwest -- Winston-Salem)

*Mike Robinson (D)                                   Unopposed
    Advance          40  Management consultant

*Richard M. Burr (R)                                 Unopposed
    Winston-Salem    42  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 6
               (Central -- Part of Greensboro)

 No Democratic candidate

*Howard Coble (R)                                    Unopposed
    Greensboro       67  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 7
             (Southeast -- Part of Fayetteville)

*Mike McIntyre (D)                                18,678  94.2%
    Lumberton        42  Incumbent
 Randy Crow (D)                                    1,151   5.8%
    Wilmington       52  Sales executive

 No Republican candidate

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 8
     (South Central -- Kannapolis; part of Fayetteville)

*Mike Taylor (D)                                     Unopposed
    New London       51  Lawyer

*Robert C. "Robin" Hayes (R)                         Unopposed
    Concord          53  Former state representative

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 9
             (West Central -- Part of Charlotte)

*Rory Blake (D)                                    3,949  68.3%
    Charlotte        47  Pharmacist
 Jordan Bonner (D)                                 1,831  31.7%

*Sue Myrick (R)                                      Unopposed
    Charlotte        57  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 10
                (West -- Hickory; Lincolnton)

 No Democratic candidate

*Cass Ballenger (R)                                  Unopposed
    Hickory          71  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 11
                     (West -- Asheville)

*David Young (D)                                     Unopposed
    Asheville        38  Buncombe County commissioner

*Charles H. Taylor (R)                               Unopposed
    Brevard          57  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 12
(The I-85 Corridor -- Parts of Charlotte, Greensboro and Durham)

*Melvin Watt (D)                                  12,137  84.2%
    Charlotte        53  Incumbent
 Ronnie Adcock (D)                                 2,271  15.8%
    China Grove

*Scott Keadle (R)                                  3,382  28.0%
    Salisbury        33  Rowan County Republican Party
                         vice chairman
 Jim Cohen (R)                                     3,142  26.0%
 Mike Jackson (R)                                  2,270  18.8%
    Charlotte        39  City council member
 Tom Bush (R)                                      1,980  16.4%
    Charlotte        50  Former Florida state representative
 Steve Wood (R)                                      801   6.6%
    High Point       49  Former state representative
 John J. Kozlowski Jr. (R)                           513   4.2%
    Reeds            42  Computer engineer

* = Nominee
# = Will meet in runoff.


Wednesday, September 16, 1998

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