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Post your opinions on the November races

Rothenberg's House races by category

By Stuart Rothenberg

Notable rematches from 1996

Arizona 6: Steve Owens (D) vs. J.D. Hayworth (R)
California 46: Loretta Sanchez (D) vs. Bob Dornan (R)
Connecticut 6: Charlotte Koskoff (D) vs. Nancy Johnson (R)
Massachusetts 6: John Tierney (D) vs. Peter Torkildsen (R)
New Mexico 2: Shirley Baca (D) vs. Joe Skeen (R)
North Dakota At-Large: Earl Pomeroy (D) vs. Kevin Cramer (R)
Pennsylvania 13: Joe Hoeffel (D) vs. Jon Fox (R)
Texas 17: Charles Stenholm (D) vs. Rudy Izzard (R)

Former members of Congress running in 1998

Tom Barlow (D) Kentucky 1
Bob Dornan (R) California 46
Charlie Dougherty (R) Pennsylvania 3
Jay Inslee (D) Washington 1
Richard Stallings (D) Idaho 2
Peter Torkildsen (R) Massachusetts 6
For statewide office:
Gary Franks (R) Connecticut Senate
Jim Ross Lightfoot (R) Iowa Governor
Jim Longley (R) Maine Governor

Challengers/open seat candidates who are health care practitioners

Gil Aust (R) Alabama 5 - physician
Brian Babin (R) Texas 2 - dentist
Bruce Craswell (I) Washington 1 - retired dentist
Ernie Fletcher (R) Kentucky 6 - physician
Rudy Izzard (R) Texas 17 - dentist
Scott Keadle (R) North Carolina 12 - dentist
William Price (R) Illinois 12 - orthopedic surgeon
John Sanchez (R) Texas 25 - physician
Lydia Spottswood (D) Wisconsin 1 - nurse

Former television anchors/reporters

Mark Baker (R) Illinois 17
Michael Scott (D) Nebraska 2
Mike Schneider (D) New Jersey 5

Wealthy businessmen (House races)

Bob Greenlee (R) Colorado 2
Robin Hayes (R) North Carolina 8
Doug Ose (R) California 3
Don Sherwood (R) Pennsylvania 10
Pat Toomey (R) Pennsylvania 15
Bud Walker (R) New York 26

Non-incumbents with famous political last names

Don Bevill (D) Alabama 4
Pat Casey (D) Pennsylvania 10
Janice Hahn (D) California 36
Marjorie McKeithen (D) Louisiana 6
Dottie Lamm (D) Colorado Senate
Mark Udall (D) Colorado 2
Tom Udall (D) New Mexico 3
Cliff Unruh (R) California 20

Democratic challengers using pro-Clinton/anti-impeachment messages

Chris Gorman - Kentucky 3
Rush Holt - New Jersey 12
Jay Inslee - Washington 1
Christine Kehoe - California 49
Brad Lyons - Washington 5
Ralph Neas - Maryland 8

Trial Lawyers

Pat Casey (D) Pennsylvania 10
John Edwards (D) North Carolina Senate
Geoffrey Feiger (D) Michigan Governor
Dennis Moore (D) Kansas 3
Rob Tully (D) Iowa 2
Dan Williams (D) Idaho 1

Significant third-party candidates

California - Dan Hamburg/Green
Georgia - Jack Cashin/Libertarian
Maine - Angus King/Independent
Minnesota - Jesse Ventura/Reform
New York - Betsy McCaughey Ross/Liberal
Tom Golisano/Independent
Pennsylvania - Peg Luksik/Constitutional
Rhode Island - Robert Healy/Cool Moose
South Carolina - Timothy Moultrie/Libertarian
Arkansas - Charlie Hefley/Reform
Georgia - Bert Loftman/Libertarian
Wisconsin - Tom Ender/Libertarian
New Mexico 1 - Robert Anderson/Green
New Mexico 3 - Carol Miller/Green
New Jersey 6 - Carl Mayer/Green
New York 26 - Randall Terry/Right to Life
Vermont A-L - Bernie Sanders/Independent
Washington 1 - Bruce Craswell/American Heritage

Democrats who voted for the Republican plan for a congressional inquiry into impeachment

Alabama 5 Bud Cramer
California 10 Ellen Tauscher
California 18 Gary Condit
Connecticut 5 Jim Maloney
Illinois 3 William Lipinski
Illinois 17 Lane Evans
Indiana 3 Tim Roemer
Indiana 9 Lee Hamilton - retiring
Iowa 3 Leonard Boswell
Louisiana 7 Chris John
Minnesota 2 David Minge
Minnesota 7 Collin Peterson
Mississippi 5 Gene Taylor
Missouri 4 Ike Skelton
Missouri 6 Pat Danner
New York 4 Carolyn McCarthy
North Carolina 2 Bobby Etheridge
North Carolina 7 Mike McIntyre
Ohio 10 Dennis Kucinich
Pennsylvania 15 Paul McHale - retiring
Rhode Island 2 Robert Weygand
South Carolina 5 John Spratt
Texas 2 Jim Turner
Texas 4 Ralph Hall
Texas 9 Nick Lampson
Texas 17 Charles Stenholm
Virginia 2 Owen Pickett
Virginia 4 Norman Sisisky
Virginia 5 Virgil Goode
Virginia 8 Jim Moran
Wisconsin 3 Ron Kind

19 Democrats voting "Yes" on $80 billion GOP tax cut plan

Alabama 5 Bud Cramer
California 10 Ellen Tauscher
California 18 Gary Condit
California 22 Lois Capps
California 24 Brad Sherman
California 36 Jane Harman
Connecticut 1 Barbara Kennelly
Connecticut 5 Jim Maloney
Georgia 2 Sanford Bishop
Indiana 3 Tim Roemer
Iowa 3 Leonard Boswell
Michigan 5 James Barcia
Missouri 6 Pat Danner
New York 4 Carolyn McCarthy
Oregon 5 Darlene Hooley
Tennessee 6 Bart Gordon
Texas 1 Max Sandlin
Texas 2 Jim Turner
Virginia 5 Virgil Goode

11 Republicans voting "No" on $80 billion GOP tax cut plan (and arguing all the money must first go to protecting Social Security)

Alabama 4 Robert Aderholt
Delaware At Large Mike Castle
Idaho 1 Helen Chenoweth
Illinois 18 Ray LaHood
Maryland 8 Connie Morella
Minnesota 1 Gil Gutknecht
Missouri 8 Jo Ann Emerson
Montana At Large Rick Hill
South Carolina 1 Mark Sanford
Washington 3 Linda Smith
Wisconsin 1 Mark Neumann

Southern Races To Watch

Alabama 3 Joe Turnham (D) vs. Bob Riley (R)
Alabama 4 Don Bevill (D) vs. Robert Aderholt (R)
Alabama 5 Bud Cramer (D) vs. Gil Aust (R)
Arkansas 2 Vic Snyder (D) vs. Phil Wyrick (R)
Florida 3 Corrine Brown (D) vs. Bill Randall (R)
Georgia 2 Sanford Bishop (D) vs. Joe McCormick (R)
Louisiana 6 Marjorie McKeithen (D) vs. Richard Baker (R)
Mississippi 4 Ronnie Shows (D) vs. Delbert Hosemann (R)
North Carolina 2 Bobby Etheridge (D) vs. Dan Page (R)
North Carolina 4 David Price (D) vs. Tom Roberg (R)
North Carolina 8 Mike Taylor (D) vs. Robin Hayes (R)
North Carolina 12 Mel Watt (D) vs. Scott Keadle (R)
South Carolina 5 John Spratt (D) vs. Mike Burkhold (R)
Texas 17 Charles Stenholm (D) vs. Rudy Izzard (R)

Competitive races featuring female candidates

California 3 Sandie Dunn (D) vs. Doug Ose (R)
California 22 Lois Capps (D) vs. Tom Bordonaro (R)
California 36 Janice Hahn (D) vs. Steve Kuykendall (R)
California 46 Loretta Sanchez (D) vs. Bob Dornan (R)
California 49 Chris Kehoe (D) vs. Brian Bilbray (R)
Connecticut 5 Charlotte Koskoff (D) vs. Nancy Johnson (R)
Florida 3 Corrine Brown (D) vs. Bill Randall (R)
Idaho 1 Dan Williams (D) vs. Helen Chenoweth (R)
Indiana 8 Gail Reicken (D) vs. John Hostettler (R)
Indiana 9 Baron Hill (D) vs. Jean Leising (R)
Indiana 10 Julia Carson (D) vs. Gary Hofmeister (R)
Kentucky 3 Chris Gorman (D) vs. Anne Northup (R)
Louisiana 6 Marjorie McKeithen (D) vs. Richard Baker (R)
Maryland 8 Ralph Neas (D) vs. Connie Morella (R)
Michigan 1 Bart Stupak (D) vs. Michelle McManus (R)
Michigan 12 Sander Levin (D) vs. Leslie Touma (R)
Nevada 1 Shelley Berkley (D) vs. Don Chairez (R)
Ohio 1 Roxanne Qualls (D) vs. Steve Chabot (R)
Ohio 6 Ted Strickland (D) vs. Nancy Hollister (R)
Ohio 13 Sherrod Brown (D) vs. Grace Drake (R)
Oregon 1 David Wu (D) vs. Molly Bordonaro (R)
Wisconsin 1 Lydia Spottswood (D) vs. Paul Ryan (R)
Wisconsin 2 Tammy Baldwin (D) vs. Josephine Musser (R)

Competitive races featuring Hispanic candidates

California 46 Loretta Sanchez (D) vs. Bob Dornan (R)
Nevada 1 Shelley Berkley (D) vs. Don Chairez (R)

Competitive races featuring Asian candidates

Oregon 1 David Wu (D) vs. Molly Bordonaro (R)


Thursday, October 29, 1998

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