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And The Winner Is...
Webby Awards

We can't help bragging. CNN's has received the 1998 Webby Award for the Best Politics/Law Web site. In addition, we garnered the People's Voice Award, also for Best Politics/Law Web site. The People's Voice Awards are chosen by the more than 100,000 Internet users who are registered to vote at The Webby Awards Web site. Thank you for your continued support.

People's Voice Award
AllPolitics Who's Who

An insider's glance at the AllPolitics players

CNN's AllPolitics launched in January 1996 under the direction of Michael Riley, a TIME correspondent. Mike has since moved on to Congressional Quarterly, but we still consult with him regularly.

Here's our staff:

Kathleen Hayden is a proud New Englander, having grown up in a 'burb outside Boston. She left for the Philadelphia area to attend Haverford College. After graduating in '94, New York and a job offer to help start TIME's website and write for TIME Daily beckoned. From there she moved 17 floors up to join Time Warner's Pathfinder as news producer. When the chance to try out D.C. as a writer for AllPolitics came up, how could she say no? But she still loves the land of six-month winters and the Red Sox best.

Sue Hoye is a native of Wisconsin who shook the snow off her shoes and moved to Atlanta six years ago. After a stint in the world of nonprofits and the remaindered book business, Sue came to CNN Interactive in March 1996. She now works as writer/associate producer for AllPolitics and spends most of her free time with her two Golden Retrievers and her husband Matt. She has degrees in English and journalism from Marquette University.

Gary Hulmes, an expatriate Rhode Islander, came to Atlanta in 1996 to join the AllPolitics webmonster team. He is a multimedia artist and former bartender, with degrees in creative writing and philosophy. His current aspirations are to get his picture taken with Ted Turner and wrestle in the WCW Cruiserweight division.

Wendy King, a Cumberland, R.I., native, got her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Vermont and her Masters of Arts from American University before joining TIME in 1990. Covering everything from Capitol Hill to infertility, Wendy has also contributed to Smithsonian Magazine and Sports Illustrated. With AllPolitics since January 1996, Wendy spends much of her free time volunteering with the Washington Humane Society. She likes weird food and has a strange sense of humor.

Amy Shelter left New Jersey two years ago to play politics in D.C. She joined AllPolitics in May 1998 as an associate producer after working as a media buyer for political campaigns and as a writer for National Journal's Hotline newsletter and an associate editor and producer for the company's Cloakroom Web site. She has a degree in political science from Bucknell University and laments the end of Seinfeld with her dog Puddy.

Craig Staats, lead editor for AllPolitics, joined the Web site in January 1996. As a staff writer for the Oakland, Calif., Tribune from 1982-1995, Staats built a computer database of local political contributions and wrote about campaign money-laundering, sleazy trade schools and fatal fires in poor neighborhoods. He studied journalism and city planning at the University of California, Berkeley and learned about database journalism at the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting at the University of Missouri.

Producer Janine Yagielski joined AllPolitics' Atlanta staff in 1996. After covering the Indian, Israeli and Russian elections for CNN Interactive's main news site, AllPolitics seemed like the logical next step. Prior to her move online, Yagielski spent her days and nights writing, producing and roaming the halls of the New York State Capital for WTEN-TV, the ABC affiliate in Albany, N.Y. She holds a degree in economics and international relations from Colgate University.

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