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 Players, timeline, documents, quick votes, quiz, archives. AllPolitics' in-depth look at the investigation into the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky has it all.


 People In Other Countries Say Clinton Doing Fine (8-27-98)

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 Sen. Joseph Lieberman Speaks On Clinton (9-3-98)

 Text Of Clinton-Yeltsin News Conference (9-2-98)


 Senator Lieberman calls Clinton's behavior 'immoral and harmful (9-3-98)
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 Bob Lang: Our New Secret Weapon(8-27-98)

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September '98

Top Democrats rip Clinton's defense strategy (9-14-98)
Approval of Clinton's job performance steady (9-14-98)
Impeachment: A Primer (9-14-98)
Sources: Starr's backup material enough for impeachment inquiry (9-13-98)
Congressmen hit talk show circuit (9-13-98)
Public wants Clinton censured, but not removed (9-13-98)
Reaction to Starr report from around the nation (9-12-98)
Poll: Most Americans still confident in Clinton as president (9-12-98)
Starr-crossed lovers: The human side of the scandal (9-12-98)
Public greets Starr report with weariness, distaste (9-12-98)
House OKs Starr report's release (9-11-98)
Starr's report is just a start (9-11-98)
President: 'I have repented' (9-11-98)
Clinton apologizes to Cabinet (9-11-98)
The Starr investigation: At a glance (9-11-98)
Mrs. Clinton goes to bat for the president (9-11-98)
House inches toward releasing Starr report (9-10-98)
Gingrich calls for decorum in Clinton debate (9-10-98)
The Starr investigation: At a glance (9-10-98)
White House: Clinton's conduct does not warrant impeachment (9-10-98)
Clinton's evolving apology for the Lewinsky affair (9-10-98)
Starr sends his report to Capitol Hill (9-9-98)
Clinton apologizes again for his conduct (9-9-98)
Starr sends his report to Capitol Hill (9-9-98)
Clinton apologizes again for his conduct (9-9-98)
Clinton Reaches Out To Congressional Leaders (9-8-98)
Clinton's Attorney Asks To Review Starr Report Before It Goes To Congress (9-7-98)
Clinton's Democratic Support Slips Further (9-6-98)
House Leaders Will Discuss Starr Report (9-4-98)
Sen. Lieberman Says Clinton's Behavior 'Immoral' (9-3-98)
Clinton Defends His Lewinsky Speech (9-2-98)
Clinton's Team Will Attempt To Counter Starr Report (9-1-98)

August '98

Lott: Clinton's Behavior 'Disgusting' But He'll Withhold Judgment (8-31-98)
Clinton Says He Regrets Tone Of Lewinsky Speech (8-30-98)
Clinton Alludes To His Personal Problems (8-28-98)
Sources: Currie Testified Lewinsky Directed Gift Return (8-28-98)
Transcript: Larry King Live Interview With Roger Clinton (8-28-98)
Lindsey Expected To Appear Before Grand Jury Friday (8-27-98)
Clinton Leans Against A Second Lewinsky Speech (8-26-98)
Starr Considers 'Abuse Of Power' Allegation Against Clinton (8-25-98)
Clinton To Address Lewinsky Matter, Again (8-24-98)
Feminists Mostly Mum On Clinton's Behavior (8-23-98)
Lawmakers Hit Talk Shows To Debate Clinton Admission (8-23-98)
'Wag The Dog' In Hot Demand (8-23-98)
White House Forced To Respond To Testimony Leaks (8-22-98)
White House Says Clinton Needs Attorney-Client Privilege For Impeachment Fight (8-21-98)
Lewinsky Completes Second Day Of Testimony (8-20-98)
Clinton 'Hostile' Under Explicit Questioning (8-19-98)
Oliver North Calls On Clinton To Resign (8-19-98)
Hillary Clinton Stands By Him -- But She's Angry (8-19-98)
Clinton Quizzed About Tie He Wore When Lewinsky Testified (8-19-98)
Analysis: More Apology, Mr. President, And Less Politics, Please (8-18-98)
Poll Shows Job Approval Not Hurt By Clinton Confession (8-18-98)
Clinton's Troubles Not Over Yet (8-18-98)
Analysis: Bill, Monica And The November Elections (8-18-98)
Dick Morris Testifies As Grand Jury Goes Back To Work (8-18-98)
Clinton Speech: GOP Not Satisfied (8-18-98)
'High Drama': Worldwide Reaction To Clinton Mixed (8-18-98)
A Quick Look At Commentary From Around The Nation (8-18-98)
Clinton Deposition In Jones Case: 'I've Never Had An Affair With Her' (8-18-98)
Clinton Admits To 'Wrong' Relationship With Lewinsky (8-17-98)
ABC Bumps Monday Night Football For Clinton's Speech (8-17-98)
Sources: Clinton Admits Sexual Relationship, Refuses To Tell Details (8-17-98) Public Weary Of Lewinsky Probe (8-17-98)
Bizarre Scene Inside And Outside The White House (8-17-98)
Grand Jury Hears More Secret Service Testimony (8-13-98)
Lewinsky Dress Test Results Are Washington's Biggest Secret (8-13-98)
White House Stands By Commitment To Testify Completely (8-12-98)
Thomason Finishes His Testimony Before Lewinsky Grand Jury (8-11-98)
Clinton Committed To Testify (8-10-98)
Clinton's Testimony Strategy Is A Focus Of Speculation (8-9-98)
Clinton's Testimony Strategy Is A Focus Of Speculation (8-9-98)
Tripp Handed Investigators Book Of Evidence In Lewinsky Case (8-9-98)
Ex-Nixon Aide Dean Writes Open Letter To Lewinsky (8-9-98)
Appeals Court Lets Leaks Investigation Continue (8-7-98)
Sources: Lewinsky Testifies She Had A Dozen Sexual Encounters Clinton (8-6-98)
M-Day At The Courthouse (8-6-98)
Lewinsky Prepares To Take Center Stage Thursday (8-5-98)
White House Lawyer Must Testify (8-4-98)
White House Will Appeal Attorney-Client Privilege Ruling (8-3-98)
Hatch: Clinton Likely To Escape Impeachment If Truthful (8-1-98)
Lewinsky Could Testify This Week (8-2-98)
Lewinsky's Little Blue Dress Has Washington All Atwitter (8-1-98)
Clintons Leave Behind Troubles -- But Only For A Weekend (8-1-98)

July '98

Clinton 'Looking Forward' To Testimony (7-31-98)
Analysis: Congress May Run, But Can't Hide From Lewinsky Story (7-30-98)
Lewinsky Turns Over Dress For Evidence Testing (7-30-98)
Clinton Will Testify (7-29-98)
Lewinsky Strikes Far-Reaching Immunity Deal (7-28-98)
Lewinsky Meets With Independent Counsel's Office (7-27-98)
Top Republicans Warn Clinton About Resisting Subpoena (7-26-98)
Clinton Served Subpoena In Lewinsky Inquiry (7-26-98)
Starr Subpoenas Clinton To Appear Before Grand Jury (7-25-98)
Negotiations Underway Over Clinton Testimony (7-24-98)
Lead Secret Service Agent Testifies (7-23-98)
Currie Faces Grand Jury Once Again (7-22-98)
Starr Appeals Judge's Sanctions Over Leaks (7-21-98)
Secret Service Officials Say Agent Cockell Will Return To Job (7-20-98)
Secret Service Agents' Attorneys: Starr May Be Disappointed (7-19-98)
Secret Service Agents Give Grand Jury Testimony (7-17-98)
Even During Justices' Vacation, Supreme Court Is Working (7-17-98)
Justice Appeals Secret Service Dispute To Supreme Court (7-16-98)
For Secret Service, Proximity Is The Issue (7-16-98)
Makeup Of U.S. Court Of Appeals (7-16-98)
Starr Subpoenas Head Of Clinton's Security Detail (7-14-98)
Justice Requests Full Panel Appeal Of Court Decision (7-14-98)
Tripp Testimony To Take At Least Another Week, Attorney Says (7-12-98)
Tripp Returns For More Grand Jury Testimony (7-09-98)
Justice Debates A Secret Service Appeal (7-08-98)
Secret Service Must Testify, Appeals Court Rules (7-07-98)
Tripp Testifies Again (7-07-98)
Starr Won't Present Interim Report, Spokesman Says (7-05-98)
Analysis: Starr Faced Setbacks In June, Looks For Turnaround In July (7-03-98) Day Two Of Tripp Grand Jury Testimony (7-02-98)
No Tapes In Early Tripp Testimony (7-01-98)

June '98

Tripp Spends Day Before Starr's Grand Jury (6-30-98)
Linda Tripp Takes Center Stage Tuesday (6-29-98)
Appeals Court Hears Arguments On Secret Service Privilege (6-26-98)
Blumenthal Testifies Before The Grand Jury(6-25-98)
Podesta Recalled Before Lewinsky Grand Jury (6-23-98)
Will Lewinsky Have To Plead Guilty To Get Immunity? (6-22-98)
Sources: Starr-Lewinsky Talks At Loggerheads (6-21-98)
New Details Of Lewinsky-Tripp Tapes Reported (6-21-98)
No Hurry On Lewinsky Immunity Talks
Did Ken Starr Have A Plan To Wire Monica Lewinsky? (6-18-98)
Starr Attacks Brill Article, Again (6-16-98)
Did Ken Starr Break The Law By Speaking To The Press? (6-16-98)
Judge Meets With Lawyers Over Alleged Starr Leaks (6-15-98)
White House Appeals Lindsey Privilege Ruling (6-15-98)
Starr Calls Brill Leak Allegations 'Baseless' (6-14-98)
Grand Jury Hears From Steele, Hernreich (6-12-98)
Grand Jury Hears From Steele, Hernreich (6-11-98)
Ickes Called Before Starr Grand Jury (6-10-98)
Jordan Testifies Again (6-9-98)
Ginsburg Defends Monica's 'Vanity Fair' Photo Shoot (6-8-98)
Appeals Court Fast-Tracks Attorney-Client Privilege Argument (6-5-98)
Supreme Court Turns Down Starr, Twice (6-4-98)
Ginsburg Says 'It Was Time For A Change' (6-4-98)
Lewinsky's New Lawyers Reach Out To Starr (6-3-98)
Ginsburg Is Out As Lewinsky's Attorney (6-3-98)
Starr Takes Secret Service Fight To Supreme Court (6-3-98)
Ginsburg Is Out As Lewinsky's Attorney (6-2-98)
Starr Takes Secret Service Fight To Supreme Court (6-2-98)
Clinton Drops Executive Privilege Appeal (6-1-98)
Justice Files 'Intent to Appeal' In Secret Service Privilege Dispute (6-1-98)
Starr Says Defense Attorneys Should Search For Truth, Too (6-1-98)

May '98

Supreme Court May Expedite Starr's Request On Executive Privilege (5-29-98)
Supreme Court May Expedite Starr's Request On Executive Privilege (5-29-98)
Starr Asks Supreme Court to Resolve Executive Privilege Dispute (5-28-98)
Reno's Sealed Motion Ran Counter To White House Privilege Claim (5-28-98)
Lewinsky Lawyer Writes Angry 'Open Letter' To Starr (5-27-98)
Former Attorneys General Warn Reno Against Secret Service Appeal (5-27-98)
Lewinsky Set To Provide Handwriting, Fingerprint Samples (5-26-98)
Author Claims Starr's Office Source Of Leaks (5-26-98)
Judge: Secret Service Must Testify (5-22-98)
Prominent Donor Testifies Before Lewinsky Grand Jury (5-21-98)
White House Wouldn't Order Secret Service Testimony (5-20-98)
New Details Emerge In Secret Service Privilege Dispute (5-19-98)
Secret Service, Starr Battle Before Judge (5-14-98)
Oval Office Staff Assistant Appears Before Grand Jury (5-12-98)
Lewinsky Family Hires Media Rep (5-11-98)
Secret Service Officers Meet With Prosecutors (5-10-98)
White House Officials Dispute 'Executive Privilege' Appeal (5-8-98)
Clinton Lawyer, Starr's Office Quarrel Over Leaks Again (5-8-98)
Currie To Face Grand Jury Again After Thursday Testimony (5-7-98)
Currie Returns For More Grand Jury Testimony (5-7-98)
Clinton Lawyer Files Contempt Motion Against Starr (5-6-98)
Judge Rules Against Clinton On Executive Privilege (5-5-98)
Jordan Completes Another Day Of Grand Jury Testimony (5-5-98)
Judge Delivers Formal Ruling On Lewinsky Immunity (5-4-98)
Starr Draws Parallels Between His Investigation, Watergate (5-1-98)

April '98

Clinton Avoids Most Questions About Lewinsky Probe (4-30-98)
Sources: Complaints By Secret Service Agent Resulted In Lewinsky Transfer (4-24-98)
Lewinsky's Dad Speaks Out On Investigation's Toll (4-17-98)
Starr Gives Up Pepperdine Deanship (4-16-98)
Starr Seeks To Force Secret Service Testimony (4-14-98)
Judge Extends Deadline For Starr To Justify Bookstore Subpoenas (4-10-98)
Another White House Steward Goes Before Grand Jury (4-9-98)
Report: Starr 'Impeachment' Report Under Way (4-8-98)
News Organizations Ask For Access To Lewinsky Proceedings (4-8-98)
Hale Accused Of Selling Information To Conservative Groups (4-8-98)
Former Willey Co-Worker Testifies Before Grand Jury (4-7-98)
Lewinsky Reacts With Elation, Fear To Jones Dismissal (4-6-98)
Poll: Most Americans Think Starr Should End Probe (4-4-98)
Starr Urged To Indict Lewinsky (4-3-98)
Bowles Testifies Before Grand Jury (4-2-98)
White House Supports News Media's Request (4-1-98)
Starr Investigation Costs Just Shy of $30 Million (4-1-98)

March '98

Landow Not A Clinton Confidant (3-27-98)
Starr Issues More Subpoenas (3-26-98)
Lewinsky's Mother Fails To Quash Subpoena (3-25-98)
Lewinsky Judge Meets With Lawyers (3-24-98)
Lewinsky Father: Executive Privilege Will Prolong Daughter's Suffering (3-23-98)
GOP Leaders: Invoking Executive Privilege A Mistake (3-22-98)
Clinton Invokes Executive Privilege in Lewinsky Probe (3-21-98)
Willey Concedes 'Spin War' (3-20-98)
Lewinsky High School Classmate Testifies (3-19-98)
GOP Women Accuse Democrats Of 'Selective Outrage' (3-19-98)
Report: Willey Wanted To Sell Story To Supermarket Tab (3-19-98)
Republicans Say No Decision Yet On How To Proceed With Starr Report (3-19-98)
Publisher Says Willey Offered 'A Different Story' (3-18-98)
White House Takes Aim At Willey's Credibility (3-17-98)
Lewinsky Friend, Presidential Diarist Testify (3-17-98)
White House Strikes Back At Willey (3-16-98)
Willey v. Clinton: Who's Lying? (3-16-98)
Densuk's Grand Jury Appearance Delayed (3-16-98)
White House Releases Willey Letters (3-16-98)
Clinton Aide Contradicts Willey (3-16-98)
Willey Says Clinton Lied About Groping Her (3-15-98)
Lawyer: New Witness 'Won't Be Good' For Clinton (3-15-98)
Report: Democratic Donor Urged Willey to Change Story (3-15-98)
Report: Tripp Didn't Disclose Arrest On Pentagon Job Form (3-14-98)
What Do We Know In The Lewinsky Controversy (3-13-98)
Former White House Intern Subpoenaed (3-13-98)
No Immediate Showdown Over Executive Privilege (3-12-98)
Prosecutors Interested In Clinton Testimony (3-11-98)
White House Secretary's Testimony Delayed (3-11-98)
Willey Appears Before Grand Jury (3-10-98)
Reporter Apologizes For Clinton Sex Article (3-10-98)
Lott Urges Clinton To Tell All (3-9-98)
GOP Airs Differences Over Lewinsky Probe (3-8-98)
Lott, Gingrich Differ Over Starr Probe (3-7-98)
Sources Confirm Aspects of Clinton Deposition (3-6-98)
Lewinsky Lawyers, Starr Argue Over Immunity Agreement (3-5-98)
Judges To Hear Ethics Complaints Against Starr (3-5-98)
New Details Of Clinton's Jones Deposition Leaked (3-5-98)
Lewinsky's First Lawyer Challenges Starr Subpoena (3-4-98)
Vernon Jordan Under Grand Jury Microscope (3-3-98)
Jordan Believes Testimony Will Not Hurt Clinton (3-2-98)
Starr Grand Jury In Arkansas To Hear From Former State Trooper (3-2-98)
Clinton Allies Attack Starr Again (3-1-98)

February '98

White House Denies New Strategy On Lewinsky (2-28-98)
Is Lewinsky A Legal 'Target?' (2-28-98)
Sources: White House Aide Blumenthal Refused To Answer Questions (2-27-98)
Pentagon Bosses Let Tripp Work At Home (2-27-98)
Clinton Aide Appears Before Grand Jury (2-26-98)
White House Prepares to Assert Executive Privilege (2-25-98)
White House Aide Leaves Without Testifying (2-24-98)
NOW Chapter Takes Aim At Clinton (2-24-98)
Hearing Held On Marcia Lewis' Testimony (2-23-98)
Lawyer Floats Idea of Lewinsky Defense Fund (2-22-98)
Lawyer: Reported Jordan Timeline Wrong (2-20-98)
Tapes: Lewinsky Interested In Presidential Travel (2-19-98)
Reno Considers 'New Privilege' Request In President-Secret Service Relationship (2-19-98)
Lindsey Testifies Before Grand Jury (2-18-98)
Journalists Assess Early Lewinsky Coverage (2-18-98)
New Clinton Legal Defense Fund Created (2-18-98)
Fox, Ex-Clinton Aide Appear Before Grand Jury (2-17-98)
Lewinsky's Attorney Wants Starr To Take Polygraph (2-16-98)
Sources: Lewinsky Sent Gifts Back To White House (2-15-98)
Lewinsky Attorney: 'No Knowledge' Of E-mail Exchange (2-15-98)
New Witness Says Lewinsky Told Her Of Clinton Affair (2-14-98)
Lewis Questioned About Taped Allegations (2-13-98)
White House Aides Will Skip Sunday's Talk Shows (2-13-98)
Starr's Office Seeks Testimony From Secret Service Agents (2-12-98)
Monica Lewinsky Won't Testify Before Next Week (2-11-98)
Report: Retired Secret Service Guard Saw Clinton, Lewinsky Alone (2-11-98)
Lewinsky's Mother Appears Before Grand Jury (2-10-98)
Lewinsky Controversy Has Some Conservative Groups Seeing Green (2-10-98)
Clinton Lawyers Ask Court To Cite Starr (2-9-98)
As White House Keeps Up Criticism, GOP Defends Starr (2-8-98)
Ginsburg Says Starr's Office Source Of Leaks (2-7-98)
Clinton's Lawyer May Seek Sanctions Against Starr Monday (2-7-98)
Lewinsky Van Rear-Ended By Media Car (2-7-98)
Clinton Says He'll Never Consider Resigning (2-6-98)
With Grand Jury News Leaking, Is Starr's Office Out Of Control? (2-6-98)
Clinton's 'Hunker-Down' Strategy Holds (2-6-98)
Sources: Lewinsky Won't Say Clinton Told Her To Lie (2-5-98)
Rep. Conyers To File Misconduct Complaint Against Starr (2-5-98)
Clinton Believes He Has 'Cleared The Air' On Scandal (2-4-98)
Sources: Lewinsky Visited White House Three Dozen Times (2-3-98)
Clinton's Testimony 'Grayer' On Dec. 28 Meeting (2-2-98)
Jones To Appeal Ruling Excluding Lewinsky From Her Case (2-2-98)
Lewinsky's Mother To Marry Media Executive (2-2-98)
Lewinsky Attorney Says 'Media Blitz' Over (2-1-98)

January 1998

Keeping Score In the Lewinsky Matter (1-31-98)
Lewinsky's Lawyer: Tripp Wasn't Privy To Any Clinton Call (1-31-98)
Ken Starr's Law Firm Subpoenaed By Clinton Lawyers (1-31-98)
Goldberg Says She May Release Tapes Of Conversations With Tripp (1-31-98)
Tripp Says She Heard Lewinsky On Phone With Clinton (1-30-98)
Analysis: Judge's Order Scrambles The Odds (1-30-98)
Pandora's Web? (1-30-98)
Another Odd Episode From Lewinsky's Love Life (1-30-98)
Text of Linda Tripp's Statement (1-30-98)
Republicans Speak Out On Clinton Controversy (1-30-98)
Judge Strips Lewinsky Material From Jones Case (1-29-98)
Starr's Subpoena Carefully Crafted, For A Reason (1-29-98)
Court Order Expanding Starr's Probe Released (1-29-98)
Starr Gathers New Evidence, Testimony In Clinton-Lewinsky Controversy (1-28-98)
Panetta Says No Knowledge Of Improper Relationship (1-28-98)
Hillary Clinton: Public Will Find Out President Is Innocent (1-28-98)
Grand Jury Convened Without Lewinsky Testimony (1-27-98)
Lewinsky Allegations Overshadow State Of The Union (1-27-98)
Details Of A Settlement Offer (1-27-98)
Report: Lewinsky Allegedly Forged Document (1-27-98)
Hillary Clinton: 'This Is A Battle' (1-27-98)
Chelsea Deals With A Scandal (1-27-98)
Lewinsky Has Spoken (1-26-98)
White House Crisis Spawns Media Feeding Frenzy (1-26-98)
First Lady Ignores Scandal During Visit to N.Y. School (1-26-98)
Lewinsky Allegations Overshadow State Of The Union (1-26-98)
Hatch Sees Resignation Probable Should Charges be Proven (1-26-98)
Starr Said To Be Using Tested Tactic Against Ex-intern (1-26-98)
Aides Hope Return Of Veterans Will Stop 'Meltdown' (1-25-98)
Clinton Allies Defend President (1-25-98)
Magazine: Tripp Tried To Write A Clinton 'Tell-All' (1-25-98)
Hyde: Impeachment Talk Is Premature (1-25-98)
Clinton Supporters Say Lewinsky May Have Fantasized A Relationship (1-24-98)
Panetta Says Clinton Should 'Go To The People' (1-24-98)
Flowers: Not Surprised By Clinton Cover-Up Allegations (1-24-98)
Lewinsky's Attorney Complains About Starr Pressure (1-23-98)
Clinton's Legalistic Words Blur The Issue (1-23-98)
Richardson, U.N. Mission Subpoenaed On Lewinsky Job Offer (1-23-98)
Tension Builds Between Clinton's Personal Attorneys (1-23-98)
Firestorm Consumes White House (1-22-98)
Analysis: Clinton Faces His Most Serious Crisis (1-22-98)
Editor: Lewinsky Tapes Don't Confirm Affair (1-22-98)
Strategist Urges GOP To Stay Away From Latest Clinton Scandal (1-22-98)
Sources: Clinton Admits Sexual Affair With Flowers (1-22-98)
Clinton Denies Affair With Intern, Cover-up (1-21-98)
Clinton's Legal Woes Converge Into Thunderstorm (1-21-98)

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