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The Jones Case

 Legal Issues

Judge Grants Clinton's Motion For Summary Judgment

Judge Susan Webber Wright delivered a 40-page ruling dismissing all three counts in Paula Jones' sexual harassment and employment discrimination lawsuit against President Bill Clinton. Saying Jones' allegations fell "far short" of what was required under the law to support her claim of outrage, Webber Wright ruled there were no "genuine issues" worthy of a trial.

Judgment Order, PDF version

Text Of Judge's Opinion In Paula Jones' Lawsuit Against Clinton

Opinion And Order, PDF version

Filings Summary In Jones Case

Clinton's Response To Jones' Filing

The lawyer for President Bill Clinton, Bob Bennett, filed about 200 pages of legal arguments and testimony Friday, March 20, in response to an earlier filing by Paula Jones' attorneys (see below) and in support of Bennett's motion for summary judgment.

The main brief seeks to rebut the arguments by Jones' lawyers that the case should go to trial as scheduled May 27. Included in these papers are more excerpts from the depositions of Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers and troopers in Clinton's security detail in Arkansas.

President Clinton's Reply In Further Support Of His Motion For Summary Judgment.

President Clinton's Motion To Strike Materials Filed By Plaintiff In Connection With Her Opposition To Summary Judgment

Excerpt From Deposition Of Kathleen Willey

Deposition Of George Cook

Affidavit Of Sam Jones

Excerpt From Deposition Of Raymond "Buddy" Young

Excerpt From Deposition Of Dolly Kyle Browning

Excerpt From Deposition Of Gennifer Flowers

Excerpt From Deposition Of Larry Patterson

Excerpt From Deposition Of Roger Perry

Excerpt From Deposition Of L.D Brown

Legal Documents Released In The Jones v. Clinton Case

Paula Jones' lawyers released about 700 pages of legal arguments and documents on Friday, March 13, hoping to persuade an Arkansas judge that Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton should proceed to trial as scheduled.

Included in the papers provided to the court were excerpts from the depositions of President Bill Clinton and ex-White House staffer Kathleen Willey, declarations from Linda Tripp, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, as well as the Jones' lawyers brief opposing the Clinton team's motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Here are about 450 pages from what the Jones team filed:

President Bill Clinton Deposition

Kathleen Willey Deposition

Plaintiff's Opposition To Defendant Clinton's Motion For Summary Judgment

Monica Lewinsky Affidavit

Monica Lewinsky Subpoena

Linda Tripp Declaration

Paula Jones Declaration

Gennifer Flowers Declaration

Gennifer Flowers Deposition

Dolly Kyle Browning Declaration


Dolly Kyle Browning Deposition


Lydia Cathey Deposition

Declaration Of Patrick J. Carnes

Pamela Blackard Deposition

Clinton's Lawyer Moves To Dismiss Jones Lawsuit

On February 17, 1998, President Bill Clinton's private attorney, Bob Bennett, filed a summary judgment motion to have the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit dismissed. Bennett's motion to dismiss Jones' suit was filed well ahead of a March 13 deadline.

His motion reads, in part, "Plaintiff [Jones] has failed to produce evidence showing the existence of essential elements of each of her claims. Therefore President Clinton is entitled to judgment as a matter of law."

Motion for Summary Judgment

Case Headlines

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Starr To Expand Probe Into Allegations Of Clinton Affair, Coverup - Jan. 21, 1998

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Legal Brief Stirs Up President's Critics - May 22, 1996

Voter's Voice
Jones' Changing Look
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Jones Paula Jones has changed lawyers, personal advisors and even her looks. Check out the changes with a JavaScript-enabled browser.

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