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Operation Rescue Founder Making Run For Congress


Randall Terry tells N.Y. voters he's not one-dimensional

By Cynthia Tornquist/CNN

ITHACA, New York (AllPolitics, August 2) -- Once upon a time, Randall Terry and his Operation Rescue followers confronted pregnant women and doctors outside clinics where abortions are performed. In 1992, he even encouraged abortion foes to thrust an aborted fetus in then-Gov. Bill Clinton's face.

But today, Terry is running for Congress. And while his views on abortion haven't changed, he has forsaken street protests for politics.

"The challenge for me has been to show people that I can speak articulately about economic issues, about foreign policy issues," says Terry, 39. "People can't imagine I love sports and I'm a dad and have fun with my family. It's almost like I'm this one-dimensional 'aaugh.'"

Terry, a Republican, is running in southern New York's 26th District, which meanders from Ithaca south to the Pennsylvania border and then east to Kingston. The seat is now held by three-term Democratic Rep. Maurice Hinchey, who is seeking re-election.

Terry also has a rival for the Republican nomination, Bud Walker, a fourth-generation apple grower.

Terry supporters help with his campaign  

"Social Security is where he's really off the wall," says Walker. "He has a message that will drive voters in the other direction."

Terry advocates the end of Social Security, saying "it is fundamentally immoral to force us and our children to pay money into what everyone knows is a bankrupt system."

Terry's platform also calls for the abolition of both federal income taxes and local property taxes, as well as the end of government participation in funding and operating schools. Hinchey, for one, believes that this is an extremist agenda that will turn off voters.

"The more that his ideas see the light of day, the better off we are, given the opportunity to examine them," Hinchey says. "Because I think most people, frankly, would reject them."

But there is one thing that has made Terry difficult to ignore in this race -- money. He has raised $750,000, which has enabled him to advertise on television.

Much of the money has reportedly come from fundamentalist churches and anti-abortion groups outside of New York state.

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Operation Rescue Founder Making Run For Congress
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