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Bowles Testifies Before Grand Jury

Starr's inquiry continues despite Jones lawsuit ruling


WASHINGTON (April 2) -- White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles spent three hours Thursday before the grand jury investigating the sex-and-perjury allegations against President Bill Clinton, and said afterward he answered the panel's questions "wholly and completely."

Bowles was summoned by Independent Counsel Ken Starr in an apparent sign he is not letting up in his criminal investigation of the president, despite Wednesday's dismissal of Paula Jones' civil suit against the president.

"It was easy for me," Bowles told reporters as he left the courthouse. "They asked me a lot of questions about what went on in the White House. I answered all of the questions wholly and completely."

Asked if he was finished with his testimony, Bowles said, "That's what they told me."

The grand jury is looking into reports that Clinton had a sexual relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and encouraged her to lie about it under oath. Clinton has denied both accusations.

Bowles was before the grand jury for more than three hours, even though Bowles was not running the White House staff when Lewinsky worked there.


Immediately after Wednesday's Jones ruling, Starr made it clear he would continue to pursue the Lewinsky angle. Both Clinton and Lewinsky have denied a sexual affair.

"In January the attorney general and the special division assigned us to investigate a variety of matters. Judge Wright's ruling today [Wednesday] has no effect on our authority, and we will continue working to complete the investigation as expeditiously as possible," Starr told reporters. icon (103K/10 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

Ultimately, Starr is expected to send a report to Congress that will be used to determine whether impeachment proceedings are warranted.


The Jones case and Lewinsky investigation have been intertwined: the casts of characters overlap, and it was the sworn testimony of Lewinsky and Clinton in the Jones case that spawned the allegations of perjury, suborning perjury and obstruction of justice.

Many legal experts say Starr's criminal investigation is not affected by the dismissal of Jones' civil case, since the alleged conduct of Clinton and his associates would be illegal even though the underlying case has gone away.

Some who have worked for the president, though, contend that while Starr can proceed, his job now has become much more difficult.

"If Ken Starr is going to send a report to the House of Representatives, they now have to take up that report with the full understanding that it's all been wrapped up and lashed to the Jones litigation, which a federal district court judge, a Republican appointee by the way, has now said it was factually unfounded," said former White House counsel Jack Quinn.

Ginsburg and Lewinsky
Ginsburg and Lewinsky   

Former Clinton adviser David Gergen agreed. "It is going to be incumbent on him [Starr] to reveal evidence that shows a pattern of effort by people close to the president of by the president himself to try to stop individuals from testifying in legal forums, in other words, to show a pattern of obstruction," he said.

CNN's Carl Rochelle, Bob Franken and Michael McMannus contributed to this report.
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Ken Starr Discusses His Investigation

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